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Angel: Hi! It's me again. Time for a brand new chapter of An Unlikely adventure!

Sesshomaru: Will the torture ever end? :: sits in a room full of pink flowers and stuffed animals::

Angel: I dunno. Depends on my mood.

Inuyasha: NO YOU WON'T MAKE ME!!! :: a machine holds a collar in its hands.:: YOU WON'T COLLAR ME!

Angel: I will. It's only a matter of time my dear, dear, puppy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA!! :: watches as both brothers struggle against their shackles::

Kagome: That's just evil! :: aims an arrow at Angel::

Angel: Try if you want to. ::laughs::

Shippo: :: holds a cup of soda and dances around with it. He trips and the soda spills all over Angel:: Ooops………

Angel: :: starts melting:: OH no! What a world! Oh what a world! :: melts to nothing. Leaving her clothes::

Kagome: Yay! The witch is dead! Soda spilt over her head! She's dead, she's dead, she's dead! She's dead; she's dead for good! La la la la la la la la la la la la la laaaa!!! :: dances::

Sango: :: watches the chaos::………o.o

Angel: ::appears in the shadows and smacks Kagome upside the head with a Kikyo doll::

Kikyo Doll: I hate you Kagome… GIVE ME YOUR SOUL!!

Kagome: AAAAAHHHH!!!!

Sango: I have to remember that I work with total freaks…

Kikyo: We're going to be best friends… NOT!

Angel: :: chases Kagome with Kikyo doll in hand:: Kikyo's gonna get ya!

Sesshomaru:……… I have to remember to kill this woman once I break out…

Angel: I don't own Angelic Layer or Inuyasha so don't sue! But… Ichigo, Mizuhime, Rai, Rai's parents, and Sakura are all MY characters! On with the story!!! ::continues to chase Kagome with the Kikyo doll:: HAHAHAHAHAHAA! ::stops and looks at the Kikyo doll:: hmm… ::lights a fire::

Kikyo Doll: No! We're friends until the end!

Angel: This is the end my friend. Wait scratch that. This is the end BITCH! ::throws Kikyo doll into the fire::

Kikyo Doll: NOOOOOOO!!!

~~Chapter 6: The Unsuspected Demon Within ~~

Rai's chest heaved as the wounds in her opened. She winced at Koga's tone, "Hah! Let's see it!" She stood weakly and ran at Koga, ignoring the blood that now leaked from her body. She aimed a high kick and he ducked. She aimed a low kick and he jumped. She was using all her strength and yet Koga dodged each attack easily. Finally Koga's leg collided with Rai's side. She yelled in pain and jumped, landing in a nearby tree trying to catch her breath. Koga chuckled loudly.

"Seems like you are nothing but a worthless half demon. Just like Mutt-face!" Koga smirked "I guess that whole thing about you killing me was just a bluff." Rai trembled in rage. This guy was on her last nerve. His cockiness was too much to bear.

Rai spit on the ground, "The smell of wolf makes me sick." She stood on the branch and lunged at the wolf demon, punching and kicking. Koga was laughing as Rai's punches became weaker and weaker. Tumbling down the hill, still fighting, Koga finally kicks Rai high into the air and punches her into the ground. All the wind was knocked out of Rai. Blood still ran from her wounds as she lay on her back breathing heavily. She sat up. "I won't…be…defeated." Rai stood and prepared her stance. Crouching with one leg outstretched and one leg bent under her. She raised her hands one over her head and one outstretched along her leg. She had seen this stance at another layer battle at the Kanto Games.

Koga charged at Rai and aimed a low kick. Rai sprang from her crouch, leaping high than before and landing on Koga's shoulders. Her feet held a strong grip on his neck as Koga tried to pull her off. She flipped backward holding Koga's head between her boots. Pulling him with her she landed on his head pushing him into the dirt. "Eat mud asshole!" Rai laughed weakly. She jumped into a tree standing proudly though she was paling. Koga stood and glared.

" Okay I'll let you have that one. It won't happen again though." Koga brushed the dirt from his face. With lightning speed he ran at Rai and jumped landing on the branch next to her. He slashed her from her shoulder to her hip, widening her gash. Rai was knocked back several feet, off the branch and skidding onto the ground. She breathed heavily. Rai jumped to her feet.

She couldn't keep up. Koga punched and kicked driving Rai back until she was punched into a tree. She slid down and fell to her side. `I don't want to die…' She struggled to stay conscious but finally heaved a great sigh and lied lifelessly, her eyes losing their shine. The sun started to set, shadowing her face.

Koga laughed heartlessly; "Well she's dead. Might as well take that jewel shard of hers." He snatched up the small sliver from around Rai's neck and turned to face the others. " Let's finish what we started." He jammed the shard into his right arm and smirked.

Kagome couldn't believe it. Koga had killed Rai! He was going to pay. She pulled an arrow from her quiver and nocked it, aiming for Koga's head. "Wait Kagome…" It was Inuyasha, he had Tetsusaiga out and was prepared to fight. "Let me take care of this bastard. I'll kill him with Kaze no Kizu… Just watch." Kagome nodded and slipped the arrow back into the quiver.

" What's wrong with him?" Sango glared at Koga. Her fingers were tight around the strip of leather around her Hiraikotsu with Kirara at her side.

"My prediction is the power of the Shikon no Tama. It has probably got him crazed for power." Miroku responded "If we get those jewels from him he'll probably go back to normal." His left hand clutched the rosemary around his right hand, ready to suck Koga into his Kazaana.

"Enough talk! I'm going to destroy you all and take my woman with me back to the den! I'll celebrate your demise greatly Inuyasha. Then maybe I'll take that sword too." Koga chuckled.

"Not in my lifetime." Inuyasha already spotted the Kaze no Kizu; the winds of two demons collide, forming a scar. He held the Tetsusaiga above his head. He swung his sword down with all his might but stopped in mid-slash.

There was the jingle of a bell and a voice," Kessou Yudokuna!!" An attack he's heard so many times. But it couldn't be… Those words echoed in Inuyasha's mind. It wasn't the meaning, no; it was who yelled the attack.

The wind scar was diminished and they were all swallowed in an emerald green fog. In the mist a figure of a young woman stood in a deep crater. The woman had long white hair and wore a blue kimono. With bells tied at the end of her long braid and white cat ears and boots to match. "No… it couldn't be." Kagome whispered "No…no." As the mist cleared they saw Rai, standing with her back to them. They couldn't see the terrifying face that Koga looked into at that moment. Her left hand glowed an emerald green poison. Rai had grown claws, long and sharp ones.

"Foolish youkai. Never knew I could come back from the dead did you? Well now you do." Koga jumped high and landed behind Inuyasha. She turned to face them. Her fingers cracked as she flexed them. Her face almost scared Kagome. It looked so much like…'No that's impossible' Kagome thought to herself. Rai had red stripes on each side of her face, her irises were slits, surrounded by red, fangs peeked out of the corners of her mouth and on her forehead was a blue crescent moon.

- - - - - - - - - - -- - -

Rin spun happily, "It's windy today Sesshomaru-sama!" She danced on her small bare feet, accidentally kicking Jaken several feet forward. "It's a nice day to play!"

Sesshomaru ignored the little girl and kept walking. There was a scent in the air he didn't recognize but it was somewhat familiar." Jaken take care of Rin. I am going ahead."

"But Sesshomaru-sama! Don't leave me here with her! She'll kill me by the time you come back!" Jaken complained. He looked upward at his master, his neck craning from looking up so high. "PLEASE, don't leave me here! Let me go with you! The wench can look after herself!"

"Don't question me Jaken." Sesshomaru looked down upon his small companion and began to walk away "I take my leave of you." Jaken cowered and watched his Sesshomaru-sama leave him with that horrid girl.

Rin waved, "By Sesshomaru-sama! Come back soon!" She turned to Jaken. "Let's race!" She took off into the bushes.

"Wait you wench!" Jaken followed hurriedly.


Angel: Hm… ::kicks a pile of ash::

Kagome: What was that anyway?

Angel: Oh it was a voodoo doll. Made it a couple weeks ago. I didn't need it anymore so… I burned it.

Sango: Wait if it was a voodoo doll…then. YOU KILLED KIKYO!

Inuyasha: Kikyo… *shifty eyes*

Angel: YUP! I killed Kikyo! HAHAHAHAHAAA!

Sesshomaru:… ::stands in a corner:: This is ridiculous. Who is this Kikyo wench anyway?

(He broke out of his little predicament and burned all the flowers and stuffed animals along with Kikyo. <(^.^)>)

Angel: Well only the most evil zombie from HELL!

Kagome: Oh come on she wasn't THAT bad.


Kagome: Okay then I appreciate your dispose of her! ::pats Angel's shoulder::

Inuyasha: YOU!? Of all the people! ::growls under his breath::

Angel: Yes… If you don't admit you love her then, after college her friends will convince her to go on a cruise to Europe! They'll go to Paris and there, by chance meet the most handsome prince in the world. She'll forget all about you and have many, many children and live the happiest life ever! I read all about it in my most fave romance novel ever! Harley Harley: Princess Queen Love! ::holds out a baby blue book::

Inuyasha: ::steams::

Kagome: Um…you're hurting his feelings. ::anime sweatdrop::

Angel: So what! He should be told that Kikyo just want to drag him into hell! Then if he does he'll never see you again or any of the people her cares about. ::crosses arms::

Inuyasha: YOU KILLED KIKYO!!!! ::throws a tantrum::

Sesshomaru: That doesn't answer my question.

Angel: I don't think it's worth anyone's time. Well that's it for now! Read and review!