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Angel: WHUZ UP!!!

Kagome: You need help…:dumps the ashes in a trash can.:

Angel: I'm bored as hell. Nothing is exciting around here.

Kagome: How about a game of truth or dare?!

Sango, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru: What?

Angel: Yeah!

Sango: What's truth or dare?

Kagome: It's a game when one person asks another person truth or dare. Then if the person picks truth then you have to ask them an embarrassing question and they have to tell the truth or they have to… kiss Sesshomaru!!!!!

Inuyasha: ::chokes on his drink:: WHAAT!!!!!!

Kagome: That's just for the girls. If you're a boy and you lie you have to have ice stuck down you pants and eat ten sour lemons.

Sango: What about dare?

Angel: When someone asks you truth or dare and you answer dare. You have to do some really crazy stunts. If you refuse we get to smack you upside the head. Each of us. And I did win 1st place for the smacking contest last year. I SMACKED A GUY BACK A WHOLE TEN YARDS!

Everyone except Sesshomaru: ::inches away slowly::

Sesshomaru: Alright then. I'm up for a challenge. ::smirks::

Inuyasha: ::glances a jealous looks at his brother:: Me too.

Sango: Okay.

Angel & Kagome: LET'S START!!!

(They all sit in a circle the order from left to right is: Kagome, Sesshomaru, Angel, Sango and Inuyasha. So Kagome is stuck between Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. XD)

Kagome: I'll start then we'll go around the circle going left.

Everyone: Okay.

Kagome:…Angel truth or dare.

Angel: pfft! DARE OF COURSE!

Kagome: Okay… I dare you to smack both Sesshomaru and Inuyasha back twenty yards.

Angel: Piece of cake! ::stands up and stands behind Inuyasha:: TAKE THIS!!! ::smacks Inuyasha behind the head, causing him to fly into Sesshomaru, knocking both back another twenty feet.:: Like I said, PIECE OF CAKE!! ::winks:: <(~.^)>

Sango: ::claps:: Wow

Kagome: Cool.

Inuyasha: OW… ::stands up and walks back to his sitting place crookedly::

Sesshomaru: Damn it all… ::sits down at his place again::

Kagome: Sesshomaru it's your turn to ask someone.

Sesshomaru: Alright then. Inuyasha truth or dare?

Inuyasha: I'll take truth.

Sesshomaru: Is it true that Kikyo's dead?


Sesshomaru: I get to hit him?

Angel: ::nods::

Sesshomaru: ::bitch slaps Inuyasha::

Angel: My turn. ::smacks Inuyasha::

Sango: ::smacks Inuyasha:: It kind of feels like slapping Miroku.

Kagome: I have to?

Angel: ::nods::

Kagome:…::pats Inuyasha on the forehead::

Angel: I'LL SMACK HIM FOR Ya!!! ::smacks Inuyasha several times::

Inuyasha: ::ducks:: Hey not fair!! You slapped me more than once!

Sango: Okay…on with the story.


Kagome: Thank god.

Angel: Note to reader, this chapter is really violent and actiony! Sesshomaru also enters and finds out something that he was better off not knowing.

~~ Chapter 7: Unknown Relation ~~

Rai chuckled faintly, "What? Scared of a cat youkai?" She turned to Koga, "Well? I think I should finish what he started." With speed no one rivaled she disappeared and reappeared beside Koga. She punched him square in the jaw then kicked him into several trees.

"I thought she said she was a human." Said Sango.

"I thought that also" Miroku spoke under his breath, clutching the rosemary around his hand tightly.

Rai laughed gleefully " Sadly you are right monk. But, what is also unfortunate that only I, the demon of this vial creature know what is really happening to the girl. Her human form has no information about me. She doesn't know the demon exists inside her." Rai kneeled next to Koga and removed her shard and the other shards from his body. She strung them all on the piece of string and wrapped it around her neck, "Luckily she is nothing but a shell, a fragile shell. And that shell will soon SHATTER!!" She punched Inuyasha and kicked Kagome, both went flying.

" HIRAKOSTU!" Sango threw her boomerang bone at Rai. Rai dodged it easily.

Miroku unwrapped the beads around his wrist, "Kazann-" but he stopped.

"Tsk, tsk monk. Think now. Use that worthless brain of yours. If you suck me in you will also lose these shards forever. But maybe you'll find them once that void sucks you in years from now. I know more about you than you think." Rai laughed as she jumped into a tree and dodged Sango's boomerang once again.

Miroku growled and wrapped the rosemary around his wrist. Sango was huffing heavily, she threw her boomerang as much as she could. Rai chuckled but stopped, her senses became alert and she jumped high, dodging Tetsusaiga. `I knew we couldn't trust her…' though Inuyasha as he whirled around to find Rai standing casually with her arms crossed over her chest and a playful smirk on her face. She looked so much like Sesshomaru it sickened him.

" Her intelligence is incredible." Miroku said as he recalled what Rai just told them.

" Yes but something is not right about her. That shell will soon shatter. What does that mean?" Sango sighed as she watched Rai toy with the hanyou.

" Ha! If you didn't trust me Inuyasha why did you let me live?" Rai had an evil quirk in her eyes. It sent shivers up Inuyasha's spine. "Canines are pretty stupid huh? Though Rai is much of a dog person she has cat blood running through her veins and maybe a little bit of dog demon." Rai examined her claws as she spoke as if this was nothing but a usual talk between friends.

"RRR… I'M SICK OF YOU! TIME TO DIE!" Inuyasha ran at Rai swinging Tetsusaiga wildly. `If only she stopped moving.'

" What is it hanyou? Am I moving too fast for you to steady your Kaze no Kizu?" Rai chuckled playfully. She took a fast step forward, claws extended as her hand goes right though Inuyasha's chest.

Everything stopped, the wind stilled and the birds choked and blood of the hanyou spilled to the ground. And from the corner of Rai's eyes she saw a white blur come toward them.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Sesshomaru quickened his pace, jumping from tree to tree as Inuyasha's blood's scent came to his sensitive nose. `If anyone is going to kill my brother…I will.' He came to a small village and scanned around, his brother's scent was stronger than ever.

He jumped onto one small hut, ignoring the scream of a woman. Then he spotted it, several small figures on the east side of the village. Two were moving very fast. They were small blurs the colors of red, white and blue crossing and mixing. (Angel: I never noticed that was the color of the American flag until now. <(o.o)>) Sesshomaru jumped from hut to hut as he crossed the village. He knew it was Inuyasha, it was obvious. The other blur he couldn't put his paw on. It was slightly smaller and thinner. It must be a woman. He heard cries and people screaming, "It's Sesshomaru! Inuyasha's brother!"

He saw a miko aim an arrow at him, "Leave demon! You have no business here!" she yelled.

" I am looking for Inuyasha. And if you don't retreat that arrow I will slaughter this village." Sesshomaru meant his words. These foolish humans really annoyed him. Obediently she returned the arrow back to her quiver.

"If you kill Inuyasha I'll kill you. He already has enough trouble on his hands." The miko sighed and watched Sesshomaru depart, and notched an arrow just in case. Sesshomaru neared the hill going ten feet each bound. When he was near enough he saw the end of the battle. Inuyasha was swinging the Tetsusaiga around stupidly and the woman stepped forward on her left foot. She outstretched her left claw and it went clean through Inuyasha.

That scent that came to his nose, the smell of midnight rain mixed with blood. Then it struck him; this woman was a cat youkai. What vile creatures they are. Laughing came to his ears; she was laughing as Inuyasha lost his breath. Inuyasha's and her faces were close. Her hand still through his chest. She was laughing wickedly. "Stop it right there." He landed several feet away from the woman. She turned her face to him ad looked into his eyes. She yanked her hand from Inuyasha and let him drop to the ground.

" It's good to see you Great Grandfather."

( Angel: Now… should I just leave this cliffhanger? Or should I go on? Bah, I`ll continue.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rai licked her bloodied claw. "I thought you'd never come."

"Who are you?" asked Sesshomaru. He was wary, how was he her great grandfather?

"I come from the future. If that is what you're thinking. Raimei is my vessel's name. She is your great granddaughter times six. And I am Wakaijosei. A curse that entered your family two generations after you died. The strange thing about this curse is that once an offspring was born from a member of this family the curse has diminished from the parents and grows in the offspring. Once the offspring is thirteen summers old I have grown enough to enter their dreams and take over their bodies.

" But sometimes I am warded off by the vessel's determination. For example Hiwatari you great great grandson was so powerful he warded me off for years until he mated. And that is when I awoken. And how I was passed on to his offspring. I cannot kill you because if I do I will diminish and," she chuckled "That's the end of me. Once I made contact with that sliver of hers I knew it was a chance to take over another body. This family's demon blood is dying out so I was going to find another demon to enter. Unfortunately there was a mix up and instead her body merged with that angel doll of hers."

"You are an annoyance." Sesshomaru stated as he unsheathed Tokijin. The sword began to glow a dark green.

"That puny demon sword won't kill me." Rai stated as she ran at Sesshomaru.

"You under estimate this Sesshomaru." His sword emitted an emerald green lightning bolt and it struck Rai electrocuting her. Sesshomaru quickly punched her in the face and she went flying into a tree while Miroku and Sango Helped Inuyasha back to Kaede's hut. Kagome refused the help and watched the battle between Sesshomaru and Rai.

They punched and kicked until Rai pinned Sesshomaru, a claw around his neck. The claw glowed emerald green again, burning into Sesshomaru. He just kept that ice-cold smirk and his own hand glowed green. He slashed Rai and sent her flying. He examined the jewel shards he just took from her.

Kagome gasped, "Sesshomaru! Throw those to me!"

Sesshomaru scoffed and tossed them to the girl just before Rai kicked him back. Her stone still face held a death glare in her eyes. He still held Tokijin and held it before him, stopping Rai in mid-air. Darts of energy cut through her skin that emitted from Tokijin. He slashed diagonally sending Rai back into the dirt. She was finally knocked out but still breathing.

Slowly she changed shape into a young girl with the strangest clothes he ever seen. And strangest of all she held a small doll that looked exactly like what she was before. He raised Tokijin for the last blow but Kagome jumped before, "Stop it! I can take care of her from here." She tried to pick up the girl but strained. Sesshomaru sighed and picked up the girl for her. Together Kagome and Sesshomaru walked back to the village.

- - - - - - - - - End

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