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Chapter 9: To the Rescue

~~Rai's Dream~~

She sat in a black space. She saw nothing nor felt anything. Then a voice echoed around her.

"I hate you… You must die… You know you must die. Kill. Kill everyone."

"No I won't! Get out of my head!!!"

" I can't. You think you can hold yourself against me?"

A figure appeared before her. It lookedlikean older version ofherself! Her look alike's face held a twisted grin, with fangs, stripes on her cheeks, and a blue crescent moon on her forehead. Here pupils were red slits and her hair was grown to below her behind. "You can't escape me. Give in to the pressure. End your life and your suffering. Take others with you…"

"Get away!!"

" No…"

" Wakaijosei! BEGON!"

The looks alike disappeared in a wisp of golden dust though her voice still echoed., "SHATTER!"


- - - - - - - -- - - -- - --

Sesshomaru sat in his library, scanning through many scrolls on the shelves. It was a big room with six twenty feet high shelves. He found a red scroll and walked over to a small table. He sat there and swept away all the other scrolls on the table and opened it. " Wakaijosei…" he mumbled to himself as he scanned the long roll of paper.

He found it and read it aloud to himself,

" `Wakaijosei: A mysterious curse set on demons by powerful mikos. Midoriko the creator of the Shikon no Tama created it. Wakaijosei is a being created by wolf demon blood, ground fang of a dragon, restless spirits, feather of a phoenix demon and petals of a sakura tree. The purpose of this curse is to wipe out the demon family line though sometimes when demons mate the curse diminishes from the parent who carries the curse and is passed on to the first offspring. Sometimes the biological mother of the offspring dies during childbirth. Though sometimes it is spread throughout other demon clan causing major destruction.

"Wakaijosei who invades their minds and takes over their body tortures many demons that never mate and soul until the victim kills him or herself. Some demons mate early to banish the curse from themselves and kill their first offspring to rid of Wakaijosei.' "

He closed the book. He didn't want to read more. Sesshomaru stood up from the table and walked out of the library. He had to stop this or his family blood will diminish.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

" Bye you guys." A boy entered the park. It was about midnight now and he decided to walk around the park after fighting a demon with some friends. The boy walked through trees, picking a rose and examining its thorns and petals. He was very in touch with plants. And could control them when he wished.


*What is it? *

~You don't sense it? ~

*I do now. *

~ In that tree…~

The boy dropped the rose and jumped into a huge willow tree.

~ Higher… ~

* I know. I'm not stupid. *

He jumped a few feet higher before stopping. In between several branches was a nest made of branches and leaves. What surprised him was a girl lying in the nest, fast asleep. She wore a white and blue uniform and white boots. She had long brown hair with white streaks. In her right hand she held a doll.

* Should I wake her? *

~ I guess. Though be careful, she reeks of demon. ~

* I could tell. *


He reached out his hand but in an instant he lifted his other hand to catch the left wrist of the girl which held a long dagger (Angel: Confusing sentence…) which was an inch from his face, right between the eyes.

- - -- - - - -- - -- - -

" We have to go and get her." Said Kagome as she packed her stuff into her large yellow backpack.

"We?" asked Inuyasha

"Well yeah." She stood up and walked over to the hut flap. " I need your nose and speed to help me find Rai fast."

" What am I you trusty bloodhound? And why?"

"Because, you also the only one here who can go through the well besides me. Now you're coming or I'll say the `s' word so much I'll put your back out for a week."

" All right all right… I'm coming. Though let's wait until morning" Inuyasha sat against the wall, "I'm too tired to go."

" Alright..." reluctantly Kagome laid down on her sleeping bag with Shippo sleeping next to her and fell asleep.

- - - - ---- --- - - -

"That's a nice knife you got there." The boy examined the dagger in Rai's hand, "What are you doing with a weapon like this?"

"T- that's none of you business…" Rai yanked her hand from his grip and slipped the dagger into its sheath. She looked at the boy. He was very handsome. He had long red hair and green eyes. "What do you want?"

"Just walking around."

Rai took a good sniff of the air around the boy. He smelled like Shippo, like a fox demon… Her eyes widened, "You're a demon!" The boy stopped.

" Yes, I am. I've noticed you are too."

~~ Knock her out…~~

*Why? *

~~ Something's wrong with her beside the smell of blood and demon. ~~

* I hope you're right. *

Quick as lightning the boy grabbed the dagger and hit Rai sharply in the side, knocking her out. She fell into his arms.

* Now what? *

~~ We take her home. ~~

* No way. * The boy felt a hot liquid trickle onto his hands as he held the girl up. He examined them. A red substance covered his hands. Instead of taking her home with him he took her to the next best place.

Keiko opened the door of her house, "Oh hi Kurama. What are you doing here so late?" She yawned though she stopped immediately as she saw a girl in his arms. And blood dripping from her. "Oh my god! What happened?"

Kurama had a straight face. "Please may she rest here? I could tell you after we get her bandaged up." Keiko nodded quickly and stepped aside and let Kurama enter.

"You can put her up in my room while I get some bandages and hot water. You don't have to be quiet, my parents are out." Keiko hurried off to the bathroom.

Kurama went down a small hall to the last room. It was small and colored in mostly pink and white. He rested her on a queen-sized bed in the corner. Keiko rushed in with a bowl of hot water, a cloth and a box of bandages; "You can sit outside and tell me all about through the door. I don't want any boys in here."

Kurama chuckled and walked into the hallway. He closed the door behind him and sat against the wall and told Keiko all of what happened just a little earlier. Soon he fell asleep. Keiko came out of her bedroom and smiled at the peaceful Kurama. She wrapped a blanket around him and headed for her livingroom to sleep.

- - - - - - - ----- - - -- - - -

It was dawn and Koga sat in a cave thinking it took him a long time to get to this cave and it was even farther without his jewel shards. When he woke it was late in the night. Though he didn't notice it he ran all this way without his shards. Koga only noticed them missing a few moments ago. He had been sitting there for a couple of hours. `All right' he thought `I'm going to get my shards back! Kagome will probably hand them over to me quietly.' So he set off running back to the village following Kagome's scent.

- - - - - --- - - - - - -

" Hurry up Inuyasha!" yelled Kagome as she pulled her bag onto her back.

"I coming…" Inuyasha grumbled as he began to walk out the hut and through the village to the well with Kagome close behind. As they reached the well Inuyasha stopped. "Might as well wait for wolf boy to come along."

"What?" Kagome stopped and looked around, " What are you talking about? I don't see…" She stopped as she sees Koga, out of breath, running in their direction. He stopped at Kagome's side.

" Hey where are my jewel shards!" he yelled

"Your jewel shards?" asked Inuyasha

"Yeah mine!"

Then Kagome had an idea, " I'm sorry Koga, we don't have your jewel shards. Our friend Raimei has `em."


"Oh yeah we just about to track her down. She went back to her homeland last night." She gave Koga a jewel shard; "You can keep this one if ya want to. If you help us find her we'll make her give them back to ya." Inuyasha shot Kagome a look that said, `NO! HE'S NOT COMING WITH US!!'.

"Oh really…" Koga took the shard and jammed it into his right arm, "Then I'll come."

"WHAT?!" Inuyasha was totally confused. Why did she want him to come??? Why?! WHY?!

"Ah, shut up mutt brain. Once I get my shards I'll leave. But sadly I won't stay out of your way of getting' Kagome as your woman." Koga chuckled.

"Just follow me and Inuyasha into this well and you can help us find her."

"I don't get jumpin' into a well. But whatever, as long as I get my jewel shards back." Koga crossed his arms.

"Don't worry, this is the best way to getting to her homeland." Kagome laughed nervously as she jumped through the well `I hope this shortens the time we have left. If we don't help Rai we don't know what she'll do!' They all landed in the almost pitch black shrine of Kagome's home.

~~End Chapter Nine~~

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