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Angel: Hey people! This is a new chapter of An Unlikely Adventure!

Kagome: *sips soda * Yep.

Sango: *growls in a corner. *….

Angel: Guess your still mad at me.

Sango: *nods *

Inuyasha: I guess she really does love Miroku then.

Sango: *steams *grrr…. I dare you to say that again…

Inuyasha: What? That you love Miroku?

Sango: rrrr….RRRR!! *lunges at Inuyasha *

Sesshomaru: I don't want the viewers to get embarrassed by my brother's stupidity, so on with this godforsaken story…

~~Chapter 10: The Hazardous Fang~~~

Keiko yawned and sat up from the couch. She looked around. Of course Kurama had left. `Of course… If Yusuke came over and saw Kurama here he'd think…Well whatever.' She stretched and walked around the living room before turning on the T.V. She walked into the bathroom to take a shower before she had to meet Yusuke and his friends at his cousin's house.

As she washed herself she thought and wondered about the girl that Kurama brought over last night. `She had Eriol Academy uniform on…And that doll…It was an angel. I heard that most the top contenders in Angelic Layer go to that school. Those injuries she had were weird too. Claw marks from her shoulder to hip…Then on the opposite shoulder was a sword mark… That's weird.'

She climbed out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself. She peeked into her room and gasped. She saw a glimpse of someone climb out of her window. It was the kid, "HEY THERE!! You!" she yelled after the girl.

`OH NO! KURAMA'S GONNA KILL ME!! Maybe not…he doesn't seem to be that kind of person.' She found the girl's clothes on the floor and a pair of her own jeans were gone! So was her fave blue sweater! Her old cap was gone too!

Keiko turned around to hear the end of an Angelic Layer commercial.

" Again, come to the Battle Center and get a chance to fight your way up to the top! You can also get a chance to win a special floppy disk that hold some of the most greatest Angelic Layer abilities ever!!! This is a once in a lifetime event! Come on down! We take walk-ins!"

Keiko gasped. The girl was going to that event. She took one last glance at her room and noticed also that the girl's bookbag and angel were missing also. `I can't worry about her now…' she looked at the clock, ` It's almost time to go. I'll look for her later.'

- - --- - -- ---- - ----- --

They landed in the pitch black well of the shrine. "Where are we?" Koga looked around.

"We're in To-Rai's homeland." Said Kagome as she climbed up the rope ladder and out of the well. Both Koga and Inuyasha followed. `I hope she didn't do anything stupid…' Kagome thought as they walked out of the shrine into the bright sunlight of modern Japan. As soon as they walked out of the shrine Kagome signaled them to back in. For her crush, Hojo had been talking to her grandfather at that second.

"Still sick is she?" asked Hojo as he messed with his sand colored hair.

"I'm afraid so. She's having problems with her back and hips. Poor girl can barely walk!" Kagome's grandfather pretended to cry in his sleeve.

"Do you think I could go up and see…"

"No I think that would put more stress on her poor shoulders. Thinking you giving her all these things just for our unfortunate Kagome to feel better." Cried her grandfather. Koga glanced at Kagome, who was this guy?

"Oh…well give her these ice-packs. I hope they help her feel better." Said Hojo as he waved good-bye and rode off on his bicycle. Soon after Kagome strode quietly up to her grandfather and tapped him on the shoulder.

"So… how are my back injuries doing?" she asked hotly.

"Oh Kagome! You're back!!" yelled her grandfather, "It is good to see you! You've been gone for a whole week!"

"How many people you've told about my `injuries??" Kagome spoke quietly; "I hope not many! People will think I'm some kind of jinx because you tell them all these crazy stories about sicknesses no one has ever heard about! Can't you tell them I have a cold!?"

Inuyasha walked out of the shadows quietly. "No worth asking Kagome, he won't throw away all these gifts he's got now." Just at that second Kagome's mom came walking from their house.

"Hello Kagome! Hello Inuyasha!" she smiled her usually happy smile and hugged Kagome. "And who are you?" she asked the hiding Koga in the shadows.

"He's Koga. He came to help us find our friend Raimei who ran away from the campfire last night." Explained Kagome.

"Raimei…I've heard that name before…oh no…"


"I might as well explain this inside, while you get Inuyasha and Koga dressed in some modern clothes." Said her mother.


"I forgot to tell you… you cousin is coming over and he'll be here in an hour!" said her mother and ushered Kagome inside with Inuyasha and Koga following.


-- --- --- - - - - -

Rai had woke up the loud booming of a T.V set. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. Looking around she noticed she was in a pink and white bedroom. On some shelves were stuffed animals and in one corner was a big redwood dresser. Then in the other corner was a big closet.

She heard the water running next door. Someone was taking a shower…She rolled out of bed and opened the closet door. Inside were a bunch of uniforms hung up and a few pairs of jeans and shirts. Rai went through them, `Might as well dress in some clean clothes. ` She noticed a pair of dark blue jeans. She took those. Then she noticed a beautiful indigo sweater with pretty patterns. She took that. Then there was an old red cap that said on the front `Suisei'.

She was about to walk out of the door when she stopped and heard a television commercial.

"Today at the Battle Center in Tokyo, Japan. The sponsors of Angelic Layer, Piffle Princess, will be holding an annual festival at the Angelic Layer Battle Center! It will last from eleven o' clock to five. First prizewinners win a floppy disk with all the programs with the best attacks ever known! Come on down! We take walk-ins!"

Raimei smiled, `I'm going to that festival!' she thought as she swung her bookbag over her shoulder and tucked Mizuhime into her pocket. She climbed onto the windowsill. She heard the door open and jumped out the window to hear a girl's voice shout after her, "Hey there! You!"

Rai jumped off the roof onto the ground easily. She looked around. It had to be late morning at least. She noticed the sleeves of the sweater were a little long so she rolled them up. The pants were a little baggy but not much. She tied her hair put into a ponytail. No one would recognize her now. The red cap stayed firmly on her head as she climbed onto a bus to the Battle Center.

The bus stopped three blocks away from the center so she walked the rest of the way. As she neared the huge building she saw crowds upon crowds at the entrance. She sighed and pushed through the crowd and into the building. It was even more full than outside.

Rai smirked ` All I have to do is jump over the crowd and get to the main arena.' She jumped high and landed on some guy's shoulders then jumped again onto someone's head. She kept jumping over the crowd and came to a big doorway where everyone was filing in. But instead she turned and jumped to a counter.

"Hello miss. How may I help you?" asked the lady at the counter.

"I want to enter into the contest."

"Alright. Could you give me your Angel Card?"

Rai handed the woman a gold and white card with her name, her angel's name, and her id number. The woman took it and slid it through a contraption at the desk and typed in a few passwords and handed Rai her card back. "Your number is D-6. You can wait in room D until your number is called."

Rai smiled and skipped to a room labeled D and walked inside. The room walls were orange with light orange couches. There was a big screen at the end of the room where there was a hallway, which led to the arena. The room was full of girls and boys with their angels. Every kind of person was in there. From probably kindergarden to their early twenties.

She stopped and gasped. For her best friends, Sakura and Okami Yuzuri were sitting together talking before her. Okami had spiky black hair and jade green eyes. He wore a pair of black jeans and red shirt. In his right ear were two silver earrings.

She avoided them, walking past them with her head down, the hat shading her features from everyone. Rai sat at the far end of the room next to two girls who were talking about shopping and Angelic Layer… how boring.

She watched the screen as it blinked on showing the arena. Two players were already sitting at the four meter wide layer in two chairs in the shape of eggs. Both chairs were high in the air held up by robotic arms that moved them this way and that. The T.V. was loud and clear so everyone in the room could hear what happened. Rai listened closely. The winner might be her opponent.

"Hey everyone and welcome to the Angelic Layer festival! Celebrating the champion's of last year's Kanto Tournament last month as champion! Now presenting our first match! On the East Side is Ame Shizumi! And her Angel, DansÄ!"

The East Side contestant had blonde hair and brown eyes. She wore a white turtleneck and a light blue skirt. She could've been ten or eleven. Her angel DansÄ was dressed in a ballerina dress of the color blue. The angel's hair was light blue the hung down to her knee's. The angel's eyes were a shocking red.

"And on the West Side is Nanashu Kiken and her angel Himeno!" the host yelled into his michrophone.

Nanashu had black pants on and a white tanktop under a jean jacket. She had brown hair tied in a short ponytail. She had to be at least eighteen. Her angel wore a priestess outfit with a white shirt and red pants. The angel had short black hair and tied in a loose ponytail.

"Enter your angels!"

" Show them your Deadly Dance! Go DansÄ!" Ame threw in her angel. "Angel fall in!!" DansÄ landed on her feet and face her opponent.

Nanashu threw Himeno into the layer, " Purify this girl's angel's sucky moves and fight to the top! Fly Himeno!"

"Angelic Fight!"

Rai yawned. `This is going to be a boring match.' She decided to stretch her legs about and walked around the room, staying away from Sakura and Okami. She took Mizuhime from her pocket and looked at the doll. Mizuhime had some grass in her hair so Rai took it out. Okami had met Rai and Sakura at school when another boy had challenged him to an Angelic Fight.

Of course Okami accepted the challenge and won. After the fight Sakura dragged her to get Okami's autograph. They all had become friends over time and soon Sakura kept saying that Okami had a crush on her. Rai didn't believe it.

His angel's name was Kiba. Known as The Hazardous Fang. Okami had a rep for being quick and merciless to his opponents, leaving gruesome and disturbing effects though Okami was a very calm and friendly person. " D-5!" a woman's voice interrupted her thoughts and she turned around to see Okami getting up and walking down the hall with one of the employees.

Rai hurried to the screen and watched. " Our next round will mostlikely be an exciting one!!" yelled the host. Both players were sitting at the layer. "On the East Side is a favorite Ojiro Mihara! And his angel Wizard." a wave of cheers echoed through the arena. So loud it shook the waiting room.

"On the West Side is Okami Yuzuri! And his angel Kiba, The Hazardous Fang!" a louder tsunami of cheers shook the building. This was to be interesting. Rai sat on the couch and watched.

"Enter the angel!"

Ojiro threw his angel in without saying anything since he was so famous everyone knew his name and Wizard's. Wizard landed on the layer ready to fight.

" Hunt your prey and bring `im down! Attack Kiba!" Okami tossed Kiba into the layer. The angel landed on his feet in a crouched position. Kiba was dressed in all black. He had a black jacket with a black shirt underneath, a pair of jet black boots and pants. The only things not black were his hair, eyes, and his blood red fingerless gloves that showed his long sharp claws. Kiba's hair was long and gray, tied loosely in a ponytail. His eyes were rose red with white slits as pupils.

"Angelic Fight!" yelled the host as the crowds cheered around the stadium.

Wizard charged at the still crouching Kiba and aimed a low kick. Kiba jumped and punched Wizard in the jaw sending him flying. Both were battling at amazing speed. Wizard flipped into the air landing on Kiba's shoulders. He pounded down, sending Kiba into the layer with a strong force. Wizard jumped with one last bound and landed a feet inches away.

"Whoa! Look at those moves!"

Kiba grabbed Wizard's ankles and threw him high into the air. He jumped after the blue angel and grabbed Wizard's wrist, twisting his arm behind the angel's back. And then, with one smooth motion Kiba kicked Wizard into the layer. Now Wizard was face down in the floor, his arm twisted badly.

"Looks like Wizard is in a bit of a fix! Kiba has twisted his arm almost all the way around the wrong way! How is he going to win this one I don't know!" the host clearly didn't know that Wizard could work perfectly fine with one arm.

Wizard stood slowly, glaring at his opponent. He charged again and punched with one arm as well as kick with Kiba dodging quickly. Finally one of Wizard's kicks collided with Kiba's head. Kiba flew to one end of the layer, temporarily knocked out. Wizard jumped high, then flew down knees first and Kiba showed no sign of moving.

"Wolfboy watch out!" yelled Rai who caused a disturbing silence in the room. `Oops…' She looked around to see everyone looking at her. But then as if on cue there was a cheer from the host.

"Looks like it's not over until the fat lady sings!" Kiba had grabbed Wizard's knee and threw him across the layer.

Kiba stood up and ran over to Wizard and jumped in time to dodged one of his kicks. Finally Kiba grabbed Wizard around his neck and kick him in the back then twisted the angel's neck and let him drop, lifelessly onto the layer. An eruption of yells came from the seats above the layer.

"THE WINNER IS KIBA! THE HAZARDOUS FANG!!" the host yelled over the cheering fans. Okami stood in his seat and waved to the crowd, smiling.

~~End Chapter 10 ~~~

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