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Angel: Hey peoples! Welcome to chappy 11 of An Unlikely Adventure!! I hope you like the ending of the last chapter. Gruesome yes but exciting none the less.

Kagome: Way gruesome…poor Wizard!! *cries*

Sango: Kiba won fair and square so I don't know why you're whining.

Inuyasha: * still gagged * iff thiffnk thff iff waff a goff endiff! Violenff iff theff waff!

Sango: What?

Sesshomaru: He said `I think it was a good ending! Violence is the way!' What an idiot.

Angel: No kidding.

Kagome: He's tiring when you have to spend most of your day with him.

Sango: Yep. He never stops bugging people.

Sesshomaru: Let's get on with this story already. Inuyasha's presence is disturbing me.

~~Chapter 11: Who Are You?~~

Kagome sat in the kitchen sipping some tea as both Inuyasha and Koga walked in. Inuyasha in his usual; red shirt, blue jeans and a funny red hat. Koga was dressed in some clothes Kagome originally bought for Inuyasha black t-shirt and a pair of black jeans. His tail was wrapped around his waist under his shirt so no one would see.

Of course Kagome had to explain to Koga about how they just traveled 500 years into the future through the well. He had taken quite calmly which was really surprising. He was kind of like Inuyasha so he really didn't care as long as he got his jewel shards back.

Her mother still hadn't told her about Raimei. She hoped it was nothing bad. They had actually drag KOGA here to find her… and now she had to spend time with her cousin and his friends. It royally sucked! She sighed and looked at them.

`Wow he looks almost human.' Thought Kagome as she ran to answer the doorbell. In the doorway was her cousin Yusuke and couple other kids she didn't recognize. One with orange hair and wearing a blue uniform. The other with red hair and wearing a red shirt and pants, the girl in a long blue skirt and yellow sweater with sandy colored hair. The last was about a head shorter than her dressed in all black with black hair. "Hello…. Yusuke." said Kagome as she showed them inside. `Great,' she thought ` I can't go looking for Rai and I'm getting worried.'

"Hey." Yusuke looked around the house, "Hasn't changed a bit. This ol' house. Oh yeah Kagome, these are my friends Kuwabara," he gestured to the boy with orange hair, "Kurama," he pointed to the boy with red hair, " Keiko," he meant the girl "And Hiei." Who was the short one.

" Nice to meet you all!" smiled Kagome as she gestured them to follow her into the living room where Inuyasha and Koga waited. "You guys these are my friends, Koga and Inuyasha." Koga crossed his arms and grunted and all Inuyasha's welcome was "Keh."

Keiko looked at the two boys. ` Wow their pretty scary…' she looked at Inuyasha's long white hair and amber eyes as well as Koga's fangs and muscles. She gulped `I hope their not coming along with us…'

"Hey! Nice to…meet...you?" said Kuwabara as both guys ignored them.

"Whatever…" said Koga as he walked out of the room and into the hallway and called back, " Kagome! I don't understand why you hang around mortals so much!"

`Damn that Koga! Our cover is sure to be blown!' thought Inuyasha.

"Hn…" the one called Hiei walked out the door outside.

" Awkward…but they'll grow on ya." Kagome smiled nervously.

Yusuke sighed, "Yeah Hiei can be a real jerk."

"Oh well you guys can wait here and I'll show Yusuke to his room. Since his mom is out of town for a bit." Kagome beckoned Yusuke up the stairs to the bedrooms while the others sat in the awkward silence with Inuyasha.

At the chance Keiko pulled Kurama into the kitchen, "Kurama I have something to tell you…" she wrung her skirt.

Kurama sighed, "What?"

"She ran away…"


"The girl! She got away this morning! She took some of my clothes! And her backpack! And her angel!"

" She did, did she? Well what's an angel?" Kurama cocked his head to one side.

Keiko sighed, "The doll she had! I think I know where she's headed. There's going to be a contest today. Angel's are like warriors, they battle. She's from Eriol Academy! One of the top schools in this city! Also home to the most competitive contenders in Angel Layer! She went to that contest to fight for a prize I don't know where is it! It's the Battle Center. I just don't know how to get there…" she said this a million miles a minute and not even Kurama understood what she had said.

"Okay...she got away. I'll find her once we're out of here…" Kurama tried to calm Keiko down.

"Whew…ok." Relieved Keiko turned around to go back into the living room to find everyone watching them from the hallway. "Uh-oh…"

Kagome pushed herself into the kitchen, "What girl!??"

" Oh nothing, we were just talking."

~~ You know they're demons… that Koga and Inuyasha…~~ Hiei said telepathically

** Yes…And I bet they suspect we are too.** Kurama spoke back

~~ We have to keep on our toes Kurama… We don't know what they're planning.~~

** Yes I know.**

" What GIRL!!??" Kagome shouted obviously in distress.

"Keiko we should tell them about the girl."

"Alright…but I don't know why you would want to know. She's a girl that Kurama found in the park last night…she was sleeping in a tree. She was also bleeding a lot. So he took her to my house. There I doctored her up and bandaged all her wounds…"

"Tell me… What KIND of wounds were they?" asked Inuyasha interested.

"Claw marks from one shoulder to her hip and a sword gash from the other shoulder to hip. It was gruesome…" Keiko shuddered at the memory at the deep gashes.

"Tell me…she had brown hair with white stripes?" asked Kagome

"Yes she did." Answered Kurama

Kagome gasped and Koga looked at his hand, " Yep…that's her. Come on Kagome! I can follow her scent from here!" he grabbed Kagome's hand and rushed out the door.

"Damn that wolf!" yelled Inuyasha as he bounded out the door after them.

Kurama turned to Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Keiko, "We must follow. Somehow the girl has connection with these people. Especially since she's a demon… Come on." He ran out the door.

"Yeah let's go. If that Koga guy does something sneaky with my cousin he's going to pay." Yusuke pounded his fist into his other palm and followed Kurama. Kuwabara ran after him with Keiko.

"Yusuke you know that this Koga and that Inuyasha are demons?" asked Kurama as he ran at Yusuke's side.

" WHAT?!" Yusuke almost tripped at Kurama's statement. "Are you serious?"

"Yes…and they're not ordinary demons either. Much stronger. And more dangerous…" Kurama said

Yusuke panted heavily, "Just great…"

- -- -- - - -- - - --- - - - -

Sakura smiled as she welcomed Okami back from the arena, "That was so cool! Okami you're the best!"

"Thanks. He was really hard to beat though. I'm glad I won." smiled Okami as he and Sakura sat on the couches again "I wish Rai could've been here."

" That reminds me, that girl over there…" she pointed to a girl with brown hair with white streaks in a ponytail wearing a blue sweater and jeans with a red cap firmly on her head. "Have you met her before?"

"No, why?"

Sakura leaned closed and whispered, "She shouted your nickname while you were battling on the layer. The nickname only Rai and me know. And that voice sounds a lot like Rai…"

Okami got her idea "You're saying that you think that's Rai? But she disappeared ages ago…No one has found her yet. And why would Rai come out in public if she wanted to stay in hiding or if she was kidnapped the kidnappers would never let her go."

"But think about it… No ransom…no witnesses…nothing!" Sakura said under her breath.

"I don't know…Her sce-I mean her looks don't really match Rai. She would never dye her hair or wear a hat or tie her hair up. For all we know she's probably dead…"

"Think of the possibilities! Just go and talk to her it might be Rai! Just do it!" She gave Okami a hard shove and he almost fell off the couch. Before he got a chance to get up and walk over to the girl he was swarmed by girls, who were obviously in the contest too, asked him for his autograph. Then Sakura heard, "D-6!" and saw a glimpse of the girl walk out into the arena with the employees.

--- -- -- - - - -- -- - - -- - -

Raimei took a deep breath as the robotic chair lifted her high above the layer. Her first round was about to start. She sighed as butterflies flew around in her stomach. Cheers echoed everywhere.

" This is the sixth match of the day folks! By the way things are goin' we will probably have to continue the contest another day! Anyways! Our sixth round will hold two rookies! On the East Side is Raimei Tamashi! And her angel Mizuhime! On the West Side is Tomo Sasashi and her angel Kyuketsuki!"

Tomo was a small girl, about nine or ten with frizzy red hair and a freckled face. She had bright green eyes and a real goofy smile. Her angel was different. Kyuketsuki had long straight red hair that reached her ankles. Her eyes were an ice blue with carefully arched eyebrows. Hanging from her ears were silver hoop earrings with strange designs. A red choker was around her neck decorated with skulls. She had on a long blood red dress with slits up the side to her hip. She had black high-heeled boots that went to her knees. She had a black leather jacket that had many chains hanging from pockets and holes. Red gloves covered her hands like a thin veil.


They shot off into battle each angel swing at the other. Kyuketsuki kicked at Mizuhime every chance she got, but Mizuhime just kept dodging and blocking. Mizuhime swung her fist at Kyuketsuki's head. She ducked. Rai commanded her angel to grab the other angel. She did.

Mizuhime grabbed Kyuketsuki's wrist and threw her onto the layer. Then she swung the angel into the air. Then she flew after the red angel and grabbed her ankle and threw Kyuketsuki into the layer.

Mizuhime landed onto the layer. Kyuketsuki stood and ran at Mizuhime again. She kicked at her head and Mizuhime ducked, flipped and sent the other angel flying across the layer. Rai knew she had to win, just had to. Kyuketsuki charged at Mizuhime again. `I'm going to finish it now….' Thought Rai as she made Mizuhime run too. When they were close enough Mizuhime leaned back on one hand sideways. She kicked the unsuspecting angel in the stomach and out of the layer.

"The winner is Mizuhime!!"

Mizuhime flipped from the layer into her dues's outstretched hand. Rai sighed and smiled as the robotic chair lowered her to the ground again. She was escorted back to the waiting room by one of the employees of the Battle Center. She walked into the room realizing that both Okami and Sakura staring at her. She took a deep breath and kept her head down as she sat in a corner of the room.

`Oh no….I wish the announcer didn't call my name… I don't want to face my friends at a time like this…' Rai thought as she watched the screen.

" Raimei…." It was Wakaijosei.

"Don't bother me so much!! Leave me alone..." yelled Rai telepathically

" Oh pooh… I hate the way you talk to me…Why don't you just roll over and give in?"

"Because unlike some people around me I HATE losing…" Rai tried to shut Wakaijosei away in a closet in her mind with no success.

Wakaijosei laughed, " You know Sakura hates you… That's why she's stolen Okami. She wants Okami all to herself you know. I can read her mind. She's glad you're gone."

"That's not true! She my best friend! She'd never do that! Wait, I don't even like Okami!"

"Quit denying! I'll take care of her for you…I'll make sure she dies…Well? All you have to do is let me take over…" Wakaijosei crooned

Rai's breath came in short shuddering gasps. She closed her eyes shut tightly, her hands covering her ears. She stood up shaking terribly. She staggered as she tried to walk to the exit, her hands still tightly over her ears, unaware of the several pairs of eyes turning to her.

"Wakaijosei!! Go AWAY!" she yelled

"Why should I? It's my job to get rid of you. And your filthy family…"

"Wakaijosei… I WANT YOU GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rai yelled so loudly in her mind that she whispered it out loud in the waiting room.

She dropped Mizuhime onto the floor and opened her eyes slowly, only to see her vision becoming unclear. The room started to spin and she began to fall. She saw the waiting room doors burst open and several figures rushing inside before she blacked out.

- - --- - - - - ---- --- -

Sakura turned her head to the corner of the room. The girl they had suspected to be Rai began to quiver in her seat. She looked like she was about to faint. Sakura watched with uneasy eyes. Suddenly she stood up and pushed of all Okami's fans out way the way for her was practically suffocating with the very little space he had.

She pulled on Okami's arm and yanked him away from the crowd. Silently she points to the strange girl. Okami looked up and watched the girl stand up uneasily. Her face was distorted with pain, her hands clutched over her ears and eyes shut tightly. He stood and began to walk over to her. Her back was to him as he outstretched his hand.

He stopped when she spoke, "I want you gone!" she whispered. He began to retreat. She staggered and began to fall. The waiting room doors flew open and four guys and two girls ran in.

"Raimei!" one girl called

"I got her." Said one boy and he caught the girl in his arms. The boy had to be a few years older than him. He had long silver hair and wore jeans, a red shirt and a red cap on his head. Okami stared. It was Rai. He stepped forward.

But the girl who called out stopped him, "I'm sorry, but our friend has some problems. Inuyasha get her outta here!" she signaled for the boy in red and he heaved Rai onto his back and leaped out of the room. The others followed before Okami could stop them.

He stood there, looking at the door. It was Rai alright. So why did she conceal herself? Who were those people? They're aura sure wasn't human. Sakura bounded up beside him and said," I told you it was her. Who were those freaks anyway?"

"Honestly I don't know…" was all he said, "But I'm going to find out."

~~End Chapter 11~~

Angel: Oh no! Okami has found out Rai is still alive and still in Tokyo!! What'll he do?

Kagome: Question!

Angel: What?

Kagome: I don't think Okami's human…

Sango: Neither do I.

Angel: Well…he is so there! *a thousand billion sweatdrops*

Inuyasha: She's lying.

Sesshomaru: Indeed.

Inuyasha: Tell us the truth Angel or face the consequences!

Angel: Pfft, what're you going to do? You can't hurt me! I AM THE AUTHOR!

Sesshomaru: Who said?

Angel: I did!

Kagome: Just tell us!!

Sango: I predicted it already…I KNOW what's going to happen *smirk, smirk*

Kagome: Tell us Sango! PLEEEAAASSSE!!


Sango: *leans close and whispers in Kagome's ear.*

Kagome: *gasp!*