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Inuyasha: What is it a demon? *looks around*

A girl enters from the shadows. Having long white hair streaked with black tied up in a braid and inu ears on top of her crown. She had violet eyes with slits for pupils. She had angled silver glasses on the tip of her nose and a simple black sapphire earring on one ear. She wore a black long sleeved shirt with a red dragon on it and jet-black jeans.

Demon: You could say that…

Kagome: Who the heck are you?!

Demon: I'm Demon…one half of DemonAngel90's being….



Angel: No…

Demon: Yes. She did. Several times to be exact. She's the stupid type. She somehow escapes our body and wanders around making fanfics OR ends up in jail because she blew something up like an airport or bus station. It happens all the time. So I usually have to go and find her ass and merge into one again. But…I'll make an exception this time. You're already halfway into this story. I can't do anything now or we'll both be chased by mobs of fans…

Kagome: We have fans? For this fic? *looks from redheaded, amber-eyed Angel to Demon*

Sesshomaru:…So you're saying this stupid HUMAN escapes from your grasp all the time?

Demon: Sadly yes... and no. First yes she takes little strolls wherever she wants when she drinks too much Kool-Aid that's hyped up with too much sugar. Second, she's not human at all. She's an angel…no pun intended.

Kagome: So lemme guess. You and Angel are two totally different beings bunched into one.

Demon: Yep.

Sango: And you're the demon half.

Inuyasha: And Angel's the…well, angel half.

Demon: Correct.

Inuyasha: What about the `90' part?

Angel: That's just a number stupid!

Demon: Shut up stupid. *smacks Angel upside her head* It means we are the 90th demon/angel ever to live.

Inuyasha: Ever?

Demon: Ever.


Demon: Shut up you imbecile…

Kagome: I can tell this is going to be a long chapter…

~~Chapter 12: The Truth Hurts~~~

They ran far. Far to the edge of town to the empty, cold beach. Inuyasha let Rai down and back away. The little girl was pulsing. Kagome stood beside him, worry in her eyes. Yusuke sighed as they watched the girl shudder and gasp while she sweated.

"Kagome what's going on here?" he quizzed

"No time to tell you. We've got to figure out what to do with Rai before she transforms into Kami knows what." Said Kagome as she looked out to the sea.

Kuwabara spoke, "Hey what is she anyway?"

"From what we know she has cat and dog youkai blood in her." Inuyasha whispered. `FUCK! I didn't bring Tetsusaiga with me either. We may be in for a fight.' He thought.

Koga scoffed, " At least can I have my shards back now? My pack is probably near shreds…"

"Pack?" Kurama faced the wolf demon "So it's true. You are a demon… a wolf to be exact."

" So what?! I bet us MANLY canines aren't real flattered by you foxes!" yelled Koga back.

Hiei scowled, "Don't brag you mutt. I don't think wolves are much appreciated in this world anyway. Better not get hit by a car. Some of your are dumb enough to just stand in the middle of the road and get hit."

" Koga you're an imbecile… Didn't you know Kagome had your shards all along?" ask Inuyasha. Kagome turned red.

"You did? Then why did you tell me? Why'd you lie?" Koga looked at Kagome.

"Because! We needed your help to find Raimei! I knew you weren't going to come because she almost killed you! I'm not giving them back either! Koga you can go if you like. I don't need your help anymore…I'm sorry I used you but it was for the good of my consciousness. If you didn't help…I wouldn't find her. And then for all you know she would've killed us and KILLED until Wakaijosei was settled or until Raimei killed herself! I cannot stand something like that to happen to a kid!" Kagome yelled. The statement sunk into to everybody like razor sharp fangs, even Koga.

Something rumbled behind them. They all turned to find Rai standing, an evil glare in her eyes. A growl echoed from her throat, like the rumble of a lioness. Then laughter, "I am free once again…I'm glad, Great Uncle Inuyasha. Will you do me the honor of a fight?" her knuckles cracked and her nails grew into claws.

"I'm ready when you are." Smirked Inuyasha.

She chuckled, " Great…I'm in the mood for some massacres." The shot off into battle, scratching and biting, clawing and kicking. Inuyasha was pinned to the sand by Rai's weight. One claw around his neck, the other high above her head.

Koga growled and ran at Rai and kicked her in the side, sending her flying. She skidded on the sand until she stopped at the edge of the water. He laughed, "Didn't expect that did ya? I'm ready to fight you again! You're nothing but a--"

" Shut up Koga…" grunted Inuyasha as he stood and turned to Rai "I just want to know something Wakaijosei… Who created you?"

Rai laughed hauntingly " Can't you think of no one Inuyasha? Think hard. Who do you think would do such a thing to Sesshomaru's and your family?"

"You've got to be kidding…Naraku wouldn't do somethin like that. He's too weak" scoffed Inuyasha.

The demon laughed even louder this time "Naraku? That idiot of a hanyou? No, he didn't do that. Only mikos can cast my spell."

"You don't mean…." Choked the hanyou.

She smirked, "Yes Inuyasha. The one who you loved most. Kikyo."

-- - -- - - --- --- - -

Sesshomaru walked down the halls of his castle. It was quiet. Wars haven't been declared lately which was unusual. Rin was off in her artistry lessons. She wasn't that intelligent so Sesshomaru vowed to give her a good education. He didn't want her to end up like his incompetent brother. He quietly nodded in hello to servants and generals as he passed them.

He made his way to the large courtyard near the edge of the castle. It had cobble stone paths littered with blossoms from the sakura trees around him. He sat on a stone bench, thinking. Sesshomaru was surprised, he never knew he would have any descendants.

He thought and thought. Who had he mated with? It was a puzzle. Though he couldn't worry about that now. He already had someone to take care of…Rin. Just at that second Rin came skipping into the courtyard, her art instructor, Toriko-ishi, a cat demon, came following slowly. Toriko-ishi was young, around twenty-one years old. She wore her usual turquoise kimono with a bright red ribbon around her waist. She had long light blue hair tied loosely and purple eyes. In her hands were a few blank scrolls and a small wooden box.

"Good morning Sesshomaru-sama." She said and smiled. Sesshomaru just nodded silently. Rin hopped up to him and jumped into his lap.

"Sesshomaru-sama! Toriko-ishi-sama is going to teach Rin how to draw sakura trees!" said the little girl as she smiled up to her adoptive father.

Sesshomaru looked down at Rin, " That is nice Rin, but don't play around. I want you to be educated and gifted."

"Yes Sesshomaru-sama." The little girl hopped off his lap and raised her small hands up to her instructor. Toriko-ishi gave Rin a scroll and opened the small box. Inside were several pieces of charcoal. She picked a small piece and handed it to her small apprentice.

The cat demon sat on a bench several feet away from Sesshomaru's own bench and called out "Rin. Come and sit next to me. Leave Sesshomaru-sama to his own thoughts." Obediently Rin walked down the cobble path and sat on the bench next to Toriko-ishi.

Sesshomaru turned away from the two and stared at the sky, still thinking. He never knew puzzles like this were so hard. Just then, one of his generals, Rinkai, bounded up to him. "Sesshomaru-sama… The taiyoukai of the north has come to discuss business matter with my lord. He's very urgent about it too."

"Yes, I will come." Sesshomaru stood and followed his companion out of the courtyard. `So much for a peaceful day.'

--- -- - - - - --- - -- - -

((In the part Wakaijosei can either be called Rai, the cat demon, or Wakaijosei. Depends…))

Kagome gasped, "K-Kikyo? But then why would she attack Sesshomaru?"

" In the future in Sengoku Jidai after you finally killed Naraku. One hundred and fifty years to be exact. Kikyo still lived at that time because this hanyou's foolishness and love for her. She was nothing at that time but an average miko. Azuru the great grand son of Sesshomaru knew the whole story about Kikyo and her trying to drag both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru into hell. He--"

Kagome interrupted, "Why drag Sesshomaru into hell?"

"Because, during the battle of Naraku's Last Breath (not very known but known enough to be celebrated for a hundred years) Kikyo saw the chance to drag Inuyasha into hell. Unfortunately Sesshomaru practically killed both Inuyasha and Kikyo. But Kikyo was too fast. She quickly grabbed Inuyasha and opened a portal to hell trying to drag him in.

" But then Sesshomaru grabbed Kikyo and was in the process of also being dragged into the portal. Kikyo angered, she was about to throw Sesshomaru into hell and kill herself and Inuyasha. Seeing what was happening, you, Kagome almost shot Kikyo's arm off with one of your sacred arrows. In doing so closed the portal to hell and saved Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's lives." She said this all very fast. Barely anyone could've understood it.

The cat demon ran at Inuyasha, claws extended, "Now can we please get on with the battle. All this talk about my creation bores me."

"Fine with me!" Inuyasha charged and punched at Rai's face but the demon ducked and kicked Inuyasha in the abdomen and punched him in the face. He stumbled back several feet, trying to gain his balance.

While watching the battle Yusuke felt someone tap his shoulder. He turned to find his friend Botan looking at him urgently. Her pink eyes were full of worry. She whispered, "Yusuke, you and the detectives are needed at Koenma's office. And now! You guys have a new case."

"But Botan my cousin needs our help."

"I'm sorry Yusuke but this case decides the future of the UNIVERSE!!" cried Botan. " You wouldn't able to help your cousin if you don't take this case because you would all be dead!"

Kurama walked up to Botan " You guys could go. I'll stay. You can manage without me right?"

"I'm sorry Kurama. We need the whole team. Not just some of it." Apologized Botan.

"Yes Kurama. Why all the need to help your new friend. Yusuke's cousin already said she'd kill herself. What's the point?" said Hiei

"Plus I'm going to go back in a day or so. So quit worrying." Said Yusuke

Botan smiled, "After I send you to Koenma I'll come back and make sure to keep her safe. How about that?"

Kurama gave in "Alright then, let's go." They all gathered in a circle and disappeared in a matter of seconds.

Inuyasha dodged Rai's razor sharp claws. Koga charged at her also but she dodged all of their attacks. Inuyasha kicked at her but she caught his foot and swung him into the deep and cold water of the beach. Koga threw a punch she caught it also and extended a claw and it went right through Koga's side. She jumped away and picked up a grain of sand between her thumb and index fingernails.

"See this?" she held up the grain " Watch as it transforms. Rai clicked her claws against the grain, sending sparks of fire. Then all of a sudden the grain of sand grew into a fireball the size of the cat demon's palm. She threw it at the stunned Koga. Once it hit the ground before his feet, the ball exploded sending him twenty feet into the air and landing about thirty feet away.

Kagome gasped, "No way!" She ran over to the sputtering Inuyasha as he crawled from the water. She knelt next to him "She's practically unstoppable…"

"Keh. To you she probably is but I can take her."

"But Inuyasha…Look what she did to Koga. She practically burned him to a crisp." Kagome gestured to Koga who was burnt and K.O.ed.

Inuyasha stood, "Koga is a weakling. All hot air." He helped Kagome up and looked into her eyes, "Kagome, I want you to go get help. Whoever is near who could stand a chance. Those friends of your cousin they looked strong but it seems they chickened out and flew the coop."

( Angel: Sorry about the pun! Had to put it in somewhere! )

Kagome huffed "No way am I leaving alone! She almost killed you before! If I leave you alone Kami knows what will happen!" tears brimmed her eyes.

"Yeah I know! But if you die along with me who will search for the shards! Kagome you're vital to the search and me! You have to go!" bellowed Inuyasha.

"How touching!" Rai appeared behind Kagome and threw her emerald green claws at her. Unfortunately Inuyasha grabbed Kagome and tossed her aside in time. He instead and hit with the fleshing piercing talons. "Oh well Inuyasha. This way the poison enters your blood steam faster. You'll die in a matter of minutes." She chuckled.

Inuyasha let out a stifled groan of pain "K-K-Kagome go…get…help. Hurry…" he collapsed to the ground not even breathing.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled as she staggered onto her feet and kneeled next to him, "No…Inuyasha!"

"Tsk, tsk how foolish my uncle is. Too bad you'll be dying in a moment or so…" Rai kicked Kagome hard in the side, sending her feet away. "You know my master Kikyo knew you were from this time. That is why she told me before she set me forth ` Wakaijosei two hundred and fifty years from now I want you to kill Inuyasha and the one who has melted his heart so.' Yep that's what she told me and once I kill you I'll be able to kill Raimei and be free."

The cat demon picked up another grain of sand and clicked it between her index claw and thumb claw, sending sparks and creating a fireball. The clouds above closed in and turned a dark grey. The fireball spun in Wakaijosei's hand she threw it at Kagome. Kagome jumped out of the way, but had to get up and jump out of the way of another ball of fire.

`She's toying with me!' thought Kagome as she dodged several more fireballs. `I can't keep this up! I'm getting tired.' She collapsed onto the sand and breathed heavily. `This is it… I'm going to die.'

Rai created another ball of fire. She aimed and threw it. Kagome's eyes widened in horror as the fireball grew as it hurdled toward her. Her chocolate colored eyes reflected the orange light of the fireball. She shut her eyes and waited for the impact. Then everything exploded.

~~End Chapter Twelve~~

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Angel: You never knew that before?

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