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Demon: I've noticed something….

Angel: What?

Demon: You never thank people for the reviews you've gotten…

Kagome: Yeah...now that I think about it…we never did…

Sango: Yep we never did.

Inuyasha: So?

Demon: Hello! If you didn't thank them then would you do this fic?

Inuyasha: No.

Kagome: Uh-uh

Sango: Nope


Demon: So why don't you?

Angel: Too much to do…too many ideas in head to do that. I don't want to lose my ideas that are so great…

Sesshomaru:…I don't think so.

Angel: What?

Sesshomaru: I think your ideas aren't as great as you think they are.

Angel: SHUT UP!!! *smacks Sesshomaru in oblivion*

Demon: You are so violent…

Angel: You wanna say that to my face?

Demon: What face? All I see is a pile of elephant crap…

Angel: grrrr…


Kagome: o.o

Inuyasha: Who wants to bet?

Sesshomaru: * comes out of nowhere* I bet sixty bucks on Demon…

Sango: Fifty on Demon!

Kagome: I can't believe you guys are gambling…

Inuyasha: Oh come on Kagome. You gamble all the time.

Kagome: Do not…

Inuyasha: Do too. You always gamble with your friends at poker.

Kagome: *sighs* Oh ok… I bet a hundred on Angel.

Sango: You've got to be kidding.

Kagome: Her stupidity has to get her somewhere…

Sango: Hey Angel Have you figured out what Okami is anyway?

Inuyasha: Oh come on…you haven't noticed how many hints she's thrown at everyone?

Demon: Oh yes…

Sango: Like what?

Kagome: Like Okami means…

Inuyasha: Wolf.

Kagome: And Kiba means fang.

Inuyasha: And Tsuki means moon.

Demon: It's obvious…

Kagome: Hey wasn't his last name Yuzuri or something?

Demon: I changed it to something better.

Angel: Hey Yuzuri was a good name!

Demon: No it wasn't.

Angel: *about to lunge at Demon*

Sesshomaru: Although we would love to start the fight now we can't. On with this story…

~~~ Chapter Twelve: Mission~~~

They stood in Koenma's office watching the toddler order creatures around like children. When he finally noticed they were there he cleared his throat, "I have a new job for you. This may be the toughest yet. It's going to be very tough."

"Can we skip to WHAT is tough about it and why we have to do this new mission!" barked Yusuke.

Kuwabara nodded, "Yeah! We have other things to do toddler…"

"Well I must go and help Raimei and Yusuke's cousin! Bye!" Botan quickly tried to escape but Koenma stopped her with a slight cough.

"Everyone will be needed for the job. Your mission is to be bodyguards for a demon."

"You've got to be kidding…" said Yusuke

Kurama spoke, "But why? Demons can protect themselves unless they are lesser class."

"Yes I know. But this demon needs to be protected from herself."


"But why?" asked Hiei

Koenma's eyes searched their faces, "She is a demon under a curse from a miko. She is in prophecies throughout the world and solar system. That curse is a suicidal curse or a curse that forces the victim into suicide. Inside her is energy sort of like a nuclear bomb. If she dies so does your world and your solar system along with the sun. It might me easier if I read you a quote from one of the prophecies that was written right in your country."

He ordered George his assistant to get him a file called `9907-T'. George came back a moment later with a dusty scroll in his hands.

Koenma took the scroll and rolled it out before himself and then cleared his throat, " `One who has befriended all beings. One with a half-life. A cursed life…One with the earth's core deep in their body. One whose bloodline runs from royalty and mixed beings…this one will hold the keep to rejoining the precious stone, which will heal the hearts of the wounded. But if this curse flows through this one's body too quickly the end of our world will begin.' " He finished and let the detectives collect and interpret what he said.

"But How do you know `the one' is a girl?" asked Kuwabara

"Call it a hunch."

Yusuke mocked the toddler, "Oh so you don't know exactly and you are sending us on a wild goose chase?"

"Of course not you idiot!" yelled Koenma " There is only one candidate for this role…" he threw a picture at them and Yusuke caught it. He studied it for a second before gasping loudly in surprise.


---- -- - -- - -- - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kagome gasped and opened her eyes. There standing before her was a woman in miko clothing. She was real pretty, with long jet-black hair tied loosely. Reminding her of that witch Kikyo. What if it was she? The woman's voice broke Kagome's thoughts.

"You girl! Get up! Hurry now!" The woman had a long sword in her hand and it was sparkling a deep red. When Kagome got up and ran she turned back and gasped. The woman had orange eyes. She was a demon! Kagome looked toward Wakaijosei who had a slightly surprised look on her face.

The cat demon growled "What the hell are YOU doing here?"

"I don't know what demon would want to posses Raimei but I have to try to end it!" with that the woman charged at Rai sword at arm's length. Rai smirked and ran with her talons glowing that foggy green. But then all of a sudden the woman yelled again "Kiba now!"

From behind the woman came a boy appeared out of nowhere and he jumped and stamped a purifying charm on Rai's forehead. There was a small explosion. As the dust cleared Kagome saw Rai lying in the sand, her pupils small dots with the purifying charm between her eyes. She looked around and saw that the woman was now kneeling next to Inuyasha inspecting his wounds. The boy appeared out of nowhere and helps her up.

She got a good look at him now. He had jade green eyes and jet-black hair with two silver earrings in his right ear. She realized something, it was the boy from the battle center! He didn't look much like a demon. She asked him "Um, who are you?"

" I'm Okami. Okami Kiba Tsuki." He smiled

"That means…"

He laughed, "Yeah weird name huh? Wolf Fang Moon. So what's yours?"

"I'm Kagome." Then she realized what had happened and immediately ran to Inuyasha's lifeless body. "Oh no! Inuyasha!! Is he going to be alright?"

The woman looked at Kagome with worried eyes, "I do not know"

"What do you mean?!" she yelled

"The poison…It's gone through probably three quarters of Inuyasha's body by now." Said the boy who had Raimei in one arm and Koga in the other. Kagome was amazed at his strength.

"Oh no… Inuyasha…" Kagome was on the verge of tears

The woman picked up Inuyasha bridal style and began to walk towards the boardwalk, " I can take you guys home and drop you off there. Kiba can stay with you over night to protect you. Oh, and dear…hold this for me." The woman handed Kagome her sword in its black sheath with one hand. Kagome took it and almost collapsed at its weight. It was really, really heavy!

" Um, what's your name?" asked Kagome

" I am Mayonaka-uryo Tsuki. But you can call me Uryo." She smiled "I'm Kiba's mother."

"I have a question. You keep calling this kid Kiba but he said his first name was Okami. Why do you call him that?"

" I like Kiba. It suits him well. I used to call him that when he was a toddler and I guess I can't let go!" smiled Uryo. They all walked down the boardwalk to a small blue car parked on the side of the street.

"I've never really seen a miko drive a car before." Said Kagome as they packed themselves into it.

" Well you are about to get the surprise of your life…My mom is the craziest driver you've ever seen." Said Okami

Uryo chuckled, "Oh come on. I'm not that bad!" She turned on the car and sped off with Kagome screaming in fear. They swerved and the tires screeched as they went faster than Kagome has ever seen.

-- - --- - - - - ---- - - - -- - - --- --

"Oh you know her? Well that's even better! I had thought just telling her that you guys were supposed to be her bodyguards because her parents assigned you to her but knowing her IS SO GREAT! LESS TROUBLE FOR ME!" yelled Koenma in a happy voice

"But you know how dangerous that girl is?" yelled Yusuke as he pointed to the picture.

Koenma sighed, "Hello Yusuke…That's why I got all of you here! All of the other detectives chickened out! You are the solar system's only hope! Protect her from danger and that is all you have to do!"

"But Koenma…If we HAVE to protect her forever how are me and Yusuke gonna?" asked Kuwabara

"Oh easy, here." He tossed Yusuke and Kuwabara two pendants. "They are the jewels of immortals. They're made from the core of an emerald asteroid. They'll keep you living through anything, making you immortal from age and physical injuries. So you can't die. But there is one thing that you must be careful about…these jewels are very fragile. If they crack or break you're doomed."

Hiei scoffed, "What about me and Kurama? Don't WE get anything?"

"Oh yes…" he tossed Hiei and Kurama two other pendants, one in the shape of a fox and one in the shape of a dragon (I guess you can guess who got which pendant.) Kurama tied his around his neck and Hiei did the same.

"Koenma? What are these for?" asked Kurama

Koenma sighed," It's to heighten your power to keep up with the candidate's powers. She's powerful so you have to watch out or she'll blow you to pieces. Well good-bye now!" Koenma pressed a red button on his desk and it opened a portal that sucked the detectives up and spit them onto the doorstep of Kagome's home. Yusuke reached for the door but instead got a warning growl from something in the shadows. He turned and raised his arm in defense of several razor sharp canines.

A HUGE black dog latched onto his arm and he fell backward. "GET THIS THING OFF OF ME!" he yelled in panic. Hiei scoffed and watched Yusuke struggle against the canine. Kurama was about to pull out his rose whip when he heard a voice.

"Hidoi- obake! I can't believe you're attacking visitors!"

~~End Chapter 13~~~


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