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:: Chapter 16: Realizations ::
“What is so hard to explain Kagome?” Yusuke asked
“Well, it was weird…I can't really explain it but all I can understand is that Raimei isn't who we thought she was…she has strange powers that I think we need to pay attention too…All of us…”
Yusuke sighed and both he and Kagome wandered back into the kitchen, where Botan and Kuwabara chowed down on snacks.
Yusuke sat at the table and looked Botan in the eye, “And where were you for so long?”
“What do you mean Yusuke Okami and I were only gone about an hour…”
“ You were gone for like six hours!”
“…. Are you sure…?”
Kagome sighed, “We're sure…you guys had missed a lot before you came back…”
“Like what…?”
“Somebody getting killed, murder attempt…uh…you not coming back suspiciously until six hours after everything happened, people turning evil….people coming back to life and uh yeah…that's it.”
“But we're glad you're ok. Right Yusuke?” Kagome said sternly
Botan rung her hands through her hair, “I-I don't remember taking HOURS just to walk around the corner… this is so strange. Does Kuwabara know what has happened?”
“Apparently he's lost. He doesn't remember sneaking into the house or making any attempt on the girl's life…” Yusuke replied gruffly.
Botan paced the room, her arms crossed and eyebrows furrowed, “This has never happened before… but why now?”
Kagome sighed deeply, “I dunno…”
-------------- NEXT DAY ----------------------------------------------------
Raimei yawned and sat up. “Huh…?” She looked around; noticing no one was around. `They're probably down stairs eating…' So she climbed out from under the covers and wiped the sleep from her eyes, wandering downstairs in a zigzag. As she entered the kitchen Kagome and Botan smiled happily at her while they teamed up to make breakfast.
“G' morning!” Kagome said as she carefully flipped a frying croquet in a pan.
Botan stirred Miso soup in a large pot with a wooden spoon; “It's good you're awake! Sit down at the table! Breakfast is going to be done in a snap!”
Raimei took a chair next to Yusuke, resting an elbow on the table and leaning her head on her hand. “What time is it?” she said sleepily to Yusuke.
“Dunno… maybe like, around seven or somethin'” he replied drowsily.
Though not many of this group noticed the girl's sudden change in appearance…
A girl sat up in her bed, yawning loudly. She stretched, bending backwards then jumping out from under her covers and walking out of the bedroom. She wandered out into the hallway and into the bathroom, “GOD I need a bath…” she said quietly as she took a towel from a cabinet and placed it near the tub.
She began to run hot water into the tub, plugging the drain and then undressing. She slipped into the hot tub and sunk into the water, submerging. `It's so nice…' she thought as she surfaced, leaning against one wall of the bath, her back towards the bathroom door. She sighed and closed her eyes, completely forgetting where she was.
Inuyasha's ears perked. The rushing of water running through the pipes of Kagome's house was suspicious. Being friend with Kagome she has explained how water gets to and from the home through sewer pipes. His eyes narrowed, “Is anyone upstairs?” he asked Kagome.
“Not that I know of… Koga left to go back to his pack so I don't know who'd be upstairs…” she replied slowly, looking at the people sitting around the table, of course it was pretty crowded.
Inuyasha stood up from his spot on the floor and headed up stairs, his nose following the scent of shampoo. Yusuke and Kurama close behind him. His nose led him to the `bathroom' or so Kagome called it. He never ventured into the place but Kagome said it was like the springs back in his time.
Yusuke grabbed Inuyasha's sleeve, eyeing the wooden door leading into the bathroom. He whispered slightly, “Stop! You can't go in there!”
Inuyasha sniffed and pulled himself free of the detective's grasp, “Why NOT?”
“Because whoever's in there is taking a BATH…” Yusuke replied harshly though still in a hushed voice. He twitched the thought of walking in on a girl (if it was) gave him chills. The mental image of Keiko whacking him on the head with a pan and calling him a pervert gave him chills.
“Well…you go then!” Inuyasha whispered, glaring at the teen.
“Uh…well…” Yusuke paused, he twitched again. “Kurama why don't you do it?”
Kurama took a step back, a nervous look on his face, “I-I'd rather not…”
“Fine just go in! What if it's a demon? Go!” Yusuke complained, shoving Inuyasha towards the doors.
“Fine…” Inuyasha one hand wrapped around the knob and turned, the other pulling out Tetsusaiga. He pushed the door opened and stomped inside, “HEY YOU!”
A girl's voice shrieked, “KYAH! INUYASHA YOU PERVE!”
Before he knew it, an overly large shampoo bottle smashed Inuyasha right between the eyes. Kurama grabbed Yusuke with one hand, covering his eyes with the other. Yusuke grabbed the unconscious Inuyasha with one hand and they all scuttled out of the room closing the door behind them.
Kagome ran upstairs, “HEY! What's going on!” she looked at the faces of the three boys. Raimei entered the hallway a second after her friend.
“Er…there's a girl in there…” was all Yusuke could say as he hurried down stairs.
Raimei tilted her head to the side in confusion, stepping forward. She opened the door of the bathroom and stepped in, “Hello?”
Another shriek, “AHH! GET OUT OF HERE! THIS IS A VIOLATION OF MY--” but the girl stopped, slowly ducking into the water.
Raimei gasped looking straight into the eyes of a mirror image of herself only her appearance resembled Raimei before she left the modern era. “Oh my God…” she whispered. Raimei glanced at the bathroom mirror. She gasped, her hair was pure white and her eyes were orange, with the tinge of red. “AHH!”
Kagome quickly stepped into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her, hopeful of the boys not seeing anything. She locked the door, and took from a cabinet and gave it to the Raimei look-alike. “Here.”
“Thanks a lot.” The girl said before shyly standing up, taking the towel and wrapping it around herself.
“Come on, you can wear some of my clothes.” Kagome said, leading the look-alike into her room with Raimei close behind. “It's almost time for me to be heading to school so hurry.” Kagome dug around in her closet before dragging out a yellow, sleeve-less dress.
(From here on the look-alike is going to be Rai-chan okay?)
“Ok.” Rai-chan said before taking the dress from the older girl. Then Raimei and Kagome left the room and headed back downstairs.
Everyone was eating breakfast at the table. Raimei and Kagome joined them. Raimei now sitting next to Okami who was already dressed to head to school. Then a memory struck her.
~~ Flash Back ~~
Someone touched her forehead ever so softly. Raimei opened her eyes to see Okami sitting on the edge of the bed, smiling down at her. “Okami what are you doing here?” she asked, pushing the covers forward and sitting up.
“I was checking on you…” he said quietly as he looked around the room. “It seems something has happened…”
“Y-yeah… But it was nothing.” Raimei looked at Okami who smiled and held her hand. He was so calm…so collected she envied him.
He looked at her worriedly, “What's wrong…?”
Raimei sighed, “It's just…” she paused not knowing how to express her feelings. Okami raised his hand and touch her cheek. “I'm just so… frightened… I don't know what to do. I'm still just a kid! This shouldn't be happening to me!” she leaned into his chest, sobbing uncontrollably. “Okami… I don't know what to do! These people keep coming… demons that want me DEAD! I can't take this anymore!”
Okami sighed and hugged her close, so close that Raimei could hear and feel his heartbeat. It was fast, unbearably fast. Yet, it had a steady beat. It hypnotized her. She leaned on him, slowly falling into a deep sleep.
~~ Flash Back End… ~~
Raimei snapped out of her trance when Rai-chan stumbled down the stairs, the yellow dress clung to her small frame. A pin in the back kept the dress from falling too low. She smiled and sat next to Raimei. Everyone stared bug-eyed at the identical girls, unsure what's happened.
“Raimei and…Raimei?” Botan said nervously.
“Yes?” the girls chorused.
“Oh, no.” Kagome said, slapping her forehead in frustration.
---- - -- - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - ---------- - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - -- - -
Well, they had been able to set everything straight, thanks to Botan. The brown-haired, blue eyed Raimei was currently Rai-chan. The demon part, was still Raimei. Rai-chan headed to school, (though strangely, second period had already started.) and Raimei stayed in Kagome's house, slurping up ramen with Inuyasha.
“Wench! You can't go to school! We still have a job to do!” Inuyasha yelled at Kagome who had gotten her school bag and her lunch packed.
“Well, I have to watch Rai-chan right?” Kagome said fiercely, “Her school is right next to mine! So don't say a thing!”
“I don't care about her, I care about the jewel shards!” Inuyasha countered.
----------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------ -
Rai-chan wandered into her class, sitting down at her desk and quietly doing her work, despite the odd looks she was getting from her classmates. She shivered at all the looks. `Disappearing, then reappearing really gets you popular…' she thought during math. She was doodling at lunch, minding her own business when two trays slammed on her table. Raimei jumped back, almost falling from her seat.
“Where have you been?” Sakura roared as she sat. Her face was full of anger at her friend.
“We were worried about you, Raimei.” Okami said, winking at her from behind Sakura as if he knew Raimei would come to school today.
“I haven't been anywhere,” Raimei replied, beginning to eat her food again, “I've been here the whole time.”
“That's a lie!” Sakura yelled, slamming her hand on the table, “You disappeared that day you walked me home! You said you'd talk to me later but you never did! You've been missing for weeks Raimei! Where did you go?” She looked Raimei squarely in the eyes.
“And then, you show up out of nowhere to compete in the games. What is wrong with you! WHAT GOES ON IN THAT TINY LITTLE HEAD OF YOURS THAT TELLS YOU NOT TO TALK TO US? Do you even know how your parents feel?” She yelled, making Rai-chan cower in fear. As a human she was helpless. Now the whole lunchroom was watching Sakura rant on and on.
Rai-chan looked at Okami who sighed and placed his hand on Sakura's shoulder. “Sakura, sit down. This isn't the place to be asking Raimei all these questions. She hasn't been feeling well probably.” He pulled Sakura back and sat her in her seat next to him.
Rai-chan suddenly felt sorry for Sakura, hiding all these secrets from her tore her heart to pieces. “I-it was nothing. Nothing happened.” She said quietly. Now realizing that she's never acted like this before. Human feelings were the most sensitive now that she's realized how delicate she had been acting that day.
Okami looked at her sadly before standing to greet some of his friends. “Hey!” he said waving to them to sit at the table. The boys crowded in, completely ignoring Sakura and Raimei. They were completely into Okami's match the day before. “Wow! You beat the guy from Kanji!” “Okami you're awesome!” “Kiba too!”
Unfortunately, Okami had male fans as well as girls. Raimei scooted away along with Sakura. The two girls left Okami to his immediate doom and walked outside to the courtyard where the trees offered shade.
Sakura looked at Raimei, “Where have you really been Raimei? I've realized you've been different. You act different, you talk different. Who are you?”
“I'm not myself at all. There are reasons but even if I told you…you wouldn't believe me one bit.” Raimei replied, her boots scuffing the dirt.
“No really!”
“Spit it out Raimei. You AND Okami have been hiding something. I can feel it. TELL ME!” Sakura commanded. Even for a small girl, she demanded respect in a way no one could.
Rai-chan led Sakura to a bench. The two girls sat and stayed in a silent moment. “I've just found out I am something I didn't believe was real. I'm a demon. I can't say why I am one I just…am. When I dropped you off at you house, I had followed these to people to the shrine down the street from you house. I had met them before and they didn't seem to like me. But I was curious.”
She paused. “The boy… he had silver hair and…the strangest way of speaking and walking. I had to investigate. I followed them to a well and I had fallen into it. I was unconscious for God knows how long. And then…” She dribbled on and on, explaining everything she had witnessed. She didn't care, Sakura wouldn't believe her anyway. She ended abruptly, about to explain about Yusuke's gang, for all of a sudden, Kagome had shown up at the school gates.
“HEEEY! Rai-chan!” she yelled. Rai-chan looked at Sakura whose eyes bulged. She realized all Rai-chan had said was true. She stood from the bench as Rai-chan jumped up and ran towards the gates. Sakura on the other hand, ran inside.
~~~~ End Chapter ~~~~
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