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A/n: Hi again guys it is terrible!!!! I am somewhat grounded I can only use my computer on weekends and for a couple hours on weekdays but I will still have updates up every weekend maybe later due to my muses being lazy but there will still be updates!! I am PERSISTANT!!! This update is only a bit late because I have been in trouble and I am sending this to my beta reader (see note at bottom) to be checked NYAA!!! Anyways lets get this started but first unfortunately there is a disclaimer to write.

Lawyers: damn straight!

Shut up I can say it!!! No I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho, Ruroni Kenshin, Beyblade, Inuyasha, and all animes in my story if I did hell would freeze over *hell freezes over* well what do you know I guess I own anime

Lawyers: not a chance *brings in heaters in hell*

Dream wreckers!

Chapter 6

Bishi rescues, death to fangirls, and new bishis!!!

Kasia: *whispering* okay here's what we're gonna do but first *looks at angel and kaya fighting*

Angel: Hiei is mine!

Kaya: no he is mine!

Angel&Kaya: grrrrrrr *glares flames in background*

Kasia: STOP FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaya&Angel: *back away slowly*

Kasia: ok now that is settled here is the plan………..

Sess-chan: well?

Kasia: *sweatdrop* I forgot *everyone falls anime style except for tiger and Sessoumaru who just *sweatdrops*

Kaya: let's just charge in I mean their just fangirls

Kasia: ummm Kaya they have bishis!!! That means more fangirls are there than usual they wear freaking name tags with numbers on them!!!!!!

Kaya: fine we charge in with pretty weapons!!

Kasia: works for me ^^ *makes ice mace* Touya and Naraku here I come rest of you get your weapons ready

*Rest takes out big shiny weapons*

Kasia: ATTACK!!!!! NYAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

*We all charge in headquarters to se 5 bishis being hugged til their blue and 5 more getting "makeovers"*

Kasia: NOOOO!!!! THEY RUINED ALL THE HARD WORK WE PUT INTO THOSE GUYS!!!! *Points to Naraku and Kenshin wearing lipstick and eyeshadow* ATTACK!!!!!!

Fangirl #309: We do not fear you for we have the bishi NYAA!!!

Kasia: MY WORD!!!!!! DIE!!!!!! *Starts to randomly kill fangirls after many hours has just about killed or incompacitated every fangirl there leaving my friends gaping even tiger and Sesshoumaru*

Angel: *has finally stopped gaping with the others* all that for a word?

Kasia: It was MY word! *Proud of self* Now lets get the bishis and get out of here and when we get back to Kurama's house we'll see if we can fix the damage that *points to remains of fangirls* did to OUR bishis!! *Grabs Touya and naraku to see Kaya and angel fighting over Hiei each has one of his arms* GUYS!!! LEAVE HIEI IN ONE PIECE!!! If you don't I'll make smurfs follow you everywhere!

Kaya&Angel: *scared drops Hiei and angel puts Hiei on her back and fly's up* I AM THE VICTOR!!!

Kaya: -_- fine! *Grabs Jin and leaves with the rest of us*

~~*at kurama's house*~~

Kurama: I am glad we are all safe from the 'incident' with the fangirls well it seems we have new friends and guys to help

*Everyone introduces selves mizu clutching koga, angel holding Hiei like hell is going to freeze over, Jessica holding Joey the only one that isn't holding for bloody murder, tiger standing next to Yue glaring at all that look at them, and Kaya holding Jin glaring at angel*

Kasia: Okay, anyways just as I promised. I'M TAKING EVERYONE FOR PIZZA AND SPRITE REMIX!!!!!!! Sprite remix heals all wounds especially ones of fangirls. *Nods looks like trying to be smart while trying to huggle touya and naraku at the same time*

Well that's it for now sorry this update is a bit late but I do as my muse commands and she commanded sprite remix and pizza today !!!!!


Love, bishis, and junkfood

-Kasia Matsubishi

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