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Kagome Lady of Darkness

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I’m not to sure on the pairings with the question marks though…and yes I completely skipped Kuwabara and Keiko…yeah…Oh! Yeah, a bit of info on my OC’s


Jessie was born of fire and ice. This is really odd because she should have been like Yukina, but instead she controls fire more then anything like Hiei does. So, like Hiei, she was cast from the island of the Koorime So, basically she’s a forbidden child. (not sure if its possible for a forbidden child of fire an ice to be a girl, but in my story it is…) She has long black hair, and red eyes like Hiei, but her hair doesn’t stand on end


Tome is half bat demon and half human just like Shiori. She has dark red hair that is close to a black color, and dark green eyes. She isn’t that old, only a teenager. Her father had snuck into Ningenkai and a human fell in love with him. However the demon never told the human what he was, and Tome was born 6 months later, the demon left back to Maikia. Koenma had sent Boton after the baby, but when they found that the human mother cared for her still, even though they little baby had bat wings, claws, pointed ears and fangs, Koenma said that she could stay. Tome learned to conceal her form, and visits Maikia sometimes, that’s where she met the thieves Callie and Kitso.

Callie & Kitso:

In case you couldn’t read my fic Callie and Kitso before I took the thing down, these two are Sabertooth Tiger demons. Callie and her sister are the last of the race because this breed of demon was at was against the fire demons. Yep, that means her and Kitso don’t really like Hiei that much, and play tricks on him a lot. Now in my other story, Callie was in love with Hiei NOT IN THIS FIC! Callie only plays tricks on him, but respects him as a fighter. Also, it was Hiei’s father who killed her parents, yep that’s irony for you…so yeah. Callie’s the elder of the two by a few years, she has long, honey colored hair, which seemed to have dark red highlights, and her eyes were a strangely dark color of green that glowed bright in the night. She also had a long, puffy tail which was the same honey brown has her hair, but also had black streaks in it. She had beautiful curves and a full bust. Kitso looked younger then she was, and had the innocence of a child. She had none of the curves that her sister had, but did have a cute, cubby face. Her hair was cut in a boyish fashion, it was the same color as her sisters, but no red shone in it. Her eyes were chocolate brown, with flecks of gold dancing in them. They held great youth, but also, a cunning nature.


Kesu is a white wolf demon. He is the last of his kind. He has long white hair which he keeps in a high ponytail like Kouga, and has dark blue eyes. He wears white wolf fur too…He takes in stray wolves from Maikia. Mostly its wolves that have been abandoned by the tribe for sickness or injury. Lol, I put some of the wolves in here too…there’s Kiba, Tsume, Toboe, Hige, and Blue…yep all from Wolf’s Rain. Yeah so lol, yeah oh and Jessie can speak to them.

Ok yeah, I’ll give details about my other OC’s later on. Last, the disclaimer

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN WOLF’S RAIN, YU-YU HAKUSHO OR INUYASHA; HOWEVER I DO OWN THE FOLLOWING CHARACTERS: Jessie, Tome, Callie, Kitso, Kesu and the opposing teams…except for team Kamikaze. Right now, on with the damnable fic!



“Koenma, sir? Does this mean that we will have to fight against each other? I mean the first round we don’t, but the second? Do you expect us to actually fight each other?” Kurama said from his spot by his friends. “I do not think I will be able to do that, sir.” Koenma looked grim.

“When you have to fight each other, you must be at your best. The strongest team must move forward, it is the only way we can win.” Everyone in the room nodded their heads, agreeing fully. “Now, I want all of you to train as hard as you can, understood? The tournament starts in one months time. You must all be ready by then.”

=========================================================== ====

“Alright, let’s see…the team is made up of Furukit, Bukakkou a shape shifter, Dikeidraco a rare type of dragon that has a decaying body, Rakurai a lightning demon, and Douteki a telepathic demon.” Jessie said, reading from the file given to her. Her team sat with her in the meeting room of Souten’s palace. Each team member looked serious, each one, except for Kouga.

“Who cares! All we have to do is train a bit, then kick their ass! Who cares who’s on the team?” Jessie snorted.

“For your information Kouga-sama,” She said sarcastically, “We could loose easily if we don’t know our opponents. Like the fact that Furukit isn’t the strongest of the team, Dikeidraco is. Blue kitsune are actually very weak demons, and hate to fight at all! And Rakurai, it says here that he’s stronger then the thunder brothers were, even when they had the jewel shards! Damn Kouga, you could barley even beat those Birds of Paradise!” Kouga looked down at the ground for a second, then glared at her.

“It was dog-turd’s fault! If he hadn’t gotten in my way-” Jessie stood up and slammed her hands down on the table, startling everyone.

“Damnit Kouga! Why can’t you ever take responsibility for your actions! You act like such a child sometimes! When are you going to GROW UP!? You always blame things on other people, when in reality it was your own foolishness that made you unprepared to fight those demons, and you know it. If you would have just excepted that you need to get stronger, then you could have won easily. But you did, you under estimated them and got your ass kicked!” Kouga growled at her.

“Who the fuck gave you the right to talk to me like that? I’m a god damn lord!” He too stood up, standing across the table from her. The other three looked on with amusement. “I don’t care it that Reikia brat says you’re the leader! It should be me! Or at least Souten-sama! Not a weak forbidden child like you!” The fact that he didn’t think she should be leader didn’t hurt her, she was doubting herself to, but the comment of why she shouldn’t be leader, because she was a forbidden, hurt deeply. Kouga seemed to notice it too. “Jessie…” His voice was full of regret.

“You and me.” She started, her voice eerily cold. “We’re going to fight. Whoever wins will be leader of this team. Got that?” Kouga winced at her voice. Plus, he knew he could beat her.

“No, I don’t want one of our team members to be crippled.” He said it a if he meant her, but he was really talking about himself.

“Good, then shut up.” She sat back down, and looked at the folder. “Souten, I want you to take on Rakurai, got me?”

“Yes, Jessie.” She said, nodded her head, and taking the little information on said demon.

“Good. Callie, I want you to take on Douteki, and don’t let him fool you, and Boton, take on Bukakkou.” Boton gulped.

“Um, Jessie-chan, I think that, well, that I should take on Furukit, seeing as how he’s the weakest…I mean sure Hiei-kun starts training me tomorrow, but, I mean, Bukakkou is going to be hard to beat for me..” Jessie realized this too, she had wanted to give Kouga the weakest one, just to make him feel bad, she should be thinking about the good of her team though.

“Yeah, you’re right. My bad. Take on Furukit, Kouga I want you to take on Bukakkou then. And don’t loose.” Kouga snorted at her, but she paid no mind. Instead she gave them all the information they needed and was about to leave.

“Wait, hold up, bitch! How come you get to fight the strongest member of the team?” Jessie looked at him.

“Would you like to fight him? Fine then.” She swapped information with the wolf. “There, you get to fight him, but if you loose, he will kill you, I’ll have you know.” She then turned to leave, not even giving it a second thought. Why should she care if he got himself killed? ‘Damn it, what was I thinking, if he gets killed we’ll have to get a replacement, and we are running low on them…’ She sighed and shook it off. She’d worry about it later.

“Good going Kouga! You made her mad!” Boton said with a glare at Kouga. “You could have been nicer!”

“And she’s right you know!” This time it was Callie who spoke, smirking at Kouga, “You always blame your failure on someone else. You act like such a child at times Kouga, it’s a wonder that you’ve been a lord for so long.” Kouga turned his growl at her.

“Now hold on just a minute! You’re only taking her side cause she a bitch just like you!” Callie just smirked.

“I’m no female dog, Kouga…why do you want her to be a bitch so much anyway? Maybe then you could mate with her?” Kouga growled loudly and leapt at Callie, knocking her down. She laughed loudly and pushed the wolf off her. “I’ll take that as a yes!” She then disappeared, leaving to train by herself, and to check up in her baby sister.

“I can tell we wont be getting along them.” Souten said suddenly with a sigh. “Tateki-chan!” A servant entered the room, bowing. “Show Boton to her room, Kouga-sama too.” The servant bowed again and left with the two following after her. Souten sighed deeply again, this was going to be a long month.

=============================================================== < p>Shippo had suggested that Kagome and the rest of the team stay at his palace for the month. Kagome had agreed so now they were sitting in the conference room in Shippo’s non-traditional palace.

“Alright! I think that we should get to know each other a little first, so I’ll start! Hi, my name’s Kagome Higurashi, and I live at a shrine…I’ve traveled back and forth through time for about two years to complete a jewel called the Shikon. I’m still in high school, and I’m such a goofball, so if I say something stupid just ignore me! Alright, how about you, whats your name?” Kagome looked at Kitso, who was sitting next to her at the conference table.

“Oh, I’m uh Kitso. I’ve never been away from my sister before, so this is a little awkward for me…I’m a Sabertooth Tiger demon, but I’m still really young…” Kitso felt especially out of place here considering she often stole from this lord in particular. “But I do know Tome! So I guess I’ll just have to bare it.” She then said with a smile.

“Yeah, I’m Tome by the way! I live in the Ningenkia with my human mother, but I travel back and forth really. I kinda go with the flow you could say. Sometimes when I’m mad I just chill out in Maikia, watching the strange colored sky for a bit.” Tome smirked. “sometimes I even help Callie and Kitso steal from this place…hasn’t changed much Ship-sama, I think you should get some better guards…” Kitso winced and jumped at her friend, knocking the two of them down.

“Oh but I love the show! You guys sure are good.” Kitso and Tome looked up at Shippo, who was turned away, from their wrestling spot in the floor. “I mean you guys work like a team, your organized, you don’t even have to talk to each other.”

“You…you know!?” Kitso said, pointing an accusing finger at Shippo.

“I’m a fox, Kitso, did you really think you could get into my palace without me knowing? No way. Plus I can change my form…you guys never notice even notice me!” Shippo chuckled. “I’m Lord Shippo of the Eastern Lands, as everyone in here knows! I’m a prankster at heart, and I don’t really like to fight. Kagome adopted me in the past, so she’s my Okaa-san, and I’ll protect her, no matter what.” He then turned to Kuwabara. “And that just leaves you, Kuwabara.” The team looked at the young lord.

“Oh, right…I’m Kazuma Kuwabara! I’m the number one punk in all of Tokyo!” He stood up and did a stupid pose. “Oh, and Koenma was supposed to leave me alone, but since he said it was so important, I figured the world needed me once again!” He gave a goofy laugh. “Now…” He walked to Kagome and took her hands. “Will you go out with me?” Shippo was about to jump up and beat the living shit out of the teen when he was pulled away by someone else.

“Damn yer fast! When Yukina-san told me you’d hit on Kagome-chan, I thought she was trying to get rid of me.” Jin said, throwing the boy to the ground. “Whats the matter with ye? Something loose you there?” He said, his Irish accent standing out richly. “You ok, Kagome-sama?” She smiled up at him.

“Yes, I’m ok…you’re Jin, right?” He nodded his head, giving her a goofy smile. “It’s nice to actually meet you, Jin-kun! With all of the rush earlier, I was afraid I wouldn’t get to meet you!”

“Ahem. Jin, why are you here?” Shippo asked, eyeing him suspiciously as he helped Kuwabara from the ground.

“Well, Yukina-chan asked me ta make sure the oaf kept his hands to himself, she did! Told me he’d be begging everyone here to go out with ‘im. So here I am.” He then turned to Kagome. “So I hear you’re a miko, that true?” She nodded at him. “That’s cool. ‘ve never fought a miko, wanna give it a go?” She smirked at him.

“Sure! Want to fight now?” He nodded his head and she smiled. “Shippo, do you have a dojo where we could fight?” Kagome smiled as Shippo nodded and lead them all into his private dojo.

“Be careful not to kill him, Kagome!” Shippo joked. Kagome smiled and lead Jin to the middle of the gigantic room. “Alright, I’m going to be the judge! The only rule is take out your opponent by any means necessary. Ready…?” Kagome and Jin both nodded their heads. “Begin!” Kagome immediately made a bow out of thin air(1) and drew her hand back, making an arrow as she did so. She then shot the arrow directly as Jin. The wind demon took to the sky however, hovering about the spot where he was previously.

“Wow, nice shot, it was! I’m to fast fur ye though!” Jin flew towards Kagome and stuck out his arm. “Tornado fist!” He said. Wind spun fastly around his arm ,then went flying straight at Kagome.

“Epp!” Kagome cried, sweeping out her arm. A wave of energy appeared by this action and stopped the wing coming at her. “Whew!” Kagome then exclaimed, hand over her heart. “I thought that’d hit me!” Her eyes then turned hard ands she created her bow once again and shot another arrow at his still form. He dodged them easily, but this time she didn’t stop, she kept them flying at him. He wove swiftly trough the air, however. “Hey! Would you just. Stay. Still?” she asked, missing every time.

“If I did that, I’d be way purified, I would!” He replied with a smile. In truth, her miko energy sent the adrenaline rushing through his veins. He was on edge, and was waiting for the right moment. He examined her as she went, making sure that he memorized her every more. Then, he noticed it. The power in her arrows was becoming less and less after each shot. In about five more, she’d be drained! He laughed on the inside. “Oi! That’s the best you got!?” He taunted. Her anger flared and she put more energy into her next one…then, her bow disappeared.

“Eh?” She said, looking confused. Jin smiled in trump and flew at her, intent on taking her down when he hit something tat burned his skin bad. “Ha-ha! Did you really think I was out of energy?” Jin tried to get up, but found his body wouldn’t respond. “Sorry, but that’s a paralyzing barrier, you wont be able to move for a few minutes! I guess I win then, eh?” Jin laughed a bit, but then the burns on his body made him wince.

“Yeah, guess ya kinda did.” Kagome walked up to him and kneeled down. She then placed her hands on his chest, healing his wounds. “Hey ‘ats pretty neat!” Kagome smiled as he sat up.

“Thanks! I’ve been practicing!” Jin’s breath caught and he looked away. Kagome cocked her head as he blushed. “Your so flush, are you still hurt! Did I not heal you all the way?”

“No, I’m fine! I should get back though, I should! Teams awaitin’.” With that, the Wind Shinobi flew away, looking back at Kagome. ‘Wonder if she’d like another kind of go?’ He shook the thought away, knowing she was pure, and wouldn’t like that.

“Alright! We should really get back and figure out who’s fighting who, then start to train!” The made their way back to the room in silence, and when they got there, Kagome immediately opened the file. “Alright! Based on the information I’ve already looked at, I think this will be the best order. Shippo, I want you to go against Yuufu, Kitso should go against Chiki, Kuwabara should battle with Eigo and Tome, you should take Wanryoku. I’ll take the leader, Reichou!” Kagome then gave a loud yawn. “I’m tired! Lets all go to bed and worry about training in the morning!” Everyone in the room nodded after taking the information that they would need. Shippo then called in a servant and said to show them to their rooms. He then too went to bed.


“Can’t catch me!” Kirara purred, bouncing away from Kurama. Yes, Kurama who was so intelligent, and well mannered, was playing tag with Kirara, Rin, and Ronue. It wasn’t just tag though, it was a way to sharpen each of their skills. “Na-na!” She cried out, happily running away. Kurama laughed and chased after her. Currently Kurama, Ronue, and Rin were ‘It’, and all three had to capture Kirara.

She jumped into a tree, panting slightly. She had been running for almost an hour now, and with the three of them chasing, it was hard to stop for her breath. Speaking of which, Ronue took his chance to jump out at her when she paused. Normally she would jump up, but she felt Rin up there, so, she stepped off the branch and fell down. She say a vine come out to her right and knew it was Kurama. She let her fire dance around her, turning into her cat form, and took off flying into the sky where only the bats could follow her now. The two bats nodded at each other, they had anticipated this. They both flew off into the air, making sure that they did not loose their pray. Kurama looked up and assessed the situation with Youko giving hints in the background of his mind. Apparently kitty Kirara wasn’t as fast as humanoid Kirara, which is why they had gotten her to change. Youko was also right about her not going to high from he trees.

Kirara turned her head to look at the bat demons on her tai and she rawred at them in amusement. Kurama noticed this and quickly grew some strong vines in front of her. They caught her easily and she thrashed about for a second before turning to her humanoid form and pouting back down at Kurama.

“No fair! Youko told you I was slower in that form, didn’t he?” Kurama smiled up at her innocently and dropped his vines, causing her to shriek and to fall to the ground “Aiiiiiii!” She cried as she landed, rubbing her backside. “I hate you, Kurama.” She got up and stretched her aching joints. “I can’t believe Youko let you drop me like that! How rude, Youko-kun!” Her voice turned into a purr and she latched onto Kurama’s arm and started tracing patterns into his chest. “I like Kurama-kun much better.” Kurama stuttered a bit as he tried to step back. Youko was in his head, yelling and snarling viciously at him. “Kurama-kun?” She asked him an a seductive voice. ‘Oh no.’ He thought.

“Hai?” She leaned up and placed her lips on his.

“I like you a lot better.” She whispered with a smirk. “Ahem! I think we should get back to the game!” she whirled around and marched back up to Rin and Ronue. “Alright, who’s running this time!?” Both of the bats turned eyes to Kurama.

“How about the fox. He could use some exercise.”

“There you guys are!” They al turned to see Yusuke and Hiei walking over to them. Yusuke was the one who had spoke. “We need to get organized or whatever…the toddler said that we should pick who we’re going to fight so that there’s no surprises like the last tournament.” He then grumbled out. “Oh, Rin, your leader, that Kesu dude, is looking for you.”

“Oh that’s right! He wanted to train me to fight against Koumori, I’ve got to go!” She flew up into the air and waved at everyone. “Bye!” ?She then flew out of view. Ronue seemed to growl.

“I don’t think I like this Kesu demon…” Everyone one laughed, except for Hiei, who just smirked. “Anyway! I think we should get to it now! Who’s ass do I get to kick?”

“Well, the thing is…I was thinking we could just wing it! It’s not like we’re going to loose!” His four partners rolled their eyes at him. “Come on! Let’s start training!”

======================================================= ========

“Inuyasha! Would you calm down! Sesshoumaru is right, we need to be prepared in this battle!” Inuyasha growled at Sango and shook his head fiercely, his hair falling over his shoulders.

“No we don’t! This is just like the final battle with Naraku!” He argued with the young taijia. She stood and marched up to him, getting in his face and growling.

This is nothing like the final battle with Naraku! In that battle we were blind and knew nothing except for Kagura, Kanna, and Naraku! We were foolish to go in there without learning about his other incarnations! Now that were actually have information on our opponents, I think we should study it, and learn it, then use it to our advantage! You baka mutt! Just think, if we go in there not knowing anything, our opponents already have an advantage!”

“Keh!” Inuyasha turned away, but growled low in his throat. “Whatever, you guys go ahead and do that, I’m going to go train!” He then left the chambers and slammed the door on the way out.

“Baka Inu!” Sango yelled after him, she then sat in one of the seats and looked at everybody; they all looked very amused. “What!?” She barked, turning her blushing face away. “Can we just get on with this.

“You are fighting Bani-ga-ru. He’s a hare demon, and is very evasive, but I trust your taijia skills to take him down. The longer he’s in the ring, the cockier he gets, remember that, it is a tool you can use against him.” Sesshoumaru shifted his gaze away from the girl, and turned to Shiori instead. “Shiori, I want you to take on the plant demon Kouba. Make sure to keep off of the ground, and away from his killing vines and spores.” Shiori nodded, looking determined. “And last, Touya, I want you to take on the water magician Tejin.” Sesshoumaru sighed, and pinched the bridge of his nose. “I’ll take the lion Han’i, and Inuyasha can have the cat demon.”

“Sesshoumaru, I know Inuyasha is a dimwit, but making him go against a cat demon? He wont be to happy.” Sesshoumaru glared at Sango. She looked startled at first, but then glared back. “What! You know it’s true! And I don’t feel like having him ranting this whole month for it!”

“This is the best way.” He got up and walked out to the room. “You are to train with me.” He said before exiting the room.

“No hold on just one minute!” She yelled, chasing after him. He didn’t turn around, but slightly turned his head in her direction, still walking at his fast pace. “Who the Hell do you think you are, Sesshoumaru? I thought that you had gotten over commanding me around like a dog!” Sesshoumaru chuckled at her.

“I did, but you forget, old habits die had, and it’s been 500 years since I last saw you.” She growled up at him again. “Besides, I thought you would enjoy trying to beat me in a battle.” He raised a brow at her. She thought about it for a second, it was a tempting offer.

“Alright!” Sango then agreed. “What are we going to do first? A fist fight? Or maybe brandish our swords?”

“The first training session…is with Shogi(2).” He stopped in front of a room and she looked up at him like he was crazy.

“A game? Why?” Sesshoumaru smirked and opened the door to the room, his personal chambers, and let them both in.

“Because, Sango-san, if you can defeat me in Shogi, you are very smart, something you will need when fighting a hare.” Sango didn’t like the idea. She had never been good at the game of Shogi. “Do you know how to play?” Sesshoumaru kneeled down at his Shogi table, and Sango did the same, nodding her head. “Alright, your move.”

=========================================================== ====

A/N: Well, what do you think? That was the second chapter! I would have typed it sooner, but I had a friend over at my house, so I couldn’t! Anyway, yeah…So R&R and tell me if you like it,…I think it was a little to rushed, I might go over it a bit after I post it up. Alright! Here are my author notes and Japanese words…by the way, I wont post the meanings of Japanese words that everyone should know…

Author notes:

1. Her bow looks like Kuwabara’s sword, all glowing and stuff, except the glow is pink

2. Shogi is basically a Japanese version of chess, if you want more information on the game, go to this website: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shogi

Japanese words:

1. Bukakkou: Shapeless. I chose this name because, since he is a shape shifter, he has no original shape

2. Dikeidraco: Decaying dragon

3. Rakurai: Lightning

4. Douteki: Kinetic

5. Yuufu: brave woman

6. Chiki: Childishness

7. Eigo: intelligent

8. Wanryoku: Brave strength

9. Reichou: leader with miraculous powers

10. Koumori: bat

11. Bani-ga-ru: bunny girl (I wanted to use hare, or rabbit, but that’s Usagi, and that would confuse Sailor Moon fans)

12. Kouba: plant

13. Han’i: spirit of rebellion

Yep, that’s about it in this chapter I think. If I missed something, please tell me! Anyway, next chapter is going to be all about the training! So, until then ja ne! Oh wait don’t leave yet! I forgot to tell you. Yes I was very un original at picking names, lol, don’t flame on it. Oh and you can flame my parings, dun worry bout that!