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Kagome Lady of Darkness

Nami Wave 101



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“The winner of Round on battle five is Kagome for team Higurashi! The winner of the Round is team Higurashi!”

====================================================== =========

“I won! I won, I won, I won, I won!” Kagome exclaimed loudly in her room, dancing around. Jin was in there too, looking at her as if she was crazy. She smiled at him and grabbed his hands, twirling him around the room with her. “I won, Jin!” Jin laughed at her behavior.

“Of course you won, Kagome! I knew you would, I did!” Kagome hugged him after he spoke.

“You did…really?” Jin smiled and hugged her back.

“Sure I did! Why wouldn’t you win?” Kagome laughed and let go, falling back onto her bed. Jin looked down as she huffed and puffed. “Kagome?” She smiled up at him.

“Yeah? What is it, Jin-kun?” Jin hesitated for a second, causing Kagome to give him a confused look. “Whats the matter Jin?” He shook his head.

“Oh…Would you come to my fight? It’s not for a while, it aint, but would you come?” Kagome giggled.

“Of course I’ll come watch you fight, Jin! Why wouldn’t i? You are my friend! Plus you came to my fight, right?” Jin sighed and nodded.

“Right you are! Well, I better be off now!” He flew up into the air and left through the window. “Bye Kagome-chan!” Kagome smiled after him and ran to the window, waving her hand up high in the air, saying goodbye. She then sighed and leaned on the window frame. ‘I wonder…do I like Jin?’ Kagome smiled. ‘I think I do…but why would he want me…I am a miko after all. Oh well.’ Kagome sighed sadly and turned back towards her room.

“I think sleep is in order now!”

============================================================ ===

“Sango-chan. You still have yet to beat me.” Sesshoumaru said, setting up a Shogi game board on a traditional Japanese table in his room. Sango had come in to see if he would like to spar with her. “Come and sit. Play with me.” ‘Oh and how bad I want to’ Spending a full month with the perverted dog demon, Sango had become more then a little…attracted to him.

“I have too beaten you…almost…” She grumbled half heartedly as she sat down to the table. “Ooh! I get to go first this time! Goodie!” She said, clapping her hands together as she made he first move. Sesshoumaru sat for a second, then made his move. Sango looked down at the board, contemplating her next move. ‘Hm…maybe here? No, there? No not this piece…oh! Yes that one!’ She grinned like a fox as she moved her piece.

“So, Sango-chan, any new moves?” Sesshoumaru asked casually while he moved his own piece. Sango looked up at him and frowned.

“Trying to distract me, Sesshou? It wont work demon.” She growled out, moving her next piece. Sesshoumaru seemed to grunt.

“Why would I need to distract you, little Taijia?” He asked as he took the piece she just moved. “I’m going to beat you no matter how hard you try.” Sango frowned, thinking harder before she moved this time. However, it didn’t work as Sesshoumaru checked her. She gave a short tempered growl. “What’s the matter little one? Don’t like loosing?” Sango gave an un-lady-like grunt and looked down at the board. She moved to take the piece that was checking her, but then stopped. ‘He’s expecting that…isn’t he? That’s what I always do, then he beast me.’ She put that piece back down and moved her king out of the way instead. He seemed surprised and Sango smirked as she leaned back, arms crossed over her chest.

“What were you saying again?” He almost growled. This infuriating human was defying him…him of all demons! Instead of growling, he narrowed his eyes and looked down at the board. He would NOT loose to her!


Nanaki walked out of the hotel and sniffed the air. ‘Damn it! Where are my teammates? We were supposed to train.’ He growled in his head, looking through the demon city for his teammates. The last her had seen of Jessie, his leader, was when she ran off to find the wolf Kesu. ‘If that damned woman hadn’t been trying to get under Kouga’s skin, non of this would have happened. Why must she bait him anyway? Everyone knows she has feelings for the wolf.’ Nanaki growled as a human scent came to his nose; the person seemed to be in distress. ‘I should help….but what would a human being doing here?’ He didn’t recognize the scent as the scent of any of the human companions he had, so who was it? Nanaki broke into a run as he followed the scent into the forest that surrounded the medium sized city.

“Stop it! Get away…I’m not weak you know.” Nanaki glanced at the scene before him. A girl in a school outfit with short brown hair was being surrounded by the members of team Kitsune. “Trust me! You won’t like me when I'm mad!” Nanaki laughed a bit. The girl had fire.

“I doubt that…” He said as he came out of the shadows. “But this Nanaki does know, that they wont like him when he is mad…” Furukit turned his eyes towards Nanaki, glaring. “Now scram, demons, before you make me mad. You do know that it is a crime to touch another’s servant girl.” Furukit narrowed his eyes at Nanaki.

“These aren’t a servants clothes.” Nanaki shrugged.

“I like these clothes better.” He admitted, walking to stand by the girl; he was almost as tall as her. “It appeases me appetite.” He licked one of her legs and she gasped and almost glared at him. But she didn’t, she instead got onto her knees like she had seen servants in the demon city doing.

“I’m sorry I was gone so long, Nanaki-sama.” Furukit growled, but told his team members to leave, and soon they disappeared. The girl stood and hit Nanaki on the head, making him bark out and glare at her. “That was for licking my leg!”

“Well I’m sorry if I was trying to save your life, human! Now tell me…how did you get here?” The girl looked shocked.

“Oh no! Those nasty demons separated me from Boton and Shizuru! Thanks a lot jerks!” She yelled out the last part and raised her fist at where they had left. “Oh no…I don’t even know the name of the hotel the guys are staying in…” Nanaki stared at her for a few seconds.

“You know Boton?”

“Yeah! Do you? I’m Keiko!” Keiko held out her hand for him to shake. “Oh, sorry!” She said, realizing his paws. He lifted one, however, and shook her hand. She giggled at the feel of his fur on her palm. “I got separated when that fox demon grabbed me and dragged me here! Could you take me to them?” Nanaki smiled and turned his side to her.

“Sure. Get on my back.” Keiko nodded and scrambled onto his back, and he took off running. “I’m sorry that I have yet to introduce myself.” He said, yelling over the wind that rushed by them. “I am Nanaki, Boton’s replacement!” Keiko smiled an leaned over to his ear.

“I’m Keiko, like I said! I’ve know Yusuke since we were in grade school together! I went to their last tournament, The Dark Tournament. I didn’t have demon trouble there though, Shizuru always protected me!”

“Who is this ‘Shizuru’ you speak of?”

“A friend.” Nanaki growled, but didn’t press on as he finaly reached the hotel. Boton was arguing with Yusuke, and another female was smoking a cigarette while watching, seemingly amused. “Hey you guys!” Keiko said, jumping off her new friends back. “Nanaki saved me!” Everyone turned to Keiko and the cold lion/wolf like creature. He snorted and started to walk away, back into town. “Thank you, Nanaki-kun!” He almost smiled before he left completely.

============================================================ ===

“Kesu I said I was sorry! I didn’t mean it, really!” Kesu jerked away from Jessie’s grasp. Kouga was in the shadows of the trees, watching the entire thing.

“Then why the fuck did you say it? Damn it Jessie! I’m getting tried of this! I’m a wolf to you know; if you want to insult him to bad, then find another way! A way that doesn’t hurt one of your fucking friends.” Jessie sighed and nodded her head, leaning against his chest. ‘I knew she was in love with him!’ Kouga growled in his head, careful to not let it slip out, and the two ‘lovers’ to know he was there. Jessie kissed his cheek and leaned against him heavier. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and sighed. “Jessie. You told me long ago that you liked the wolf….do you still?” Jessie almost sobbed at his words.

“He’s such a jerk to me…always making fun of me, and calling me names…” Jessie snuggled further into Kesu. “He hates me Kesu! I know it…if he knew…he’d make fun of me forever….or hold these stupid emotions against me.” This time she did sob, only barley though.

“Maybe he feels the same way, Jessie-chan. Maybe he thinks you hate him, just like you think he hates you.” Jessie tensed in Kesu’s arms.

“He….called me forbidden…” Kesu growled, his eyes turned from his dark blue to almost purple, showing signs of his blood lust for the other wolf demon. “We were arguing…”


“Who the fuck gave you the right to talk to me like that? I’m a god damn lord!” He too stood up, standing across the table from her. The other three looked on with amusement. “I don’t care it that Reikia brat says you’re the leader! It should be me! Or at least Souten-sama! Not a weak forbidden child like you!” Kouga yelled out, hatred in his voice.


“I’ll kill the bastard!” Kesu snarled out, and let go of Jessie, intending to kill Kouga, who was still sitting in the shadows. He gulped and stood up, ready to bolt. “I can’t believe he would stoop so low like that!” Jessie reached out and grabbed Kesu’s arm before he could get far.

“Kesu-kun….just let it go...it’s fine.” Jessie whipped the last of her tears from her eyes and straitened up.

“Whatever.” Kesu said, a soft look on his face, his eyes their normal blue color again. “But if he calls you forbidden again…tell me.” Jessie smiled brightly and nodded. Kouga figured it was save now, and walked into the clearing; both demons tensed at seeing him, wondering what he heard.

“There you guys are! I’ve been looking everywhere for your asses!” Jessie and Kesu both relaxed.

“Fuck off Kouga.” Kesu said before walking away. Kouga winced and Looked at Jessie, who had started to giggle.

“Um…Kagome sent me, so, uh, see if you were, um…ok.” Kouga said lamely, stuttering out the words. Jessie looked at him funny and e growled. “What the Hell is that look for!?” He barked out. She smirked at him.

“Come on, Kouga, Our fights today…maybe if we get to the arena soon be can watch the next fight!” Jessie looked up at the sky. “It’s almost 10…the fight starts at 10:30…come on, lets go now!” Jessie ran towards the town; Kouga chased after her, thinking the entire way there.

=============================================================== < p>The battle was between Teams Getsurei and Heru. Team Getsurei was a team of five moon demons, Jougen, Hanrin, Mangetsu, Kagen, and their leader Mikadzuki. Each demon represented a phase of the moon, and known of them were weak…far from it. Each was stronger then the next, and viscous killers, not stopping for anything. The other team, Heru, was a mismatched team of demons, each one having to do nothing with the rest. They were: Fujo, Chounour, Hokutosei, Kosei, and their fearless leader Gouka. Right now, team Heru was dominating team Getsurei.

“The winner of Round Two is team Heru!” Not even one of team Getsurei survived. And only one demon from team Heru, the leader Gouka, had fought. “Alright! Because this Round was over so quickly, the Organization(1) has decided to start Round 3 in exactly half an hour! So, if you are from either team Chimeiteki or team Kitsune, you are to be back her at…” Hanji looked down at her watch. “11:08!” Jessie looked over to Kouga.

“We should get our team ready…then warn Kagome…” Kouga nodded in agreement with her and they both stood up from their seats in the stands. They found their team easily enough, Callie was with her sister in her room, and Souten was in a tree outside the hotel, Nanaki had just been getting back from a trip into town when Kouga and Jessie arrived at the hotel. But finding Kagome was another matter.

“Damn it! Where is she? Kagome!?” Kouga yelled loud enough for everyone in the hotel to hear. Jin turned round a corner in front of them, and smiled. “You! You smell like Kagome! Where is she?” Kouga said, patience gone for the day; they had to hurry and get to the ring to fight.

“Oi, she’s sleeping in her room, she is. Just tell me what you want to tell her, and I’ll tell her when she wakes, I will!” Kouga snorted at Jin’s sunny behavior. “Yeah ok, whatever, just tell her that her whole team needs more training for her fight with team Heru…if not she could die. They killed the entire team of moon demons.” Jin’s face hardened and Kouga told him this, and he nodded.

“I’ll tell her. Right away.”

^Will Team Chimeiteki and Team Kitsune please report to the ring! I repeat, Team Chimeiteki and Team Kitsune to the ring! Thank you!^ Jessie nodded and they made their way to the ring. Team Kitsune was already there when they arrived; but their friends were training, and couldn’t make the fight.

“Alright! Would the two team leaders please step into the ring!” Jessie watched as a tall male jumped up into the ring, and she did the same. He was very attractive she concluded. He had long blue hair, and piercing red eyes. He looked built under nether his deep blue Haori and Hakuma too. However, his eyes were very cold to her, evil even. “Alright! I’m going to flip a coin and Team 3, Team Chimeiteki will call heads or tails. If you call it fight, Jessie, then you get to choose the conditions to battle under.” Hanji waited until both teams nodded their heads in acceptance. She then flipped the coin

“Tails.” Jessie declared. The coin paused mid-air for a second, then started to fall again. Jessie noticed that it paused one more time, flipped, then landed. ‘Oh great! They have a telepathic demon on their team! Oh man…no fair!’ Jessie whined in her head. Hanji looked down at the coin that landed in her hand and smiled.

“Heads! That means Team Kitsune will pick the fighting conditions!” Furukit smirked at the conclusion, already knowing what terms he whished for.

“I shall be the first of my team to fight. If I win, then I shall fight again, and so on like that. If I should loose, then Douteki shall fight in my place. After him, it’s Bukakkou, then Rakurai, and last Dikeidraco. This means that there shall be more then five fights, and we shall fight until each member of one team is defeated.” Hanji seemed to be listening for a second, no doubt some higher up was talking to her through a mind link. She then snapped back to reality.

“Alright! The terms were excepted by the Organization!” Jessie growled and jumped down from the stage, Furukit stayed however. “Alright! Could Team Chimeiteki send up their first fighter?” Nanaki jumped onto the stage before any of his teammates could protest.

“I’m the fighter.” Nanaki growled out, still angry at Furukit about the incident with Keiko.

“Alright! Fight one is between Furukit of team Kitsune and Nanaki of team Chimeiteki. Alright! Ready!.....FIGHT!” Nanaki snarled loudly and jumped at Furukit. Still in the air, half way towards his victim, Nanaki was engulfed in flames and fell to the ground.

“Now, now, little puppy. Did you think it would be that easy?” Furukit said with a laugh. “Well you were wrong, this kitsune isn’t a weakling like all of his kind you know.” The blue flames danced higher and licked Nanaki’s skin, and he barked out in pain, trying desperately to get back onto his feet.

“Bastard!” He barked out, almost falling again. Furukit just smirked and began to examine his claws. Nanaki got up, fire still around him, and howled as loud as he could. Yellow orbs appeared above Furukit and started to crash down, rather heavily, on the unsuspecting blue kitsune. The fire around Nanaki’s body slowly went away, ad the lion like creature sighed, shaking his singed fur. The dust started to clear around the spot where Furukit was attacked, and every demon expected to see nothing but ruble. They were surprised when the blue fox came out of the dust, almost unscratched.

“You flea bitten sorry excuse of a warrior!” The demon yelled, running at Nanaki with his claws raised. He grunted and jumped out of the way, landing not to far away from Furukit. The fox was less then pleased. “Stay still, fuck wad!” Furukit summoned his fires again, making Nanaki kneel on thee of his paws, his front right one keeping him up ‘Damn, his fires really hot…how do I beat this guy?’ Nanaki closed both of his eyes in pain, then opened one and searched the crowed. Everyone was cheering against him. They wanted him to die. ‘Just like everyone else in my life…’ Then, Nanaki saw that one person was almost crying. ‘It’s that girl…what was her name, Keiko? She’s shedding tears...for…me?’ Nanaki made eye contact with her, and saw her mouth two words to him. ‘Get. Up.’, so, the lion-like creature did just that; he stood and opened his eyes fully. He jumped up into the air and spun in a circle forwards; the fire burst off him before he landed.

“Fire really is an amazing thing you know.” Nanaki said as he stalked closer to Furukit. The demon didn’t move backwards on the other advance. “There’s an old saying my grandfather used to say to me, you know.” Nanaki was getting closer; a predatory look crept into his eyes as he watch Furukit back away from him. “It goes like this. Don’t play with fire, or you’ll get burned!” Nanaki howled and jumped up into the air. The flame on his tail grew and he started to spin like before. This time, fire swirled around him as he twirled in the air. He went down swiftly, aimed directly at Furukit. The demon tried to move, but his limbs just wouldn’t obey, it was like he was petrified. The look of Nanaki coming at him, that look in his eyes…Furukit couldn’t move as the other demon crashed into him. Dust was all that could be seen for a few seconds, then, a figure emerged. It was Nanaki. He was coughing, and parts of his blood red fur were black from being burned, but other then that, he was fine…just tired. “He’s not getting up.” And sure enough, hen the smoke died down, there was no Furukit left, only a hole in the ring. Two, if you counted the one from earlier.

“The winner of round three, battle one is Nanaki for team Chimeiteki!” Nanaki gave a weak chuckle at all the boo’s coming from the crowd, but he didn’t care bout that. He looked up, searching again for that one face….the one face who didn’t seem to hate him.


A/N: Hey you guys! Sorry for the short chapter, but I’m early anyway so, eh. I felt that this was a good place to stop too, I mean come on, who guessed that I was going to pair Nanaki with Keiko…I’m still not sure how its going to work out but…eh. Anyway…does anyone even like it…(not you Chezlesea…I don’t need you going all hyper mood on me again *shivers*) I mean…I feel kinda awkward with these pairings…ok so I love the pairings….but their really weird to do, you know?

Author notes:

1. The Organization is the group of demons who are hosting the tournament…you’ll never guess who they are!

Japanese words:

1. Getsurei: Phases of the moon (it is the moon demons team name)

2. Jougen: First quarter of the moon

3. Hanrin: Half moon

4. Mangetsu: Full moon

5. Kagen: Last quarter of the moon

6. Mikadzuki: New moon

7. Heru: Hell

8. Fujo: sorceress

9. Chounour: short for Chounouryouko which means psychic ability

10. Hokutosei: the great bear

11. Kosei: ancient sage

12. Gouka: Hell fire

I think that was it for this chapter…not too sure, lol. As you can see, I'm not very creative with the names of the opposing teams so don’t bite my head off for that one! I think that’s all I have to say…lalala….*I'm wondering around in my head you see* *drools* la la la… yeah that’s about all I got! Talk to all of you readers in the next chapter! Ja Ne! (FLAMES WELCOME!)