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*Kurama, let me fight her!* Youko screamed from inside their head; however, Kurama did not pay him any mind.
`You will be more effected by her pheromones them me; I can handle this.' The kistune turned boy clenched his eyes shut and relaxed under the pressure of the vine. `Let go,' he commanded.
Nothing happened.
Kurama growled lightly and thought again, with more force. `Let me go!' and this time, the vine shook, but clenched around him tighter, causing him to cry out in pain. After taking several deep breathes, he opened his eyes and stared at the beautiful demoness before him before commanding his vine once more. “Let me go!”
The vine shivered and fell, coiling around his persons, causing Hitohana to glare at him. “I will teach you to order my plants around!” She growled violently, raising her hand; the whip rose to.
Kurama sighed out of exhaustion and backed away from the deadly vine. As he did, it crept forward, as if stalking him. “Stop,” He commanded, but this time it did not listen.
Hitohana let out a a laugh and the vine lurched forward to stab Kurama. He jump the the right and rolled, but it came after him. Soon, he was to tired to dodge and his movements became slower until finally, the vine ripped through his shoulder and blood stained the areana.
The vine paused, as did he, waiting to catch his breath. The demons around him were all cheering loudly over his loss, but he could barely hear it over the beat of his own heart, which was pounding loudly. Suddenly, a scent assualted his nose, and he swayed on his feet. `It smells so good, like heaven…I could stand like this forever'
“Just stay still,” Spoke the plant demoness. “This will be over in a minute. It wont even hurt. “ She prommised, her voice sounding like angels to Kurama's ears.
`I should just stay right here,' He thought in his dreamlike state.
Shuichi took a deep mental breath and pushed for control of the body, Kurama easily letting him. Shuichi's hair grew short, and darker, and his eyes turned a dark brown and he blinked a few times.
“And just who are you?” Hitohana glared, her vein waving before her like a cobra ready to strike.
“Human for one,” Shuichi said with a glare before charging at her with a battle cry.
She scoffed and the vein attacked, diving for the human boy, who is return gave a yell of surprise and dived to the side. Already he was huffing and puffing, exhausted to his very core as he rolled around, the deadly vine trying to strike him. Soon, he let his guard down and turned to face the demoness, narrowly missing getting hit.
He looked for a second; the vine was behind him, charging full force, the demoness was before him, smirking at his pain. Suddenly, he slip into a run, fist raised; however, the demoness made no inclination to move. As he got closer, he could feel the whip at his back and just as he reached the demoness, he dove to the side.
A scream was heard as the demoness realized what was going on. Slowly, she raised her hand to the vine sticking out of her chest, just below the heart; a fatal wound. “You…bastard,” The whispered as she spat up blood and fell upon Shuichi's frame.
Her blood, filled with poison, as she is a plant, began to seep through Shuichi's clothing and into his wound and he cried out in pain. Even Hanji announcing his winning the fight did not distract him as his veins were set on fire. Quickly, the young boy's vision began to fad and he passed out.
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