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Of The Broken

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~ Chapter one ~

"Give me the jewel ssshardssss!" Yelled a very ugly snake demon. Kagome narrowed her

eyes then attacked with her sword. She slashed the demon 15 times killing it. But to the

naked eye it looked as if she only slashed a couple times. After the demon fell to the

ground dead, she located the shard in its back. As she held the fragment it turned from

dark violet to whitish clear. As her placed the fragment in the small glass container

which held at least three dozen other shards, She remembered how she had to rely on


to kill the demons, which then lead her to relive a painful memory as to why she

decided to travel alone.

~ Flash back ~

Miroku looked to the sky," It's getting late. We should start looking for a good place

to make camp." Inuyasha groaned but agreed, a little to quick for Kagome's liking. Which

saddened her 'Why is it that when everyone but me asks to rest or to camp he doesn't

argue or call them weak and worthless? Does he hate me that much?'

After the fire wood was gathered, the food hunted for and dug out form her backpack,

Miroku set up the fire as Sango cleaned the rabbit, Kagome started to heat up water in a

large pan she got from the bag. After they had rabbit stew(Inuyasha had raman, of


Inuyasha said he was going to scout out the area.

After Inuyasha had gone a boar demon with jewel shard attacked from the opposite


that he went. Sango and Miroku stud in front of Kagome. Sango released hirikotsu, right

after it hit the boar on the side knocking it down Miroku used his sutras and staff

killing the boar. Just as Kagome reached for the shard Inuyasha came barging though the



YOU SO DAMN WEAK, THAT TROUBLE FIND YOU EVERY TIME!" He screamed. Kagome had gotten use

to his yelling all she was thinking about is how grateful that Shippo had stayed at the

village to help Kaede. "ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME BITCH!?" "Inuyasha! There's no reason

for you to be yelling at her! You should have sensed the demon before you left!" Sango

argued. "Or could it have be that your sensed something else? Like... I don't know...

Kikyo maybe?" Asked Miroku. "Shut up Monk!" Inuyasha replied, which pissed off Sango

"And you had the gall to yell at Kagome! If you haven't noticed, Kagome is always seems

to be in trouble when you run off with that decaying dirt that walks!" Inuyasha just

glared at them all and jumped onto the nearest tree branch.

Kagome was crushed. 'He never stops.' she rolled out her sleeping bag not wanting to

look at him for the rest of the night. The others saw and decided to do the same.

Kagome opened her eye a few hours later and saw Inuyasha was missing. Getting up planing

on going to the spring not to far away.

As she neared the spring, she felt Inuyasha's aura. She picked up her pace so she could

give him a piece of her mind. She came up upon a large furn that was in her path to

Inuyasha, she push the large leaves of the furn and saw a sight that her felt as though

it killed her. She knew he went to her but seeing it was just a whole different story.

Definitely what she was looking at, at the moment.

It was Inuyasha naked with a equally naked Kikyo. Kagome did the only thing she could


Inuyasha awoke from the sound of a shuffle of a plant and the sound of running

footsteps. Putting his nose in the air he caught the scent of Kagome. His eyes widen. He

jumped up and dressed quickly then chased after her. Once he caught up to her, he tried

to give her an excuse why he was with Kikyo. Then Kagome just snapped.

Kagome's face became red with anger; she gave him a piece of her mind, "I DON'T

slapped Kagome.

She looked at him with wide eyes. As the shock started to clear she ran. She stopped at

the edge of the spring. She looked at her left cheek. Tears gathered in her eyes. 'He

had promised that he would protect me. I never though he would strike me. Now who will

protect me from him?' she though at she looked at the three small gashes on her cheek.

~ End of flash back ~

Kagome never smiled, laughed or cried since that day. She felt as though as if she died

that day. She had decided to look out for herself. She was tired of her friends lives

were always in danger and she wasn't safe with Inuyasha. And to do that she needed to

hide her emotion, or her opponents would be able to read her like a book. The only one

she will show happiness was her son, Shippo.

A very small smile came to her face when she remembered that day after Inuyasha slapped


~ Flash back ~

After Kagome cleaned herself up she snuck back into the camp and gathered her stuff

grateful that Inuyasha wasn't there. She didn't want Inuyasha to find her so instead she

decided to travel on her own. After gathering all of her stuff she left, leaving only a

note to Miroku and Sango. She didn't know where she was going to go but

she knew she had to get way from Inuyasha. Kagome thought it feel as if she was
chasing after the sun as it was setting. Kagome felt as if she was free for the first

Kagome set up camp around dusk. She had her bow with her but only 5 more arrows. Camping

alone for the first time was nice and it didn't frighten her as much as she thought it


The next morning Kagome kept traveling west. The sun had reached the middle
of the sky when she came across a cool spring. After washing, drying and dressing, she

packed her bathing supplies. As she neared the rest of she stuff she sensed three things

one a demon and second, a jewel shard and third it was coming at her, and fast. She

readied her bow and waited. When it came in to her line of sight, she thought she was

about got sick. It was hideous, She had no idea what type of demon it was but It almost

resembled a pile of shit that rolled in leaves and hair.

She aimed her arrow right for the Shard which happened to be the stomach. She had

injured the demon but not enough to stop it from injuring her. She was on
her last arrow when she saw a flash of silver from the corner of her eye.

She turned her attention back the demon, only to find it was dead with Lord Sesshoumaru
standing over to it looking straight at her. She looked right back with a cold, blank
expression that mirrored his before fainting from blood loss from a gash on her left

side that she had received from the 'shit' demon.

When Kagome awoke she was very confused. She was laying on a king size western style bed

with silk maroon pillows and black sheets.

When Kagome tried to sit up that was when she noticed pain from. she looked down at

herself and saw she was wearing a silk nightgown. When she moved her left arm she could

feel her midsection was bandaged.

When she finaly managed to sit up she realised the room she was in was hug and lovely

funished . There was a dresser and night stand that were made of cherry wood, and the
floor was black marble with White furred rugs on ether side of the bed.

She was brought out of her gazing when her heard a soft knock at the bedroom door. The

door opened and entered a beautiful female tiger demon. She noticed that Kagome was

awake. She bowed," Good-morning, My Lady. " The tiger demon said then arose. She had

White hair with black streaks in it and orange-yellow eyes. She had no markings that

Kagome could see.

Kagome was about to stand but the demon stopped her by saying that she had to check the

bandages. " What is your name." Kagome asked coldly. The demon paused from doing her job

and looked at Kagome for a second. 'She is just like lord Sesshoumaru.' She thought

before returning her attention to Kagome's wound as she answered, "Tori, My Lady."

Kagome didn't think she deserved such a grand title and that and saddened her, Which

turned to anger.

Kagome narrowed her eyes "Why do you call me that?" Tori could hear the anger in Kagome's voice.

"It is only proper to refer a high level guest by My Lord or My lady." Kagomes eyes
narrowed even more which frightened Tori. "I em not a high level anything. But if I'm a
'guest' as you say, then you will call me Kagome and nothing else. Do I make myself

clear." Tori bowed her head as she said "Yes Kagome."

After Tori was done redressing her wound, she helped Kagome get dressed then led her to

the dinning hall. Tori opened the door for Kagome with her head down then closed the

door after entering to stand by the door.

When Kagome entered she saw that Sesshoumaru was already seated at the head of the table

with Rin to his left. He gestured for her to set to his right. After she was seated, he

looked at her from the corner of his eye before he started to eat.

They ate their meal in silents. When Rin was done she removed herself from the table

turn to Sesshoumaru, bowed then ran off. That is when Sesshoumaru first spoke to Kagome.

"Miko?." When Tori heard this she looked form Kagome to Sesshoumaru. He saw this
then looked to Kagome. Her teeth were clenched but answered, "Yes Lord Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes then said, " Accompany me to my study." He removed himself

form the table and out of the dinning hall with Kagome trailing behind. Tori was left to

clean up.

Once in his Study he asked Kagome to have a seat. When they both were seated he asked,

"Why are you in my lands, and with out your Hanyou no dought?" He sensed the sadness

coming off her before it turned into anger and this surprised him 'I wonder what the

half-breed did?' But instead of wondering about it he had asked. She told him only about

what happened before she left.

He sat the quiet for a minute then asked,"And where do you plan on going."Kagome

sighed,"Where i need to." She thought for a minute then asked "Would you train me? I

could repay you for your services."

Sesshoumaru thought it over for a bit "Can you read and write?" Kagome was surprised by

this question but didn't show it. "Yes, and I also know math." Sesshoumaru nodded "I

will teach you who to use many weapons, hand to hand combat I also know of one that can

teach you to master your miko powers. In exchange You well teach my ward how to read,

write and mathematics." She had Agreed

~ 1 Month later ~

Sesshoumaru was impressed at how quickly she was learning. Kagome had also soften up

a little to Sesshoumaru and Rin in that time period.

After training for 5 more months Kagome could 'almost' beat Sesshoumaru on the battle

field. That is when she said her good-byes in search for the rest of the jewel shards.
Sesshoumaru had offered his help if she were to need it and to defeat Naraku

~ End of flash back ~

That was 2 months ago and she has already found 13 shards. Kagome had
told Sesshoumaru about the well and the future, when he asked why she always wore revealing clothes. He then had given her, as he called them 'decent' clothing.

He asked her to come to him when she was planning to return home for he wanted to see her world.

~ End of Chapter ~


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