Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction / Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Between Theft and Lawlessness ❯ Birthday Bananas ( Chapter 1 )

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"Life gets better as you get older...unless you are a banana."
-Cecile Jackson
>*< >*< >*<
Hanging precariously on the end of a large bed, a small lump showed no sign of life, save the rise and fall of it's chest. Above the fluffy rose printed comforter, silky red locks were splayed across a plush pillow. On the nightstand nest to the bed an alarm clocks red, digital numbers switched form 7:59 to 8:00, causing a loud, obnoxious beeping to fill the air.
It was almost immediately followed by a loud THUMP!
The red head was now in the middle of the floor, groaning in an un-graceful heap. It pulled itself up to it's feet and made it's way to the dresser to pull out some clothes, then it stumbled into the hallway towards the bathroom.
>*< >*< >*<
Twenty minutes later a head of red hair could barely be seen underneath a kitchen table, On top of said table were several gifts. These gifts were our red-haired thief's objectives; now the only problem was the woman at the counter who was humming to herself while preparing some dish or other. A creamy-skinned hand snaked it's way up to the table, an, while a pair of stunning eyes keep watch on the lady, grabbed one of the smaller gifts.
“Happy birthday, Outlaw,” (Haha, bet you thought it was Kurama! *smacks Rose upside the head* Sorry for the interruption! @_@) a small, pink, soda can-shaped AI floated just behind the startled redhead.
“Gilliam! You're gonna get me into trou-”
The tablecloth was jerked up, revealing Melphina's chocolate brown gaze. “Outlaw Hilda Starwind! What are you doing?”
“Er, nothing…maybe…I love you, mama.”
“Give it here,” the raven-haired woman held out her hand, into which Outlaw promptly placed the blue package. She then slid out from under the table while glaring at Gilliam. Said AI made a hasty retreat from the room.
“Why don't you go out with your father for the day? That way I won't have to patrol your presents,” Melphina suggested while going back to the counter to continue her cooking.
“Okay,” Outlaw answered without hesitation, she's always been a daddy's girl, “Do you know where he is?”
“Try the control room.”
>*< >*< >*<
Gene Starwind and his seventeen-year-old daughter were making there way to the counter in a well-known bar in Blue Heaven. Gene was wearing his signature red and black ensemble and his favorite yellow coat. Outlaw trailed behind him in a pair of low-ride black jeans and a black shirt with the Outlaw Star logo on it in red. Her hips swayed gently as she walked, as did her hair, which reached her lower back and was the same shade of intense red as her father's. Her body was well toned and curvy, which was a major factor in what was about to occur.
Honey glazed, emerald streaked hazel eyes widened in shock then narrowed in anger. Outlaw spun around on the heel of her foot to face the idiot who had been stupid enough to smack her ass. The next moment found him suspended a good foot off the ground by her hand, which was firmly clenched around his slimly little throat.
At this Gene caught the gist of what happened and snapped into action.
A full-out, old-fashioned brawl ensued.
>*< >*< >*< (I just realized I forgot the disclaimer, Gomen. I DON'T OWN ANYTHING!!! Why don't you scroll back to the top and add it. *blink* That would take energy I don't have. *anime fall*)
“You to should be ashamed of yourselves!” Melphina scowled at her lover and daughter while bandaging their wounds.
“Mom! He touched my ass-” she caught her mother's glare, “phalt,” Outlaw recovered lamely.
“No one's gonna lay a hand on my baby,” Gene agreed.
“That's no excuse! There was only one male that touched her. Not the entire bar. Yet you two leveled it!”
“Why did you even take her to a bar, Gene? Isn't she a bit young for such a place?” the previously quiet assassin inquired. Suzuka had been watching the entire scenario with sadistic glee. He sent her a glare that couldn't begin to the one that was being directed at him.
“She's right. Outlaw has no buisness in a place like that.”
Both father and daughter sighed. This could go on for a while.
>*< >*< >*<
“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Outlaw, Happy birthday to you.”
Outlaw blew out the candles on her birthday cake, and, with her eyes clenched shut, she made her wish.
I wish that just one person could love me for me.
She looked up at the people around her: her mom, dad, Jim, Suzi (Suzuka), Aisha, Gilliam, and Uncle Lou. She loved them all with every fiber of her being, as they did her, but she couldn't help but wonder if they'd be celebrating her birthday right now if she hadn't been born into the group, but instead if they had met on the street. Everyone else had earned they place as who they were, but not her; she was Gene and Melphina's daughter, Outlaw was just a title.
Still, she wouldn't trade her life her for anything. Her mom's awesome birthday parties, her dad's lucky escapes, and the thrilling jobs and missions they did to get by were enough to make any on fall in love with the outlaw life.
They had just finished eating when Gene declared, “Time for gifts!”
Aisha immediately grabbed a package, which was in wrapping paper-depicting chili Cataral Catarals no less, and began to scream, “Mine first! Mine first!”
And thus the whirlwind of bows and paper begun.
The gifts were as follows:
Uncle Lou gave her a Siberian tiger, which she absolutely adored at first sight. She named him Lawless much to the amusement of her father, who had been the one to come up with her own name. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, ne?
Jim blushingly got her a stunning charm bracelet. It was made of extreme silver and the charms were made of dragonite.
Her mom and dad had gotten her a beautiful 2006 Mustang Cobra with more than 450 horsepower and 450 foot-pounds of torque and a stout cast-iron, 5.4-liter Triton V-8 engine. It's power plant benefited from unique connecting rods and forged pistons to handle the extra strain on the lower end of the block. To manage heat produced by more than 450 horses, a larger radiator and increased-capacity cooling system also were installed. (*smacks Rose in the back of the head, causing little Cobras to dance around in front of her eyes* Excuse her. She has a small, unhealthy obsession with this particular car. She knows jack squat about any other type, but she somehow knows the complete history of this one. We are seeking medical help for her.) It had a black paint job with blue flames with blue-green tips engulfing it form the hood all the way to the tail pipe and a leather interior.
Aisha gave her the newest model caster complete with several packs of shells and a maintenance kit.
Suzuka gave her a light shield, which she had integrated with her body the next day.
>*< >*< >*<
A few hours after nightfall found Jim, Aisha, and Outlaw test-driving her new Cobra. (Just typing that gives me the chills. I'm going to give you something if you don't get on with it! Geez…Can you saw mood swings?) The stereo system was at maximum volume and blaring “Just Lose It” by Eminem and the trio of troublemakers were howling with laughter at their poor luck and Outlaw's even poorer sense of direction. They'd been lost for hours and were reminiscing about the last time Outlaw was allowed to navigate.
(The destinations in this conversation are on Earth so that ya'll can relate to the locations.) “We were in Maine and trying to get to California…” the Cataral Cataral began.
“And after about a week we somehow ended up in South Africa!” Jim finished while shoving his blonde hair out of his face. Jim had grown into quite the male specimen. He was well built with roguishly messy blonde hair and melting hazel eyes that sparkled when he laughed, like he was now. Most of the crew expected the two youngest members to eventually hook up, with the obvious exception of Gene. In the tradition of over protective fathers everywhere, he threatened to rip anyone who messed with his baby apart.
After another hour they finally stopped at a bar to ask for directions.
…Ask for directions. Rrriiight.
A few rounds later and Outlaw participated in her second bar fight that evening.
Fred bailed them out in the morning.