Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction / Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Between Theft and Lawlessness ❯ Kidnappings and... Leather Straps? ( Chapter 2 )

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Kurama's thoughts.
Youko's thoughts.
Hiei's telepathy.
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps."
-Emo Phillips
>*< >*< >*<
A month later the Outlaw Star docked in Blue Heaven to re-supply, leaving the ship empty with the exception of Outlaw and Lawless. Said redhead was running diagnostics on the ships mainframe while the Siberian tiger rested at her feet. He had become her loyal pet and followed her everywhere, which thrilled Gene to no end. You see, a little after a week since she received him Lawless began to attack any male outside the crew (and Fred Lou, of course) that came into any physical contact with his beloved master. In short, Lawless was every father's (and most mother's) dream come true.
Outlaw finished the system check and, after scratching her pet's ears affectionately, stood up to take a break and stretch her legs. She turned to leave only to discover the cockpit's exit blocked. (This is my luck in action.)
“McDougal,” she hissed at the all-to-familiar figure.
“My darling Outlaw, how many times have I asked you to call me Harry?” he chided while turning his most charming smile on her. About two years ago the youngest McDougal brother's fixation on Melphina passed to her daughter. Outlaw could have shot herself.
She didn't reply; instead she slammed her fist into his stomach and her knee into his groin, providing the opportunity to bolt from the room, much like a bat out of hell.
“Damn it!” Harry quickly recovered and scrambled after her. He looked toward the ground to confirm that the unmarked vehicle was waiting for him then lunged forward to grab Outlaw's foot, bringing her down hard.
“Ow,” her entire weight and that of her captor went down on her ankle, sparing it and making it next to impossible to escape. (And that's my luck.) Luckily, she didn't have to.
“Sorry love, but you know bet-” Harry was cut off when a large, orange-and-black blur tackled him to the ground.
“Good boy!” Outlaw praised her pet, encouraging him to rip Harry a new one. (That's really a mature way to put it. Bite me.)
>*< >*< >*<
Kurama grasped his Rose Whip firmly in his hand and, with a flick of his wrist, slashed the last demon to ribbons.
“Well, that was absolutely disgusting,” Yusuke stated the obvious. Then again anyone who was covered in the horridly thick, greenish-gray …goo, for the lack of a better word, would think the same thing. His fellow detectives weren't an exception.
“I must agree, Yusuke,” Kurama replied while picking off smaller bits of the substance from his once silky locks, which were now unrecognizable from the goo coating over them. This will take hours to get rid of.
Then you might want to get a move on. If you think it's bad now, wait till it dries, Youko warned from the recesses of his mind.
Not really.
I'll take the artifact to Koenma so you two can go clean up, Hiei scoffed at them from the safety of his mind.
Awww… I always knew you cared!
Kurama tuned them out while Hiei disappeared. He glanced at the unconscious Kuwabara and sighed. Now what about him?
As if on command Yusuke said, “I'll take him; it's on the way anyhow.”
Kurama nodded, “Until school then.” (I'm putting him in the same school as Yusuke and Kuwabara. I just can't stand that shade of pink on a redhead. I can't stand any shade of pink on anything. *glances at Rose*)
“You keep tellin' yourself that,” Yusuke called over his shoulder.
>*< >*< >*<
He had been in the shower for over an hour and the goo was still firmly planted in his hair. Youko was just as upset about this as he was; a major factor in the attractiveness of kitsunes is the sheen and over all beauty of their coats, and, as a direct result of this, hair was very important to both Youko and Kurama.
Try brushing through it again.
Youko, you know that isn't going to happen anytime soon; I can't even get my fingers through it.
Then we're just going to have to let the shampoo stand.
For how long? Kurama asked resignedly.
As long as it takes; though if I had to say…about two to three hours.
Great. What am I going to do until then?
I havebeen meaning to have a little chat with you…
I think I'd rather be bald.
Youko gave the impression of turning away with his nose in the air, Love you too, Red. Then, in the most casual way, he gazed down at his claws and said, Mating season's approaching.
Stay away form me you sick, twisted fox!
Don't flatter yourself; I didn't mean it that way. I could do a lotbetter. I'm just giving you fair warning that sometime in the not-so-distant future we are going to go into heat. You need to find us a partner soon so we have someone on hand.
You. Are. Kidding.
Nope, afraid not; look, just get one of your fan girls. They all practically beg you to fuck them anyway.
I'd rather shoot myself, Kurama commented dryly.
I knew it! What about Yusuke, then? He's attractive enough and a fri-
Finish that sentence and so help me I'll lock myself in a monastery!
Ouch, calm down! Let's see…Hiei?
Look, Youko, gender might not matter much to kitsunes, but it does to me.
You mean you like females? Then why haven't we been getting any lately?!
Youko, Kurama rubbed his temples.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. “Humans do things differently.” *sigh* Then how about Boton? Keiko? Yukina? That Maya girl you dated a few years back?
I'm not going to use my friends that way.
Are you sure? Boton seems willing…
She's like that with the whole team. She's just friendly.
Yeah, right. Friendly… Well, I'm out of ideas.
I'll think of something.
Good. I'd hate to resort to getting Kuwabara drunk and tied to a b-
Geez, last time I try to help you…
>*< >*< >*<
In a large office at the top of Lou Enterprises headquarters, Fred Lou himself sits reclined all the way back in his plush chair. In his ear is a hands-free, phone-free headset; behind him there was a large frame containing what seemed to be a world map.
Yes, I understand.
No, tomorrow's no good.
I'm busy this evening too.
Yes, I understand that, but-hold on a minute I'm receiving another call,” Fred said, (Hey, look, you made a rhyme! -_- And people say I'm the flighty one.)while swiveling around to face the map, which blinked to show the Outlaw Star's control room. Gene sat on top of the center controls; no one else could be seen, but the noise in the background suggested the others weren't so very far off.
“Gene! What a pleasant surprise,” Fred greets in his usual manner.
“Yeah, well, this isn't exactly a social call.”
“Oh? Then what can I do for you?”
Just then Outlaw's voice is heard in the background, “I'm not going,” she runs into the room calling over her shoulder, “and you can't ma- WHOA!” Aisha runs in behind her, tackling the younger girl to the ground; Gene didn't even flinch.
“Relax, Fred. Everything is under control; you know how Outlaw gets when she doesn't want to do something,” Gene soothes, while in the background Outlaw is dragged out bound and gagged by a muttering Aisha (I can so see that! lol), “I need a favor; can you take care of Outlaw for a while?”
“Of course! I'd be thrilled! How long will you all be staying?”
“Not us, just her. The McDougals got to close for comfort this time. We can't risk her out in the open like she is. We need you to look after her while we try to straighten this mess out for once and all.”
“I suppose you'll be hunting the Layline again?”
“Yeah, and this time we'll destroy it.”
“I'll have everything ready when she arrives; tootles Gene!”
>*< >*< >*<
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