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“There are two types of pedestrians… the quick and the dead.”
>*< >*< >*<
Deep in the slums of Makai, two lower level demons were conversing in an alleyway. Their subject? None other than the Key to the Galactic Layline.
“That's just not possible.”
“It's true! And rumor had it that they are sending here to somewhere in Ningenkai!”
“Who could they possibly have on this planet to take care of her?”
“From what I've heard it's her go-” the youki was quite literally cut off by two demons lurking in the shadows.
A moment later the severed heads of the conversing demons found their final resting place in the filth coating the alleyway.
In the shadows one of the figures, form it's voice it seemed to be a bird youki, crowed, “He'll be pleased with this new development…”
>*< >*< >*<
“Why here?! Couldn't they have found another planet,” Koenma rambled while frantically shifty through the many files on his desk while more were being brought by ogres of all shapes and shades.
“I don't think I understand, sir? What's going on that has all of spirit world in such an up roar?” Boton had never seen her boss in such a condition; he'd been shouting out names of seemingly random files and ordering the ogres to bring them directly to his desk. Soon he would be buried under the sea of paper.
Koenma sighed to himself and looked up at Boton. He'd have to tell her sooner or later. “Boton, have you ever heard of the Galactic Layline?”
“Who in Makai and Spirit World hasn't?”
“That's the problem. As you know, roughly eighteen years ago the Outlaw Star reached the Layline; yet, for some unknown reason, no desire was granted as far as we can tell. Since then we have been keeping an eye on the crew, which is still intact with all the original members and only one new addition. The Key to the Layline, Melphina was the object of several group of space pirates' attention; over time most have given up on attacking the ship. Now, suddenly some of the same groups that so adamantly pursued Melphina are now targeting a teenager in Ningenkai. Yet we don't have any background information on the girl other than that she has just arrived on Earth, she's originally for space, her name, and the name of her guardian. Not only that, since her arrival, swarms of demons of all classes have been trying to pass through the barrier. AND WE HAVE NO IDEA WHY!!!”
“Oh, my.”
>*< >*< >*<
Kurama carefully exited his home the next morning after giving the surrounding area a good once over, almost as if he was expecting a demon to attack at any moment.
It was much worse.
Due to the amount of time it took to remove the demonic goo from his person the night before, he had all but forgone sleep (I can so relate to this; I never get any sleep. Like today, I went to bed at 4:00 & got up at 5:30.); as a direct result, he got up late. Not that he was worried about being late for school (Due to the many absences he obtained in credit to his “job,” he had switched schools. Sarayashiki High was more about grades than attendance, so it had been the obvious choice.), what had him worried were the fan girls that he usually avoided by leaving early. Now that he was going to be approaching the school at roughly the same time they would, it would be next to impossible to get around them.
Sometimes I don't think there is anyway that you could be apart of me, Youko commented with a sigh.
Technically, since it is my body, you're a part of me.
…Bite me.
He made it all of three blocks before the stampede began.
Run, Red! Run!
You're enjoying this way too much.
>*< >*< >*<
Outlaw sighed as she looked in the mirror while trying to tug her skirt down lower. This is ridiculous, she thought, I thought the skirts were supposed to be knee length! She was right of course, the skirts were suppose to be knee length, but, unfortunately for her, most of the girls in Japan were a bit shorter than her six foot frame. Meaning, in short, the schools skirts came to her mid-thigh. Not only that, her beautiful Cobra was being modified to suit Earth's laws; so, she had to walk to school (she refused to deal with the commotion a limo would cause) on her still slightly sore ankle.
Needless to say she cursed Harry McDougal all the way to school.
Well, at least, most of the way to school.
>*< >*< >*<
Kurama rounded the corner running at break neck speed. He really didn't want to even think about what would happen if those…
Rapid dogs, Youko offered.
Close enough.
…caught him. Though, when he would look back on this experience later that day, he would wonder why he hadn't paid more attention to where he was running. (Hindsight is always 20/20.)
Oh, she's cute.
Youko now's not the time.
Well, you're the one about to run her over.
“Ow! Get off!” the female yelled while she kicked him (none to gently mind you) off of her body. He rolled to his feet and offered her a hand up, getting his first real look at her.
Told you.
Most of the females (and a few males for that matter) that he came in contact with were about a good foot shorter than he was; this girl was only a little under a four inches shorter. Her hair was a shade of red he had never seen, not even on a demon, and, if that wasn't enough to catch his eye, the fine, silky, strands just grazed her lower back as they fell down in gentle waves. He was wondering how it would feel in between his fingers while he opened his mouth to apologize when his pursuers rounded the corner. His survivor instincts kicked in and he took off without a word, much to Youko's distaste.
Why didn't you say something?! Anything?! You turn around and go right back and talk to that female!
What's wrong with you?
I wasn't done looki- Youko was cut off when some one reached out and jerked them into an alleyway while the girls ran by without noticing. Kurama turned to thank his savior, but a pair off furious, heavily green-streaked hazel eyes caught him off guard.
She's back!
>*< >*< >*<
Outlaw was furious! Not only did this pretty boy run her over (landing on her sore ankle too!), he ran off with out so much as an apology. So, she did what any outlaw would do in her position:
She punched him. Hard.
Ow, Youko commented as they stumbled backwards slightly, she's stronger than she looks.
You think?
“Okay I deserved that,” Kurama said while rubbing his sore jaw.
Outlaw just `hmphed' unconsciously mirroring his earlier thought, Ya think?
“I am sorry. You see I had a long night at work and now I'm late…” he trailed off when her glare didn't lose any of its intensity, then cleared his throat.
Don't you dare let her stay mad at us.
Contrary to popular belief I AM trying.
At Youko's mental prompting he tried again with his arm behind his head in a nervous gesture, “Thanks for saving me back there. I don't know what I would have done if they'd caught me.”
Touch her hair.
Run our fingers through her hair. I want to touch it.
What is it with you and shiny things?
She looked at him a few seconds before…
… bursting out laughing. Inside Kurama's mind Youko's ears flattened against his head and his eyes narrowed.
At least she isn't mad anymore, Kurama pointed out while mentally chuckling at the kitsune's antics.
“Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps, huh?” (this is the quote from the previous chapter and totally not mine) she said while patting his head like one would a small child. “Later,” she called over her shoulder as she walked away.
Don't let her leave!
Calm down Youko, she was wearing the school uniform. We'll see her later today.
…I thought your school's female uniforms had knee length skirts? That was NOT knee length. Not that I'm complaining.
Well, think about it. She is a bit taller than normal. The skirts are made for shorter girls.
>*< >*<>*<
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