Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction / Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Between Theft and Lawlessness ❯ Quoteless! O.O ( Chapter 5 )

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Kurama's thoughts.
Youko's thoughts.
Hiei's telepathy.
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Bring! Bring!
Kurama rolled over to glare at the communicator sticking out of his backpack.
This better be important.
I can understand why you wouldn't want to face the others. THAT WAS A DISASTER! RIGHT THROUGH OUR FINGERS!
I liked it better when you weren't talking to me.
He swung his long legs over the side of the bed and flipped the annoying device open.
“Yes, Boton?”
Boton finished calling three of the detectives in before sinking against the wall.
Oh, wow.
Kurama hadn't been wearing a shirt when he had picked up.
The mismatched spirit detective team, minus Kuwabara, had assembled in Koenma's office along with one flighty grim ripper.
And their boss had for all intents and purposes lost his sanity.
You'd think he was on fire.
Hiei, did you...
Does he have flames anywhere near his body, fox? By the way, Red, I saw your performance with the onna.
Have mercy Hiei. I've already heard it from Yoko.
See how big of a disgrace that was? Even Hiei could have done better!
What's that suppose to mean?
Kurama pulled out of the mental argument between Yoko and Hiei in favor of hearing Koenma, who had stopped his frantic sprint around his office to settle in his chair, explain their new mission.
“I need a babysitter.”
Hiei immediately dropped the argument with Kurama's counter-part and left the room.
“Guess that counts Hiei out,” Koenma said while sporting a sweat drop before turning to the others.
“So, which one of you would like the job?”
“You're kidding! You called us all the way in here to find a babysitter?” yelled an outraged Yusuke.
Koenma sucked a bit harder than usual on his pacifier before answering, “There is a certain human girl that is being targeted by nearly every demon that can get through the barrier. She needs around the clock surveillance!”
“Let him handle it! I'm outta here.”
Two down and one to baby-sit. Oh my!
Koenma looked to the remaining detective, only to see Kurama edging for the door.
“Kurama, looks like you get the job,” the pint sized ruler said with narrowed eyes.
“What about Kuwabara? I'm sure he'd be more than happy-“
“I'm sure he would, but I'm going to need someone with demonic blood. He doesn't qualify.”
This day just gets better and better.
Maybe the girl will be cute.
I thought you had your heart set on Outlaw.
And I thought you were set against it.
“…very delicate. Are you listening?” Koenma cut into the mental conversation. Kurama shook his head slightly before replying.
“I'm sorry sir, Yoko was discussing his view on the mission.”
Sure, blame me.
Koenma, a bit peeved at being ignored, cleared his throat and began again.
“You'll need to be with the girl at all times possible. To make this possible, we've kidnapped her pet; you'll be taking his place with the aid of this potion,” Koenma tossed a vial to the ex-thief, “You should get along with her fine if her name's any indication. All the information you'll need to know is in this folder.” Koenma tossed said folder to him before waving his away.
Great! I'm going to be stuck as a poodle; I can feel it!
That's not a poodle.
Kurama had come to get a glimpse at the creature he would be impersonating. It was a 675-pound Bengal Tiger. It was obviously well pampered, judging from the frosty green diamonds that formed the collar around its neck. After staring at the huge animal for a few more minutes, Kurama flipped the folder open and began to scan for more information on his “mission.”
A few seconds later it hit the floor while the poor fox gaped like a fish.
Outlaw returned home from her shopping trip with several huge bags dragging the floor behind her. She made it to the living room before dropping them on the floor and screaming at the top of her lungs.
Said tiger came into the room at a rather sedated pace. Maybe he was sick?
“Hey boy,” Outlaw greeted, dropping to her knees to embrace the huge creature around the neck, “Are you feelin' alright?”
No, I feel rather sick actually.
Yoko was in much better shape. It had been along time since he'd had his ears scratched.
A little to the left. A little more. Oh yeah, that's it. Mmmm, Red, this one's a keeper.
You stress too much. Relax and enjoy the pampering; I know, let me take control. I make the better animal anyway.
…Alright, but behave.
Of course!
“Hey boy!” Outlaw exclaimed while pulling her pet's face out of her blouse, “What's gotten into you?”
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