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I didn't get this out before school started like I had hoped. Oh, well. At least it's a little faster than usual. I'm so tired! My first block class (it's an hour and a half long per block) I'm an office helper so I had to deliver stuff all block. Then, when I got to cosmetology (it takes up second and third so that's three hours) we had to clean the salon area, dispensary, and the storage room. Then I finally got a break at lunch. That can really drain a person in this heat. And parents say we go to school to learn. Hah.
I disclaim everything but Outlaw.
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“Answering Machine Saying: `Sorry I can't get to the phone right now because my girlfriend and I are doing our favorite thing together. Personally I like doing it up and down, while she likes doing it side-to-side r-e-a-l slow... So I'll get back to you when we finish brushing our teeth.'”
Kurama was emotional drained. Yesterday had given him too many shocks to the system for him to be anything but, for the lack of a better word, pooped. Not only had he found a girl he actually wanted to like him, said girl had to be the one girl who could care less about his charm. Then, after he had tried to get her attention for an entire day, (and not to get the nap he so badly needed) he had been assigned to protect the same girl by hiding as her pet.
Then, to make things even more awkward for the poor red-head with the perverted fox in his head, last night she…
He couldn't even think about it without blushing.
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After Outlaw had petted him a bit more and shown him the items she had purchased (which had almost all been for him, well Lawless anyway), she had declared it time to take a bath.
The bathroom was huge to say the least, huge and beautiful. Every surface from the ceiling to the pool-sized bath tub was made from an incredibly smooth, white stone; the blue-green swirls gave the feeling of being under water.
As he had turned to leave Outlaw to the privacy of her bath, he had been stopped by the musical sound of her voice.
“What's wrong, boy? Aren't you going to take a bath with me?”
And with that the silver fox took control and literally jumped into the bath tub splashing water all over the previously clean floors.
Yoko! Let me back in charge.
No, I don't think I will.
We have to get out before-
Kurama never got to finish his thought; Outlaw had just begun to bathe, much to the satisfaction of a certain purring kitsune.
After both Outlaw and Kurama were both clean and dry, and Kurama had regained control from Yoko, it was time to go to bed.
Would you stop that? I really need to get some sleep.
Oh come on, she's gorgeous. It's perfectly natural to want to replay the memory of such a beautiful sight.
Not non-stop.
Few sights are as beautiful as the one we have just seen my friend!
Kurama mentally rolled his eyes when he noticed Outlaw was in the bed, sitting up as if waiting for something and looking in his direction.
I think we get to sleep with her!
Of course.
And so Kurama spent the night as Outlaw's teddy bear while Yoko had sent him images of what he would like to do with the body cuddled against them.
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It made sense of course that the tiger would have a place to swim; after all, tigers were one of the few cats that liked water.
He'd just never thought he would bathe with her.
And of course many people let their pets sleep with them. Yet, he had hoped…
It is such a fond memory.
And lets not forget Yoko, who had been flooding their mind with pictures of her body from last night…and other positions he'd love to have her in that made his human counter part turn bright red.
It was the most-
Delicious position we've ever been in.
Yoko! You should just forget it. She's always going to see us as Yusuke's friend.
We've seen her naked!
No, Lawlesshas seen her naked.
You just don't want to try!
What do you think I've been doing? Besides, I refuse to lead her into a false relationship simply because you want to bed her.
You're not going to sulk are you?
…Who ever said it would be false?
The kitsune's voice had taken on a thoughtful tone, and Kurama found himself wondering if the kitsune might be feeling a little more than simple lust for the girl known as Outlaw.
oOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo OoOo
Startlingly clear blue eyes were staring intently into a body of water.
Scara, the goddess of mischief, was gazing into the Oracle's pond one more. This time she was helping a certain kitsune realize what was in front of him.
It was strange, really. All she had to do was cause them to meet and keep placing them in situations together. They were practically doing the job for her.
Aw, well, she thought as she tossed her chestnut locks over her shoulder, I'll figure it out later. Now for Outlaw…
A/N: I know this was supposed to be longer than usual, but I just thought this would be a good stopping point. I'll try to have the next one out by the weekend. I know I haven't been focusing own Outlaw's feelings much, but she's met Kurama once. The next one will be more Outlaw.