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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

(Iris walks into the office and notices the 'messages waiting' button flashing on the secretary's phone.)

Iris: *looks around and can't find the secretary* I think we only pay those idiots enough to buy a razor and kill themselves. *pushes the button*

"Hey, it's Seto Kaiba. Now, I'm tired of getting all these requests to show up paired with Yugi and Isis... I'm with Joey, okay?" *gunshot* "Ahem, excuse my evil clone, this is the real Seto Kaiba, and I am tired of being paired up with ANYONE. Stop it, NOW."


"Hi, this is Sephiroth. I'm calling in sick today..." "Baby, who are you talking to?" *rustle of bedsheets* "No one." "It's not Rufus, is it?" "No." "I thought you broke up with Rufus." "I did, now be quiet, Cloud." "Don't talk to me that way." "I'm sorry!"


Iris: *sips her Sprite and stares at the machine*

"Umm...ummm.." "Go on." "Is your fridge running?" *someone snickering the back* "Then you better get it!" "OOoooh! Max! You're gonna get in SO MUCH TROUBLE! The police are going to track this call and arrest you!" "What?!?! NO!" *Max crying*


"H-hey... It's R-Riku. I can't take it anymore! SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM THIS RAT!" *in the back* *goofy laugh* "Hey, Riku! Wanna see the video of me and Minnie's honeymoon? I found the unrated version!" *Riku wails* "Save me! I'll do anything!"


Iris: *pulls out 'To-do' List and writes 'Make Riku my man-slave'*

"This is Duo Maxwell. I just wanna know who mixed my clothes with Quatre's? It's not funny walking around in a pink-splotched black shirt."


"Hige here! Just wanna let ya know that Tsume and Toboe aren't coming in today. ...I'm not sure why, but when I went to wake them up, they were playing under the covers. It sounded like fun. Toboe was losing, I think. Oh, well."


Iris: *chokes on her Sprite*

*end of messages*