Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ EVEN ❯ alter breaks demon awakes ( Chapter 1 )

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A/N (first “yu-gi-oh!” Fic. O yeah ideas are welcome. ^_^)
Summery: tea` is getting revenge on the guys, and she has a new friend.
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We come in and zoom in on tea walking to the game shop.
Tea's point of view
It had been a normal day a smile here or there, a round of “let me copy your homework” with joey and tristan, ignore marik and the two psychos, try not to yell at kaiba, keep joey form yelling at him, basically the only difference was that I didn't go with the guys to the game shop after school. No, instead I had gone home for a while. My parents had called from the u.s. really late at night , I'm talking' about 12 A.m., saying something about a surprise and for me to check the mail as soon as school was out, I really don't remember. Though I do remember yelling at them to go to bed and leave me alone but that beside the point. So there I am checking' the mail when I notice a letter addressed to me.
Turns out I'm a finalist in a contest .I signed up for out of this book my parents got me from one of there many trips, there was also a cute necklace with a dragon charm on it, and a ticket to no other than Atlanta, that left tonight.(A/N: went there once, pageant, {shudders from the memories} had to drive the entire way with aunt, mom, and older cousin after they did my hair, didn't even go to sleep) It also said my parents had been contacted and were going to be in the area but I ignored that I was to busy packing, calling the neighbors to ask if they would watch the house. Then set off to tell the guys.
Regular P.O.V.
She's almost to the game shop and can here voices coming from inside.
Joey: man is it good to be away from tea.
Tristan: yeah knowing her she probably walked into an alley an got robbed.
Serenity: or kidnapped.
Mai: I doubt that sweetie; she bore them to death with one of her speeches.
Yami: Don't even star on the speeches just thinking about them makes my ears bleed.
They all laugh.
Yugi: (trying not to laugh) guys that's not nice. ( laughing)
Ryou: (also trying) even if it is kind of true.
By now her eyes are dark with anger and hurt.
Tea: (thinking) how could, they they're supposed to be my friends. (Angry) I don't even make speeches, they'll regret that.
She carefully opens the door so the bell won't ring and walks up to yugi's grandpa.
Tea: (in a calm hushed tone) hello Mr. Moto (did I spell that right?)
Grandpa: (startled) why hello tea, how are you? And call me grandpa.
(A/N: for those of you who are wondering gramps didn't hear what they said about her he was out side, he's surprised that he didn't hear come in.)
Tea: okay (sweat drop, shakes it off, innocently) umm grandpa do you still have those cards I asked you to save for me.
Grandpa: of course (walks, behind counter and pulls out a black deck holder with a fairy on one side and a dragon crouching on the other, both in blue) the boys have been admiring them but as I promised I didn't tell them they were yours or let them take them. Are you trading some of your cards?
Tea: nope picking up the holder (she opens it and looks trough a couple of cards till she notices one Card. happily) thanks a lot (she leaves as silently as she came.)
Tea's P.O.V.
Now to get home. I have some time to kill before the I have to go. Besides now that I have my good luck charm I know I'll have a good time. Wonder what the guy well think when they realize I'm gone or that the deck is gone. They probable won't think that its me that has it. They think I'm a weak duelist. Ever occur to them that me and yug grew up together. Its not like I couldn't win with my show deck I'm good but there all cutesy not powerhouses like the others.
Regular P.O.V.
Tea is boarding a plane she looks back and whispers
Tea: hope you enjoy your break guys because when I come back I'm gonna get even.
She boards the plane not looking back the necklace glowing in the setting suns light.
At the game shop a alter falls in front of the rest of the gang.
Everyone: That's not good.
Bakura: hey watch what your doing that thing almost hit me on the head.
Malik: and do what cause any more brain damage.
Bakura: I heard that!
Malik: I wanted you to hear it tomb robber!
Yami: you know he is right.
Gramps walks in see the alter and mutters.
Grandpa: alter breaks demon awakes. This is bad.
In the u.s. a girl wakes up from a nap
Girl: Man I want to go home.
That's it for this chapter (runs around happily) just had to put that alter stuff for it since it sounded kind of funny. BYE!!!