Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ EVEN ❯ turn off that music!!!! ( Chapter 2 )

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This takes place the next morning.
The gang are at the game shop grandpa is still mumbling about the shelf that fell yesterday, Driving the others crazy.
Yugi: (twitching slightly) I can't believe the old man is so superstisous mean it was just an old shelf. No harm right. ?
Gp. (this is for grandpa for now on) it was not a shelf, it was an alter!!!
Yami: (boredly) and the difference is…
He didn't finish the question because of two things. one being that grandpa was staring at him with a vengeance, two the card holder with the most interesting cards he seen was gone( I.E. the holder tea took with her.)
YAMI: hey gramps (Gp. Is twitching) where is the card holder that was here yesterday, the one you said you've been keeping for someone for about a year.
Gp.: why?
Yami: I was going to show the guys, that person had some really powerful cards that you can't find anywhere.
Gp.: oh te- um my friend came yesterday to get them.
Yami: (picture yugi on a sugar high. ^_^U He was bouncing like that.) hes here? when will he be back? Where is he staying! I can't wait to duel him!
Yugi: what s he so excited about? ( man y couldn't I get a normal person for a yami)
Gp.: the owner of the cards came and picked them up yesterday.
Yugi:(Mouthing) oh ( talking) challenge of course.
Joey: challenge who?
Yugi: the owner of the cards we were going to show you.
Joey: well then let's go!!
They begin to walk out of the shop and were about to look around.
Serenity: hey guys should we go get tea? It wouldn't be the same with out her.(adds mentally and I'll have some one to talk to besides duke and tristan.)
Tristan: nah lets go. She'll catch up later.
In Atlanta tea is walking around her hotel room she's wiped but can't sleep due to the loud noise A.K.A music coming from next door. And here being her she has gone and asked them to turn it down but instead they turn it up . she has pounded on the wall called management And done everything imaginable that you can do and still be polite.
Tea's P.O.V.
Okay keep cool they have to turn it off the manger said he talked to them about it or he just being a dick and lied to me. I did not just call him a dick did I ? man the jet lag must be getting to me. She fingers the necklace she has on. They're---playing---country?! Oh no they aren't getting away with this . I mean I like some country but this is just belch.
Tea rushes out her door up to the one beside it and starts banging on it like no tomorrow.
American boy: (opens the door) yes
Tea: can you please turn down the music.
American boy: no ( he slams the door in here face)
Tea: that little (she is about to knock again when someone eles dose it for her) wha
Tea is surprised to see another boy about her own height with long black hair in a low pony-tail with a base ball cap on.
American boy: what do you want.
Other boy: for you to turn down the god damn music . and to apologize to her. (Points to tea.)
American boy: and if I don't apologize to the chick? ( he leans against the door frame and smiles arrogantly) not that she doesn't look hot but it isn't my style to say “sorry” sweetie.
Tea: chick?!
Other boy: sweetie! You're going to regret that you egotistical bastard, when I shove my foot all the way up your ass!(to tea) you may want to step back.
Tea: no but. ( she halls back and punches the guy in the nose while the other one jabs him in the stomach.) that was fun,but my hand hurts like hell.
Other: let me see it(takes tea's hand and looks at it). nothing broken just bruised. you have a pretty good right hook.
Tea: Thanks. Um shouldn't, we you know, wake him up?
Other: no (he drags him in the room beside a bed) lets take care of that screeching mess that he calls music.
Tea: By the way the names tea.
Other: nice to meet you I'm (looks up) we got to get out of her the manger is coming.
Outside you could hear a loud thump coming down the hall. so they do what all teenagers do when there's a possibility they are going to get in trouble. They got out of there faster then you could say hey.
Tea: (thinking ) I wonder who that was? Oh well at least I can go to sleep.
Back in Domino the gang is walking around town looking in the regular spots for duelist But can't seem to find the right one. After challenging about 25 people they gave up.
Yami: where could this guy be? We looked every where but not one of the were the right one.
Yugi: maybe the duelist left or stayed in?
Joey: guys I'm starved.
Tristan and duke: your always hungry!
Serenity: ain't that the truth.
Joey: sis your supposed to agree with me.
Serenity: but that would be lying and you don't want me to do that do you?
They all snicker at joey who is a bit mad. Then he thinks of something.
Joey: guys where is tea?
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