Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ EVEN ❯ shoppping ( Chapter 5 )

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Everyone this chap. is going to be about max, basically Her background and I know this is going to get confusing, and how yyh and Iny are supposed to fit together so I'm going to let you in on a little secret Max was in my first and second fanfics. Which I sent to my cousin and well they broke the disk so I'm taking a poll should I continue with even or go back and do the first two stories in Max's saga? If you want I to type “Aye” on a review if not type “nay” and I'll just do it after I finish even. Anyway here is the story
Blah blah” mind to mind
Max is walking around down town Tokyo. She had been avoiding all her usual favorite places to go the arcade, gym, and of course her room at her “grandparents” house. So she heads to the Park.
Max's point of view
My reasons are simple, A. my grandparents do not like me at all, it had started with dad marrying mom in college then there was my birth. I was born in international waters island called wake or something close to it excavating some ruins when she went into labor and she had me right then and there because of some storm. Then they went to Japan to show me off well to put it simple I did not look normal especially my hair. A baby with red and black hair is very strange to a lot of people and apparently they thought mom was a psycho and tried to dye my hair black. Simple to say they did it was permanent and mom now had a strong dislike of them. B. I did not feel like going on a mission at all, I'm tired, beating demons got old after the first hundred fights. And C. My friends didn't know I'm here at all, which was a good thing they wouldn't be expecting her for another three days. I would be happy in that little time. It wasn't that I didn't like hanging around with them it was, well they where overprotective. Very overprotective, they new I could handle almost anything that came my way. Then again they probably don't want me getting annoyed since I still haven't gotten used to a lot of changes I've been through. But I still feel like I should just go ahead and do what I have to. That's when my compact rings. It's koenma so I answer. no matter how much I dislike it I might have to go on a mission.
Max: hello KO
Koenma: ah max your awake; I was Expecting u to be asleep. Any way your cousin and your fiancées are on a mission right now they won't be back for about a week so don't expect them at the mansion when u get there in three days. So where is u?
One thing about ko-chan he is too nosy for his own good.
Max: I'm still in the states KO; I won't be there for another week or so.
Koenma: ok I'll tell them that when they contact us ok and maxi please have fun.
“Sure” I put on a sickly sweet smile that usual signal I'm getting upset.
Sadly my friends just happen to be in the park when I'm walking through to get to another of my favorite places the circle. They where having a picnic when I'm walking out of the woods. And decide to jump into the tree I usually sit in it when I need to think and relax, if only I had been paying attention to who was a round I wouldn't have landed on my back when Yasha stunned the living daylights out of me when I open my eyes. Making me fall out of the tree.
Max: what the hell?
The wind is starting to pick up as I say theses words so I don't hurt that much but still it hurt.
Inu: Max is that really you.
He's staring at me and steps closer until he is beside me then pinches me “Aieeeeeeee” now he is backing away and yelling for the others. While I'm still trying to figure out what the heck is going on.
Hiei sp? so the wolf ling is back
Yuske: leave her alone Hiei she didn't bother u
Kuwabra: it's nice to see you again max.
Kurama: yes quite nice
Kagome & Songo: when did u get back?
Shippo: why are you on the ground?
The rest are quiet they know I'm a little surprised by the sudden incursion, especially when the coil just happens to knock a few branch down onto three of the members of the gang. “Um I have to go see gramps and grump so I'll see u later” with that I head back the way I came a few minutes earlier. Now yasha and the others are looking like I insulted them or something. Man how do I get into these messes. “Guys I promise I'll be back as soon as I get gramps and grumps permission for something.” Kago is the one who looks questioning now they know there is no, way I would willingly put my self through that anguish when there was an easy way. Then my cell starts to ring. “Talk to me” I say in a slightly annoyed voice. “Max is that you?” “T-tea what's up” “just calling to let you know that I have most of the stuff we need.” “awesome now I just have to talk to “them” then everything is going to go according to plan” now I turn back to the others there looking at me like I'm crazy “What” is all I mouth before tea asks me to meet her somewhere later. “Just go somewhere that they won't go or see you at normally . . . Kay bye” I hang up “now what's with “oh no she's trying to take over the world stare” “what was that about?” kagome asks. “a new friend of mine needs some help that's all” ok now they're going to be upset when I have to tell them I'm not going to be in Tokyo. So I just walk away. I hail a cab then go to the region of no return. I just go strait in my bags are already down there. “Hello gramps, baba are u here” now I can already sense it “Max where on earth is kiru; he hasn't been seen for a week; he has school; why isn't he here; where is he?” I block some of the rest out I really don't want to leave hearing-impaired so I just turn and look for gramps and there is aunt yoko I wave but they seem to be mad at me. She's finally stopped to catch her breath. “Um hello I haven't talked to kiru in months, two I'm not his keeper, and three we don't tell each other any thing. Now think about this and tell me why I would know where he is? Uh huh that's what I thought so don't yell at me because you don't keep tabs on him besides my friends say he's training in the woods since I last checked my e-mail” I shrug and keep talking while they're in a stupor “now about you people sending me to domino I agree but on one condition I get to have a job of my choosing, not a paper pusher for your company. And I get privacy no one is to go in my room at all I will have the freedom to go anywhere I want and will have to call in a set time limit of time each week.” That was a mouth full. Aunt Yoko looked a little discomfited before she looked at me in assessing way “are u sure you don't want to work at the company. We could use a person with your skills” “uh no thank you I'm going to try something else” with that I start to back out the way I came. “No you don't the last part of it is you have to take a ballet class after school. And before your job.” she's proud of her self but this is what I was waiting for. “ I get to have an apartment then, deal” I trying not to laugh but she think she caught me when it's the other way around even aunt yoko isn't that stupid though she has her blonde days (no offence to blonds it's just an expression) but I don't like dancing like a wind up doll. Maybe tea can help me find a way around this one. Kagome might have one, man this is not fair well live and learn. I walk back and guess what a few certain demons are there as well as my friends though there walking towards me oh boy here comes the real fun. Sesshomaru “so you're leaving your not staying in Tokyo”. I shake my head no use in deigning it. “There idea but I can come back on weekends and we'll talk at night I only have to call them once a day in the mornings.” I give them the puppy dog face I don't know if it will work but well banzai.
They aren't looking at me they aren't looking so that means oh yeses. Sess sighs and actually smile not a smirk a smile “fine but we will visit when you get settled and we won't wreck the place.” “OMG HE SMILED” then I just burst out laughing ok bro this is the deal I'll call you all after I find a job I like or I'll be doing my hobby again” there was silence this was not funny to them. “ what it's good practice” “maxi-z there is no way you are going to do that again” “umm o. . . k-k has anyone else got an idea for a good job?” “Well there is a job opening at a smoothie joint or whatever there called” and “it's a cyber snack bar or a espresso bar what ever they call It.” oh boy this is going to be fun “and the age range is? It better not be eighteen or I won't get it” “well it's seventeen but you are sixteen” yuske pops in .The phone rings again “yes-s-s-s? koenma” how did you know it was me” how do you think so small fry.” Each one of they cringe as she said that she was mad but why they didn't know. “max since you are here early and have talked to your grandparents you have a mission.'' “What you got to be kiddin me. Wait a minute how do you know where I am.” “well I talked to heie a few minutes ago” I glower at him if only looks could kill he'd be as lifeless as a doornail. “no I'm NOT GOING!!!!” “yeah she just got here an hour ago let her rest” “stay out of this yuske unless you want to get hurt” the current stirs again but this time it is accompanied by a crimson glow. Max growls if she had been in a bad mood it had just doubled.
Booms . . . ... .. . . . . . . . . . Boom
Max is in domino it turns out that the apartment she had chosen was spacious so she could have an extra room for guest or a training room. Her clothes were in the manor but she had about ten or twenty outfits besides her old school uniforms. So she wouldn't go get them till they came back from where ever they wore. The café was three blocks down and the school she was going to go in the same direction. The dance school was three blocks down and left. She needed to meet tea at the café in about ten minutes enough time to run down there she grabbed her keys and ran out the door locking it.
Tea sat in the booth max was supposed to meet her hear soon to get some facts strait on the “even”. Max coolly walked through the door and looked around that was after she noticed her attire instead of the baggy pants she wore tight hip huggers she also had a red shirt that was cut on the shoulders and chest with a white shirt under it, her hair was in a plait. Max spotted her and walked over.
Tea: hi max
Max: hello tea,
She sat down she looked kind of troubled
Tea: why the long face your meeting didn't go right?
Max: no it went fine but I have to take ballet now
Tea: that's great I'm taking it gives us a good opportunity to plan and just hangout.
Max: grins ok this should be fun then. But on a serious note. You do understand that you may hurt your friends more then they hurt you right.
Tea: was surprised that was a turn around the cheerful max was so serious. Yeah I know.
Max: well then let's go.
Tea:-_-U ummm where?
Max: as much as I hate it shopping we need to get a few things. This is going to be a week of hell for them. ^_^
Tea: and a week of fun for us^_^
They walk around the small shops that are around the café she they had got new clothes just for the pranks. They were in a small thrift store when tea spied a necklace with a crystal in the middle with a gold setting. It was very similar to the necklace max had on right now. She felt drawn to it for some reason it seemed to call out to it.
Max: just pick it up already
Tea: X_X max don't do that you surprised me. She said while picking it up.
the black straps of it would fit like a choker around her neck almost exactly like Max's now.
Max: let's go. max had clicked the clip down fastening it around her neck. and pushed her towards the door. The owner smiled at the girls then spoke.
Man:, oh I see you like that old necklace well go on I'm not stopping you my are you two twins it's amazing how much your necklace looks like the other one.
Max: calm but her eyes flashing dangerously from the way the clerk is looking at her: thank you but it's not the same you see the mines sliver and with wings and hers is goldish and circular. And we should be going there are a lot of perverts out there. With that she pushes tea' out the door and fallow suit until they are a block down. What was that for I didn't even buy it?
Max: it was free the old hentai thought it was fake. But that is genuine crystal. And besides he was trying to flip your skirt. They continued walking when they got near the park. “oh my I guess those guys are jell lovers” tea looked around to see who max was talking about. “oh no it's them” she said in a hushed whisper. “you've got to be kidding me” she said to herself more that tea. At that moment Yugi looks up and sees tea. And max. “Tea where have you been” tea puts on her fake smile and waves while pushing max in to a very large bush along with the bag they had been carrying. “hi guys what's up” she says like nothings wrong” max is be hind the bush now not in it so her hair now look like a coppery brown instead of the her usual onyx and ruby color. She walks to the another side before she starts to look around thinking of ways to get out of here before her hair changes back to normal.
The group is now around tea asking questions while max is walking back. Bakura, marik and Malik are leaving unfortunately for her she walks into Bakura. “hey watch where you're going.” She shouted as she looks up from the ground her eyes are a dark cold blue. “you ran into me mortal try watching where you're going. “I was you weren't” “ah Bakura you seem to have found a little girl to play with.” Malik jibed max is standing and brushing the dirt of her clothes “I'm not little jell-freak I'm guessing I'm about 10 years older than you emotionally, but physically I'm the same age.” Marik and Bakura snicker “same for you Blondie and lets not forget the wannabe who can't even say excuse me” she said before turning her back on the marik puts a hand on her shoulder. “wait a minute” . . . . . Snap. . “OUCH!!!” the gang saw a girl around tea's height with long copper brown hair girl bend marik's arm back and dropped his arm, “don't touch me” is what she said as she walked back down the path she had came the guys looked at marik then at the girl's receding back as she walked away. “guys I think she pulled it out of his socket” tea said bending down to look at it. “ since when have you learned about injuries “ Mai piped in just to annoy tea who ignored her and popped it back in. with out it hurting to much “ you guys should get him home before he tries to you know. . .” they nodded and picked up the very agitated Egyptian. After they where out of sight tea walked through the bushes to where she saw the bags under a large tree. Sighing she picked up three of the bags. “max” she called out “what” was the reply that came from above her. Max jumped out of the tree and beside tea. “did you really have to pop his arm like that?” “it was a reflex sorry” “well at least I know you are strong.” As they left the park. To go back to a few more stores.
In a few hour night came and both girls tired but max still has a enough oomph to fight off a few thugs and makes sure tea' got home safely with out her knowing it. Before heading to her apartment. When she turns her cell rings,
Max: hello?
Tea: thanks but I could of handled them.
Max: face faults and starts to twitch. I guess you could if you heard me. C-ya tomorrow
Tea: just remember where your uniform it will be less specious.
Max: Ok: thinking: tomorrow was not going to be my day I could already feel it.
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