Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Hidden Camera- Spirit Detective Style ❯ Hello there everyone ( Chapter 1 )

[ A - All Readers ]

A young girl comes out on stage. She has long sandy blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and deep blue eyes. She is wearing all black except for the red dragon on her shirt. She smiles as a stage light shines on her.

"Hey everyone out there. My names SakuraSango but you all may call me Sakura. We are starting a new hidden camera show but we need your help. But first let me introduce you to my partners in crime. First we have my wild and wacky cousin Hailey." A tall skinny girl comes out with brown hair and brown eyes. She is wearing a pair of sweats with a baseball cap on.

"And my little bro Alex." A little boy comes running out and trips on his shoelace. Sliding halfway across the stage. Sitting next to Sakura he spins in small circles. Sakura stares at him with a raised eyebrow. "'k so what idiot gave him sugar. I said wait until we put him out on the street." Sighing she tries to ignore him.

"Anyways like I was saying. We are going to have a hidden camera show. But we need the viewers help." Stares at Alex as he sits there and picks his nose.

Sakura tries to ignore the gross display. "What we are going to do is have the guinea pig here-"

"I'm a T-Rex not a pig." Alex wails

"Riiiiight we are going to have the `T-Rex' wear these special glasses which will let us see all the torment that he puts the YYH characters through. For our amusement and their pain."

Hailey jumps in to say a few words, "But first there are a few guidelines. 1. You cannot kill the characters- so don't recommend it. 2. Anyone is susceptible to the show. 3. Fan girls or boys are allowed to have fun- but not over a pg-13 rating. 4. If you want to be the one to dish it out please include these things- name, age, looks, likes/dislikes, name of the character and `torture' (as we call it here). 5. You are allowed to give as many as possible but please clearly mark which ones for which person."

Alex jumps up. "Yeah yeah it can be like a weird hairstyle, taking something they like away, fan girls or boys having fun, putting them with someone or thing that they don't like. Anything. Like Kurama can have a buzz, Eichi can disappear. Or it can be humiliating things that happen for everyone in the world to see. Like weird clothes, hidden obsessions. Like that. Viewers get to choose."

Sakura takes a bat to the over hyper boy's head. "So please place them in your reviews. And guess-- what, This is not interactive. NOPE!!! These are just suggestions. So don't flame for anything. So please read and review and please give us suggestions. We'll update as the reviews come in with suggestions."

The three sit on the stage and play cards while waiting for some fun.