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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
The Yu Yu Hakusho Love Test

Written by: Jesscheaux

Disclaimer: I did not invent, nor do I own Yu Yu Hakusho or any of the characters, but I sure wish I owned Kuwabara! He's da man!

Author's notes: Have you ever been watching Yu Yu Hakusho or studying it on the internet when you thought to yourself, 'I wonder which Yu Yu Hakusho guy is for me?" Then you've come to the right place! Take my fool-proof test to find out which Yu Yu Hakusho guy would be right for you. Don't forget to tell me who you got at the end!
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Write down all your answers (or remember them) and look for your guy at the end.

1. Your guy's personality would be:

A. Evil and standoffish, the result of suffering in the past.

B. Loud-mouthed and cocky, yet loveable.

C. Softspoken and compassionate, with a touch of mystery.

D. Funny and Tough, but very kind.

E. Spoiled and always wants his way, often pouting.

* * *

2. He would take you out on a date to:

A. Wherever the hell he wanted, wench! You have no say in the matter.

B. To a professional wrestling match.

C. To a botany exhibit at the museum or the Opera.

D. To the movies with a video game tournament afterwards.

E. To the rice ball buffet.

* * *

3. Your man would protect you from bad guys using:

A. A sword or a dragon, whilst mocking the enemy.

B. Different types of guns and his bad attitude.

C. Environmental weapons and a transformation.

D. An indestructible sword and a killer left hook.

E. Nothing. He doesn't fight.

* * *

4. You'd prefer a guy who:

A. You could fight with non-stop and would constantly tick you off.

B. You can't get to shut up and have to bother him about his bad habits.

C. You couldn't tell if he was who he said he was, but he was still very sweet to you.

D. Always can make you laugh and adores you.

E. Is some type of celebrity or royalty.

* * *

5. When it comes to looks, you'd pick a guy who is:

A. Short, with a unique hairstyle.

B. Medium height, slick, but not much of a dresser.

C. A pretty-boy, with longer hair and deep eyes.

D. Tall and rugged.

E. Good looking and has a unique tattoo and style of dress.

* * *

6. You've had your eye on something special and mentioned it to your guy, would he get it for you?

A. HELL NO! He doesn't want to waste his money on human things!

B. He would think about it and probably buy it after you slapped him a few times.

C. He would surprise you with it on romantic date.

D. Definetly! Along with flowers, chocolates, and assorted stuffed animals.

E. Probably not because he's a tight wad.

* * *

7. How romantic would you want your guy to be?

A. Not at all. He'd much prefer silence and showing you he cared very discreetly.

B. Romantic at times, but mostly you would be like best friends.

C. Extremely romantic, making you feel like a Queen.

D. Shy and cute about his affections at first, but he blurts out his version of romantic stuff often.

E. Selfish with romance, but likes to dance with you.

* * *

8. His favorite kind of music is:

A. NONE, he HATES music!

B. Rock and roll, with lots of head-banging.

C. Classical music and soft rock.

D. Comedy music, like Weird Al.

E. Alternative and ego-inflating music.

* * *

9. What does your guy do in his free time?

A. Run around killing people and demons.

B. Pick fights with everyone and skip school.

C. Does his homework first, then takes care of his garden.

D. Plays video games, reads comics and hangs out with the gang.

E. Tons of paperwork and gives orders.

* * *

10. Would you and your guy ever get married?

A. NEVER! Marriage is foolish according to him.

B. He'd propose, but it would probably be a long engagement.

C. Yes, he can't wait to spend the rest of his life with you.

D. Absolutely! He loves you more than anything.

E. Maybe, if his busy schedule allowed it.

* * *


Mostly A's: The fire demon Hiei is your man! He's bad and he knows it. Hiei has an extremely dark past and isn't used to loving relationships; you'll have to give him time to warm up to you. Although he has a rough exterior, and doesn't talk much, Hiei is loyal especially to those he loves. He will protect you with his life if need be.

Mostly B's: Yusuke Urameshi is the guy for you! Loud, arrogant, and cocky, Yusuke makes a great Spirit Detective. Although he is a lone wolf, he will definetly want to spend lots of time with you. Yusuke is also dangerous, having many demons follow him around, but don't worry, he'll always protect you. Although he isn't the brightest crayon in the box, Yusuke is an excellent fighter and strategist and can always get out of a bad scrape.

Mostly C's: You are a Kurama Momma! (hehehe that rhymes) You just can't get enough of the lucious red-head. Kurama is extremely loyal and will love you until the day he dies and even after that. With a unique style of fighting and a transformation, Kurama is almost unstoppable, not to mention a total hottie!

Mostly D's: You lucky girl you! You got Kazuma Kuwabara! *swoons* (I LOVE YOU KUWABARA!) Witty, hilarious and the master of Paper rock scissors, Kuwabara will stand by you forever. He's the kind of guy that adores his girl and takes good care of her. With an honor code to boot, Kazuma is quite a catch. Although he may not be the best looking, he does have the most heart. He'll strive to be the best and never let anything happen to you.

Mostly E's: You're just the girl for Lord Koenma! Spoiled to a T, Koenma is used to having his way all the time. As the co-ruler of the Spirit World for 700 years, Koenma knows what he's talking about. Although he can get annoying and often be busy at times, Koenma will always be there for you. But try to steal his pacifier and things might get ugly! He has alot of servants and assistants who will also make sure that you're spoiled. Although he's not a legendary fighter, he does have a great team of Spirit Detectives always on call. :)

GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND YOUR GUY! (Just don't try to steal Kuwabara from me ;)

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Well, that's all for the Yu Yu Hakusho love test! I hope you enjoyed it and got the guy you wanted. (I know some questions are a bit obvious, hehehe) Tell me who you got and if you enjoyed this quiz. DOMO ARIGATOU!