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Unexpected Attraction

Part 4

Kurama plopped down on his bed after a tiring weekend. Shizuru was a slave driver. Of course he had to suffer for it. Plus he was paying hours he never wanted. Shizuru made it so he was staying a bit longer than he intended to.

'I'll be lucky that I don't get comments said about her. About what she is accused of being of,' he thought.

It was a major possibility. Females tend to get aggressive when it comes to getting the guy they want, sometimes. Some would use any means to get them. It was such a bummer to be well known and be wanted at the same time. It was so frustrating. He sat up as he heard a knock on his door. It was his human mother.

"Shuuichi, can I talk to you for a moment?" she asked as she entered and shut the door. Kurama didn't have a say in the matter, it's not like he got anything to hide, except for a few things. Those were exceptional. Kurama looked at her as she was nervous, shifting her foot. He could tell something was bothering her. He wondered what it was.

"Shuuichi, do you have a girlfriend?" she asked completely surprising him.

"Wha?" he said shocked, not knowing what else to respond.

"A friend of mine's daughter told her and she told me. She goes to your school. I was wondering if that was true and why you didn't tell me. Though I know you don't need to tell me but at least you could introduce me to her."


"Why don't you invite her to dinner?"


'Now I'm going to pay overtime. Inari why did she have to ask so much?' Kurama thought sulking. 'Inviting her to dinner would cost me extra. I guess I better start getting a job.'

He picked up the phone after his mom left and dialed Shizuru's number. He is so going to regret this.


Shizuru was bored. Sad to say she was saving up the weekly allowance that she was receiving from her victim that made a deal with her. She was beginning to feel bad for doing this to a friend. But hey she needed to pay last minute bills. She was about to go to sleep when the phone rang. She was going to let it ring until the person gave up.

Of course after about ten rings did she bother to pick up.

"Hello this is Shizuru speaking, what the hell do you want?" she said rather annoyed.

"I'm sorry did I call in a bad time?" Shizuru heard Kurama's voice drift through the phone.

"Oh it's just you. Had you been some persistent telemarketer I would've made your ears bleed. Now what do you want?"

"Mom wanted to invite you for dinner. If that's okay."

"Really? Well then it's going to cost ya. I promised my friend that we were going to hang out tonight but since you need help I guess I could ditch her for a few bucks."

"Can we discuss payments later?"

"Okay whatever you say Kurama, baby. I'll see ya tonight."

'Well looks like I'm getting a bonus. I gotta call her up.' Shizuru thought and picked up the phone calling her friend that she was going to ditch tonight for a few bucks.


Kurama sighed. He glanced at the clock to see that it was almost dinner. He told his mother that he invited her tonight so his mother was cooking up a storm. Currently he was looking at job opportunities in the paper. He needed something good. What luck he found a florist shop that needed some help. He quickly read over the address and saw that it was near his place. Well then that was a good opportunity for him. The other thing he hoped was that dinner would go well tonight.


Shizuru propped herself up. She had to make a good impression on his mother. So that meant no cursing and no smoking. She sighed. How the hell was she going to get through the night? She needed to make a lasting impression. She had an idea of who told Kurama's mother that they were dating. She wanted to avoid this whole situation but it looks like it didn't last too long. She wanted a confrontation after Kurama didn't need her anymore. Oh well, better now than later. She picked up her keys and went off. She left a note for Kuwabara.

Shizuru made it and made sure that she was going to be on her best behavior. She was thinking of calling it quits but the door opened before she could breeze out of there. There at the front was the most beautiful looking mother in the whole block. Now she knew where the kitsune got his good effeminate looks from.

"Hello can I help you?" Shiori asked respectfully. Shizuru snapped from her daze.

"Yes, is this the Minamino house?" Shizuru said.

"Ah you must be the girl that Shuuichi is dating. Please come inside. Dinner will be ready in a moment. Oh I didn't catch your name?"

"Oh I'm sorry, my name's Kazuma Shizuru."

Shizuru sat on the couch in the living room. She patiently waited and looked around. It was very homey. She liked it. There were a few pictures. She stood up and looked at them. As she looked at them her face fell. Shizuru wished that she could have something like this, a happy family of her own. She sighed in sadness then went to sit down. She saw Kurama standing in the entrance, smiling.

"Well I see you got here safely," Kurama said.

"Of course I did. What you thought I would crash?" Shizuru responded.

"With that reckless driving I experienced with you, yeah." It took her a minute to register what he said.

"Shuuichi, baby, for that comment, I think I'm going to finish what that hunter started." Kurama then smiled and backed up slowly.

"C'mere fox, be lucky I'll go easy on you than that hunter," she said before he finally bolted with her chasing after him around the living space. Shiori peaked in to see what the commotion was about and saw Shuuichi being chased by his 'girlfriend'. She smiled at the action and then went back to cooking, dinner was almost ready.


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