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Unexpected Attraction

Part 5

Shizuru was still at lost. She didn't know what possessed her to do that. At dinner last night with Kurama's mother was kinda weird for her. Usually she'd have dinner with no pleasant talk because her friends were party animals and she's like them too. They usually got to some club or party all night. Shizuru was nervous throughout last night, which caused her sleep-deprivation. It was the afternoon and she still couldn't sleep. Anyways she was thinking of what happened at the dinner invite she took.


Shizuru was a bit nervous sitting there. Apparently she was answering the questions pouring out from Kurama's mother. God she was trying so hard not to slip up. Her grip on her eating utensils tightened a little. Damn she was nervous as hell. She wondered how Kurama was able to lie to her face so fluently.

She cursed all mothers with a charm that makes other younger people nervous. God how she wished she declined.

Then she looked up surprised as she felt Kurama's hand grasped hers in some form of comfort. She looked at him in confusion. He just gave her a small smile.

End Flashback------------------------------

She blushed as she thought of that. She never knew that Kurama had a nice smile. She stopped herself from thinking that. It was like she was becoming one of his many fanclub members. She needed to go somewhere to take her mind off this. Shizuru exited the apartment and walked around.


Eventually Shizuru ended up in the park. What a coincidence huh?

Well if you were lucky it wouldn't be raining but since this is the made up world, it is. And if you were really lucky the rain wouldn't ruin your mood. And if you were really, really lucky then you wouldn't be soaking wet and looking like a drowned rat.

That is how Shizuru was feeling. The rain hasn't really improved her depressing mood. It just made it worse. She sighed just putting the unlit cigarette between her lips. She wished she could light it but she was lazy to get up and go home to smoke. So she just had to settle for nothing. This really is upsetting her.

When she felt something over her she looked up and saw an umbrella. Then she leaned her head back a little bit more to see Kurama's arm attacked to it. Just the last person she wanted to see. She sighed.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him.

"I was just walking around," he answered.

"Okay I can see that's obvious but what are you doing?"

"I'm just protecting you from the rain. You could catch a cold out here."

"Ah, I think you're a little late pretty boy. How long do you plan on standing?"

"Until I don't want to."

"So why are you bothering?"

"I'm just helping a friend out."

"Oh thanks." Shizuru fished out her lighter and lit her unlit somewhat soaked cigarette. Kurama coughed a little as the smoke reached in his range. "You bothered you'll die of second hand smoke?"

"Not that I couldn't. I do have remedies for that."

"Whatever. Sit down. You standing around like an idiot holding an umbrella near me makes me look stupid. My friend would never let me hear the end of it."

"Embarrassed much?"

"Yeah, you wouldn't believe."

Shizuru laid her head on his lap, completely forgetting about manners. Kurama was a little surprised but decided to leave it be. He figured Shizuru was probably tired especially sitting out here in the rain. She could catch a cold. The only thing he had to worry about was the burning ashes wouldn't fall on him. They stayed like that for a while. Kurama unconsciously began threading his fingers through her hair. Shizuru didn't mind the contact at all and let it happen. Without knowing it she fell asleep.


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