Zatch Bell Fan Fiction ❯ Pray For You ❯ Chapter 1: Winry Uzumaka ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Hello, peeps. Nothing much to say except that writer's block has eaten me alive. ^^ Also, I've come to realize that many people are harshly critiquing Zatch Bell fics. People, don't bash someone just because they used Zatch instead of Gash, or didn't use a Japanese name. Not everyone knows Konjiko no Gash Bell! So be nice. For me.

Pray For You

"When I find myself fading, I close my eyes and realize my friends are my energy."

I had nothing to say...--------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
September 21st
"This is unacceptable! This is your first marking period, and already you're failing!"
Winry Uzumaka stared at her father, who was the only person who could scare her. "I'm sorry, ok?! Maybe if you weren't on my case all the time I would do better!" she yelled back. "Sorry doesn't cut it this time, Winry! At this rate, you'll never get into high school," he continued. Winry carefully rolled her eyes, making sure that he wasn't watching. "What can I do to make you learn?" her father said suddenly. "Weren't you listening to me?! If you left me alone for once and stopped treating me like a little kid then maybe I would do better," Winry said, losing her patience. "I've been listening to you for the past 7 years, and the only result was you getting held back."
Winry couldn' t take it any more. "Well you weren't listening hard enough!" she screamed, and stormed out of the house. It was relatively dark outside, but that didn't matter. She didn't care if there was a blizzard coming in the daytime. A gush of wind made her straight black hair tangled. All that time in front of the mirror was wasted. But wasn't wasted in her life?
She could hear the rapid whispers of her brothers and sisters as she was walking away. She couldn't quite catch what they were saying, but Winry could never hear what they were saying if they were actually talking to her in person. She missed her older siblings, but they lived with her mother. Her parents were divorced. Winry contemplated on that as she walked past her school, which was her merry hell. It was the source of all her problems, the reason why she dreaded returning home from school each day. Home, school, there was no difference. They were both unwelcome places for her.
There were only a few people roaming through the streets now, and most of them were rushing home. Winry turned, just to make sure no one was stalking her. Her silhouette didn't stand out. If you got an up close view of her, Winry had hazel eyes, tangled long black hair. She was wearing a black sweater jacket with a black tanktop underneath, and to top it off, had long, baggy cargo pants. Not an unusual site. There was a bronze necklace dangling from her neck. She'd rather forget how it got there...
Good, no one's there, Winry thought, but she heard the flipping of pages in front of her. She turned around to see a book laying on the street, slightly damp from the rain that had fallen earlier. "What's this?" Winry said, walking over to the book. She picked it up, and examined it. It was the most unusual book she had ever seen; the book cover and back were a neon-rainbow color, and had a weird title that she couldn't read. She sat down on a dry bench that was under a street light and opened the book. Inside, there were words that Winry could read. The Forbidden Book? What kind of book name is that? she thought, opening the the first page. The book wasn't that thick, in fact, it was quite thin. She turned the page, and saw pictures of kids. But they didn't look like kids. They looked like demonic kids. In fact, some of them didn't even look like kids. More like demons. Next to their picture was their name, their gender, and...
Their spellbook color?
Whoever wrote this book is one serious nut who needs help, Winry thought, still looking at the kids. "Hmm...I want to drop it and forget I ever picked it up, but I can't..." she said. "Huh?" she saw a page with a heading that said The Forbidden Book: The Book of Mamodos. Her eyes scanned the page and found out that it was instructions...

Rule 1
This book is forbidden of use by anyone other than the Mamodo King. If it is somehow in the human world, that is where it will stay until there is another king.
Rule 2
This book can only be used to bring a Mamodo back to the Mamodo world, or a Mamodo back to the human world if the book is there.
Rule 3
Only one Mamodo may be brought back to the human or Mamodo world per year.
Rule 4
If a human brings a Mamodo back to the human world, the Mamodo will not return to its original bookowner. It will become the partner of the human who brought it back. (A/N: I know I used Mamodo a lot, but it was necessary. I tried to make it sound formal, so I had to.)

"" Winry said, in awe. What in the world was a Mamodo? Thinking (which she rarely did), she concluded that it was the kids she had seen earlier in the book. She put the pieces of the puzzle together; a mamodo was one of those little kids (or demons, kid-demon thingys), and there was a king-sort of guy. But she had never seen these guys before, or even read about them. Though there was a possibility she could have heard about them in class, she just wasn't paying attention. But, she would've been interested, most likely.
There was another thing that confused her; what did a spellbook mean? But she had done enough thinking, and it was starting to get late, and she she was hungry (and she had a million other reasons to go home), so she picked up the book and made her way home.--------------------------------------------
September 22nd
"Shut up, you alarm from hell," Winry muttered. Just as she turned it off and was about to go to sleep, she felt a full blown blast at her head. "OK RIKKU THIS HAS GONE FAR ENOUGH," Winry yelled, sitting up. She glared at her younger brother, who was sticking his tongue out. "Die, brother, die!" Winry yelled, attempting to pounce on the vermin, but she landed with a hard oof. "I'll get you one day!" she screamed, getting up. "Oh will you?" she could hear her brother's pesky voice from the foyer.
Winry didn't answer. She glanced at her bedside table, where she had stored the book she had found yesterday.
Shaking with anger, Winry gritted her teeth and went downstairs. She saw Rikku sitting at the table, acting all innocent. "Prepare to die, Rikku Uzumaka," she said through her gritted teeth. (It was only them down there. They always woke up before anyone else). "Oh, come on," Rikku said. "I do that to you every morning." "You know why I'm going to kill you, sibling?" Winry said, giving her sweetest smile. "Why?" "Because. You shouldn't be snooping around in my room stealing books. I'm quite ashamed of you. Now please tell Dad that you won't be coming home for a long time," Winry said. "Ok, ok! Here's your stupid book. I didn't look in it anyway. I was going to though. I thought it was your diary," Rikku said, holding out the book. "Now why in the world would I leave a diary laying out in the open for anyone to steal?" Winry said, snatching the book from him.
"Dunno. But you gave me a great idea," Rikku said, smirking. "I'll go to the shed and get out the pitchfork..." "PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME NOT THE PITCHFORK!" Rikku yelled, on his knees. "Ok then. So if you don't want the pitchfork, then you won't storm my room looking for my diary. 'Cause I'll know if you take it," Winry said, kneeling down to his height. "And you won't like me when I found out." "O-ok," Rikku said nervously. Their heads darted up when they heard footsteps. Oh crap, it's Dad. "Sorry gotta go. Bye beloved brother," Winry said, grabbing her backpack and rushing out the door. I doubt I'll be able to concentrate much more than I do usually. That book is the only thing on my mind...

To Be Continued...