[A] by: Sueric
Non Anime: Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Drama / Fantasy | Type: One Shot
Latest Revision: October 27, 2018 23:22 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 3.8K | Visits: 109
Summary: Dealing with the negative feelings of having passed the Mark of Mastery exam while Sora did not, Riku tries to come to terms with everything that has happened. One shot.

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Flame of Love
[T] by: Noizchild
: Original Stories Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Shoujo / Romance / Drama | Type: Other
Latest Revision: October 26, 2018 19:16 PDT | Chapters: 73 | Words: 69.8K | Visits: 6.6K
Summary: Brotherly Love... What exactly is it? For Ryo, it is a romantic relationship with his ex-sister, Kagome. Kagome seems to think the same. They try to hold their love together and battle the outside world.

[T] by: Transformersfan123
: Transformers Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Adventure / Drama / Angst | Type: Alternate Universe
Latest Revision: September 02, 2018 12:13 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 4.8K | Visits: 8
Summary: They stood in silence, the ancient one studying his youthful component. They hadn't planned on being this way, but the acts of the selfless being had brought them together. It had been a long, hard journey, one they still weren't entirely comfortable with, read more

Book of Spells
[T] by: Transformersfan123
: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Drama / Martial Arts / Angst / Adventure | Type: Alternate Universe
Latest Revision: August 27, 2018 16:45 PDT | Chapters: 6 | Words: 10.6K | Visits: 61
Summary: He found it when he was young. Fearing punishment, he hid it from his family. But as the years went by, he discovered freedom. The same kind of freedom that Leonardo has with his training, that Donatello with his science, and that Michelangelo with his vid read more

Terrel Seabrook Peele
[T] by: Transformersfan123
: Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Drama / Fantasy / Mystery / Supernatural / Angst | Type: Alternate Universe
Latest Revision: August 27, 2018 16:31 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 2.1K | Visits: 10
Summary: I'm sorry. I should introduce myself by the name you all know. Peeves the poltergeist. Oh the looks on your faces! Most people don't know I was alive at one point. There's a silly rumor going around that I came with the castle, but that's not true.

[T] by: Transformersfan123
: The Nightmare Before Christmas Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Adventure / Drama / Horror / Angst | Type: Alternate Universe
Latest Revision: August 27, 2018 16:14 PDT | Chapters: 9 | Words: 16.8K | Visits: 67
Summary: Jack gasped as tingles raced up and down his body. Weakness engulfed him as the wave disappeared. The children gasped as the black sparkles slipped away to reveal an extremely dazed male human. There was another rumble and the ground opened up behind Jack, read more