The Priestess and the Prince of Egypt
[P] by: Hanaru-NekoHanyou
Anime/Manga: InuYasha Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Action / Adventure / Romance | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: November 06, 2012 16:08 PST | Chapters: 2 | Words: 2.2K | Visits: 1.3K
Summary: Yami is a prince with an ailing father. Kagome is a priestess and healer traveling with her grandpa to help the Pharaoh. Will love blossom on their journey across Egypt (and maybe Greece too!XD) to save the mighty Pharaoh of Egypt?Will Bakura ever stop toy read more
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The Silver Pendant
[P] by: Hanaru-NekoHanyou
: Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Martial Arts | Type: Other
Latest Revision: September 10, 2012 14:39 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 1.4K | Visits: 613
Summary: When a strange girl comes to Domino High, what will become of Yugi and friends? She has a past shrouded in mystery, but according to Yami, everything she says is the truth. A bonus is she has a strange egyption pendant that hangs around her neck... does th read more

Cliche? I Don't Think So!
[A] by: Hanaru-NekoHanyou
: Sailor Moon Fan Fiction / Sonic X Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Action / Martial Arts / Fantasy / Comedy / Adventure | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: September 04, 2012 17:27 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 1.2K | Visits: 841
Summary: Dr. Eggman is at it again, trying to create chaos control so he can rule over his own demention, but it leads him to... Sailor Moon?

Sonic and friends(only Tails and Amy) get sucked into the worlds of the Sailor Scouts and have turned into h read more