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Doctor Who and Start Of It All
[A] by: aurora7054
Non Anime: Doctor Who Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Suspense / Romance / Adventure | Type: Other
Latest Revision: November 18, 2007 14:05 PST | Chapters: 11 | Words: 11.1K | Visits: 2.2K
Summary: Meet the Doctor, his Wife and granddaughter. They where traveling back to see His wife's mother when they ran into an old friend of the Doctors. Who had it out to get him for taking his wife from him. Thanks to a small box that reminds you of Pandora's box read more

Geological Conundrum
[A] by: StarbearerTM
: Doctor Who Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Sci-fi / Romance / Action | Type: Continuation
Latest Revision: August 09, 2007 11:43 PDT | Chapters: 3 | Words: 12.9K | Visits: 524
Summary: Long before Sarah Jane had her own adventures, she was a freelance reporter. Travel back to shortly after she met the Doctor. When Sarah Jane Smith is called to investigate a routine student tour, she goes missing. Yet she stumbles into a UNIT investigati read more

A Growing Madness
[T] by: StarbearerTM
: Doctor Who Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Sci-fi / Romance / Adventure | Type: Divergence
Latest Revision: August 08, 2007 12:41 PDT | Chapters: 14 | Words: 68.1K | Visits: 2.0K
Summary: The Rani has captured the Last Mantissan, former slaves of the Time Lords, and used her to capture two specimines from earth, a telepath and a geologist from the seventies... can Ace and the Doctor free them?