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Adiue Mon ami
 Spanish [P] by: Arkaham
Anime/Manga: Saint Seiya Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Comedy | Type: One Shot
Latest Revision: February 23, 2005 23:01 PST | Chapters: 1 | Words: 2.8K | Visits: 1.0K
Summary: Ikki relata los hechos de una situacion angustiante sobre su querido hermano y el odiado ruso..... el final de lo mas raro..

The UnHoly Tournament
[T] by: summershades204
: Saint Seiya Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Mystery | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: February 10, 2005 05:20 PST | Chapters: 6 | Words: 13.5K | Visits: 1.5K
Summary: When the renkai tentai and the Bronze saints are forced to enter a new tournament where a mysterious power is at the head, what will the two groups do? Can they survive and who will they meet along the way?
Review(s): 1 Reviews

Crossing Paths
[P] by: Nekocin
: Saint Seiya Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance / / Angst | Type: One Shot
Latest Revision: January 30, 2005 10:46 PST | Chapters: 1 | Words: 3.4K | Visits: 1.1K
Summary: Snapshots of Shun behind the scenes when he suddenly notices the differences between his feelings for his brother and his feelings for Hyoga. [mild Hyoga+Shun]

Aigo no Mitsukai (Angels of Protection)
[T] by: Mizu no Mitsukai
: Saint Seiya Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance / Adventure | Type: Self Insertion
Latest Revision: December 14, 2004 12:47 PST | Chapters: 5 | Words: 9.5K | Visits: 1.3K
Summary: Chaos created the world as we know it, but he was consumed by the darkness. 8° Mystic Angels fight against him, trying to protect the universe, but their souls were trap by the oblivion chains. 2004 years later, the world is in danger again, and only the o read more
Review(s): 1 Reviews

Hades False Bride
[T] by: Female Heero Yuy
: Saint Seiya Fan Fiction
Genre(s): | Type: Continuation
Latest Revision: April 28, 2004 10:02 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 1.9K | Visits: 1.2K
Summary: There is something amiss within the world it self, Shun seems to be a major part of it. What's this Mu is aswell?! Who is this mysterious figure that lurks about? Will we ever know?

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Ikki... NO!!!
[P] by: ltifal
: Saint Seiya Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Comedy | Type: Other
Latest Revision: April 24, 2004 07:18 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 3.7K | Visits: 760
Summary: Tatsumi left the house because he is really really mad bout bonzies behaviour so who in charge for cooking??