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Poisoned Minds
[T] by: Wild Nymph
: Cowboy Bebop Fan Fiction
Genre(s): | Type: Revenge Fic
Latest Revision: September 15, 2005 18:09 PDT | Chapters: 9 | Words: 14.1K | Visits: 2.3K
Summary: Spike arises from the ashes again in the final struggle between himself and Vicious. With a new fighter entering the scene will the surviving residents on the Bebop remain innocent of Spike's hidden ways, or will they be forced to face the truth?

10 Shards: Just Another Mirror
[T] by: Anaki Of The Blood Wolves
: Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction / Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction / Cowboy Bebop Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Drama / Angst / Romance | Type: Continuation
Latest Revision: August 16, 2005 18:03 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 1.6K | Visits: 842
Summary: From the beginning of time till the end, mirrors have existed. One as been on Earth forever, long before the humans, it's name is Kage Mirror and, when whole, it'll grant indefinite wishes to it's holder. These are it's stories. However, it has split into read more

Hex: Aftermath
[T] by: Xtreme Nuisance
: Cowboy Bebop Fan Fiction / Fan Fiction / Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Sci-fi / Adventure / Action | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: August 03, 2005 23:35 PDT | Chapters: 3 | Words: 8.9K | Visits: 561
Summary: Hex (1-3)/Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy 7/FF8/FF10/FFX-2/Cowboy Bebop/Last Exile/Wolf's Rain x-over. After the Hex trilogy, Raven has disappeared and England has calmed. But just because it is getting better in one place, doesnít mean that itís getting any read more

The Dating Game: Anime Edition
[T] by: empressariyana
: Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / InuYasha Fan Fiction / Big O Fan Fiction / Fruits Basket Fan Fiction / Crossover Fan Fiction / Cowboy Bebop Fan Fiction / Gundam Wing Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction / Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction / Slayers Fan Fiction / Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction / Trigun Fan Fiction
Genre(s): / Comedy | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: June 18, 2005 11:23 PDT | Chapters: 5 | Words: 16.7K | Visits: 5.9K
Summary: Sisterhood Inc presents the first series of reality spoof-parodies. Join your favorite anime and cartoon characters as they search for love on the Dating Game. Has been converted to prose.
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