getting a job!
[A] by: sonymagic
: Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Comedy | Type: Spamfic
Latest Revision: May 12, 2005 08:48 PDT | Chapters: 2 | Words: 2.3K | Visits: 376
Summary: three teens are trying to get a job and there search leads them to a ad in the paper to clean. little do they know that the'll be cleaning the Titan tower it's self!!! plz R+R.

this is not a fanfic
[P] by: crimson kitsune princess
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Summary: i just need to see how many words my school project has, unless your in to cloning, don't read this, or feel free to report it, just wait till i'm done.

The Awesome Fanfic
[A] by: Teh Smex
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Summary: Everyone is writing stupid fanfiction. This is my response.

Post- Anacreontic
[T] by: Lady_Readwolf
: Prince Of Tennis Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Drama | Type: Spamfic
Latest Revision: November 26, 2004 22:42 PST | Chapters: 1 | Words: 982 | Visits: 954
Summary: Sengoku-Akutsu-Dan + randomness
Warnings: Hangovers, language, implied sex.
hangovers are crap to wake up with...but they're a heck of a lot of fun to create.