One Question
[P] by: FennFeatherDragon
: SD Gundam Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance / Fantasy / Action | Type: Other
Latest Revision: February 16, 2007 14:49 PST | Chapters: 9 | Words: 49.6K | Visits: 2.1K
Summary: The Nightmare is over but now some lose ends must be tied. A treaty between the dimeinsions is suggested but will Skylark's neighboring kingdoms agree to such a thing? Looks like some proof of self-worth will be involed. Also what is up with Zero?
Review(s): 39 Reviews

Demon Nightmare
[T] by: FennFeatherDragon
: SD Gundam Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Fantasy / Action / Mecha | Type: Other
Latest Revision: December 11, 2006 16:06 PST | Chapters: 29 | Words: 187.3K | Visits: 8.4K
Summary: The Gundam force meets up with a princess gundam named Fleur from Skylark. Her home is under attack by the demons. Can the Gundam Force help stop this Living Nightmare before it's to late? Complete!
Review(s): 35 Reviews