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Chapter Ninety-Two

Kagome cupped Inuyasha's face, her eyes searching his. They flickered from gold to red and back again. Gently, she stroked her thumb across one of his cheeks. Magenta stripes etched their way across his rough skin. He bit his lip, the fangs elongated. He hovered in transition, his aura flaring brightly. Inuyasha had never been more beautiful.

Kagome slid her hands to his shoulders, under his clothes. She slowly slipped the fabric away, exposing his strong chest. A small white scar on his shoulder drew her attention. It had been there when they had first taken each other as mates. Although Kagura had caused the wound, Kagome saw this one imperfection as a visible acknowledgment of her claim on Inuyasha. Lowering her head, she gently kissed it, dragging her tongue across the skin.

Inuyasha shuddered, growling huskily. Pride bloomed in Kagome's heart at the knowledge that she could reduce this powerful man to this.

Pulling away, Kagome undid the strings to her bodice. Quickly, she shucked her dress, kicking it into a corner. Next, she unhooked her bra, tossing it aside. Slipping her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, Kagome pulled them off, exposing herself completely. While she undressed, she kept her eyes locked on Inuyasha's. The predatory gleam in them held so much lust---and yet she could clearly see the profound love burning inside. It was all for her.

Inuyasha slipped out of his clothes, tossing them to land with hers. He set Tetsusaiga in a corner, hesitating before letting go. His aura pulsated, its renewed strength overwhelming. Her mate sat still, his silver mane floating around his face. Inuyasha clenched his teeth, his longer fangs digging into his lip. He took deep breaths, the jagged lines flickering on his face. Clearly, he resisted his transformation.

Kagome knelt down, gently tilting his face up. His eyes flashed, and the fear in them tugged on her heart. He had been so willing to unleash a little of his demon just a few moments ago. Now that it was completely unfettered, she could tell that it frightened Inuyasha.

“It's okay, Inuyasha. Let go. I'll be fine,” Kagome whispered. She kissed one of his jagged stripes. “I accept your demon. I accept all of you. I always have. Please, don't fight it.”

“Kagome---,” Inuyasha growled, clenching his fists. “Are---are you sure? I don't want to hurt you.”

“You won't. You'd never hurt me.” Kagome brushed his hair away from his face. “Your demon loves me as much as your human and hanyou sides do. Let it show me---let it out. We're safe. It won't hurt me because you won't hurt me.”

Inuyasha closed his eyes, leaning into her touch. He growled softly, the sound more like a contented purr. Inuyasha opened his eyes, their red glow captivating. In their depths, Kagome could only see love, joy, and peace. None of the blood-lust, hate, anger, or darkness lingered. They flared brighter---as if those negative emotions had burned away.

Their auras fused completely together, solidifying. Kagome sensed that their tent was shielded, protected, and private. His demonic energy flowed into her, filling in gaps. It added to her strength, making her feel whole and loved. Its warmth reminded her that his demon accepted her---miko powers, reincarnation, humanity, and all. She could stay like this forever.

“I'm going to enjoy exploring your demon self. It's always fascinated me,” Kagome whispered into one of his ears. She drew his hand to her lips. Opening his palm, she kissed it. “I'm going to take my time discovering its secrets, Inuyasha. So lie back and enjoy yourself, dog-boy.”

“Bossy mate,” Inuyasha said, a playful smirk crossing his face. “I'll let you have your way with me as long as I get to return the favor.”


Kagome turned his hand over and gasped. A long serrated stripe curled around his wrist. That was new. She traced a finger over it, stunned by its deep mauve color. Kagome kissed it, lingering over his skin. The silky texture of the stripe enthralled her---and she dragged her tongue over it. Inuyasha emitted a low growl.

“Do your ankles have them, too?”

Kagome ran a hand down his leg. He stretched it out as she brushed her fingertips down its length. The stripes on his ankle were wider, curling around like an anklet. Kagome rubbed his rough foot, sliding it into her lap. She traced her finger around the satiny marking. Inuyasha's toes curled as he whined softly. Clearly, these stripes were highly sensitive.

“Kagome---,” Inuyasha's deeper voice begged. “How much longer are you going to do this? Keep doing that, and my patience might run out.”

“That's my impatient mate.” Kagome slid his foot out of her lap. She kissed him. “Please, indulge me a little while longer. The wait will be worth it---I promise.”

She kissed one of his cheek stripes, working her way down his throat. There, she swirled her tongue over his pulse point. His heart beat was strong. Taking a deep breath, she drank in his scent. It had a deeper earthiness---the masculinity intoxicating. Her hands rubbed down his hard chest before resting on his hips. Under her splayed fingers, she saw more striping. The dark violet lines started wide, winding to a narrow point towards his inner thigh. As Kagome brushed them, his hips jerked upwards, a plaintive whine escaping his lips. She gripped his erection, brushing her thumb over the tip.

“Fuck,” Inuyasha hissed. He growled softly, his legs falling open. He thrust up, his teeth clenched. “Kagome---,”

His cock felt heavy in her hand---thicker than normal. Kagome stroked her hand up and down, the silkiness of his hard flesh addicting. With each upward stroke, her thumb flicked the head, gathering the droplets of pre-cum.

His impatience running out, Inuyasha gently massaged a breast. His longer claws pinched a nipple, rolling it between his fingers. Kagome gasped, arching into the touch as it sent sparks through her. He leaned in, taking the other nipple into his warm mouth. She held his head, gripping his hair tightly. His elongated fangs caressed her tender skin.

“Oh---,” Kagome moaned.

Inuyasha brushed his nose in the valley of her breasts, inhaling deeply. He said, his voice throaty, “You smell so good.” His tongue darted out, swirling over the spot. “Taste good, too.”

Kagome ghosted her fingers over his hip stripes before fondling his heavy sac. He growled softly at the touch, and the reverberations thrummed through her body. Curling her fingers around his thick erection, she pumped her hand in sure and swift motions. His hips stuttered as they rose up to meet her ministrations. As she brushed the sensitive tip, a low whine tore from her mate's throat.

Shifting, Kagome let her legs fall open. She squirmed, her core aching with need. She gasped when one of Inuyasha's fingers teased her entrance, the sharp claw applying just the right amount of pressure. It pushed in and twisted slowly before curling to touch a highly sensitive spot. Kagome's head fell back as she mewled.

Squeezing his hard dick, Kagome pumped her hand faster up and down its length. Inuyasha moaned softly, his hips bucking wildly. Her other hand rubbed his velvet stripes, making him pant hard against her flesh.

“Kagome---,” Inuyasha whispered, his voice strained.

He lifted his head, kissing her. His tongue tangled with hers, a fierce hunger in the action. His other hand threaded her hair through his fingers as he tucked some locks behind an ear. He gently nibbled on the lobe, making her gasp as the sensations sent electricity through her.

His fingers thrust faster in and out of her core, caressing that hypersensitive spot each time. It made Kagome's toes curl. His thumb flicked her clit. A strangled moan escaped her throat as a second finger stretched her.

Kagome sped up her fisting of his erection, her hand squeezing the head a little on each pass. His hips jerked to keep up. He gasped loudly in her ear, his fangs tugging on the lobe. She ran her other hand through his hair. Its texture had softened to a luxurious silkiness. It flowed through her fingers, the color a brilliant platinum. A musky headiness invaded her nose, the wild earthiness pure Inuyasha.

Her legs opened even wider as a third finger pushed inside. He thrust them faster, pressing deeper inside. Her opening felt stretched, tingling in anticipation. Kagome panted as his fingers curled upon plunging deep. They rubbed against a slick inner wall. Of all the changes in her mate while transformed she liked the longer length of his claws and fangs most. What he did with them made her weak.

Inuyasha brushed his nose against her mark. His longer fangs grazed her skin as he left open mouthed kisses across her throat. Kagome tilted her head, granting him better access. His tongue dragged in languid strokes. Inuyasha whispered, “Mate. Mine.”

His fingers slipped from her. He gripped her hips, his fangs digging into her flesh. He lifted his head, his eyes flaring brighter. Inuyasha gently tried to guide her onto her hands and knees. Kagome could tell that he wanted to take her as he had the last time he'd been transformed. Gently, she cupped Inuyasha's face in both hands and shook her head no. Confusion flickered across his face.

“I want to see your face. I want to be with you like this.” Kagome straddled his hips, locking her ankles together behind his back. She guided the tip of his arousal inside her slick opening and seated herself to the hilt on him. “Please, Inuyasha. I need to see your face.”

“Okay. If that's what you want.” He kissed her, the action sweet and gentle. Even in this primal state, Inuyasha showed beautiful tenderness. He lifted his head, resting his forehead against hers. His fierce red eyes softened, a vulnerability flickering in their depths. “I---I just want you to know that from the moment we met, I knew. I knew that you were my mate.”

“Inuyasha---,” Kagome whispered.

“Let me finish.” A tiny smile crossed his face. “I could feel it. No one's ever accepted me the way you have. I'm a demon. I know that. Even if part of me isn't, I knew the likelihood that anyone would ever accept me---this me---was unlikely. But you did. I can't ever say thank you enough for that. You've truly set me free---and I love you, Kagome.”

Kagome's lip trembled as tears of joy welled in her eyes. One streaked down her cheek. She whispered, “I love you, too, Inuyasha. I've only ever wanted you to be happy. You deserve it.”

Inuyasha brushed her tear away. “I know that now because of you.”

“Good. I'll be reminding you everyday.”

Kagome kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. She brushed it against one of his longer fangs, exploring. Her arms looped around Inuyasha's neck, fisting his hair as she deepened it. His rough hands made gentle circles on her back, sending jolts of pleasure through her. Kagome squirmed in his lap, feeling his thicker girth slide deeper inside. She gasped into his mouth when his hips bucked to meet her.

Kagome braced her hands onto his shoulders. She rose up until just the tip was inside and then slammed back down. He growled approvingly, his hips rising to meet her, giving him a better angle to sink deeper. She lifted up again, the pace agonizingly slow. The feel of his hard length in her body set every nerve on fire. Gripping his shoulders with brute force, Kagome drove herself back down, her head thrown back at the sheer ecstasy of him swelling deep inside her. Inuyasha's hands gripped her hips possessively, holding her down on him.

Kagome stared into his face, cataloging all the differences. The stripes on his cheeks deepened into a richer color---a stark relief to his platinum silver hair. She traced its silkiness with a finger. At her touch, his hips jerked hard, thrusting his erection into her in a new and pleasurable angle. Kagome mewled softly, rotating her hips. Bliss crossed Inuyasha's face. She searched his red eyes, overwhelmed by the pure and unconditional love she found there. How could they have ever seen his full-demon self as just a monster? His red eyes also filled with something she had never seen there before: trust. This form considered feral, violent, deadly, and dangerous trusted her explicitly.

“Inuyasha---,” Kagome whispered, trying to put all of her love into his name. She leaned her forehead onto his, looped her arms around his neck, and squeezed her legs around his back. She whispered, “Make love to me.”

Inuyasha's hands squeezed her hips hard. A smirk crossed his face,  and he whispered, “Thought you'd never move on from the foreplay, wench.”

Before she could retort, he thrust hard and fast into her, holding her in place while he drove into her. His quick movements made the friction all the sweeter---and they sent delicious sparks straight through her core. Kagome squeezed her legs tighter around his back, holding on while he pounded up into her. He was silky hard inside her---large and heavy---and it only left her wanting to be filled more. With each sharp thrust, Kagome mewled in delight. Her reward was the proud gleam in his eyes.

Kagome reached up, stroking one of his ears with her thumb and forefinger. His head tilted into the touch. Inuyasha never lost his rhythm as he continued to ram into her. Her body bounced from the force of his movements. Every so often, Inuyasha rotated his hips, finding that it pushed him deeper. For Kagome, it rubbed just right against her clitoris as he ground into her.

Despite the roughness of their sex, there was such tenderness. Kagome kept her eyes on his face. Pleasure flickered across it---his red eyes glowing with a beautiful lust. A pleased smirk crossed his lips, making Inuyasha look feral. Kagome could watch the emotions forever. It was why she had insisted upon facing him this time. Inuyasha's face was its most unguarded when he made love to her. His expression was purest then---and free of any shame.

Little pants and growls escaped him. Kagome angled her hips, grinding hard onto him with every hard thrust. Her actions grew frantic, her clitoris so sensitive. Inuyasha's hips stuttered mid-thrust, indicating that he was close. Locking her legs tighter, she squirmed and clenched her inner walls around him. His claws dug into her hips, but they did not break the skin. Inuyasha thrust hard upwards just as she crashed downwards. She cried his name as she climaxed hard, her body quivering around him. He flooded her with his seed, a low whine escaping his throat.

As they climaxed, their auras flared again, stunning her with its majestic amethyst. His demonic power flowed into her all in one rush---as if his demon had claimed her all over again. A new strength centered itself in her chest, fanning out to warm her body. It thrummed through her, leaving Kagome ecstatic. Never had she felt so complete or powerful.

Kagome slumped against Inuyasha, panting heavily. Sated, she'd be content to stay with him just like this the rest of the night. His fingers gently brushed her hair away from her throat. Inuyasha kissed her mark, his tongue making lazy circles.

Inuyasha whispered, “Mate. Mine.”

Kagome lifted her head, breathing into one of his ears. She kissed the tip. “Mate. Mine.”

Inuyasha gasped. “Kagome---your mark.”

Kagome rested her forehead against his. Her nose wrinkled in confusion. “What about it, Inuyasha?”

Awe filled his face, giving him a boyish and open expression. “It's---it's purple like my stripes.”

His callused fingers traced over it tentatively, wonder in the gesture.

“It is?”

Kagome tilted her head, allowing him better access. She shuddered at the soft sparks his caress elicited from her. He kissed it, his tongue dragging over the jagged mark. With each swirl of his tongue, Kagome felt power surge inside her. Involuntarily, her hips rotated, and her body quivered with an aftershock. She mewled softly, feeling her inner walls ripple with a fresh wave of pleasure. Kagome gasped, holding his head, caressing his ears. As she crested the wave, she moaned his name.

“Good.” Inuyasha nosed her mark. “My demon reclaimed you. I did it right.”

Inuyasha lifted her head, kissing her sweetly. He tucked some of her hair behind an ear. Kagome cupped his face, her thumb brushing his cheek. As they broke for air, her lips drew into a pout. His stripes faded, leaving no trace that they'd been there at all.

“Why the sad face?”

Kagome kissed his cheek---right where a stripe had been. “I miss them already.”

“Oh yeah?” He laughed softly. “Me too.”

Kagome's stomach rumbled loudly, reminding her that she did have other needs than pleasuring her mate. Supper had to be ready by now---if they hadn't missed it entirely. And yet, she didn't want to leave their tent---or his lap. She whined softly. “I'm not hungry.”

“You might not be, wench, but I'm famished.” He kissed her cheek. “Come on. If we're going to have another round, I had better feed you. You're no good to me if you're starving.”

Sliding off of Inuyasha, Kagome straightened her limbs, finding them a bit stiff. Her core felt empty without him filling her. Kagome stuck her lower lip out into a more petulant pout. “Fine. But after dinner---,”

“I promise,” Inuyasha said, a dangerous glint in his voice.

They cleaned up and dressed quickly, exchanging a few heated kisses---promises for what was to come later.

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Note: This story updates the 17th of EVERY month.

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