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Royal Namekian Blues
By Trynia Merin
Genre: SciFi, Adventure, Romance
Pairing: Raditz/ OC Vegeta/Bulma
Disclaimer: I don't own the Manga or the Anime Dragon Ball Z. Toriyama does. I make no money from writing this story and my character Dr. Stellari, Fermi and Bohr mean no harm to the series. Many thanks to Butterfly V for her suggestions in this story. My thanks also to Project Shadow, and everyone else who has reviewed; you know who you are. I am very grateful!
Bardock's Reunion with Goku
Raditz gritted his teeth, glaring at his hand. The blasted thing betrayed him when he needed it the most. How was it he could generate any manner of ki ball but not the precious plastic that could stop the android's power attacks, or short circuit their neutrino power relays?
"Grrr," he mumbled, then drew in harsh breaths to steady himself. Today he was going to do it, come what may. Slowly he reached deep, then spread his legs wide and arranged his fists as Goku had shown him. Red fire burst from the pit of his soul as he shouted, "KAO KEN!"
The crimson flames licked around his armored body. Coursing with the power boost, Raditz then pushed harder. All the rage and frustration were channeled into white hot fury, then added to it was the sum total of hatred of Freiza and all that had destroyed the Saiyan race's true potential. Resentment for years in hell coupled with any other dark emotions soon compressed into a fine point. Like a star it exploded into life and flooded him with its radiant being. "YEAAAAAHHHH!" he shouted. Around him the room vibrated, tiles rattling and the entire structure vibrating as dust spiraled around his boots, funneling upwards in the cyclone of rising energy. Hissing surges accompanied the sudden push, and Raditz felt himself grow in size and strength.
"I can go Super Saiyan, but I can't generate a measly plastic," he mumbled. Power levels flickered easily at one million steady. To even imagine going three orders of magnitude up in power without transforming blew his mind. What would happen if he went Great Ape while Super Saiyan?
Now he had the same power barrier. Easily he thought of the molecular structures of the hard plastics she forged. Harshly he gritted, "Onyx SHARD!" In his fingers formed a handful of the razor sharp quills Stellari generated. Throwing his hand forward Raditz hurled the spikes at the far wall. They easily embedded themselves with pinpoint accuracy.
"HYAAAY!" he shouted, hurling a ki blast at one of the robots. It zinged back and forth from one bot to the next. Then the ki ball zinged back towards him.
"PERSPEX!" Raditz shouted, raising his left hand to form a gold ki shield. It solidified into a hard clear barrier, which the missile glanced harmlessly off.
"YES!" he laughed. "I've DONE it! YES!"
"Done WHAT?" asked a voice. Raditz spun around to see Bardock standing there with pure shock in his dark eyes.
"Father?" Raditz blinked, seeing his parent stepping into the 100 times gravity training room. "How long have you been standing there?"
"I can't believe it… you… you're the Legendary too?" Bardock blinked at his son. Raditz barked to the computer and the gravity shot back to 1 standard Vegetasei. Bardock trod nervously up to see Raditz standing as casually as day with a long cascade of gold down his back. Only the top points stood up while the rest were too heavy to do so.
"I thought the Prince told you. Kakkarot and I have achieved it. Didn't you see for yourself in your visions of the future, Father?" asked Raditz.
"Yes, but you… I had no clue. Damn it. I have underestimated you," grumbled Bardock.
"You have, but I don't care any more," Raditz snorted. "As if that standard mattered. Kakkarot has been training me to break through."
"So… Kakkarot's been doing some training eh? I see he's taught you some manners," said Bardock with a chuckle. Raditz dropped the Super Saiyan mode, and strode over to look his father in the eye.
"So, what do you think of Capsule corps?" he asked him.
"Well it's pretty much like any other city on this planet," Bardock shrugged. "They all look the same."
"Where is Mother?"
"She's with Stellari. Meeting your brats," said Bardock. "I wanted to talk to you first though. See what you've learned. I guess I wasn't prepared to see you like this."
"You too will learn how to sense ki without a scouter," said Raditz.
"I already know that," Bardock snickered, folding his arms across his chest with pride. "Prince Vegeta taught us that shortly after we landed."
"No sign of the androids?"
"Prince Vegeta's mate the Princess Bulma says that there's been sightings of that android named 17, and the one called 13."
"13? But the Namekian and I disposed of him!" Raditz blinked.
"Apparently you didn't," said Bardock with a toss of his head. "He's gotten stronger. And he's joined forces with 17. Didn't you see the television?"
"I've been TRAINING, father."
"I've just been learning the customs of this crazy planet. There's something about a tournament. That lunatic 17's holding a tournament called the Android Games. He wants to prove he's the strongest on earth!"
"What?" Raditz blinked.
"I was saying the same thing," Bardock shrugged. "That's why the Prince sent me to tell you. He wants you and all the other Saiyans to meet him back at the Lodge. Mother's going to stay and protect Stellari and the kids. I had hoped to meet Kakkarot, but I guess it's going to have to wait."
"No it isn't, Father," said Raditz quietly. "He's nearby."
"Huh… what the… where the hell is that energy coming from?" Bardock gasped. Raditz opened the door, and grabbed his father's arm. He dragged him out to the lawn where two figures dropped in for a landing.
"I can't believe it…" Bardock gasped, blinking in the sunlight.
"Raditz, there you are!" Goku shouted.
"Uncle Raditz, we're done in the Time chamber… and Vegeta's going to be able to go in if… Who's that?" gasped Gohan.
"Kakkarot…" stammered Bardock, pressing a hand to his head.
"Wait a minute… I didn't expect… wait… so Dende WAS right… some Saiyans DID come to earth while Gohan and I were training!" gasped Goku.
"Kakkarot is that really you…" Bardock stammered.
"Hey mister, you okay? You look almost exactly like my Daddy!" Gohan said, rushing forwards to help catch a shaky Bardock. He leaned heavily on Raditz arm, his knees giving out.
"Hey… easy now!" Goku shouted, rushing forwards. His hands caught Bardock's gauntleted ones, holding him steady as Gohan stood next to him. Gold hair shimmered along with the blue eyes.
"Brother why are you still Super Saiyan? He might not recognize you!" said Raditz.
"You… you look just like Daddy… are you… him?" Gohan asked, looking up at Bardock. His long hair had been chopped neatly off, standing up in a spiky parody of his father's super Saiyan do. What would Chichi say to this modification?
"Bardock… it's me, Son Goku. Really," said Goku. "Here, let me change back."
"But Dad you said we'd be more powerful if we stay super Saiyans," said Gohan.
"Just a little while won't hurt," Goku said. "Please Gohan?"
"All right Dad," nodded Gohan. Instantly the glowing radiance faded to black, and Bardock breathed deep breaths, looking into a friendly face with gently rounded eyes peering at him in welcome.
"Maybe you could use something to eat… I could transport us all to…" Goku started.
"No you won't! You know what happened the LAST time you did that, Brother!" Raditz scolded him.
"Someone PLEASE tell me what the HELL is going on!" Bardock growled, pushing them away. "You're really Kakkarot! Why weren't you there to meet us before?"
"We were training in the Hyperbolic time chamber! Sorry to miss you. So you're really here… wow…" Goku blinked with a slow smile on his face. "It's so great to finally meet you in person."
"You… and Raditz both… and he… he all changed…" Bardock stammered.
"Mr. Bardock, it's true. Maybe we should go in and sit down and explain some things, Dad. He's having culture shock," said Gohan smartly.
"C'mon, let's chat a bit," said Goku.
"But the Prince…" Bardock stammered out.
"Raditz, you take Gohan and tell Vegeta that I'm coming too," said Goku kindly. "I want to talk to Bardock."
"All right, Brother. Father I shall see you later. Gohan?"
"Later Daddy," Gohan said, following Raditz as they entered into Capsule.
Goku grabbed Bardock's shoulder, and suddenly whipped him into the Capsule kitchen. Bardock groaned, holding his stomach as his son helped him sit down in one of the kitchen chairs of the Brief's main family complex. "Oh my, visitors? Can I get you some coffee, Mr. Son?"
"Black, and some of those great sandwiches please!" Goku asked cheerfully. Bardock reeled in disbelief to see his mirror image so happy and bubbly. It seemed almost horrid and at the same time relieving to know his visions had come to pass. Soon Bardock had a dozen sandwiches in him, and plenty of Panchi Brief's coffee to bring him round.
"Kakkarot, I can hardly belief I'm looking at you, son," Bardock said quietly, holding his cup between his hands.
"Well, I'm not quite sure what to call you, I mean my parent was Grandpa Gohan… I had no idea I had parents… well Saiyan parents. Till Raditz told me about you, and his mom."
"You are my son, there's no denying," Bardock chuckled ironically. He shook his head, knocking back a sip of joe. "Man, wait till Torah, Fasha, and the others see you."
"I wanted a few minutes to talk to you alone. Get to know you," Goku said softly.
"Family bonding? I'm afraid I'm not much for warm fuzzy greetings, like you humans are," said Bardock with a grunt. "Still…"
"I'm not expecting a big hug or anything," Goku said softly. He stood up and bowed politely, then offered his hand for Bardock to shake. Bardock did so, carefully feeling his son's strong grip. Looking at Goku's fingers he saw calluses and healed wounds.
"You've got the hands of a warrior, all right," said Bardock appreciatively. "Your mother will be pleased to see you. She's meeting your mate now. I've heard much about this woman Chichi. She sounds like a Saiyan almost."
"Well Chichi can be… intense sometimes. She's very protective of Gohan. Doesn't let me train him," said Goku quietly.
"Mmm, I suppose someone's going to have to CHAT with her," said Bardock with a grunt, and raised his hand to scratch the back of his neck instinctively as he rolled his eyes. "Kinoha your mother was VERY protective of Raditz. It drove me NUTS."
"Ah… I see…" said Goku nervously, rubbing the back of his neck with a silly grin. Both of them looked at each other in pure shock to see the same habit. Except Bardock didn't have that nervous grin.
"Damn, I guess it's not all nurture," said Bardock with a laugh. His voice was deep, rich, and resonant, rather then higher pitched like Goku's. Yet it had the same tonal quality overall.
"Well, Gohan's REALLY smart. Chichi's overly worried about him getting an education," said Goku.
"Takes after his grandmother then," said Bardock. "She's the one who was a weapons expert."
"I heard you were some kinda smart guy," said Goku.
"Who me? Who told you THAT?" Bardock snorted, popping another roast beef sandwich into his mouth.
Goku was happy to see his father shared his huge appetite.
"Well, Raditz did…"
"The bum actually said something nice about me. Must be getting soft," Bardock joked.
"He calls me idiot all the time, if it makes any difference," Goku shrugged. "I'm not STUPID, you know."
"You're smart enough to defeat Freiza," said Bardock, shaking his hand. "And to think it was my son who did it. I'm damn proud, if not jealous. I've had the chance to watch you Goku, from Hell. And I had to admit I like what I see."
"I wish you could be in Otherworld, with King Kai," said Goku softly. "You could train hard and we could have a match!"
"Hmm, I'd like that. But first how the hell did you get Raditz to become Super Saiyan? I thought only you and the Prince could do that!"
"Gohan can. So can Trunks. I'm not sure if Nappa can, and Piccolo's pretty strong, almost a Super Namek," said Goku.
"A Namekian huh? No wonder you guys are so powerful. Those Namekian warriors have some pretty formidable skills of their own," said Bardock.
"So… what do I call you, Father… or Dad?" Goku asked quietly, looking at Bardock. "If you don't mind, Dad… I really don't like being called Kakka whatever. I really prefer Son Goku?"
"Dad's not a word I'm familiar with," said Bardock with an awkward chuckle. "We don't have a work for that in Saiyan. I prefer Father if it's all the same to you, Kak… I mean Goku."
"Fair enough," said Goku.
"Aww, isn't that sweet," Bulma laughed.
"Hey Bulma… you must have met him!" said Goku.
"Son that's the Princess! Show her some…"
"I don't care. Goku and I have been friends forever," said Bulma with a dismissive wave of her hand. She walked over and accepted the brotherly hug he gave her.
"I'm glad you're okay. Where's Vegeta?"
"I see I'm finally hiding my ki from you, clown," said Vegeta with a smirk, appearing near Bulma.
"Hey that's pretty good! Way to go!" Goku cheered him. Vegeta simply rolled his eyes, as Bardock got on one knee.
"Sire forgive his lack of…" Bardock started.
"Don't even start with me," Vegeta growled at him. "I've been waiting for you, Bardock, but seeing as Kakkarot is here too, perhaps he'd deign to join the rest of us Saiyans in my chat?"
"Sure Vegeta. By the way, can you tell me what's up? You really had a whole bunch of Saiyans land on earth? What are they here for?" Goku asked, his brows narrowing over his now slanted eyes. Bardock noted the transformation from jovial to business in two seconds.
"Find out for yourself, Kakkarot," said Vegeta with a sweep of his gloved hand. "You can use your trick to transport us all there."
"Sure, I need to get to the bottom of this," Goku said. "Grab onto me."
Vegeta distastefully grabbed Goku's forearm then Bulma's hand. Bardock shakily grabbed Goku's shoulder, and all four were instantly swept away to the greatest concentration of mental Energy that Goku could detect. To his surprise Goku suddenly stood in the middle of a large domed area with several armored Saiyans blinking at him in shock. Judging by the rocky walls Vegeta must be holding the council in a structure of stone hollowed out from a cave. He could smell the fresh ozone of ki blasts. The odors of multiple organic paint wafted into Goku's nose. Around the domed walls were painted friezes of Saiyans hunting, fighting, and changing to great Ape form under the full moon. Behind Vegeta hung a tapestry with four giant apes in either corner, and what appeared to be an enormous river with many tributaries and writings on them.
"What's that?" Goku whispered to Vegeta.
"The royal family tree you fool," Vegeta said. To Goku's shock he saw the Vegetasei insignia directly stitched above the tree. Each name had a different great ape beside it, while any female names were denoted with a simple Saiyan figure. Typical male society. Slight variations in the council painting around the dome indicated the subtle different cultures of some of the warriors sitting there. Goku assumed that all Saiyan culture was uniform, but by the various armor styles even within Bardock's team he realized it was like assuming everyone on Earth lived as they did in his village.
"Holy drek… is that…" Torah gasped, wanting to stand up from the circular benches curling around the assembly hall. The tapestry had what appeared to be a carved throne directly under it, and a large table raised on a dais with smaller chairs nearby. Trunks sat on one of the smaller chairs, and the other to the left appeared to be a crib where a small baby Trunks was slumbering watched over by Bliss to the immediate side. Nappa stood beside the adult Trunks, taking the position of a bodyguard. The semicircular benches were only half filled with the various Saiyan warriors there, but he saw strangers sitting among them too.
"Damn not him," Turles grunted, standing up from one of the front benches and whirling around.
Vegeta strode up taking Bulma's hand, and led her to sit in the slightly smaller throne next to his. Whoever had made the thing had carved wood and set it into two limestone great apes for the armrests, and the backpiece was absent like a roman style throne so the tapestry acted like a backrest instead.
"You… you're here too?" Goku growled as he saw Turles standing near the front.
"Easy, Kakkarot, he's under MY authority," Vegeta growled at Goku. "I thank you NOT to blow him to smithereens. That's MY privilege if he steps out of line!"
"I don't know about this," Goku shook his head, staring at all the warriors regarding him like he was a freak. While they were comfortable with his Saiyan appearance, he couldn't understand WHY they were so… freaked.
"Goku, why don't you sit down here in the front?" asked Bulma, indicating some space near Turles and a few others.
"Maybe I should sit with him," Goku said quietly, noticing Vegeta's harsh stare. Bardock nodded, and led Goku to sit down with the rest of his team. He was the only one dressed in earth clothes in the whole chamber. Even Bulma wore her ceremonial armor as Vegeta stood to address the whole group. There were at least eight Saiyans there besides him and Vegeta. Even Nappa had strode in, sitting closer to the front of the assembly with his daughter Bliss. Next to her sat Trunks, wearing Saiyan armor like Vegeta's.
"I'm sure you've all heard about the latest. This tin can… android 17 has thrown down the gauntlet," said Vegeta.
"Wait, you mean 17's come out of hiding?" Goku blinked. "A lot can happen in a year…"
"Goku, shh!" Bulma hissed.
"Sorry, sheesh," Goku glared, pouting.
"Dad doesn't know," said Gohan, striding in the room wearing his outfit given to him by Piccolo. Along with him strode Piccolo himself, glancing at all the Saiyans warily, followed by Stellari, and then Kinoha. Each of them sat around Goku with a stern face on Vegeta.
"A Namekian," whispered the Saiyans.
"Got a problem with that?" Piccolo grunted.
"Hmm, so you're here too? Where's Baldie and the others?"
"Elsewhere. I'd like to know what this little powwow entails," Piccolo said quietly. He stood in the back of the hall, leaning against the wall.
"You can sit with Kakkarot's brat, if you wish. Or stand. I don't care which. Just don't interrupt again," Vegeta grunted. "Amongst the Saiyans I am the…"
"He knows, Vegeta, please," Bulma whispered.
"So what will you do, Prince Vegeta?" Piccolo grunted. "Now that you've got your Saiyan squad, are you still going to defeat the Androids, or do you have designs on Earth?"
"This little planet is not my concern," Vegeta said quietly. "Except that I will not tolerate it being taken over by those tin cans. Since 17 has challenged us to games we will play his game and face him as equals."
"It's in ten days," said Piccolo. "He said we have that much time to show our pathetic human hides there."
"Does he know we're here?" asked Nappa.
"I'm sure it's a given," Vegeta laughed. "And we will enjoy seeing these androids try to take us on. But all of us will crush them."
"So easily?" Piccolo asked. "So far, the only Super Saiyans among you are yourself, Goku, Gohan, and Raditz… and Trunks."
"Perhaps, but all will be needed for the fight ahead," Vegeta said. "Tell us what you know Bliss."
"As you know I was captured by 17 and held against my will. He was this close to turning me into one of them. Then the Saiyans arrived and rescued me. They manage to destroy the lab where we were, but 17 escaped. And it seems that 13 is alive."
"Well that gives us someone else to fight. Is he stronger?" asked Goku.
"Much stronger. And he appeared on a broadcast with 17," said Vegeta.
"Just this morning on the news too. They've built a ring and everything. To hold the Android games," said Bulma with a hard swallow. "Apparently they've captured that famous wrestler Mr. Satan… who wanted to challenge him."
"Oh boy," Goku swallowed "I don't know if he's smart or what."
"That means they'll all be in one place, and we can show our Saiyan supremacy," Vegeta grinned. "Out in the open and in honorable combat."
"OR so we hope," said Trunks.
"And since we have the time, I will retreat to train with Trunks tomorrow. The rest of you will train in the gravity chambers and keep watch that the tin cans keep up their end of the deal," said Vegeta sharply. "And where are those others Z warriors, Namek?"
"Tracking down Tien and Yamcha," said Piccolo. "Need I remind you of…"
"I've been trying to work on a way we can free them, don't you worry," Bulma said. "And I have help."
"She does," Bardock said quietly. Piccolo blinked at the Goku look alike sitting there.
"Turles will take the training of the others in one of the gravity ships. Nappa will supervise the others, won't you? And Kinoha will help your mate Kakkarot in protecting the Saiyan youths, will she not?"
"With all due respect sire, I think I can work on helping the…" Kinoha started, but then shut her mouth as Bardock glared at her. Goku glanced at his 'family group' sitting a row in front of the other members of Bardock's team.
"Your brat is welcome to fight with us. What will it be Kakkarot?" Vegeta asked. "Will you get in the way, or will you stand with the Saiyans?"
"It depends on what you're going to do after this, Vegeta," Goku said quietly.
"You and I will settle that after the Androids are defeated. You and I will battle to decide that. But for now, Earth is our base of operations. I have no desire to destroy it, fool. In fact, it will be most useful as a second homeland," said Vegeta.
"You mean you're going to bring the Saiyans HERE?" asked Gohan.
"No, child. This planet is too puny to protect itself without our aid. Something about it allows my people to achieve the Legendary. It can be a valuable secret in the Galaxy. And as many will try and seek it out, the Saiyan Race must protect it at all costs," said Vegeta.
"We've already found a new home world," said Turles.
"You… I should have KNONW you'd be here... you…" Gohan snapped. "You MONSTER!"
"How little opinion he has of me. Careful young one," said Turles smoothly.
"Enough! Leave him alone, you sod!" Bardock snapped at him. "Get to your point!"
"As I was saying, we've found a new home world. The purpose of Earth is not for settling, but for training," said Turles. "But it is ultimately in the Prince's hands."
"And will those hands destroy or create? Because if they are out to destroy, you know what I'll do," Goku said quietly, standing up.
"Indeed. But I plan to destroy this upstart 17, with or without you, clown. And if you are not with us… you are against us," Vegeta said.
"It doesn't have to be like that!" said Goku.
"Might I suggest you two settle it when you fight, AFTER the androids are beaten?" Bardock coughed. "Your majesty?"
"Quite," Vegeta nodded. "Now, here's what we will do. If you don't have the stomach, Kakkarot, you may leave. But stay OUT Of my way or else."
"Listen to what he has to say, Goku," Bardock hissed, grabbing Goku's wrist. "Please."
"I'll watch," Goku said, sitting down as Bardock tugged him to sit next to him. Luckily his father's sense and cool head had prevailed. With pride, Kinoha looked at her strong second son, anxious to speak to him.

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Chapter 58
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