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Chapter 9: Together ( ^~^ Warning: Lemon in chapter)
The group almost burst out laughing at the sight that met them as they entered the dining hall. Miroku was dressed and seated at the table with Sesshomaru and was frozen in place. He looked absolutely petrified at being alone in the room with the Demon Lord. The monk had good reason to be worried - he had propositioned every female that had entered his room to check on him. InuYasha didn't think the pale color of his face was totally due to the blood he had lost.
InuYasha decided it was his turn to chide the monk, “Oi, Miroku!”
The monk looked toward him, relief flooding his face when he realized that he was no longer trapped alone with Sesshomaru.
“How can you be hitting on all of the females here when you were just yelling at Sango last night not to leave you because she is supposed to marry you?” InuYasha continued.
The monk's face went white again.
“I…I didn't!” Miroku stammered.
“Yea, you did,” Kagome replied, making it clear that more than one person heard him.
“Does…does Sango know?”
Kagome answered him, “I doubt it, since she was out cold. But I don't think she will be too pleased if she finds out and then discovers you were still propositioning every female you came in contact with.”
Miroku muttered something about the effect of the herbs and his cursed hand.
Sesshomaru had watched this exchange with amusement in he eyes - though his face was stoic as ever. He gestured to the others to sit down. InuYasha sat next to the monk with Kagome on his other side. Rin took a seat next to Sesshomaru, with Shippou alongside her.
Dinner was fairly quiet and peaceful after that, with Rin and Shippou occasionally giggling about something. InuYasha and Kagome were lost in their own thoughts, and the monk was too embarrassed and scared to say anything else.
As the servants cleared away the last of the dishes, Sesshomaru spoke, “InuYasha, Kagome? Will you remain for a few minutes?”
InuYasha replied, “Keh.”
The others understood that meant it was time to go.
Miroku stood as he said, “I'll go and check on Sango, if the healer will let me near her.”
Shippou asked, “Is it all right for me to go with Rin again?”
Sesshomaru looked at Rin. She just looked at him with a smile and pleading eyes so he responded, “That is acceptable.”
Rin took Shippou's hand and led the way to her quarters.
Sesshomaru stood as he said, “Come to my study. We will have more privacy there.”
InuYasha and Kagome stood and followed Sesshomaru. More alert now than that morning, they noticed the thousands of volumes of books and journals that lined the walls of his study. This time Sesshomaru motioned for them to sit in some comfortable chairs on the opposite side of the fireplace from the table where they had breakfast.
InuYasha and Kagome looked with interest at Sesshomaru as he spoke, “I sent messengers out to my spies to try and gather news of Naraku's plans, and to find out why such a weak demon blatantly attacked you.”
He was not interrupted, so he continued, “InuYasha, what do you remember of Kikyou's powers fifty years ago before she sealed you to the tree?”
InuYasha looked up startled. He wasn't expecting that question at all, “What…what do you mean?”
“I mean did her powers grow stronger, weaker, stay the same - what happened?”
InuYasha gathered his thoughts before he spoke, “She actually seemed weaker. Demons were becoming braver and attacking more often. There were a lot more of them to kill than before. I hadn't really thought about it - I just thought they were getting more desperate for the jewel. What does this have to do with anything?”
Sesshomaru answered him, “Naraku has surmised that the miko's powers lessened because she became infatuated with you.”
“What?” Kagome and InuYasha said together.
“Naraku attributes her loss of power directly to her love for InuYasha. Apparently he thinks the same thing is happening with Kagome.”
Kagome replied, “But… but it's not. If anything, I feel stronger!”
Sesshomaru looked at her thoughtfully, “There's no doubt about it, your power is increasing, not getting weaker.”
InuYasha had been thinking about what had been said and barely spoke above a whisper, “It's the differences between them.”
Sesshomaru and Kagome looked at him expectantly, so he continued, his ears flattened to his skull, “Kikyou didn't really love me, not the hanyou me. She only wanted to be with me if I were willing to help her purify the Sacred Jewel and become human. She never could accept my demon half. The thought of even being seen with a half-demon was probably enough to cause her doubt and weaken her powers.”
Kagome spoke when he stopped, “I think I understand. My powers have grown stronger because of my love for you.”
InuYasha blushed, but she continued, “I love and accept both sides of InuYasha. His human heart and soul allow him to want me, but his demon half gives him the strength to protect me. I wouldn't have him any other way - I love him the way he is.”
InuYasha looked up again, “Kikyou had been formally trained to be a miko. She was taught to hate and kill all demons. I used to think that Kagome not having been trained to use her spiritual power made her weaker, but I finally realized that the lack of training was something of a blessing. She didn't judge us because of what we were.”
Sesshomaru looked thoughtfully at the pair, “So what made one weak makes the other stronger. This is interesting, indeed. InuYasha, you told me the other day when I asked about the difference in your auras you said you had finally let each other know how you felt. What exactly did you mean?”
Kagome decided to save InuYasha the embarrassment and answered, “InuYasha told me that he needed and wanted me, not Kikyou; and I told him that I loved him and always had.”
InuYasha whispered, “I finally realized I was in love with Kagome.”
Of all the things Kagome expected to come out of InuYasha's mouth, that was not one of them. She forgot Sesshomaru was sitting across from her as she launched herself into InuYasha's lap and kissed him. She blushed and pulled away when she realized where she was. She remained sitting in his lap with his arms wrapped around her.
Sesshomaru finally spoke, “I think Naraku has greatly underestimated you. It may be his undoing. InuYasha, I would like to speak to you alone before you retire.”
Kagome kissed InuYasha on his now very red cheek and said, “I'll go check on Sango and make sure Miroku isn't molesting her in her sleep. I'll meet you back in our room.”
After Kagome left and closed the door behind her, Sesshomaru spoke again, “InuYasha, do you remember what we discussed last night?”
InuYasha blushed even deeper as he asked, “Which part?”
“The part where I told you that you will need a safe and secure location to take the miko as your mate - preferably with someone to watch over you.”
“Keh,” InuYasha was so soft-spoken that Sesshomaru probably wouldn't have heard him without his superior hearing.
“Just remember, you can consider this your home now. It is safe, it is secure, and there is someone to watch over you.”
InuYasha looked at his brother as he considered the implications, “Keh.”
Kagome entered Sango's room to find that Kirara was stilled curled up next to her, with Miroku sitting by her side. He was holding her hand and talking quietly to the demon slayer.
When Kagome spoke, she startled him, “How is she doing?”
“She is still sleeping, but the healer thinks she may awaken in a couple of days. She said that talking to her could help - she might be able to hear me in her sleep,” Miroku replied.
“I'm sure it will help - she knows you care about her. I'll leave you alone.”
Kagome headed back to her own room. It didn't look like Miroku was trying to take advantage of the situation.
Kagome entered their quarters and closed the door behind her. She thought she should have a few minutes before InuYasha came back, so she quickly dug the book Yuki had loaned her out of her backpack. Just looking at the contents made her blush, but she came across a couple of things that might be fun to try. She was jolted out of her thoughts when the door opened and InuYasha entered the room. She slammed the book shut and hurriedly stuck it back in her backpack.
InuYasha seemed lost in his thoughts and didn't really notice her suspicious behavior. He simply asked, “Studying?”
Kagome blushed, “Yea.”
Kagome walked over to InuYasha and wrapped her arms around him, “Did you mean what you said?”
InuYasha didn't have to ask to know what she meant, “Keh.”
“I didn't expect to hear you say it out loud. Why is it so hard?” Her voice was soft and inquiring, not accusing.
InuYasha pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her as he breathed in the calming scent that surrounded Kagome, “My mother loved me and I loved her, and she died. I thought Kikyou loved me and that I loved her, and she died, too. I didn't want anything to happen to you. That's why I kept pushing you away.”
Kagome responded gently, “Those things were out of your control. I know you'll never let anything happen to me. I'm only safe and happy when you're with me.”
Kagome reached up and pulled InuYasha's mouth down to hers. Her kiss was passionate, deep and feral. InuYasha responded by picking her up and carrying her over to the bed.
He stood her next to the bed. Still entangled in their kiss, their hands pulled at each other's clothes until they were in a heap on the floor. InuYasha picked Kagome up and set her gently on the bed, his hand now roaming towards her breasts, the heat of her arousal clinging to his nostrils.
The room glowed with the soft light emitted from the oil lamps that were scattered around it. InuYasha opened his eyes to look at Kagome and realized she was beautiful - more than he had ever imagined. Those glimpses he had received before did not do her justice. He moaned as she reached up and started stroking his ears. In return, he trailed kisses down her neck and shoulder until he landed on her now-hard nipple.
Grasping her breast in his hand, he lovingly lathed his tongue around her nipple as he rubbed the other one with the opposing palm and thumb. Kagome just moaned in response as she continued to rub his ears, causing InuYasha to produce the purring sound he had in her bedroom. Not wanting the other breast to feel neglected, he reversed his actions so that he was now sucking on the opposite breast, while continuing to stroke the other.
Kagome just gasped at the sensations she was feeling. Knowing that InuYasha truly loved her only added fuel to her fire. Her belly was starting to burn, so she let go of one ear to reach down and guide InuYasha's hand from her breast down to her center. InuYasha looked up to see the passion burning in Kagome's eyes as he reached down between the folds. Using his middle finger, he slowly started to stroke her, dipping his finger into her passage. He was almost overwhelmed by the scent of her desire.
As InuYasha teased her, she followed suit. Still rubbing one ear, she reached down and started to caress his growing erection. Her fingers gently glided up and down, taking her thumb to rub the moisture at the tip when her hand traveled back up to the head.
Lying on her back, she took her hands and guided InuYasha until his knees were on either side of her head. When she had him where she wanted, she reached up and pulled him into her mouth. At the same time, she had spread her legs and brought up her knees. InuYasha got the message and lowered his face between her legs. Using his fingers to spread her apart, he started to tease her again with his tongue. He was having trouble concentrating because Kagome was now running her tongue up once side and down the other, sucking in the tip as she passed.
As much as he was enjoying it, InuYasha was having difficulty getting at the angle he needed. He unwillingly pulled himself from Kagome's mouth and moved down on the bed so that he was looking at her again. She reached down to grab his ears as he started to flick his tongue in and out of her. He reached up to start rubbing the sensitive pearl he had found before with his thumb as his tongue dove deeper into her. Kagome let go of his ears as her body started to buck in response.
“Oh Kami, don't stop! Pleeeaase don't stop!” Kagome gasped as the fire built in her lower regions.
InuYasha gladly obliged and kept torturing her, finally bringing her to climax. Her body was trembling as he gently licked her clean before he scooted up the bed alongside her, reaching over to kiss her breast before his lips trailed back up to hers.
As he kissed her, she reached over with her still shaking hand and gently stroked him again.
“Your turn,” she whispered as she lowered her head to his chest. Teasing him with her tongue, she gently traced his nipples and worked her way down to his stomach, and then to his rock hard erection. She started her slow torture again, running her tongue and fingers down his thigh, across his sac, and then back down the other side. When she finally landed in the center, she ran her tongue up to the head and sucked it in as she wrapped her fingers around him. As she had done before, she moved her hand and mouth in rhythm. She felt him start to cum as his breathing became more ragged, and slammed as much of him into her mouth as she could, gently massaging his massive member until he was finished. As he had done her, she gently licked him clean before returning to lie alongside him on the bed.
“Oh Kami, thank you Kagome.”
In reply, she reached over to kiss him, probing again with her tongue. In response, he rolled her on top of him, wanting to hold her as close as he could, to feel as much of her warmth against his flesh as possible. Kagome could feel him growing hard under her again.
“Kagome, if we continue much longer I might not be able to stop.”
“I don't want to stop,” Kagome replied softly.
“You're sure?” InuYasha said with hesitancy in his voice.
“Yea, but what would your brother think - we're in his home.”
“That's why he asked me to stay back. He told me to consider this my home. We're safe, we're secure, and we have someone to watch over us.” InuYasha answered.
“InuYasha, I love you and want you as my mate.”
InuYasha didn't have to be told twice. He rolled Kagome over on her back, trailing back down to her warm and ready center. He stroked her between her folds, once again dipping his finger in as his mouth covered her breasts. Soon his head was back between her legs, but this time his tongue was working her pearl and he was up to three fingers inserted into her, gently scraping the warm walls with his claws. Kagome screamed his name at the sensations she was feeling. At the sound of his name, InuYasha's eyes started to flicker between gold and red. When Kagome looked down, she saw red hazy eyes looking back at her with a feral lust glazed over them. The purple streaks of his demon were visible on his cheeks. Kagome knew there was no turning back.
As she came down from her orgasm, she felt herself being flipped over on her stomach. Having a good idea of what was happening; she pulled herself up on her elbows and spread her knees, pushing her rear into the air. InuYasha gently grabbed her at the waist and she gasped when he entered her from behind. Even as his demon instincts took over, he was mindful of her virginity. Her breast in one hand, and rubbing her stomach in those calming circular motions with the other as he guided himself into her, he probed slowly until he reached her barrier, then quickly thrust through it as he entered her to the hilt. His hands were rubbing those circular motions again, waiting as Kagome adjusted to his length within her, waiting for a signal to continue. The pain subsided as it was overtaken by a feeling of immense warmth and pleasure. Raising herself up onto her hands, Kagome rocked back into InuYasha to let him know it she was ready.
InuYasha pulled himself almost all the way out before entering her again. Starting out slowly, he picked up speed as Kagome thrust herself back into him.
“InuYasha… don't stop…harder…harder…faster,” Kagome gasped.
InuYasha traced the hand from her stomach back down to her clit. As he plunged into her, he started flicking it in rhythm with his drives. Turning loose of her breast, he tore his left forearm open with his fangs before he offered it to her. Gasping for breath, Kagome bit down hard at the gashes in his skin, drinking the blood that poured into her mouth as he rocked her to such an orgasm she almost fainted. Still inside her, InuYasha held her, not even feeling her teeth in his arm. As she slowly recovered, she took her tongue and gently licked his forearm as the bleeding subsided and then stopped. Realizing that she had marked InuYasha, Kagome was ready to be marked in return. Steadying herself on her hands again, she once again rolled back to let InuYasha know to continue.
Kagome wasn't disappointed. InuYasha once again began his tortuous rhythm, starting slow and then gradually increasing his pace. This time his hands trailed upwards to her breasts, pulling her upright and supporting her. As he built up speed, he pulled the hair off her neck and right shoulder with his left hand and started to lick the nape of her neck in circles. He built up to such frenzy that Kagome thought she would surely pass out this time. As he exploded inside her, he bit down burying his fangs in the juncture of her shoulder and neck. Kagome screamed his name as she came again with him. Exhausted, InuYasha pulled her over on her side and spooned her as he lovingly caressed her mark with his tongue. They lay like that for who knows how long, content in each other's arms.
Kagome was disappointed when she felt him slide out of her. She rolled over to discover herself looking into amber eyes again.
“Mate?” She asked.
“Mate.” He replied.
She reached over to kiss him, feeling him become hard again as their bodies pressed together. Kagome rolled over on her back, taking InuYasha with her. She eagerly reached down, and guided him into her again. She raised her legs until they were on InuYasha's shoulders, taking the ride as he thrust into her.
With InuYasha facing her, she reached up and started stroking his ears in rhythm with his thrusts. InuYasha couldn't believe the sensations it was causing. Feeling the fire in his lower regions, he was screaming her name as he came.
At some point InuYasha noticed the scent of blood between Kagome's legs and was worried that he had hurt her. Kagome explained that it had to happen when she lost her virginity - that it had only been painful for a moment before she was lost in the pleasure of his love. Once assured that Kagome was not hurting, he rolled her over and took her again from behind.
They didn't know how long they went on like that. They had two years of sexual frustration and tension to release. Their love poured out and into each other as they continued their lovemaking - sometimes soft and gentle, sometimes hard and rough. They vaguely remembered collapsing on each other in exhaustion, only to resume again when they were ready.
At some point, they had both finally passed out from sheer fatigue. Kagome woke to find herself folded back into InuYasha's arms. She felt like she was bathed in a warm glow. She lay like that until she finally felt InuYasha stir behind her. Rolling over, she kissed him and said, “Morning, mate. I love you.”
InuYasha smiled and replied, “Keh.”
Kagome reluctantly climbed out of bed and looked at InuYasha, “We probably should take a bath before we get dressed.”
InuYasha nodded.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” Kagome said as she took InuYasha by the hand and led him to the bath.
Kagome had no idea how it worked, but she was happy to have the perpetually warm bath available with their room. She climbed in and InuYasha joined her. Kagome giggled when she noticed he was hard again. She had him sit down on the ledge that was in the water, and then lowered herself onto him as she faced him. InuYasha just grinned before he pulled her into a kiss as they made love again in the water.
After several more rounds in the bath, Kagome had to be practical and announce that they really did need to clean up before they left their quarters. She had brought her sponge along with her soap, so they gently scrubbed each other's bodies before finally leaving the bath.
When they finally opened their door, they were surprised to find Kanti standing next to it. He just grinned at them and said, “Lord Sesshomaru is waiting.” They followed him to the study.
Sesshomaru looked up from his desk when Kanti announced their arrival. InuYasha and Kagome felt like they were glowing. He had a journal that he was making notes in that he set aside as he stood.
“InuYasha, you have taken Kagome as your mate.” It wasn't a question, it was a statement.
InuYasha and Kagome both blushed as he replied, “Keh.”
“I need to inspect and record your marks. Kanti will act as witness.”
Kanti came over as Kagome bared her neck and shoulder for them to see. Her mark from InuYasha had formed the shape of their house's crescent moon, which was blood red, along with the kanji symbols for “first” and “only.” Sesshomaru recorded Kagome's name along with a sketch and location of the mark in his journal, and had Kanti sign as witness.
Next, InuYasha presented his left forearm to Sesshomaru and Kanti. The scar left by Kagome had turned into the symbols for “lover,” “friend” and “forever.” Sesshomaru followed the same procedure as he recorded InuYasha's name along with the sketch and location of his mark. After Kanti signed as witness, he silently left the room.
Sesshomaru asked if they were hungry.
Kagome replied, “Starving! Did we miss breakfast?”
Sesshomaru replied, “Yes, but lunch will be served soon. The others are probably in the dining room.”
Kagome said, “I should check on Sango and see how she is.”
If she hadn't known better, she would have thought Sesshomaru chuckled as he told her, “She's awake and with the others.”
“Already? I thought it would be at least a couple of more days. Let's go.”
They followed Sesshomaru down the corridor to the dining hall.
They didn't expect the reaction they got when they walked in. Everyone was staring at them, and Miroku's mouth was hanging open.
InuYasha broke the silence, “What's WITH you guys?”
Sango looked at them in wonder and replied, “You're…you're…you're glowing.”
Kagome and InuYasha exclaimed together, “What?”
Miroku reiterated, “You're glowing.”
InuYasha just looked at Kagome and said, “Huh.”
Kagome shook her head to clear her thoughts as she ran to Sango and hugged her, “Sango! I can't believe you're awake. They said it should be another couple of days!”
Shippou finally spoke up, “Sango woke up three days ago.”
“Three days - that's not…that's not possible!”
Miroku was looking at InuYasha in awe, “You wouldn't think it would be.”
Kagome looked at Sango and Miroku and asked, “What in the world are you talking about?”
Sesshomaru actually spoke up, “Naraku isn't the only one who has underestimated you, Little Brother.”
InuYasha folded his arms and looked at Sesshomaru and asked, “What exactly do you mean?”
“You and Kagome haven't been out of your quarters in five days.”

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