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~~Purity Oneshot~~
~One Saturday Afternoon~


"I wike yeddow!"

Gin Izayoi Zelig giggled and reached over to tousle the flyaway, silvery mass of hair atop her two year-old son's head.  “I do, too,” she assured him, her smile widening as he rose up on his knees to reach across the table, a hard-boiled egg held carefully in his tiny hand.  “Here,” she said, scooting the plastic egg cup closer to him.

Evan paused long enough to smile at Gin before dropping the egg into the cup of bright yellow tint.

“Glitter!” Jillian insisted, holding up the egg that she'd been carefully squeezing edible glitter-glue on to show it to her mother.

“Oh, you're as talented an artist as your daddy!” Gin replied.

Jillian smiled brightly as Cain Zelig, Gin's husband and mate, glanced up from the egg he was painting with food-safe water color paints.  “More so,” he corrected, leaning to the side to get a better look at Jillian's egg.  He caught Gin's gaze and grinned at her before turning his attention back to his task.

“No, Bubby!” Evan suddenly exclaimed when Bas—Sebastian—thumped an uncolored egg against the table and proceeded to peel it.  “Dat's for coloring, not for the eating!”

Twelve year-old Bas blinked and paused with the egg poised in front of his lips to stare at his brother for a moment before popping the entire thing into his mouth, much to Evan's dismay.  For a moment, Evan looked like he might burst into tears, but Gin managed to distract him when she pulled an egg out of the pink cup with a wire egg dipper.  “What do you think, sweetie?  Is that pink enough?” she asked brightly.

Evan quickly shifted his gaze to the egg in question, and he nodded.  “It's bright!” he exclaimed happily.

Gin nodded and carefully set the egg into the drying rack while Evan popped another egg into the now-empty cup.

“And tomorrow, the Easter Bunny's gonna come give Evvie an' Jilli candy, right, Mommy?” Jillian asked between breaths as she blew on her egg to dry it faster.

“That's right,” Gin said.  “He'll bring you candy and hide eggs for you all to find.”

“I don't really have to do that, do I?” Bas asked pointedly.

Gin giggled.  At twelve years-old, he thought that it was a little juvenile, she supposed, and maybe he was right.  Still, as proud as she was of the young man that he was fast becoming, she couldn't help but wish somewhere deep down that he would have stayed a child just a little longer . . . “Well,” she allowed slowly, considering his question as she reached for the clear wax crayon to draw on a bright green egg, “I suppose you don't, but you can't complain that you didn't get as much candy as Evan and Jilli . . .”

“And you can't take theirs, either,” Cain added, almost as an afterthought.

“I wouldn't,” Bas grumbled, cheeks pinking as he scowled at the basket of eggs that had already been decorated.

“I share with Bubby!” Evan piped up happily, leaning on the table with his butt in the air and his cheeks propped up on his fists as he watched Gin drop the green egg into the blue cup.

“Here, sweetie,” Gin said, offering Evan the last undecorated egg.  “Do you want to write on that one before you dip it?”

Evan nodded and took the crayon while Gin pulled the egg out of the blue cup.  He stopped scribbling long enough to gaze at the greenish-blue egg in awe.  “It maked it teal like Daddy's crests!” he gasped.

Cain smiled and dropped his paintbrush into the cup of water in front of him.  He'd already painted about two dozen eggs, each one with a different Easter scene.  It would be a shame to crack those, Gin figured, but Cain did it every year and never seemed to mind in the least when those eggs were eventually broken.

Bas stood up and stretched.  “C'mon, Runt.  I'll toss the football with you,” he offered.

Evan let out a loud squeal and scrambled down from the chair, nearly upsetting the cup of orange color dip in the process.  Jilllian dropped her egg on the table and scooted off her chair, too.  “Jilli, too!  Jilli, too!” she called, hurrying after her brothers.

Gin watched the three of them go with a contented little sigh.  “How cute is that?” she asked in the silence that followed her children's noisy exit.

“Be cuter if he doesn't take all their candy,” Cain replied.

Gin giggled and slipped around the table to sit beside Cain.  “Oh, that one is so pretty . . . Well, they're all pretty, but the one with the rainbow is really, really pretty,” she said in a breathy whisper as she eyed the eggs he'd painted.

Cain chuckled and leaned over to kiss her cheek.  “And it only took . . .” He paused while he checked his watch, “. . . four hours to color all the eggs.”

“Now we get to stuff the plastic ones,” she pointed out happily.

Cain's smile didn't dim as he slowly nodded.  “All right, baby girl, but promise me you'll put the candy in the eggs, okay?”

“I always put the candy in them!” she protested.

Cain didn't look convinced.  “Which is why we always buy about twice as much as we need,” he agreed.

She laughed and blushed just a little.  “You're such a smart man!”

He shook his head but laughed, too.  Sure, he probably had other things that he'd rather be doing, but he never seemed to mind when she asked him to help with the Easter preparations.  Three dozen colored eggs for their family, but there were also nearly six dozen plastic eggs to stuff, too—most of which were for the local children's hospital.  They went there every year and hid eggs in the therapy wing for the little ones to find.

“You know,” Cain drawled, watching as Gin stood up and started to gather up the eggs to put them in the refrigerator, “we could do those plastic ones later . . .”

She shuffled across the kitchen and balanced the huge basket of colored eggs on her hip as she carefully opened the refrigerator.  “Zelig-sensei, you're not getting any sketchy ideas, are you?” she teased, peering over her shoulder long enough to cast her mate a knowing smile.

Cain blinked innocently.  “Gin, you're so dirty-minded,” he chided.  She gasped and blushed at the implications of his words.  “I just thought that we could go outside and toss the ball with the kids.”  He shook his head slowly, dramatically.  “I guess, though, if you want to coerce me into going upstairs with you so that you can molest me, then I can't really stop you . . .”

Gin's cheeks flamed an even deeper shade of red, and she kicked the refrigerator door closed before dashing across the floor to smash her hand over Cain's mouth.  “Cain!” she complained in a rather panicked tone.  “You're so bad!”

He laughed and tugged her hand away.  “Come on, Gin,” he replied, stepping past her and tugging on her hand.  “We'll clean that stuff up later.”

Gin giggled again, but let him drag her over to the back door.  Spending the rest of her Saturday afternoon with her children and mate?

It sounded good to her.


~The End~


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Just a quick oneshot.  I started it on Easter, but didn't finish it until today.
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Final Thought from Cain:
I married a pervert ...
Blanket disclaimer for One Saturday Afternoon:  I do not claim any rights to InuYasha or the characters associated with the anime/manga.  Those rights belong to Rumiko Takahashi, et al.  I do offer my thanks to her for creating such vivid characters for me to terrorize.

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