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A normal disclaimer: I don't own Digimon, or Star Trek I wish I did. If you are underage or are unable to view pornographic material in your area don't read. This fic contains a good three-way yaoi; so if you don't like it don't read. I don't want any flames and if I get any I will do some thing evil to you, I don't know what yet, so I will e-mail back with a few four letter words. That said enjoy. This is the first part of a series I'm working on; I will try and finish it ASAP. This fic takes place right after Davis finds the digi-egg of friendship and the battle is over. It starts the following night.
The Beginning
By overlord Bill
It was two in the morning; Davis was still awake lying in his bed. It was pretty obvious what e was thinking about. /how could I have been so ignorant in the battle to get Agumon. \ Even though he was thinking, Demi-Veemon was fast asleep. Davis always thought Demi-Veemon was cute when he was asleep. "Oh what a day this has been," Davis said out loud to no one. Soon after Davis fell asleep still in deep thought.
When Davis woke up he got ready for school and left, still disturbed by thoughts of previous events. Unfortunately his was so distracted that he accidentally forgot to bring Demi-Veemon. It wasn't until about two in the afternoon that he realized that. Needless to say that when he told the rest of the digidestend they yelled at him; so he had to run back to his apartment, get Demi-Veemon, and return in less then half an hour. After Davis returned they all left for the digital world.
When they got there they decided to split into teams to help take down m ore control spires. Kari and Yolie were to take the mountain region, Cody and TK were to take the city region and Davis was left alone to take the lake region. Luckily for Davis the region had been swept the day before for control spires and his workload would be lighter then the rest of the digidestend.
As soon as Davis got there, the Digimon emperor showed up and declared his attack. "Davis give up this futile struggle against me and give up." Yelled the Digimon emperor. " I don't know what you just said but I won't give up!" Replied Davis. " You little fool you think you have a chance against me, I would like to see you try without your little friends around." The Digimon emperor gloated.
It was at that point Davis told Veemon to digivolve to Flamedramon. You could tell at that point Veemon was happy, if not at any other point. Then Davis yelled out: "digi-armor energize!" And where Veemon was standing now stood Flamedramon. "Now shall we end this now or do we have to wait until you can think of some thing?" Flamedramon asked.
"I have had enough of both of you. Get them Tyranomon!" The Emperor ordered. And sure enough, half a dozen Tyranomon were surrounding Davis and Flamedramon. "Fine, you want to do it the hard way, we can do it the hard way!" Flamedramon said. At this point Davis decided to e-mail the others of their situation. Even though Davis was cocky at times, he knew when to ask for help from others. One such creature came to his assistance after he sent out the e-mail. Agunimon and Flamedramon went into combat, together not knowing the others intentions. As one of the Tyranomon went down the others closed formation still working on surrounding the enemy.
Eventually after a long hard battle, Agunimon de-digivolved into Flamon. Davis was just a little curious as to why this Digimon could digivolve at will. Flamon filled them in saying that he was able to because he was a chosen Digimon to some guy by the name commandant Laurence Rose, and that he was a loyal servant of the imperial Republic on R&R. This was all very interesting to Davis, but he soon realized that he dropped his digivice and went to look for it. Before he left he winked at Flamedramon, who Davis knew, was interested in Flamon.
(At this point in the fic I would like to thank everyone who could make this possible, fine, fine I will get back to the fic;) but seriously the lemon will be soon just to note)
Flamon looked like a twelve-year-old male, with fire-red hair, green eyes, elf ears, with an earring in both ears, stubby horns, tattoos all over his upper body, red pants, gauntlets, and a fire-like tail. All of these things turned Flamedramon on; to such a degree it was hard not to jump on top of him and start making out with him.
At this point Flamon was in the same boat as Flamedramon. Flamon kept looking at the ground trying to not look at him. It was at about this point that Flamedramon decided to ask a question. "Flamon, please tell me about yourself in more depth?" Flamedramon asked. "Well, there isn't that much to talk about. I was born here and then one day he [Laurence Rose] came and offered me a job as second in command of his starship, the ISS-Rubicon (ICC-1769-C). I took the offer and joined him in space. It was soon after that I was given my own command about twenty years ago. I was truly gifted and when I thought it couldn't get any better, he proposed to me and I was the happiest I could have ever been." Flamon said. "So you are a…" Flamedramon started but was cut off by Flamon. "Yes I am married and I also hold the rank of Commander of the starship Consort (ICC-13457), but I have been given permission to do as I please." Flamon finished saying, much to Flamedramon's delight. "Well then lets not let this freedom go to waste now shall." Flamedramon said trying as best as he could to sound seductive. Flamon was aware of this and in the end decided to do it with him. Although the whole while Davis had found his digivice and returned and was watching this whole ordeal through some bushes. "Give it to him good Flamedramon." Davis said quietly, but unforntunaly he said it just a little to loud and the two Digimon heard him. " Flamon I think we have a nosy visitor." "I think you may be right Flamedramon." When that was said the two Digimon jumped through the bushes and tackled Davis. "So you were watching us all that time, and decided not to come out." "No Flamedramon, I was planning to come out in two minutes." Flamedramon didn't believe him and whispered to Flamon and after they quit talking they looked at Davis with an evil look in their eyes. Poor Davis was left not knowing what they had planned.
Suddenly Flamedramon and Flamon then tackled poor Davis. Flamon was assaulting the lower part of Davis and Flamedramon pushing Davis into a passionate kiss. While all this was happening Flamon was busy with Davis' 5-inch cock. It was kind of annoyed Davis that Flamon was toying with him. Pretty soon Flamon swallowed his dick and started blowing him off. Davis moaned into Flamedramon's mouth, because by this time Flamedramon started to french Davis. Davis soon realized that both Flamon and Flamedramon were now sporting rock hard erections this obviously made Davis blush. Flamon's was about 7-inches and Flamedramon's was 12-inches. Even though Flamon was still giving Davis a good blowjob, Davis felt the need to have something inside him. Flamedramon was the first to move and started moving down from Davis' mouth, to his back and still down. Davis wasn't paying much notice until Flamedramon started licking his asshole. "What are you doing (moan) Flamedramon (moan)?" Davis protested. "Don't worry." Flamedramon replied and winked, as he continued. This was enough to push Davis over and he erupted into Flamon's mouth. Flamon ate the whole load, and it was a lot. It was at this time Davis was caching his breath, that Flamon and Flamedramon looked at each other and smiled very devious smiles and tackled poor Davis again. This time Flamon slowly impaled himself on Davis. So slowly that Flamon moaned at the sudden intrusion. To Flamon it felt more nostalgic, because his true husband hadn't made love to him due to the fact he and his husband were on different ships, even though Davis was about 7-inches shorter. For Davis it was the first time he had made love to any one, but the euphoric pleasure Davis felt was short lived, because he felt Flamedramon slowly entering him. For Flamedramon the warm, moist ass he was in was interesting; because this was the first time he had made gay love to a human, not to say he wasn't experienced. Flamedramon had been in many gay relationships with other Digimon, but never a human. So for all of the parties involved it was a different experience for all. As soon as Flamon was hilt deep on Davis' cock, he started pushing himself up and down on Davis. Davis was in such euphoric pleasure he forgot that Flamedramon was inside him, until he started going out of Davis to the point his cock was mostly out, except his cock head, he then pushed back in to the hilt. This and Flamon on his cock made him moan so much. Davis was very close to orgasm, and so was the rest of the group, all they needed was something to push them over, and that something was Flamemon saying, "huh?" This was enough to push Davis over and he thrusted in Flamon really hard and deep as he started blasting his cum in Flamon. Flamon was in so much pleasure he came all over himself and the others, just by feeling Davis' cum hit his sweet spot. For Flamedramon, cum was his biggest turn-on that just by seeing Flamon cum pushed Flamedramon over and he blasted his warm cum in Davis and eventually it was too much and it came out around Flamedramon's cock, out of Davis' asshole. After the cum storm, they lied in the grass relaxing.
Unknown to them, Emperor Rose had sent a probe droid to watch over Flamon and the Emperor was watching the whole thing. "Very interesting. I let him go on vacation and he has sex, I guess he does need it, but who are those he is having sex with?" the Emperor said out loud. " It is a Flamedramon and an unknown person sir." Said a servant of the empire. "I don't care, but I would like to know who they are. That's it I'm going to the digital world to find out. Helm, lay in a course, bearing 231, mark 034, warp factor 9.32, enable." The Rubicon had speed a way at warp 9.32 toward the digital world. "I'm coming for you Flamemon, my love." The Emperor stated.
Flamemon was the first one speak, "That was fun, I need to do that more often." The others silently agreed. Unfortunately the peace was short lived, because the Emperor had beamed down and found the three lying in the grass. "What the hell is going on?” The emperor demanded.
The end for now any way, I will keep writing if you all like it so much. You can e-mail your reviews to, but the only thing I ask is no flames, you read at your own risk. Thanks for reading bye.

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