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Fantasy Hanyou
(A.K.A. Bubblicious)
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A/N: I did not ever intend to write myself into a fic a la Gary Stu. But then I got this visual story request from PraxisTheory on my LJ. Now I ask you. What would YOU do with this picture? (warning: rated X - like the story. I highly recommend you see pic before reading the story)
Link to picture (no spaces): http // . butteryasha . livejournal . com / 17472 . html
It sure as hell piqued my interest and, well, I just couldn't think of any other way to do it. Really didn't want to bring Inu!Dick out again, I swear, but he was convenient as a plot device so you guys get stuck with the stupid dick one more time. (I will say I've never actually observed this behavior in him personally.) Thanks for Forthright for proofreading and confidence you wouldn't all think I'd finally lost my mind for this. And apologies to Feni for flaunting her good advice in encouraging me to write an actual story, plot and everything. I'm just too lazy for that. And because I'm uber lazy, I'm submitting this as my entry into InuErotica's “Sugar Buzz” challenge for October, with a prompt from the last challenge (Golden Oldies) which I missed last month `cuz I'm such a lazy ass. Note: Praxis is NOT my girlfriend in rw. Never met her. Hope she isn't offended by being Mary Sued in next to me but you just never know what you're gonna get when you give me a story request. Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or Kagome. As is obvious now, however, I do own the stupid Inu!Dick.
“ButterYasha” - the writer (a.k.a. Gary Stu)
Inu!Dick -- [note to readers - anyone who doesn't recognize Inu!Dick should read `Hanyou Fantasies' and come back to try this again. Trust me, it'll make a ton more sense.]
I was bored. For the first time in months, I honestly had nothing to do. Found myself standing in my living room looking at a picture Praxis had sketched of me in one of her fantasy locations, standing very much like I was now, but in a traditionally appointed Japanese home… well. It almost looked like me...
“I can't believe she put me in blue hakama and suikan. With ears!” There I was, all decked out like Inu, but in my signature blue. And damn if I really did look like Inu in this pic. I cocked my head to the side and tried flicking my invisible ears. I swear I could feel them. But I didn't usually wear a shirt hanging around at home. I glanced up at a mirror hanging in my apartment just to remind myself I wasn't living in Praxis' fantasy.
Nice abs, boy.
My expression immediately fell, following my eyes down to look at my crotch. “What the fuck do you want?”
Out to play!
“I don't have time for you and you know it. Shut up.”
Bullshit. If you have time to strut around your apartment wearing blue and playing hanyou, you can let me out to play.
I growled at my Inu!Dick muse. “I am so fucking sorry I ever invented you. Do you ever shut up? You invade everything I write and now you want out when I'm not even writing anything!”
Yeah, but I'm fucking horny! You haven't written anything in months. You think I can just sit around here without any action at all? Start getting some on paper and I'll shut up once in a while.
He was right, of course. I hadn't written anything, but I couldn't let him out; I really was too busy… so I decided the best defense was a good offense. “I've gotten plenty in the real world, you just haven' gotten your virtual rocks off and your ego can't take it.” He was silent. I had him on that one. Turns out he was just plotting against me though. He started stirring something in my pants, all by himself the twit.
Whatever. Now I want out. Comin' out whether you want me or not.
Suddenly a vivid image filled my mind until it was all around me…. a modern Japanese-style house with lots of traditional appointments, soft cushions and low tables. Some candles. I walked into the bedroom, closing the shoji screen door behind me. There were more candles here, a bed and a cool yin-yang mirror thingy.
“Wait a minute!” I flumped down on the bed, not noticing that I was fully in the scene now; closing my eyes I concentrated more. “I know this place! That's Praxis' picture…” My heart started beating a little faster, knowing where he was going with this. “You want me to write that story now? The one taking off on her… idea?” Inu!Dick jumped in my pants, remembering Praxis' fantasy.
And it gets better. It's an empty house…
“Fuck!” I expletived. “I told you I was too busy to write that for another month or two. Hey…” I held my breath as the memory of those three Kagomes she'd told me about invaded my mind anyway.
There was a noise in the main room; I heard the front door of the house open. Opening the screen to the main room a little I started to walk out and then jumped back inside the bedroom just as Kagome walked in, smiling. Inuyasha was behind her, dressed in his usual red getup and looking very skeptical. He sniffed the air before stepping in very carefully almost crouching.
“Kagome,” Inuyasha said tentatively. “Why are we here?”
“Because my Aunt Saki is out of town for the weekend and mom asked me to watch her house.”
Kagome walked over to the screen right in front of me and I stumbled backwards, falling on the bed, my heart racing. She opened the screen, exposing the little bedroom; the one with the yin-yang hooziwhatzit; the one where I was sprawled out in my blue hakama w/ no shirt and an excited Inu!Dick bouncing in my pants at the sight of her. I held my breath but Kagome didn't see me.
“Uh…” I could see Inuyasha blushing all the way from where I sat. “Does your mom know you brought me along with you?”
“Mmmmm.” Kagome was blushing too. Inuyasha couldn't see it because she was facing me, but she'd turned bright pink. I found her expression very... cute. “Not really.”
“Oh.” Inuyasha stayed by the door to the hallway.
Fuck. Look at those legs…. Inu!Dick was getting horny, which meant it was only a matter of minutes until I was in a raging swoon over his vision of Kagome, who I was madly in love with too. So smooth and longA matter of seconds, actually.
“But,” Kagome brightened with a creative thought, turning to Inuyasha with a flip of her skirt that flashed me a quick peek at her ass. “This isn't the best part of town and I'm sure she'd be glad to know you were along to protect me.”
“Oh.” Inuyasha seemed to relax. “Okay.”
“I see what you're doing, you know.” I opened my eyes and stood up, pacing my apartment now, talking to Inu!Dick as though he could really talk back. “I get it. You're siding with Praxis and making me write this thing.” Inu!Dick was silent again. Having planted the seeds, he was shrewd enough to know when to let them grow.
I closed my eyes again to look at the little scene with Kagome's ass-flash replaying to me over and over again. I gestured helplessly at the vision, turned on despite myself. “So they're alone in the apartment and she's gotta get over his blushing and dirt kicking. How is that interesting? It's not! B.O.R.I.N.G.” I could feel him smirk. I hated it when he got smug and would have smacked him but I'd learned a long time ago that this tactic just tended to turn him on even more.
Well, you're the master of the challenge right? Make it interesting. He flashed Kagome's little skirt flip at me again, only this time he took off her underwear and I almost reeled at the sight. I can think of a few things already.... My heart rate was up.
“Even if I was interested in spending the afternoon at my computer, I might be interested in this concept except…” I scratched my ear. “Nah. It might involve plot.” I waved my arms in the air. “Characterization!” Put my hands on my hips. “Talent!” He laughed.
No more than usual, reality-man. Just let me loose and - like always -- you won't need any of those things. I felt another tell-tale stir in my nether regions and unconsciously tilted my hips into the air as he filled my mind with some amazing pictures. I did manage to keep my groan to myself though. Come on. Go sit down at the computer so you'll have something to give Praxis when she comes over later.
Seeing as how it was Sunday and for the first time in months I really didn't have much to do, I went over and sat down in front of my email. Gah! Don't look at that! Real fear shot through him then and he started to wilt. You how hard it is for me to think when you're goofing around on email! I shut the email application down. Whew! Thanks, dude.
“No problem. Now be brilliant.”
What? Brilliant? Me? He started laughing even harder than before. I don't do brilliant, idiot. I do hot. He flashed me a picture of Inu hungrily into Kagome in every way possible. Let's go for that, okay? Just start typing.
I scowled again. He was right, of course; there was only one way to write and that was to do it. Shaking out my fingers over the keyboard I closed my eyes and was immediately back in Praxis' fantasy picture. Kagome was in the kitchen now with an apron on, steaming pots on the stove and a nice spread of raw fish and other delectables on the counter. I moved closer to look. My favorites! Hamachi. Negimaki! I tried to take a bite, but forgot it wasn't real - or I wasn't -- so I just made do with sniffing the air and looking up and down her, my mouth watering. Kagome bent down to pick a stray rice kernel off the floor and put it in the sink. Suddenly I realized something was wrong and turned to see Inuyasha sitting uncomfortably on the couch, hands stuffed in his sleeves and looking around at the empty room like he expected the little paper danglies on the ceiling to attack him. Here I was leering at his girlfriend and all he could do was worry about whether she expected him to jump her or not.
“Oh shit.” I sighed and rolled my eyes, putting my fists on my hips to look down once more at my crotch. “You fucking created Canon!Inu?”
Sure. It's more fun that way.
“You idiot, we've done that already! And it took us - what? I'm not gonna go look…. Like fourteen friggin' chapters to get you in her pants? No WAY am I waiting that long this time. Don't have the time. Don't have the inclination.” I crossed my arms over my chest and continued to watch Kagome's backside as she hummed and made my favorite meal.
Hmmm. Inu!Dick seemed to have realized that he'd rather unbrilliantly fucked himself. I could feel him try to morph the Inu on the couch, make him smirk and swagger like I did. Canon!Inu just squirmed uncomfortably. Not happenin'. Uh, Maybe I fucked up. He started to wilt again. I hate that feeling so I sighed and looked back at Kagome, who was untying her apron and stretching its fabric over her breasts as her arms strained behind her. Errrr. Maybe we should just stop? Prax will be over soon…
“Nah, we got time,” I said, thinking. “We're in this together. I'll think of something.”
Kagome moved to hang up the apron and then reached for a plate on a high shelf. As I watched that short skirt play just below the globes of her ass I realized she was completely oblivious to her effect on Inu. Or me for that matter.
“I got it!” I said out loud. “We'll change Kagome. She's easier to morph anyway. More emo. In touch with her emotions and all that shit.” Closing my eyes, I imagined Kagome standing there in the kitchen, aware of every move she made. Opening my eyes I saw… two Kagomes!
Now that's brilliant! Inu!Dick was back in action down below and glad to give me credit.
“Shut up.” I tried an experiment and gently reached over to grab Kagome 1's arm, pulling her back towards me so I could watch Kagome 2. Kagome 1 jumped at the feel of my fingers on her elbow but complied and I started a little as she backed up into me, her hair brushing my bare chest. So this fantasy had multiple dimensions…
I ignored Inu!Dick as he tried to find Kagome 1's hip, only inches away, and watched the new Kagome. Immediately I knew something was wrong. She was skittery. Self-aware all right, but to a fault. Constantly glancing over her shoulder at Inuyasha on the couch. Wondering what he thought of her. “Oops.”
Not sexy.
“Yeah. Oblivious was better.”
I closed my eyes again and imagined a Kagome who was self-aware, but with confidence and a deft ability to know exactly the effect she had on… uh… men. Opening my eyes, I was gratified to see yet another Kagome. Kagome 3 had a little smile on her face as she glanced back at Inuyasha on the couch. She started putting little things on a plate and then reached down to take her socks off, eyeing Inu's back before bringing the edibles around to the low table where he was sitting. I could feel his heart rate double as he looked at her.
Good! She's already plotting. Way to go, boy.
But now I had a new problem. Kagome 2 was wandering around the kitchen, still a little skittery and wondering what all the Kagomes were doing there. How was I gonna get rid of them? For starters, I did the same thing I had done with Kagome 1, reaching over to take her gently by the arm. “Hey, kitten,” I tried to sound soothing. “Come on over here with me and let's watch a little bit okay?”
You might learn something…
“Not nice,” I scolded my mouthy appendage as the new Kagome drew up close to me. I could smell their hair and they smelled like two different kinds of flowers. I really amaze myself sometimes with how real I can make this shit. I pulled Kagome 1 and 2 back towards the front door where we had a full view of the interaction.
“Here, Inuyasha,” Kagome 3 said. “Try this. It's one of my favorites. It literally melts on your tongue.” She handed the real Inuyasha a small plate with a little piece of raw scallop and some tangled green stuff on it and then reached for her own, lifting the soft scallop with her fingers, extending her tongue out as her neck arched enticingly. I could see Inuyasha's grip on the plate loosen. He'd never seen his Kagome quite like this. She curled her tongue around the soft white flesh and drew it into her mouth, inserting her fingers into her lips to lick them as she slowly chewed and swallowed. “Try it, Inuyasha,” she urged with a knowing smile growing on her lips.
“Uh.” Inuyasha was completely transfixed. “Okay.” He grabbed the soft white stuff and tossed it in his mouth, downing it in a single swallow.
Uh-oh. This is going to be harder than I thought. Let's try morphing Inu again.
I had been so transfixed by Kagome 3's luscious demonstration that I was unprepared when Kagomes 1 and 2 turned to me, looking me up and down. Kagome 1 put out her hand to touch my chest and I jumped in surprise.
“You're real,” she said looking up into my eyes and her hand found my fuzzy ears, which is pretty amazing considering they don't actually exist.
“Am I?” My heart was beating fast all of a sudden and I realized I still had my arms around their shoulders, and could feel them… and they could feel me... “Uh. No. Not exactly real, no. Uh. If I asked you to go away so I could concentrate, would you do that?” I looked at them both hopefully.
“Why?” Kagome 2 looked over at Kagome 3 demonstrating again the proper way to eat a tantalizing bit of flesh. “You said we might learn something.” She turned back to me, inching a little closer and blushing. “Can you show us how to make Inuyasha like us?”
This is rich. Inu!Dick laughed gleefully. I ignored him, trying to keep all this straight.
“Well, I suppose maybe you could learn something.” I smiled down at them as they smiled up at me, and then I caught myself. I'm the writer. I'm not supposed to be IN the story. But… damn. I looked at the two of them. Perfectly proportioned carbon copies of… my… favorite… fantasy… woman.
Told ya this was a good idea. Inu!Dick's rumbling chuckle was warm inside me all of a sudden.
I glanced back at Stupid!Inu on the couch and became instantly bored with the idea of trying to coax him into losing his virginity - again. I mean, shit. Kagome 3 seemed to be doing a pretty good job of that herself. I watched as idiot boy dribbled some ikura eggs on his chin as she licked her fingers again. As if waiting for just such an event, she quickly untied the scarf on her school uniform and cleaned him up, allowing her loosened v-neck shirt to reveal more than usual of her beautiful cleavage. I swallowed.
“You like cleavage?” Kagome 1 said, blinking up at me.
“You can…” I blushed. “Read my mind?”
“We're in your mind.” Kagome 2 said. “We hear everything.”
“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”
“You like that, don't you?” Kagome 1 said, looking at me shrewdly.
“Wh- Like what?” I stammered, completely focused on the fact that neither of them had pulled away, but had - if anything - moved closer.
“Fucking.” Kagome 2 said, with a small smile.
Truth seemed the best ploy all of a sudden and so I took a deep breath. “Provided you're well over the age of nineteen.” I swallowed and then realized that they both were nineteen. Had just had their birthdays in fact. They seemed to realize it at the same time.
“So show us what we're doing wrong,” Kagome 1 said as she stroked my chest again, staring at my skin as it tightened under her touch in an involuntary ab-crunch. “Inu is such a bullheaded jerk sometimes. I want to figure him out.”
“Uh-“ I glanced back up at Hopeless!Inu who had Kagome 3 practically on top of him now while all he could do was blush some more. That fantasy direction just seemed to be going nowhere. What the fuck? Not sure who'd said that, but it was good advice no matter where it came from.
“Ok, ladies,” I relaxed and ran my hand down both their backs together, sliding my fingers back up under their hair and pulling them both in so that their breasts were just touching my bare chest. “Look. I don't think I can really help you with Idiot!hanyou over there,” I gestured behind them with my chin, pointedly not looking at Kagome 3's progress. “But I can sure as shit tell you what turns me on.”
Kagome 1 smiled brightly and Kagome 2 looked nervous but intrigued.
“First of all,” I moved my hands down their backs again and slipped my fingers up under their shirts to stroke the bare skin of their backs this time. “Do you notice a little inequity here?”
“Like - our shirts are on?” Kagome 1 giggled.
“Right.” I smiled at my quick learner. “It's not a slam-dunk exactly, but in general if you want to seduce a man, wear fewer clothes than he does.”
“Okay,” Kagome 1 stepped back just enough to pull her shirt off over her head and toss it aside. This fantasy girl was good. I just gaped at her but couldn't help my leering smile as I took in the full effect of her luscious breasts cradled in a lacey pink bra, her cleavage fully exposed and… touchable… lickable… My mouth started watering again and Inu!Dick couldn't contain his excitement, hardening quickly so that neither of the girls missed him knocking on the inside of my pants.
“You really do like that…” Kagome 2 said, diverting my attention from Kagome 1 as she, more tentatively, reached up to remove her own shirt. I smiled, a little more gently, at her.
“That took guts,” I said to Kagome 2. “But it was the right move,” I drew her in close and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Her hair tickled my nose and I moved her locks aside to kiss her again. She giggled and trembled a little bit in my embrace. I felt Kagome 1's hand on my chest again, moving in a small circle now, drawing my attention back to her.
“What else?” Kagome 1 sounded intrigued and I noticed her attention focused on my skin under her fingers.
“Well, that's really good, what you're doing right now,” I replied softly, still cuddling Kagome 2 and stroking my cheek on her hair. She was relaxing into my shoulder, softening against me and I knew it was important to let her know I liked her too, so I just kept stroking her back gently. Kagome 1 seemed to care less about what I thought of her and more about what she thought of me. This was good.
“So, I should just… touch you?” Kagome 1 extended her finger and traced the little circle around my nipple slowly, sensually and it felt really good.
“Um…” I closed my eyes for a minute, wishing she'd kiss me. I wanted to feel her mouth. “Touch, yeah. But really. Just explore…” Her lips closed over my nipple then and I felt her tongue sweep softly around my skin. “Ahhhh.”
You're in good hands here. I didn't say anything, busy feeling Kagome 1's mouth as she kissed and licked her way up to my collarbone and neck, the warmth of her breath and skin sending little goosebumps all over me. I think I'll go help out Kagome 3. I was still stupefied as I Kagome 2's fingers tentatively traced the waistband of my hakama. Taking a deep breath I imagined them both kissing me and before I knew it, they were. Maybe if I imagined them both naked? Cya, dude.
Whee! I'm free! Got him out of the way in fantasyland here so now I can have a little more fun than usual. I guess I was aware that Inu!Dick was speaking but it all just sounded like noise as my heart rate went way up, the two Kagome's moving hands and mouths all over me… exploring... That's a nice way to fuel up, there. Giving me a double dose juice up so I think I'm gonna take advantage of it - *poof* - I am now corporeal in the form of pink bubbly misty stuff that smells faintly of bubblegum. Imagine myself over a little closer to Kagome 3's action… Wow. He does good work when he tries. Look at Kagome 3 go; she's managed to drop food all over herself, and him too. Thanks, girl.
“I've never seen you make such a mess, Kagome,” Inuyasha said, his heart so loud in his ears that he could hardly think.
“The food's good, though. Isn't it?” Kagome smiled and pulled her shirt out from her waist a little to wipe up a spill.
“Yeah.” Inuyasha said lamely, saddened by the disappearance of the view, her breasts how hidden beneath the extended fabric. “I guess.”
“You `guess'?” Kagome smiled broadly, honing in on his disappointment. “Is there something else you'd rather be eating?” She dropped her shirt and hitched herself forward towards him, spreading her knees open as she moved. Inuyasha's nose twitched immediately and his eyebrows shot straight up into his bangs.
“Uh… eat…” he said as his brain fritzed.
“I really did make a mess,” Kagome said as she reached over to touch a small stain on his red suikan. “Let me throw these in the wash while we finish dinner.” She started to untie his shirt and he jumped, banging his knee on the table as he scrambled back on all fours until he was sitting with his knees bent and weight leaning back on his palms, panic on his face.
“Kagome!” Inuyasha's voice was squeaky. “What's gotten into you?”
“Me?” Kagome looked positively wicked, a hungry smirk on her face. “Butter got into me. And now he's getting into you, too.”
“Wha-?” Inuyasha followed her eyes as they glanced up into a little pink cloud which Kagome immediately recognized as `Essence du Inu!Dick' and which began to descend over him. Before he could jump and run, he'd breathed in a lungful of the heady mist and frozen. Thanks to Inu!Dick's happy invasion of his lungs, Inuyasha was suddenly hyperaware of how horny he was, how horny she was, and how many months past the age of nineteen they both were. “Uh….” Despite the fact that his vocabulary hadn't shown signs of improving yet, the tone of his voice was decidedly lower pitched… like buttah… if I do say so myself. Hearing this shift in personality, Kagome smiled and came to her hands and knees, crawling over him so that her cleavage was only a tongue-stroke away, her legs were between his knees and their noses were almost touching.
“You smell really good,” he said slowly, blinking at her as Inu!Dick came out of his pink bubbly fog and realized he could actually smell. “And it smells really good to be able to smell…” He looked back up at her with a smirking grin. “And taste. I bet you taste as good as you smell.” Leaning forward, he licked his tongue down between her breasts, eliciting a small moan from her. “Man, that tasting shit is cool. You taste damn good.”
“How good?” she tilted her head just to the side and licked his lips, inserting her tongue tip where they met and drawing it slowly across his mouth and just inside so that she licked his teeth at the same time as his lips. He closed his eyes and smiled.
“Pretty fucking good.” They both smiled as his tongue slipped out to meet hers. He brought an arm up around her back and pulled her to his chest as he rolled backwards so that her weight fell on him and he groaned when she ground her hips into his rapidly stiffening cock. “Damn,” he said to himself in amazement. “I got my own dick now.” Little pink bubbles continued to float around them as they kissed and moved their bodies together, their tongues sliding and probing each other and their breath becoming heavy and urgent.
“Gotta get these in the wash,” Kagome mumbled as she moved back off him to balance on her knees and her hands started pulling at the ties on his clothes. His hands were equally busy slipping under her little skirt and drawing her panties down her legs. He skimmed his fingers up the backs of her thighs, intending to find a way to release her skirt at the waist, but his hands stopped on the curves of her bare ass and he froze, his eyes flying open to stare unseeing at the ceiling.
“You're…” He stammered, looking at her now.
“What am I?” she said as she pushed his shirts back off his chest and dove into the tie at his belt.
“So.” His fingers spread out on the cheeks of her ass. “Damn.” He pulled her down so that their hips met and she had to catch herself on his chest, giggling. “Sexy.” He tilted his hips up into her, his very own cock sliding under the fabric separating them as it got harder, drawing a groan out of him.
“Glad you finally noticed,” Kagome smiled and kissed his shoulder just under her lips, fluttering her eyelids as he ground his brand new cock up against her one more time.
“I think I had some help,” he replied absentmindedly, his hands still on her ass, pulling her into his open legs as he pressed himself into her one more time.
“Whatever works,” she said, her eyes closed now as her lips found his. She broke the kiss almost immediately. “But I want to get us out of these clothes…” She hitched herself back up, and he let her go, never taking his hands off her ass as he watched her untie his pants and pull the lose fabric down to reveal his stiff dick.
“Whoa!” He blinked at himself. “Go me! Let's hear it for self-enhancement!”
Kagome's huge grin indicated that she approved of Inu!Dick's enhancements to the storyline, and before he could react, she dove down on his swollen cock with her mouth open, wet tongue lashing over him as he collapsed back under her, moaning loudly.
“What the fuck was that?” I managed to struggle up into a sitting position, shaking my head to try and clear it, my two Kagomes kneeling next to me, their hands still roving my body, which was… naked. I forgot to breathe as I focused on Kagome 3 going down on Stupid!Inu who seemed to have lost his inhibitions and was spreadeagled under her.
“I think it was Inuyasha,” Kagome 2 said tentatively, looking back and forth between me and the happy Idiot!Inu on the floor by the table.
“He seems happy,” Kagome 1 said observantly, and I watched her eyes slide across the floor to fix on my dick, which was— though unfortunately not as big as Happy!Inu's - getting to be just as happy. “Can we try that?” She looked at me, and neither one of them waited for permission. Before long I was writhing on the floor and moaning just as loudly as Got-lucky-only-a-few-minutes-earlier!Inu. Something seemed odd about Dumbshit!Inu, but I really sorta stopped thinking about it just then.
“Gah!” Inuyasha crunched up and flopped back down, his body beginning to vibrate under Kagome's oral ministrations.
Kagome, being incredibly sexually experienced all of a sudden, knew just when to stop and did, taking advantage of Inuyasha's gasping, limp body—supporting a not-so-limp dick—to finish stripping him. He blinked up at her, trying to focus his eyes as she stood, holding his food-stained clothes in her arms. She smiled at him impishly.
“Wow,” he said fuzzily. “This is even better with a body… Hey,” he said as she started to turn. The pink mist was gathering around him again, having spread out a bit in floating, frothy bliss during her assault. “Not fair. Your clothes need cleaning too.” He pointed at the rather large stain over her left nipple and she giggled as she turned to run towards the washing closet. Stimulating his chasing instinct in his highly aroused state seemed to be just what Kagome had in mind, and Inuyasha played right into her little plotline (which is more than Butter could say this little piece of fluff has going for it).
“Gotcha, Kitten,” he chuckled as he caught her against the washing machine just as she turned it on, his cock sliding up under her skirt against one of her smooth cheeks as his hands came around her, gently opening her arms so his clothing fell into the washer, now filling with water. Her head fell back on his shoulder, her back arching, and he let her hands go so that his could slide up under her shirt, coaxing her arms up so that her shirt pulled off over her head. Her breasts were in his hands before her shirt drifted down into the washer, and she pressed them against his fingers when she reached around to unfasten her own bra and roll her shoulders forward so it slipped off into the washing maw. “Thanks.” Inuyasha buried his nose in the nape of her neck and undulated his body against hers, cupping her breasts and playing her nipples between his first and middle fingers to wring a breathy moan out of her. “Will you take your skirt off for me?” he mumbled as his cock started sliding more quickly over the smooth surface of her ass, slicked on his own precome juices.
“Only if you slow down…” Kagome momentarily lost focus, and she braced herself against the cold metal of the machine as he thrust against her again with a lusty growl, her own juices dripping inside her. “So…” Her body was now putty in his grasp, though her valiant attempts to speak were pretty amazing considering the sensual treatment she was forced to endure. “I… can… move.”
He backed away just enough so she could turn around and lean back against the washing machine, which was now beginning to vibrate, jiggling her breasts in a way that drew his eyes to them irresistibly.
“You're not giving me much room,” she said as she placed her hands on his hips and smiled a knowing grin. His already stiff cock got even stiffer.
“Not much room to give you in this little hallway,” he said, torquing an ear back at the wall only inches behind him, never taking his eyes off her.

“Then I'll have to make do,” she said as she pushed him back against the wall, reached to her waist to unclasp her skirt and bent over in one smooth move, taking his hard cock in her mouth again briefly as she slipped her skirt down her legs. Standing, skirt dangling from a finger, she watched his eyes come back into focus as the moan died on his lips.
“Better get that thing in the wash fast,” Inuyasha rumbled as he practically fell forward on her, wrapping her in a full body hug and kissing her neck hungrily. “Don't want it to get wet or anything.” These words were barely audible through his growls and her giggles as the little green skirt fell off her finger into the swirling water below.
Quickly, he fell to his knees and drove his tongue up between her legs as she braced herself on the vibrating metal box behind her. “Verra wet…” he mumbled, spreading her thighs and tilting her back on the machine. Her head rolled back and forth as his tongue worked up and down her juicy slick folds, and as she started to moan more loudly, he swirled it up around and around her hard little clit. She came in a vibrating fury of cries, and he stood to press his throbbing cock into her so they pulsed together for a minute, his arms holding her pressed back against the still jiggling washing machine.
Kagome lowered her chin to capture his mouth, licking herself off him in a hard kiss, and they were fully engaged, arms around each other, lips hungry, hips hungrier. It wasn't clear who was guiding things as they started a weaving, unsteady course back down the hallway, Inuyasha's eyes roaming the room for the bedroom door. First, Inuyasha backed into the wall where he careened off in another direction, pushing her up against a table in the main room. Some little vases almost tipped over when he pressed his body into her against the table, but they managed not to fall down, teetering precariously again when she launched herself off the table to push him back towards the bedroom screen. His hands were flying over her so fast now that she was squirming and laughing as he pushed her back against the bed.
“That tickles!” she said and pushed him hard. Inuyasha had been so intent on getting her prone on the bed that her shift of momentum surprised him and he grabbed her arms as he lost his balance. Their feet tangled and they tumbled backwards into the yin-yang mirror thingy on the wall, cracking it and making a whole hell of a lot of noise. Inuyasha smiled indulgently, but a gleam in his eye informed Kagome that playtime was over. Their eyes met just as a loud noise from the other room caught their attention.
“That sounded like, `what the fuck?' didn't it?” Kagome said as Inuyasha cocked an ear back towards the living room. A sly smile crept across his face as more expletives could be heard, saying something about `where'd that guy get to, anyway?'
“It sure did,” Inuyasha said, his eyes fixing on the girl in his grasp. “Let's just ignore him and get on with it.” Kagome smiled back and in moments he had her on the bed, his rigid shaft poised at her entrance as she arched up in anticipation of his driving thrust.
The girls were really getting the hang of this turn-on-the-writer thing. Both of them were completely naked now, and they were naturals. I'd had to resort to teasing them just to keep my one-shot-wonder from going off and bringing things to a screeching halt. I was just at the point where I had to choose which one of them to bring off first when we heard a loud crash in the bedroom. I bolted upright and looked around. Dummy!Inu and Kagome 3 were nowhere to be seen, but there were a lot of interesting noises coming from the bedroom. I happened to see the clock on the wall, and my heart almost restarted. It was already five o'clock, and Praxis would be coming over any minute.
“Shit!” I scrambled up and started pulling on my clothes, blinking and trying to get my apartment back. But even though I found my blue suikan shirt and kosode and tucked them down into my hakama before I tied it off, I couldn't get the apartment back no matter how hard I shook my head. Feeling a little panicked as I began to contemplate life in a picture frame, I looked around. What would Praxis think if she found me stupefied in front of my computer with a raging hard on and stuck here with two horny Kagomes and a very noisy bedroom… what the fuck is going on in there anyway?
Both the Kagomes were hanging off me now. Apparently, I'd done a bit too good of a job teasing them, and now they both wanted me to finish them in style. They followed me as I waded through their attentions to get to the bedroom door where I saw…. Inuyasha poised over Kagome 3, who looked rapturously ready for him to enter her, surrounded by pink bubbly mist. He had a wicked look of lust on his face, and his cock was as hard as they come. My face probably looked downright comical with indicknant shock. What had happened to Stupid!Inu? Kagome 3 writhed under him, trying to pull him into her open legs. The minute he saw me, his smile became more knowing, and he drove himself into her in one long, hard thrust. Kagome 3 arched herself into him and let out a cry of excitement, wrapping her arms and legs around him as he pumped himself into her again and with more speed, closing his eyes and lowering his mouth to her neck, which she craned up to his hungering lips, her eyes screwed tightly shut.
Watching them was mesmerizing as they groaned and writhed together, and both of my Kagomes stood with me, equally stupefied.
“Hey,” I said, looking around the room in an attempt to distract myself from the wonderful fucking going on in front of me, regardless of what I wrote or didn't write, still conscious of the fact that Praxis was going to show up soon and either call an ambulance to come haul away my prone form or— even worse— walk into her little fantasy and find me with two Kagomes and a trashed apartment. I noticed all of a sudden that despite the hugely stimulating little feast on the bed in front of me, my dick had quickly fallen back to below-half-mast. What the fuck? “Where's Inu!Dick?” Both of my Kagomes looked down at my blue-clothed crotch in confusion.
“Right…. Here… Asshole…” Lucky!Inu ground out the words with each slam into the happy girl beneath him who seemed to be rising as high as he was given the increased pitch of the noises coming out of them both.
“What?” I just stared at the pink mist and he turned to give me another evil grin. Then it occurred to me I was looking right at Inu!Dick in the flesh… not Stupid!Inu who wouldn't have had a clue how to do that to a girl. “You went and Gary Stu'd your way into my fantasy? Praxis' fantasy?” I was somewhat appalled, but mostly amazed. How did he do that?
“Gary… Stu'd my way… right into…” His eyes screwed closed as Kagome 3 thrashed beneath him, a keening wail coming from her now. “…Kagome 3… aaaahhhhhhhhh!” His orgasm took him up into a frozen arch over her, and I could feel him pulse as he came deep inside her. It made me squirm with pleasure, and I had to close my eyes to try to control myself. Both of my Kagomes just stood next to me and watched, mouths open. I knew this because I peeked.
As he collapsed back down on Kagome 3, the pink mist floated up off of Inuyasha's Inu!Dick-posessed body, which was still heaving with gulping breaths, and floated back to hang in front of me. I gave it a sour look right before it accosted my crotch. Good to be home, boy. I groaned into an instant hard-on. Thanks for letting me out to play.
“What just happened?” Clueless!Inu raised his head off Kagome 3 and shook it. He looked down at Kagome 3's happy face as she brought him down for a kiss and his eyes went wide as he realized where he was, and what he was doing. “Gah! I'm sorry, Kagome!” He looked like he was trying to scramble away, but she had him in a vise grip with all her limbs.
“Oh no you don't,” she said and kissed his chin. She turned to look at me. “Can he do that again?”
“Sure,” I said without thinking. “He's hanyou; he can do it again. Want me to turn him youkai for you? Then he can do it as many times as you want.”
“Goodie!” Kagome 1 literally bounced next to me and ran forward. “My turn!”
Kagome 2 was right behind her, and soon they were surrounding him. Kagome 3 didn't look too happy, but I saw a new light in Inuyasha's eyes as he looked at them and then back at me quizzically. I just gave him my best smirk back and typed a Full Moon hanging in the outside window. Lucky!Boy started to bulk out right before our eyes, his youkai striping curling luxuriously over his wrists, cheekbones and very own rather largish dick.
Go for it, Stamina!Boy!
Kagome 1 and 2 started hopping about the bed, and I turned away, headed for the door. I had come through the door, hadn't I?
The doorbell to my apartment buzzed, and I started groping for a way back and closing the bedroom door just as I heard a growl and some giggles. Still trying to find my apartment, I yelled, “Coming!” in the hopes that Praxis would be patient while I found my way out of her fantasy apartment. Then I winced and mumbled…. “Well, not coming exactly….”
Finally, with enough deep breaths and head shakes, I managed to dissolve the trashed fantasy-room around me and make it back to my apartment. Inu!Dick was silent as I made my way to the door and opened it. Praxis stood there looking confused.
“What took you so long to open the door?” she asked, very reasonably.
“You're never gonna believe this,” I said sheepishly. “But it really is your fault…”
The End
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