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Ash's Sexual Journey
Part 1

by Scion of Wisdom

The door whirled open, then slammed shut.
"I'm home, mom!" Ash yelled, leaping onto the couch.
Delia Ketchum's voice drifted down the stairs. "I'm in the
shower, honey, I'll be down in a minute."
Ash closed his eyes and relaxed after his long day at school. It
had dragged in forever; knowing it was his last for months had that
effect. He also knew he'd be in for a rough time after tomorrow, so
he'd need his rest.
Ash opened his eyes. They were greeted with the sight of two
firm, cantaloupe-sized orbs of flesh, barely a foot from his face,
straining against the thin towel his mother now wore.
"Oh... hi," Ash murmured, staring stupidly.
Delia giggled in her typical youthful way. "I sure hope you
aren't so tired tomorrow, Ash. Would you like some dinner?"
"Yeah!" exclaimed Ash. Not only had he worked up a fierce
appetite, he was also glad for an opportunity to move before he got
caught peeking.
It was no use, though. Delia chose the very moment he sat at the
table to bend over directly in front of him and retrieve dinner from
the oven. Ash couldn't help but stare at his mother's firm, round
backside as her towel stretched tighter and tighter and... Ash wasn't
sure if he had really just seen a flash of what he thought he had seen,
but he gave a little shiver of excitement all the same.
Ash knew his mother was an attractive woman, and knew also that
he was not supposed to think so. Nevertheless, he found himself
occasionally thinking about her as he would about any other woman as
sexy as she.
Her habit of going about the house wearing next to nothing had
not discouraged this. Ash vividly remembered one incident several years
ago in which he had walked into his mother's room to find her watching
television completely naked. Ash's first experience with masturbation
had occurred while he was recalling the image much later.
Though he was attracted to other women, it was his mother who
most commonly appeared in his fantasies. Her big, firm breasts, slim
waist, and heart-shaped butt were more than enough to keep him occupied
with himself for hours on end.
Presently, Delia Ketchum leaned over the table and placed a tray
of steaming roast beef and vegetables on the table, exposing Ash to a
direct view of cleavage. "Well?" she asked. "How does it look?"
"Oh... fantastic..." Ash mumbled, eyes locked on her bust, now
sporting a full erection hidden under the table.
"Well, then, help yourself!"
"Huh?! Oh... dinner. Yes, please!"
"I wanted to do something special for you before you left on your
pokemon journey, Ash," Delia said, smiling girlishly.

* * *

That night, Delia tucked Ash into bed. "Well?" she asked him.
"Are you ready for your pokemon journey?"
Ash looked up at his mother's pretty face admiringly. He loved
her dearly as both a woman and a mother. Finally he replied "Yes...
even though I know that there are some things here I'll miss."
"I'm sure there will, Ash," replied Delia, leaning down closer to
him. Ash started feeling the heat from her body. She came down to just
inches above his face... did she not realize her breasts were pressing
against his chest? Ash wriggled to prevent his mother from noticing any
bulge which might develop in his crotch. Ash could feel the hot breath
from every word as Delia said "But just remember that those things will
always be here for you."
Ash's head was spinning. He managed to choke out "Uh... r-
right!" and an awkward smile.
Delia stood up suddenly. She walked to the door and flipped off
the light. And with a pleasant "Good night, Ash!" she closed the door.
Ash's hand shot immediately under the covers. He started to
stroke himself furiously as his imagination raced. Yes, Ash... I'll
always be here for you, Ash... My tits will be here for you... touch
them, Ash... Oh, yes, fuck me, Ash...

* * *

Ash awoke the next morning still tired; he had lain awake in bed,
stroking himself and fantasizing about his mother, for at least two
hours. Opening his eyes, he groggily noticed Delia Ketchum standing
beside his bed, dressed in the same sheer nightie she slept in each
night. She leaned down over him
"Ash?" he heard her say. "Ash, we should get going."
"...Wha?" mumbled Ash. "But..." He checked his clock. "I've still
got over an hour..."
"Yes," she replied, "And we've got a lot to squeeze into an hour,
don't we?" And with that, she placed her hand behind his head and drew
him up into a deep kiss. As her tongue swept over his mouth, Ash was
too shocked to do anything at all.
When she'd finished, she straightened up slightly and grinned.
"I've seen the way you look at me, Ash. A way that isn't proper for a
young man to look at his mother."
"B... I... Wh..." Ash spluttered.
Delia giggled devilishly. "Oh, Ash... I can see you like my
little surprise." Ash felt her place a hand gently on the blanket
covering his cock, which he now realized was rock-hard. "It's so
obvious you want this. It always has been. I dressed so sexy around the
house... gave you little flashes of my tits and pussy... I always hoped
you'd say something, tell me you wanted me. But you'd always run to
your room and jerk off instead. And I'd sometimes stand outside and
listen to you gasp and moan my name... But I want you too, Ash. And
now, I'm gonna ask you. What do you want to do to me?"
Ash lay stunned; it was too good to be true. As though still
mostly asleep, he motioned for his mother to lean closer. As she did,
Ash stretched his hands haltingly out towards Delia's bountiful tits.
That first contact made Ash shiver. "They're so soft..." he
"I'm glad you like them," said Delia. "They're all yours." She
sat up and shook her hair back, then reached up to her shoulders. She
took hold of the straps holding up her nightie and pulled them down
slowly, revealing more and more soft flesh. At last she snapped them
down, bearing her big, beautiful tits to her son in all their feminine
Ash sat up and grabbed his mother by the shoulders. Barely
hesitating, he then pulled her toward himself, burying his face in her
breasts. Delia held him close and whimpered with pleasure as he fondled
her, but after almost a minute she pushed him away. She got off the bed
and stood up. "...Mom?" Ash said, a little concerned.
Delia only smiled. She reached down and pulled her whole nightie
off over her head, revealing her sexy feminine figure and giving Ash
his first good look at her ass and shaved pussy. His cock stiffened
even more at the sight.
Then Delia moved suddenly, whipping the covers off of Ash and
revealing his naked body and a full 8 inches of hard cock, now standing
almost perfectly straight.
Ash noticed his mother's nipples stiffen as she climbed back onto
the bed. She came to rest on her knees facing Ash, her face over his
cock, her tits bouncing seductively. Ash knew what was coming and
positioned himself for the best view.
She wrapped a hand around his cock, making Ash gasp with pleasure
and causing a trickle of pre-cum to leak from the head. Delia licked
this up greedily, then allowed her tongue to range over Ash's cock,
sweeping the head and the full length of the shaft. Then she released
her grip on his cock and moved the now free hand to cup his balls.
Finally she stopped licking Ash's member and opened her mouth wide to
take first the head of Ash's cock into it.
"Oohhhh... mommy... it feels good..." Ash moaned without
Delia said nothing in reply, only slid her mouth further down
over Ash's shaft. Now she had taken 2 inches of it... 4 inches... 6...
7... Delia gave a very slight gag as she brought her lips to the hilt
of Ash's enormous cock.
Meanwhile, Ash was drooling slightly. He watched as his mother
began to bounce her head up and down over his cock, all the while
running her tongue over it. Ash started to feel pressure building in
his balls even as his mother caressed them.
"Ohh... mom..." he gasped. "I'm... I think..."
But as soon as he did, Delia pulled her mouth off of his dick,
with a loud slurping sound.
Ash was breathing heavily. "M-mom?"
Delia leaned down and rested on her elbows. This brought her tits
to rest in Ash's lap, on either side of his cock. "I'm sorry, honey,"
she pouted, taking hold of her tits and playing with them. "You sounded
like you were really close," she continued, pressing first one breast
against Ash's cock, then the other, then squeezing them around it. "But
we haven't finished yet." She planted a soft kiss on the tip of Ash's
cockhead, then sat up.
Ash's cock throbbed in anticipation. Did she mean...? Would she
Delia drew herself up and sat slightly on her side, legs bent and
crossed at the ankles. The weight of her breasts undulated irresistibly
as she pursed her lips and gazed into Ash's eyes.
"You know what happens next?" she asked.
Ash nodded.
Delia moved toward Ash. "Are you ready?"
Ash's cock leaked pre-cum as he nodded.
Delia's face was right in front of Ash's now. "You really want to
fuck your mother?"
Ash's heart pounded as he nodded.
"Say it," Delia whispered, her lips all but touching Ash's. "Tell
me how much you want this!"
"Oh, mom!" Ash cried. "I want to fuck you! I want to fuck my mom
so bad!" He kissed Delia deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth
just as she had done to him before.
Still kissing Ash, Delia moved to position herself over her son.
She was on her hands and knees, and Ash could feel hot pussy juices
dripping onto his lap and his cock. She moved her ass down until her
pussy lips touched the head of Ash's cock.
Delia broke the kiss off. "Good," she said. "Because starting
right now... there's no going back!"
Delia moved her abdomen down, and Ash felt his cock slide into
his mother's hot, wet, tight pussy. Mother and son moaned as Delia slid
down until all eight inches of Ash's cock were enveloped by her cunt.
"Mommy..." Ash gasped. "It's so good..."
"Yes, baby," breathed Delia. "It's amazing... I've never had a
cock so big and eager before..."
Delia bobbed up and down over Ash's throbbing manhood as his
balls pulsed with readiness. Then she began grinding into him, back and
forth and in circles. Ash could feel his mother's pussy clench around
him, trying to coax as much cum out of him as possible. He saw her tits
bouncing madly before his eyes and leaned up to suck their stiff
"Oh, Ash," Delia moaned. "It's never been this good before...
I... I'm going to cum!"
Ash began thrusting upward to meet his mother's downward strokes,
driving his cock even deeper into her pussy.
"Yes, Ash!" Delia screamed. "Fuck me! Fuck meee! I'm
Ash felt her pussy convulse around his cock and was driven over
the edge. His cock and balls convulsed as well, squirting streams of
hot, white cum deep into his mother's womb.
When the orgasm has subsided, Delia slid off of Ash's cock with
another slurping sound. The cock was now covered in sticky fluid, half
flaccid, and utterly satisfied.
After a silence, Delia said "Honey, it's almost tome for you to
Ash had completely forgotten about his pokemon journey beginning
today; somehow, he was less excited about leaving now. "Um... mom?"
"Yes, honey?"
"I couldn't... maybe... stay here a little longer" With you, I
Delia giggled again. "Ash," she said, "don't you remember? I'll
always be here for you. Now, go put on some clean underwear."

* END *

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