Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Inheritance ❯ Chapter 2

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]
“ Hey, I found him!” Aras called down the hall to her sisters, motioning them over with a wave of her hand as she peeked back in the room. “ Why the hell is he sleeping on the floor?” she wondered as the other two catgirls joined her by the doorway.
“ Why is he sleeping on the floor?” Raas asked.
“ Naked on the floor,” Sara added.
“ More importantly, who’s scent is that in the room with his?” Aras growled as she tested the air.
“ Someone got to him before we did.”
“ How the hell?” Sara exclaimed. “ He was hiding in his room all day yesterday.”
“ Obviously he came out at some point,” Raas commented. “ And I guess someone was just in the right place at the right time.”
“ I think that’s Miko’s scent,” Aras stated.
“ Can’t be, Miko?” Raas shook her head.
“ I think she’s right,” Sara said. “ We did see her sneaking around last night, remember?”
“ Ah hell, duh,” Aras groaned.
“ And we just thought she was going to swipe a snack like she always does,” Raas sighed.
All three catgirls half jumped as a sudden pained moaning came spilling out of the room. Rolling onto his back, clutching his side, Tobias groaned as his ribs protested a night spent on something as firm as the floor.
“ Ow ow ow…” Tobias complained. “ Oh floor, why are you so mean to me?” he asked out loud.
“ Don’t blame the floor,” Aras told him as she walked over to stand next to him.
“ You’re the one who decided not to use the nice couch that’s just three feet away,” Raas added as she squatted down next to Tobias’s prone form.
“ What are you doing in here anyway?” Sara asked, leaning over him with her hands resting on her knees. “ You have your own bedroom you know.”
Opening one eye slowly to see just who was talking to him, Tobias first noticed Raas, sitting on her heels by his head. Her bright blue hair definitely caught his attention, along with the slowly twitching cat ears poking up from the spiky strands that framed her face. Twin dark brown stripes slashed across each of her bronze skinned cheeks under light green eyes. Her legs were barely covered by the over sized tee shirt she wore, especially kneeling as she was so the fabric just pooled at the top of her tanned thighs. Behind her, a tail slowly waved, its short fur the same brilliant blue as her hair.
Rolling his gaze further down, Tobias’s other eye popped open as he spotted Sara, leaning towards him with the large neckline of her identical tee shirt hanging precariously low and open. Yet the free show wasn’t what caught his attention, it was the fact that she was a perfect mirror image of Raas, body, face, and dress. Even the spikes of her hair seemed to point at the exact same angles.
Tobias’s eyes flicked over to his right side, and widened as he saw Aras, her arms folded under her breasts and her head tilted to one side slightly as she looked him over. His mouth opened slightly, but words failed him at the sight of the third identical catgirl. He took a second to look around him again, and something close to disappointment seemed to cross his face at not finding yet a fourth apparent clone.
“ Hi,” all three girls spouted at once, their voices overlapping perfectly, and the only thing that kept Tobias from flinching back was the unmoving floor under him as his heart jumped in his chest from the sudden outburst.
“ Uh, hey…” Tobias answered slowly as his eyes flickered between the three catgirls. He started to sit up, an act that brought a new ache to his ribs, and brought his attention to the fact that he was completely nude. “ Ah!” Bolting upright and snapping his knees up to his chest with his arms wrapped around his legs, Tobias went bright red in the face from a combination of embarrassment and a sharp stab of pain from the sudden movement.
“ I’m Sara,” the catgirl introduced herself as if nothing was amiss, leaning over even further to look him in the face. Tobias had to struggle to return the eye contact as Sara’s shirt collar drooped even lower. The large shirt was so loose there wasn’t even cleavage to speak of, the catgirl’s supple breasts were completely exposed to him at that angle, and he could feel things starting to stir down below.
“ It’s nice to…” Tobias began.
“ I’m Raas,” the pokegirl cut in, laying her hand on his arm.
“ Ah, well…” Tobias tried to get in.
“ I’m Aras,” the last sister interrupted. A brief moment of silence followed while Tobias waited to see if the triplets had anything else to say before he tried again.
“ It’s nice to meet you all,” he spoke quickly just in case. “ Would you mind…”
“ Did you fuck Miko?” Raas asked.
“ What!?” Tobias exclaimed.
“ Raas…” Aras sighed.
“ Very tactful,” Sara commented.
“ What? Just asking,” the catgirl said.
“ Does it really…” Tobias started to say.
“ I knew we should have had a plan for this,” Sara spoke right over him.
“ I suggested we sneak into his room,” Raas told her.
“ Wait, what?” Tobias asked.
“ I meant for keeping you in line when we introduced ourselves.” Sara shot back at her sister, ignoring Tobias.
“ Hey!” Raas yelled, standing up.
“ Oh lord,” Aras groaned, rolling her eyes as Sara leapt up as well.
“ Problem sister dear?” Sara asked mockingly.
“ Okay, could we just please…” Tobias sighed. “ No one is listening to me at all,” he finished to himself.
“ Why do you always have to be like this to me?” Raas demanded.
“ Like what?” Sara asked.
“ Like a total bitch,” Raas replied.
“What did you just call me?” Sara glared at her sister.
“ You heard it clearly,” Raas glared back.
“ I’d move if I were you,” Aras told Tobias as she took a couple steps back.
“ Now just hold on,” Tobias tried to speak up, but the two catgirls were too busy glaring at each other to pay attention. “ Dammit! That’s enough!” Standing up right between them, he placed a hand on the shoulder of either catgirl. The tops of their heads only came up to his chin, but when he tried to push them back, neither one moved an inch. They did however finally turned their attentions to him. “ Both of you need to calm down, right now!”
“ But…” Raas complained.
“ I’m not going to let her…” Sara started to say.
“ Shut up!” Tobias interrupted them this time. “ I don’t care, just, shut up for one minute!” Both girls fell silent, looking somewhat shocked and upset. He pointed at each one in turn. “ You, over there, you on that side of the room. Don‘t even look at each other, just face the wall,” he ordered, feeling rather surprised at himself for daring to try and tell them what to do, and even more amazed when they listened after a long moment. “ You,” he pointed at Aras, though with a lot calmer tone of voice. “ Would you mind?”
“ Mind…?” Aras asked.
“ Turning around please,” Tobias told her.
“ Oh,” Aras said after a second. “ Right.” Tobias couldn’t help but notice that her eyes flickered up and down his body once as she turned to face the other way, taking a few steps towards the door.
What the hell have I gotten myself into?” Tobias asked himself as he quickly located his clothes from where they ended up last night and slipped into them even quicker. Feeling a little more confident once he was clothed, he paused to take a look at each of the triplets, wondering just what to do with them now.
“ Do you three think maybe we could try this again?” he asked. The catgirls glanced over their shoulders idly at him, and he felt his confidence fade. “ You have no idea what the fuck you’re doing, do you?” Tobias asked himself. Walking to the front of the room, he offered his hand.
“ Aras, right?” he asked. The catgirl eyed his hand oddly, but she slowly smiled at him
“ That’s right,” she answered, taking his hand, and pulling him in right up beside her. He stiffened up as she pressed against him, wrapping her arms around him tightly, almost possessively. She rested her head against his chest, holding him in place.
“ I like you,” she said after a few seconds. “ Your heart says a lot of good things about you.”
“ My what say what?” Tobias asked in complete confusion.
“ You need to go say hi to my sisters now,” she told him. Reaching up, Aras pulled Tobias’s head down as she stood up on her toes. Her breath spilled warmly against his ear as she whispered to him. “ You should say hi to Sara next. She’s going to be upset enough about you and Miko, being the last one of us to get to hold you would really tick her off. She’s on your left, in case you can’t tell.”
“ Ok, thanks…” Tobias whispered back, and just like that, she let him go, moving several steps away from him. He turned, looking at the other two catgirls, and felt glad she had told him who was who. It was impossible to tell them apart, they were even both standing in the same position, arms crossed, backs up straight, something between a glare and a look of anticipation on their faces.
Approaching the next sister, Tobias once again offered his hand.
“ Sara, nice to meet you.”
“ I’m Raas,” she informed him, her arms folding tighter across her chest.
“ What!? Ah, sorry, I thought that…” Tobias half turned to look back at Aras, who offered him a sickly innocent smile. “ Oh you sneaky, rotten…” Tobias’s train of thought was derailed when Raas grabbed the front of his shirt and none too gently pulled him down, her other hand grabbing the back of his head as she kissed him roughly.
“ Pay attention to me,” she told him once the kiss ended.
“ S-sorry,” Tobias stammered slightly.
“ You need to learn which of us is which, or we won’t let you have any fun with us,” Raas let him know. With that, she spun him around and gave him a shove towards the last triplet.
Tobias didn’t even get a chance to say hi, as soon as he was within a few feet of her, Sara pounced on him, literally. His feet left the floor as she drove him back and down, knocking the wind out of him as she landed on his chest. She did however cradle the back of his head with her hand, keeping his skull from slamming into the floor.
“ We are very upset with you,” she started, laying on top of his chest. “ You went and tamed someone before us, tsk tsk tsk.” She shook her head disappointingly at him.
“ But, I…”
“ Uh huh, no excuses now,” she cut him off. “ Lucky for you, we are rather forgiving. We can overlook this one little mistake. However…” she smiled at him, showing her teeth. “ Don’t do it again. The next girls you tame, had better be us, k?”
“ Uh….okay,” Tobias replied slowly.
“ That’s a good boy.” Sara said, pushing herself up off him and then helping him to his feet.
“ If you three are done tormenting the poor guy,” a strong voice spoke up from the doorway, causing the triplets to jump.
“ Gah! Keri!” Aras exclaimed, making it sound like a curse.
“ Good to see you too,” Keri replied dryly.
“ Must you always sneak up on us like that?” Raas protested.
“ Must you always disobey me?” the Headmistress shot back.
“ Hey, we found him didn’t we?” Sara jumped in. “ Just like you asked us to.”
“ And what good does it do me for you to find him if none of you come to tell me that you have?” Keri asked, her tone tightening.
“ We were going to,” Aras tried.
“ Bullshit,” Keri snorted. “ Get out of here, get dressed and get some breakfast. I expect you three to have that hole in the roof fixed today, or you’ll be sleeping under it.”
“ Aw come on Keri,” Raas pleaded.
“ MOVE!” the headmistress thundered, and the triplets jumped again, half out the door before their feet hit the floor. They were down the hall and around a corner before they dared to slow down, and even then the three catgirls kept up a brisk walk.
“ Well that was almost perfect,” Aras remarked sarcastically, looking back over her shoulder.
“ Yeah, too bad Keri showed up before we could have some real fun with him,” Raas agreed.
“ Still, I think we did alright for now. I like him,” Sara concluded.
“ Yeah, I like him too,” Aras said. “ He’s a little scrawny, but he’s cute, and I love his hair.”
“ And he’s not too badly hung,” Raas smirked. “ That was some sneaky work Sara.”
“ Oh it was my pleasure. He wanted to keep looking so bad,” Sara grinned.
“ I’m amazed he got between you two,” Aras added. “ It takes some guts for a normal guy to put himself in the middle of pokegirl stare down.”
“ Guts or a lack of brains,” Raas commented.
“ He didn’t seem like an idiot to me,” Sara told her. “ At least no more of one then your average guy.”
Aras nodded in agreement. “ I’m glad he was able to drop the shy routine, even if he had to be upset to do so first. It’s cute, but he’s going to need a stiff backbone to handle this house. Keri can’t do everything for him.”
“ So when should we grab him again?” Raas asked.
“ Later,” Sara told her. “ As much as I hate possibly letting someone else get to him before us, we really don’t need Keri breathing down the back of our necks. Kinda kills the mood you know?”
“ I still don’t see why we should have to fix the stupid roof,” Aras griped. “ Sunaru’s the one who lost control and blew up.”
“ Because…” Raas lowered her voice to try and imitate the headmistress, waving her finger threateningly. “…whenever something goes wrong around here, most of the time, it’s because of something you three did!”
Sara sighed. “ It’s so unfair.”
“ By the way,” Aras made a quick look around and lowered her voice a bit. “ Are we going through with the laundry sabotage tonight?”
Raas nodded. “ We should have plenty of poison ivy for it, no reason to spend another night out in the woods.”
“ Around eleven?” Sara asked, and the other two nodded in agreement.

“ Are you alright?” Keri asked as she walked on over to Tobias, and started trying to fix his hair.
“ You are a mess.”
“ I’m fine, little sore from sleeping on the floor and having a catgirl land on me, but hardly in a bad way really.”
Keri sighed. “ You have to be careful around those three, it is impossible to tell what they will do next.”
“ Yeah, I kind of got that impre…w-what the hell?” Tobias sputtered as Keri started licking the back on his neck.
“ Hold still,” she demanded, laying a hand on his shoulder. “ You have something on you.” Her other hand lifted his hair out of the way, and her tongue darted over his skin, the wet sandpaper feel of it sending a shiver through him. After a few good licks, she let him go, straightening his hair out for him.
“ Did you get it?” Tobias asked hesitantly, still not sure if he had just enjoyed the quick tongue bath or if it had just been too weird for him.
Keri nodded. “ Just a little blood. I would warn you that Miko is a biter, but you already found that out I would say.” She smiled, reaching out to brush aside his hair to reveal the angry red circle where the pokegirl’s teeth had broken his skin. “ At least she was in a clear enough state of mind to remember you are a bit more fragile then her usual partners.”
“ Okay hold on,” Tobias turned around to face her. “ You know it, the triplets know it, but I have no idea how. How can you possibly know what happened in here and with who?”
Keri let out a light laugh, and then tap herself on the nose. “ I can smell it, you are ripe with the scent of a taming, and Miko’s scent is all over it.”
“….oh…I see…”
“ And speaking of such things, I would recommend you go upstairs to take a shower before breakfast,” Keri suggested. “ Me and the triplets are not the only one’s in this house with a good sense of smell. Of course, if you want to broadcast what you did last night…”
“ No, no thank you,” Tobias interrupted. “ I’ll go take care of it.”
“ Do you need someone to scrub your back?” Keri asked as he started to leave.
“ I think I can manage on my own,” Tobias answered without really thinking about it, the implication sinking in just a few seconds too late. “ No wait, shit!
“ Of course, just offering,” Keri replied. She followed him into the hallway, but turned to head down the opposite direction. “ I probably should go check on the triplets, make sure they are doing as I told them to.” Offering him a smile and a small bow, she took her leave.
“ Idiot,” Tobias muttered to himself as he headed off for his quarters. “ When a pokegirl offers to scrub your back, you say yes!”

Calling it a shower simply wasn’t doing it justice. Tobias couldn’t think of just what it should be called, except possibly spacious. It was practically another room attached to the bathroom, five or six people could have stood inside without touching, though Tobias doubted that had ever happened, not in this house.
As well as being roomy, the shower was overflowing with features. Three showerheads, two of which could be taken off the wall mounts and held in hand to personally direct the water spray, while the third was mounted in the ceiling to create a raining effect. The sliding doors were one way mirrors that could be turned so one could either see out, or see themselves. And then there was the equipment that didn’t even pretend it could be for anything else, the straps and leashed collar on the far wall, the small storage bin of ‘toys’, and the fold out, rubber cot.
The bathroom door being opened made Tobias jump and he nearly dropped the bizarrely shaped piece of rubber he had been trying to figure out. Shoving the what-ever-it-was back into the toy bin, he turned off the water and was about to open the shower door when he noticed a shadowy figure standing right by the steamed over glass.
Feeling thankful that the mirrored side was facing out, Tobias ran his hand in a quick circle over the door, wiping away a patch of condensation. And revealing two squinting, golden eyes that were nearly pressed up against the other side, a pair of hands trying to block out enough light to let those eyes see through the mirror.
“ Can I help you?” he asked a bit louder than he meant to, his voice echoing off the tile and glass. The eyes jerked back, and Tobias could now make out Keri’s whole face, looking a little surprised and guilty, but only for a second before she regained control of her features.
“ I was just checking on you,” she replied. “ You have been in there for almost a half hour. There is not going to be any food left for breakfast if you wait much longer. There is no such thing as left-overs in this house.”
“ Right, sorry,” he said. “ I was just…I like to take long showers, that’s all.” “ What is she smiling about?
“ Well, you can always take another one later. Breakfast however, only happens once a day, even for you.” Keri told him. “ I will go wait for you in the other room.”
Well I can always grab a snack and wait for lunch.” Tobias thought as he waited for the sound of the door closing. “ Which reminds me, I promised Miko to talk to Keri about that.” Wrapping the towel around his waist after drying off, he snuck over to the door and eased it open. With luck, Keri wouldn’t be watching for him, and he could just slip into the bedroom to get changed. He really didn’t feel all that confident walking in front of her in just a towel.
Where is she? I thought she was going to wait…” Not seeing the Headmistress, Tobias took his chance and dashed into the bedroom, only to find the pokegirl was waiting for him there, sitting on the bed with one leg crossed over the other. Except she wasn’t paying any attention to him, in fact she didn’t even seem to notice he was there. Then he caught sight of one of his suitcases laying open on the floor, and the small, but fat photo album in her hands, and the blood rushed out of his face.
Unbelievable, I kept that hidden from Mother Tergood for over ten years, and she finds it on just the second day! And why is she going through my stuff?” The shock wore off quickly, and Tobias wasn’t surprised by what replaced it, feeling his face heat with anger. He was dimly aware of his feet moving, his attention focused on the binder.
Finally noticing him, Keri held up the blue bound album. “ This is impressive. You have quite the colle…” The words were cut off as Tobias snatched the binder out of her hands, slamming it shut. Keri’s eyes widened in surprise for an instant before she composed herself, her face becoming a careful neutral mask as she stood up from the bed. “ I have upset you.”
“ Leave,” Tobias told her, amazed at how calm his voice was, while inside, he was seething.
“ Yes master,” Keri bent in a deep bow. “ I will go, but please let me say one final thing.” Not trusting himself to speak, Tobias nodded. “ I had only meant to get you out something to wear, I was not trying to invade your privacy. I am sorry.”
Straightening out, Keri turned and walked briskly out of the room. Tobias waited, listening for the front door to his quarters to shut, counting to himself. He got to twenty three before he just stopped caring if anyone or everyone heard, grabbing the bedroom door and slamming it shut as hard as he could. The hollow bang was followed by a clattering thud as he kicked his open suitcase, sending its contents rolling over the floor and tearing a curse from his lips as he stubbed his bare toe. He nearly hurled the photo album at the wall before he caught himself, settling for slamming it down on the dresser, but even then, he held back from abusing the small binder.
Sitting down on the bed, Tobias focused on his breathing as he tried to calm himself down. He hated himself when he got as angry as he was, because the things that set him off were almost never serious enough to warrant just how mad he was.
It’s just a stupid scrap book, it’s not like those pictures are even personal.” Being pissed at himself for getting mad made for a vicious circle. “ Well, at least it went better than the last time someone went through my stuff without asking.
Tobias had been amazed at seeing just how much blood could come out of a broken nose, but not amazed enough to stop him from hitting the little bastard another two times in the face for going through his personals. That had been almost eight years ago, and if one of the older kids hadn’t jumped in, Tobias doubted he would’ve stopped until the other kid was a bloody mess on the floor. No one had dared to disturb his stuff again after that.
Well, it’s not like it could have been like that anyway.” Tobias gave a small, pathetic laugh at the very idea of picking a fight with the Headmistress. “ She could manhandle me like I was a toddler throwing a tantrum.” His gaze drifted to the light bruise on his shoulder, were Keri had gripped him to hold him still while cleaning him. He was certain she hadn’t even realized she’d done it.
Flopping back on the bed, Tobias stared up at the ceiling, the familiar void of emotion he usually felt filling him after his anger left. His stomach tried to tell him he was hungry, but he didn’t care enough to move. He just waited, knowing it would come, the ever dependable feeling of guilt. Even when he was completely in the right for getting angry, he always felt bad afterwards, always. Knowing it was inevitable, Tobias starting trying to find the right words to use to apologize to Keri.

“ Wow,” Aras remarked as she and her sisters crept back across the roof top. The three of them had been spying in through the third floor windows, though they certainly hadn’t expected what they’d seen.
“ Yeah, He’s got something of a temper,” Sara purposely understated as they walked back to the still gaping hole in the second floor roof, picking carefully around the various tools and supplies they had haphazardly piled up.
“ Keri got put in her place, Keri got put in her place, Keri got put…” Raas sung to herself in a gleeful off time beat, forcing Aras to reach over and smack her sister upside the head. “ Ow, hey!”
“ Focus spaz,” Aras told her.
“ Fine fine,” Raas muttered, rubbing the back of her head.
“ As much as I love to see Keri knocked down a peg, you do realize that just means we’re going to have to be extra careful,” Sara said as she picked up were she left off, measuring out a new length of wood to replace the beam that had been annihilated.
Aras gave her a puzzled look as she counted out the shingles. “ What are you talking about?”
“ You think Keri is going to be in a good mood after that?” Sara asked. “ If we don’t get this done like she wants now, it’s going to be our ass that gets knocked down, and I’m not speaking about pegs.”
“ Shit, I guess we better actually try this time huh?” Raas asked, looking into the hole. A growing pile of debris on the floor below marked their last three attempts to patch the roof.
“ It would really help if we knew what the hell we were doing,” Aras remarked sarcastically. “ ‘Go fix the roof’ she says, but does she ask if we know how?”
“ Somehow I doubt she cares,” Sara said. “ Now give me a hand with this thing.”
Over the next four hours, the triplets managed to get into more than a dozen arguments, two fights, break eight tools through misuse, and all three of them fell off through the hole, though Raas was pushed by her sisters after each of them had fallen, just to keep things fair. Still, they managed to get the hole more or less fixed. Which is to say, they wedged and hammered and jammed enough pieces of wood into the hole that they could cover it with shingles. From the outside, it looked fine. The inside was a whole other matter though.
“ Looks like shit,” Raas commented, looking up at the ceiling from inside the room.
“ Who cares?” Sara asked as she dumped the last large piece of debris into a trash can. “ We were told to fix it, not make it pretty.”
“ Agreed.” Aras said, shaking her head to try and get the dust out of her hair. “ Keri can be glad it’s done and we even bothered to clean up the mess we made from the first couple attempts.”
“ Most of the mess,” Raas pointed out, scuffing at the layer of dust on the floor with her foot.
“ Most is close enough,” Sara told her.
“ Come on, I need some fun after all that work,” Aras said.
“ Yeah well I need some food,” Raas said.
“ Actually, food sounds pretty good to me,” Sara agreed.
“ Fine…” Aras pouted. “ We eat, quickly, and then go find something fun to do.”
“ So what do you want to do?” Sara asked.
“ I don’t know, who haven’t we bugged in a while?” Aras replied as the three sisters headed downstairs.

The main dinning hall way mostly empty, as it usually was around noon. Most of the girls liked to sleep in, which made for them eating later breakfasts, which in turn meant later lunches. Which suited Miko just fine. Getting to have first pick of the available food was only a small part of why she preferred to eat early, being one of the only people up before the sun was another. Mostly though, she just liked the quiet.
Out of the twelve tables that were spread out across the large room, only two others besides hers had anyone sitting at them, and they were far enough away that Miko couldn’t make out the conversations unless she tried to. She liked it that way, she had been an only child growing up, and though she was more social now then when she had been human, she still liked to have some alone time.
So when three certain catgirls dropped into the chairs right besides her at the table, Miko’s first instinct was to let them know they were unwelcome. She quickly squashed the idea though, knowing it would be a wasted effort with the triplets. She also resisted the desire to just get up and leave. Running from a predator was a sure way to get it to chase you, and the three girls sitting around her were very much predators, both in their pokegirl genes and their personalities.
“ Aras, Sara, Raas,” Miko acknowledged them, though she made sure not to direct the names at any one of them in particular. She had no idea which one was which, and it was hard to know when they might feel like taking offence to most people’s inability to tell them apart.
“ Miko,” all three girls replied at once, a habit of theirs that often had Miko wondering if they shared some kind of psychic bond. Or maybe they just practiced at it to unnerve people, it certainly unnerved her, especially with the deep, studying looks the triplets were good at giving. The kind of look that just screamed of weaknesses being found and plans being made.
“ Sooo,” the catgirl to her left started off, sliding up right beside the blue pokegirl. “ How did you sleep last night dear?”
Miko felt a twinge run through her tail. “ Hell, do they already know?” She took a second to spear herself a piece of potato with her fork and raise it to her lips. “ Just fine,” she answered before popping the bite into her mouth. Her throat tried to close up to stop her from swallowing, but she managed to get it down. Her digestive system just wasn’t geared towards dealing with vegetables anymore, not since threshold, but Miko loved a good baked potato too much to stop eating them, however much her body tried to stop her. It would pay her back for it later though.
“ Really?” the first girl on her right asked doubtfully. “ I could have sworn I saw you up and about last night, around oh what was it…two-ish?”
“ I do believe that sounds right,” the last sister spoke up, leaning across the table to get in on the conversation.
Why did I have to turn bi when I changed?” Miko questioned herself, trying not to peer down the catgirl’s blouse. “ I never had any interest in girls before.“ Keri might have been able to force the triplets to wear the house’s standard work outfit, but making them wear it right was quite another matter. The blouse and skirt combination was suppose to be tasteful and modest, in the idea of keeping the girls focused on doing their assigned tasks. It didn’t really work, especially with the three sisters refusing to button the blouse all the way up, and trimming several inches off the skirts so that any position other than standing upright resulted in a free show of whatever they had on underneath. It was one of the few things Keri no longer tried to enforce on the triplets.
“ You three look like you’ve been working hard,” Miko shifted the subject, commenting on the dirt and dust the catgirls had on their clothes and in their hair. She refrained from saying anything about the sheen of perspiration that glazed the triplets’ bronze skin, though she certainly took note of it.
“ Well we had a hole to patch,” the one on her left said.
“ Speaking of holes…” the sister on the table started, only to get cut off as the one on Miko’s right smacked her aside the head. “ Hey!”
“ Shut up Raas,” the other catgirls spoke together. Miko sighed and dropped the fork right in the middle of her plate.
“ Alright, enough,” she said. “ Yes, he tamed me last night, okay?” The triplets all looked at her, then at each other, and Miko could almost see their thoughts being exchanged.
They turned back to look at her. “ Annnnnd?” they asked together.
“ And what?” Miko replied. “ If you’re expecting a story, you’re about to be disappointed.”
“ No story,” the sister to her right said
“ Just, you know, the important details,” came from the left hand pokegirl.
“ Was he good?” Raas asked.
“ He was…decent,” Miko replied slowly, a dreamy grin forming on her face.
“ Decent?” Raas asked with obvious doubt.
“ That is not a ‘he was decent’ smile,” the sister on her right pointed out.
“ He was decent,” Miko reasserted. “ He was enthusiastic though, which helped.” Seeing the triplets still glaring at her as if to call her a lair, Miko tossed up her hands with a vexed sigh. “ What! What do you want? He didn’t really do much beyond the basics, so I say decent. That’s not to say I didn’t get off and love it, but I’ve had much better, okay?”
“ Okay, okay,” both catgirls at her sides spoke in calming tones as they slid right up next to her, one of them stroking her hair as if to sooth her. It only made Miko more nervous.
“ Much better huh?” Raas questioned. “ Like the time you spent with us?”
Miko frowned in confusion. “ I…I don’t remember…yeah, I’ve never been with any of you.”
“ Aw, that’s a shame,” was softly whispered into Miko’s left ear, and she went ridged as she realized a trap had just been set.
“ Something should be done about that,” came from her right in the same whispered tones as the catgirl’s hand popped the top button of Miko’s blouse loose.
“ Hey!” the aquatic pokegirl hissed. “ What are, you!” she gasped as she felt a hand on her ass.
“ Not here!”
“ Where then?” Raas asked as she pulled herself up on her hands and knees.
“ No I didn’t mean, that wasn’t….shit…” Miko muttered as she heard the trap slam shut, just before Raas leapt from the table to pounce on her.

Tobias bolted upright, coming to his feet for a moment, but the room tilted at an odd angle, dumping him ass first back onto the bed. He shook his head, the disorientation of waking up too suddenly fading away.
“ The hell? Why do I keep drifting off like that?” Tobias asked out loud. Pulling himself off the bed, he snatched up a shirt and some jeans from the scattered mess that was left of his one suitcase. As he dressed, his eyes came to rest on the photo album laying on the dresser. A pang of guilt hit him, causing him to sigh.
Knew it, I knew I’d feel like this.” Walking over to the dresser, he picked up the binder, flipping it open randomly. The pages stopped to reveal a pair of eight by ten pictures.
The first photo showed a very athletic, red skinned pokegirl with bright orange hair. Her muscular legs were distorted by the heat waves coming from the ring of fire at her feet. She was facing the camera directly, her eyes smoldering as she glared over the top of the metal and plastic ball she held out in front of her. Along the bottom was signed the name: Melissa Heart, Firebolt.
On the other page, a slender catgirl with golden fur and rings of spots was captured in mid-air, her foot a blur as she turned sideways to kick at the ball hovering before her, a victory smile across her face The picture was signed on the side: Zoom. Maya Enla never signed with anything other than her nickname.
Both pokegirls wore the purple tank top and red shorts of their Wreckball team, the West Town Titans. The pair hadn’t been easy to get, but it had been worth it, they were two of Tobias’s favorites. He flipped idly through the collection, all together he had nearly a hundred autographed pictures, not bad at all considering the fit Mother Tergood would have thrown if she had known he had even one of them.
Realizing he was just stalling, Tobias set the binder back down on the dresser and forced himself to get moving. Waiting wouldn’t make it any easier, so the sooner he got it done, the sooner he could start feeling better, hopefully. Hopefully Keri wasn’t the kind to hold a grudge.
The trip was painfully short, just down the stairs and across the hall, not even long enough to try to calm his nerves. So he found himself just standing there, staring at the door, forcing himself to take deep, slow breaths. He was just starting to get a sense of control over his anxiety when he heard something, like a loud popping noise, come from behind the door.
Not sure what it was, Tobias took a step closer, turning his head to bring his ear next to the door. He heard it again, though it seemed more of a crack now, and there was something else too, something that made him reach for the handle, pushing the door open.
The sound came clearly now, a loud crack that was followed immediately by a sharp gasp. Tobias moved quickly into the first room, a living room from the looks of it. Nothing there but a couch and some chairs around a low table. Another crack sounded, a pained cry trailing after, coming from a doorway to the right. Rounding the corner, Tobias came to a near screeching halt. He hadn’t been sure what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t what he found.
Keri was kneeling by a bed on the floor, her arms twisted behind her and held by thick bands of metal. She was wearing the shredded remains of what had been a tee shirt, the fabric ripped wide open across her back to expose a series of bright red lines over her skin.
Standing behind the Headmistress was a leather clad pokegirl, her hair a light devouring black to match her outfit, the dark strands tied back into an intricate series of braids that twisted in and out of each other, held in place by metal hoops. By contrast, the girl’s skin seemed almost paper white. She wasn’t very tall, but the leather boots she wore sported heels that raised her height several inches.
She raised a hand, long red lacquered nails that matched her eyes gripping a short whip with at least a dozen lashes dangling from the handle. Her other hand reached out and grabbed Keri roughly by the hair, jerking her head back as she waved the whip casually to the side.
“ Now my pet, do you think you’re sorry enough yet?” the gothic pokegirl’s sultry voice nearly purred with delight. She gave Keri’s hair another sharp tug, and the feline pokegirl turned her head to the side.
“ Yes Mistress,” Keri pleaded, her voice lacking any of the strength it usually had. “ I am…Tobias!” she cried out in sudden shock when she noticed him. Her neck twisted back upright, the motion nearly pulling the other pokegirl off her feet as she tried to hang on.
“ Ah…I…I’m really sorry,” Tobias said, his hands raised in front of him. “ I came over to talk and I heard, well that is, I thought…I should probably be going…”
“ No, wait!” Keri pleaded as she stood up. Beside her, the leather clad girl’s white face was starting to go red.
“ Pet! How dare you misbehave like this!” she raged.
“ Sapphire, just hold on,” Keri told her, her voice regaining its authority.
“ What! You dare say to me!” Sapphire yelled.
“ Get these off me,” Keri ordered, turning her back and lifting her hands.
“ No really, I’ll go,” Tobias offered, making good on his word, backing around the corner.
“ Dammit, Saph just…screw it…” Keri said. Flexing her arms, the metal gave a low groan, and then snapped. Sapphire’s mouth dropped open.
“ You…you told me those were strong enough to hold you,” she complained.
“ I lied,” Keri told her. “ And how many times have I said we need a safety word, even if you can’t really hurt me, in case of something like this. You just don’t stop until the fantasy is completely shattered.”
“ It doesn‘t have to be a fantasy if it doesn‘t end,” Sapphire grumbled.
“ Tobias! Please, wait!” Keri called out as she went after him, catching up in the hallway just before he could slip into his quarters.
“ Keri, I’m really sorry about that,” Tobias apologized. “ I never would have just barged in, but it sounded like…well…”
“ No, it is…okay,” Keri told him. “ I was just, unprepared, for you to see me like that.” She unconsciously tried to adjust the remains of her shirt, and the strands holding the left side up tore, forcing her to cross her arms tight across the chest to keep the front of the shirt in place. A scarlet blush crept across her cheeks even as she managed to keep her expression calm.
“ I’m really sorry,” Tobias repeated, feeling himself starting to go hot in the face as well. “ Are…are you alright? I mean, doesn’t that hurt?”
Keri smiled weakly. “ Yeah but, I do not mind. Actually it is…it can be fun,” she admitted, going even redder in the face. Seeing the look of concern Tobias was giving her, Keri sighed. “ I am unharmed, really.” She slowly turned around to show him her back. “ It is nothing serious, see? She rarely ever draws blood. I might not be sleeping on my back tonight, but the marks will fade in a few days.”
“ That’s incredible, I could heard the whip right through your door.” He gently brushed his hand over the red streaks, making Keri gasp lightly. They were nothing more than scratches, more the kind one got from itching a bug bite maybe, not from a lashing with a whip. “ Keri, can I ask, just what breed are you?”
The Headmistress turned around slowly before answering. “ Warcat.”
“ You don’t sound exactly thrilled about that.”
“ It is, a breed with limited use outside of combat,” she explained. “ There is a reason I do not help with the choirs around here. I am more likely to break something then clean it.” She sighed deeply. “ When I first evolved into this body, I accidentally broke my owner’s arm, just by grabbing it like I had a hundred times before. It just, snapped. He ended up selling me shortly after that.”
“ To my uncle?”
“ No, to the person who ended up selling me to your uncle, a transition I still do not understand at all.”
“ What do you mean?”
“ I…I would rather not talk about it, if that is alright with you.”
“ Oh, okay, sure,” Tobias looked away, feeling suddenly awkward, a strange thing considering he had just been talking with someone who’s clothes were threatening to fall off, all the while acting like nothing was amiss. “ Uh, anyway, the reason I wanted to see you before. I wanted to apologize for the way I acted earlier.”
“ Tobias, you do not need to. I was out of line,” Keri told him.
“ No, no you weren’t, I was,” Tobias said. “ I overreacted, and you were just trying to be helpful.”
“ Maybe, but I let myself get sidetracked. I should never have picked up that album, let alone opened it.”
“ It’s okay,” Tobias told her. “ To be honest, now that I’ve thought about it, it might be nice to be able to show it to someone. I’ve had to keep it hidden for so long, I didn’t trust any of the others at the orphanage not to tell Tergood about it. Do you like Wreckball by chance?”
Keri smiled. “ Actually, yes.”
“ Well how about I show you what I’ve got?” Tobias offered. “ See if I have anyone you like”
“ I would like that very…” The slamming of a door cut Keri off. Sapphire glared at the both of them for a second, before tossing Keri a set of keys.
“ You can keep the cuffs, I don’t want them back broken like they are,” she said huffily, turning on her heel and stalking down the hallway.
“ Wait! Mistress!” Keri called out, slipping back into submissive tones.
“ Don’t even bother,” Sapphire spoke without looking back. “ I know who your real master is around here.”
“ But, I…” Keri looked back and forth between Tobias and the quickly departing Sapphire, conflict written all over her face.
“ Go on,” Tobias told her. “ We can talk later, I think you only have this one chance to make it up to her though.”
“ Thank you,” Keri gushed, bowing so deeply she nearly lost her shirt all together. Gathering up the fabric as best she could, she took off down the hall. “ Mistress, please, forgive your pet!”
Watching her go until she vanished around the corner, Tobias shook his head in wonder. “ The more I learn about this place and the people who live here…”

Miko found herself trapped between states of complete bliss and total shame. Her body was screaming with pleasure as the triplets had their way with her. Their hands were everywhere, sliding over her skin, tugging, caressing, foundling. Soft lips, warm mouths, and wet tongues teasing, suckling, licking her most sensitive areas. Soft voices whispered unspeakably dirty suggestions into her ears, tempting her with lewd and vulgar thoughts.
And yet, part of her couldn’t let go of the fact that she was laying in the middle of the floor of the dinning room, her clothes ripped apart and scattered like the remains of the chair she had been sitting in when Raas landed on her. And if she dared to open her eyes, she would see that she was surrounded by an ever growing crowd of onlookers who had no shame about watching, or giving suggestions. There were even a few girls asking if the triplets wanted some help.
So she laid there on the floor, her pokegirl wants and lusts battling with the remains of her human morals, occasionally trying in vain to break free, but the triplets held her firmly, easily restraining her between the three of them. And with each mind blurring orgasmic wave of pleasure, she found less and less will to fight, her sense of decency and shame being beaten more and more into submission.
Finally, she just gave in, mostly. In the very back of her mind, a sense of guilt burned away, but she rationalized that since she couldn’t escape anyway, she might as well just enjoy it. Her morality satisfied by removing her personal responsibility for the public sex show, Miko opened herself up to the sensations she was being subjected to.
She lost count of the number of times the waves of pleasure coursing through her crested and broke, leaving her a gasping, squirming, moaning mess on the floor. Her body kept alternating between feeling lighter than air during her orgasms and heavier than lead as they faded, leaving her more and more drained. Her lungs burned and her throat was raw from screaming, and she felt hot to her core, hotter then she could remember feeling since her body turned cold blooded.
When the triples were done with her, Miko wanted nothing more than to just curl up and pass out cold. She had never felt so drained, so tired, so utterly spent in her whole life. Only a faint tingling in the points of her crest kept her from slipping unconscious. The four protrusions that grew from her temples were sensitive to the electric fields generated by living creatures, and at that moment they were telling her that she was still closely surrounded.
Cracking open her eyes slowly, Miko looked up into the blurred yet still clearly grinning faces of the three identical catgirls. Her clear, secondary set of eyelids blinked sideways over her eyes, clearing her vision as it swept her tears aside. The grins became smug, and Miko knew she would be hearing about this for a long time yet.
Scanning the crowd, Miko took note of just who had been watching. She was definitely going to be hearing about this for a while, and the news of it would be all through the house by dinner time. She thought it might be a good idea to just skip that meal, rather than deal with the jokes and thinly veiled innuendos. Then she caught sight of one particular individual who had been watching, and she wasn’t sure if she should groan or wink at him. She didn’t get the chance to decide though as he vanished behind the crowd.

Tobias slipped away from the gathering of pokegirls quietly, glad that none of them had seemed to notice him. He had just come downstairs to grab some lunch when he had seen the group in the dinning room. His curiosity had been well rewarded by the incredible sight of Miko getting triple teamed by the triplets.
He was almost tempted to stay, giving some of the lustful looks some the girls had on their faces, but his sense of decency beat out his desire. Odds seemed good that if they got a hold of him, he’d end up just like Miko, striped naked on the floor, and just the thought being nude in front of that many girls made his stomach flutter. He was not ready for that, not by a long shot.
He had just reached the door to the kitchen when hands grabbed him, seizing both his arms and around his waist. He couldn’t see who had him from behind, but based on who had him on either side, he could guess.
“ Aras, Sara, Raas,” he greeted them.
“ Hello,” the girls chimed in unison.
“ Are you hungry by chance?” Tobias asked, realizing he was caught and deciding to just go along with it.
“ Starving.”
“ Famished”
“ Ravenous”
“ Shall we grab something to eat then?” he asked, pushing open the door and holding it for them.
“ Thank you,” the first triplet said, raising on her toes to kiss him on the cheek as she went by.
“ Thanks,” the second one mirrored her sister, kissing his other cheek. The last of the catgirls stopped in the doorway, staring at him for a second. Then she grabbed a double fistful of his shirt, pulling him down into a fierce kiss. Letting one hand go, she turned and dragged him behind her through the doorway.

Acknowledgments: Thanks go to bsmart for introducing me to pokegirls in the first place as well as for proofreading this work. If not for him, this story would not exist.
Notes: Introducing the triplets, more trouble then you can throw a pokeball at
Requests: Please let me know what you think. Email me at wffan1@aol.com or Lighthawk344@yahoo.com. I am open to suggestions, so let me know what you like or don't like.

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