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A Father’s Fate
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Author: Lúthien Tinúviel-Minyatur
Rating: PG
Pairings: Kagome/Inu Yasha, implied future Sesshoumaru/Rin, Kurama/Hiei
Warnings: Implied mpreg
Archive: LiveJournal, MediaMiner.org
Summary: Sesshoumaru has a conversation with a vaguely familiar demon.

Notes: Inspired by a comment a friend made about a certain fox demon’s family line.

Beta: baiyu_dan, my wonderful fiancé who tells me everything I write is as wonderful and beautiful as me, even when he and I both know it’s awful and I know I’m not that wonderful or beautiful. Ai shiteru, dearest.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inu Yasha or YuYu Hakusho. They are the property of Rumiko Takahashi and Yoshihiro Togashi. I make no money off of this, nor do I intend to.

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They walked along a dirt path. To Jaken it seemed they walked this same path every day. Forest on one side, field on the other. Sometimes there was a river or creek of some sort, but today it seemed like the usual forest/field combination. He didn’t care, though. He served Lord Sesshoumaru, and where Lord Sesshoumaru went, so did he. Now if only that human girl Rin didn’t have to always tag along...

To Jaken’s mind she got special treatment. First Lord Sesshoumaru saved her from death for no reason that was apparent to him, then he allowed her to stay in his presence, even let her ride Ah-Un on occasion. At least Jaken was useful to his lord. The little girl...


“Aye, Lord Sesshoumaru?” Lord Sesshoumaru had stopped suddenly.

“Take Rin on ahead. I will follow shortly.”

“Aye, Lord Sesshoumaru.” And he always had to baby-sit the girl for Lord Sesshoumaru. “Come along, Rin.”

“Coming, Jaken.” Rin hopped off of Ah-Un, took their reins, and skipped behind him.

Once Rin and Jaken were suitably further down the road, Sesshoumaru smirked slightly. “So, you’ve returned.”

“So, you remembered me,” came a voice from the forest. Sesshoumaru chuckled slightly and turned to the voice.

“Of course. Father’s other full demon son. My *true* younger brother. Have you returned to fetch your son, then?” A chuckle came from the direction of the voice as a figure stepped out of the tree line.

“What makes you think he’s my son?” the figure asked, his long silver hair nearly brushing his tails. “After all, *he* is a red fox. *I* am a silver fox.”

“Only one line of foxes manipulate both plants and fire. Seeing that he has a grasp of both, fox breed was inconsequential. He is of the Yoko line... Kurama.”

Kurama laughed outright. “I didn’t realize you even acknowledged my line, Sesshoumaru-niisama. Knowing your hatred of Inu Yasha...” Sesshoumaru waved his hand.

“He is a miserable half-breed, Kurama. Demon and human. At least *you* are all demon, as are your offspring with that Koorime.”

Kurama crossed his arms. “Do *not* speak of him in that manner,” he threatened.

“As though I care about your threats, otouto. How long did it take for word to reach you that the family you placed him with was killed? Too long for you to take vengeance on his behalf. Our half-breed brother did.”

“Heh. It sounds to me almost as though you care, Sesshoumaru-niisama.” Kurama stepped closer to Sesshoumaru and looked closely at him. “Are you *really* Sesshoumaru-niisama?” Sesshoumaru growled and roughly pushed Kurama away from him.

“As his father it was *your* duty, Kurama. You were neither dead nor injured. Your insufferable world-hopping is your only excuse, and a poor one.”

“Hn. I wonder just how many children *you* have forgone your duties to, Niisama. My mistake with Honokitsu is the only one with mine.” Sesshoumaru smirked.

“His name is no longer Honokitsu, otouto.”

“I care not for the name they gave him. Plain, simple, and not at all proper. Honokitsu is of the Yoko line, and will be called by his proper name.” Kurama grit his teeth. Tail. What a simple, ordinary name. Granted, his son *had* been mostly tail when he was born...

“You are the one who gave him up, Kurama. In doing so, you forfeited your right to name him. That is a father’s fate.” Sesshoumaru took a step closer to Kurama. “So, have you returned to fetch your son?” he asked again. “He has no family now, other than you, the Koorime, and I.”

Kurama smiled ruefully and shook his head. “It is still too dangerous for him. I do not trust that my assassin has dispatched with Yomi for certain. Until that time, he must remain where he is. We are not his only family, Sesshoumaru-niisama. He has his aunt, wherever she is, other brothers and sisters, and the Koorime, as you call him, and I have had another daughter recently.”

“Will you send her off as well, then?”

“I’ve seen you with that little girl, Rin. When she is older, she will make a fine mate.”

“Get to your point, Kurama.”

“Would you be willing to take care of Hionna for us for a time?”

“Sending a girl-child from a dangerous situation to yet another does not sound like one of your more intelligent ideas, otouto.”

“Rin is always with you. Do you not worry for her safety?”

“There is a difference, Kurama. Rin comes with me of her own will. Actively sending your own child to a dangerous place is not wise.”

“I certainly cannot send her to Inu Yasha, Sesshoumaru-niisama. Honokitsu is in enough danger with him. Of course, that danger might decrease if you would put aside your hatred of him...”

“I will cease attacking him when he is dead.”

“I thought as much. I suppose we will have to send her to an orphanage, though the very thought reviles me.”

“She is a Yoko. She will find a way to survive.” Kurama chuckled.

“Sesshoumaru-niisama’s idea of comfort?” The humor fled from his face as quickly as it had arrived. “You will watch Honokitsu for us, won’t you? He is, after all, your nephew.” Sesshoumaru only hmphed. “I shall take that as a yes, then.” He looked down the road, his demon sight easily picking out Rin and Jaken. “I believe that Rin is about to annoy Jaken into jumping off the nearest cliff.”

“There are times when I wish he would,” Sesshoumaru admitted. “Good day, Kurama.”

“Farewell, Sesshoumaru-niisama.” With that, Sesshoumaru set off down the road, leaving Kurama standing on the side of the road.

His ears suddenly pricked up at a sound from behind him. Instinctively, he dashed back into the tree line, keeping an eye on the road. Several minutes later, a group of travelers passed by.

“Lecher,” one of them ground out, a girl with a large boomerang and a small kitten-like demon. Sango, the demon-slayer, thought Kurama. He had more than enough experience with the likes of them. A young man in purple monk’s robes was rubbing his cheek where a red palm print was clearly visible. Miroku, a monk of questionable morals with a Wind Tunnel in his hand.

A demon with long white hair and dog’s ears wearing clothing made from the fur of the fire rat. Inu Yasha, wearing one of his father’s outfits. The one that Kurama’s mother had made for him. Beside him was a young girl with mid-length, shiny black hair in some sort of uniform riding a bike. Kagome, whom Kurama privately called his sister. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that his younger brother was in love with Kagome, and she with him. On her shoulder, was Honokitsu.

He looked more like his grandmother, Kurama decided. Still mostly tail, though. It was that tail that had earned him his other name.


At least his eyes were shaped like Hiei’s. Honokitsu was still a one-tail, but with age and training, Kurama was certain he could become at the least a six-tail, possibly a seven.

“Huh?” Shippo suddenly felt... something... at the edge of the woods.

“Something wrong, Shippo?” asked Kagome, taking her eyes off the path for a brief second.

“No, I just felt... something. Familiar and comforting while at the same time unknown.”

“Feh. As long as it’s not a danger, who gives a damn about it? Let’s go.”

As the group passed by, Kurama sighed. “I love you, Honokitsu. Even if it always remains dangerous for you to stay with your father and I, know that we love you. Your uncle, Inu Yasha, will protect you, and your other uncle, Sesshoumaru, will keep his eye on you. Someday, you will know us.”

“Hn. You’re still here.” Hearing that voice broke Kurama’s resolve. A tear from his golden eyes ran slowly down his face.

“Take me home, Hiei.”


~~Present Era~~

“Shuichi! Hey, Shuichi! Wait up!”

Shuichi Minamino turned to the voice. A young girl with mid-length, shiny black hair in a school uniform ran to catch up with him. “Good morning, Kagome. Finally back from the Warring States Era?”

Kagome looked around quickly. Shuichi’s sixth sense meant that there was little, if anything, she could hide from him. He had been the first one, other than her family, to figure out that her many absences were not a result of multiple illnesses. That didn’t mean she was still fully comfortable with discussing it. Assured that there were few to hear them, she nodded. “Yes, for our exams.”

“I suppose Inu Yasha is not happy with that.”

“Ugh, he never is. Oh, I have some news for you!”

Shuichi’s eyes narrowed slightly. Kagome rarely had news for him. “What is it?”

“Just that Shippo is doing very well.” A mischievous smirk appeared on her face. “Or would that be Honokitsu, Kurama?” While Shuichi stood dumbfounded, Kagome looked at her watch. “Better get going. See you at school, Shuichi!” With that, she took off.

Kurama stood like that for several moments, then sighed. “You really *are* Kikyo reborn, aren’t you?” he muttered, shaking his head.

He followed after her, glad that he finally had someone who could tell him about his son... and, hopefully, could tell his son about his fathers.



-niisama: Respectful way of saying older brother
otouto: Younger brother
Honokitsu: Flame fox
Hionna: Fire woman