Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Two for the Price of One ❯ Meet the Twins ( Chapter 1 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Summary: A high-school girl meets a pair of handsome twin brothers and is sucked into an intensely erotic relationship.
Warning: Incest, oral, anal, actual straight sex; all the good stuff.
Brief Intro: This little gem leaped into my head full-blown after I spent about six straight hours watching Ouran High School Host Club.
“Man, it's another totally boring school year,” Jeanne groused. “Absolutely nothing has changed. They didn't even paint the place!”
“Mimi! Are you even listening to me?!” Jeanne punched Mimi's shoulder. “Ouch! What are you wearing? Epaulettes? That hurt!” She examined her hand with a frown.
Mimi looked up. “Did you say something?”
“Geez!” Jeanne stuck her nose in the air, completely offended. “I'm going to class!” She stalked off angrily.
Mimi blinked in confusion at her retreating back. “What's wrong, Jeanne? Wait up!” She hurried after the other girl, watching Jeanne's long hair swish back and forth across her butt. That's interesting. Her hair is longer than her skirt. That's gotta be a violation of the dress code. Mimi was so entranced by this concept that she failed to watch where she was going and promptly collided with someone. Two someones, in fact.
“Hey!” Two identical voices cried in unison. “Watch where you're going!”
Mimi staggered back and nearly fell just as two hands grabbed her by either arm. She looked up and found herself staring into the identical faces of two of the handsomest boys she had ever seen. She gaped. The boys blinked at her in unison, looked at each other and then returned their gazes to her face.
“She looks like a fish,” one said.
“A tuna,” agreed the other.
Mimi recovered just enough dignity to be offended. “Hey! That's not very nice!” She pulled herself free. “I'm sorry I ran into you.”
“That's all right,” the two boys said together.
Mimi couldn't help staring at them. They were obviously identical twins. They had wide gray eyes trimmed with unbelievably long lashes. Their noses were long and straight and their lips just full enough to look sensuous without looking feminine. Their black hair was trimmed short in back but with long bangs that tumbled into their eyes. Even their voices sounded the same. At Mimi's open stare, the twins tipped their heads to either side and smiled at her. Mimi's heart stopped. One such smile would have been stunning. Two at the same time was a calendar-marking event.
“We're new here,” the twin on her left said.
“We're not sure where our homeroom is,” said the other.
“Can you help us?” they said together.
Mimi found her voice. “Which room?”
“Oh, you're in luck!” Mimi said, although she was not sure who was the lucky one. “That's my homeroom, too. Come with me.”
The two boys promptly fell into step beside her with their arms around each other's waists.
“I'm Soren,” said the one closest to her. “This is my brother Rowan. We just transferred here.”
“I'm Mimi,” Mimi said. “I've gone to school here from freshman year.” The boys said nothing else, so Mimi fell silent too, even though she was desperate to ask them all kinds of questions. She glanced at her watch. “Oh! We'd better hurry or we'll miss the first bell.” She broke into a trot and the boys trotted along beside her with a looping gait that allowed them to run with their arms still around each other.
They arrived at the classroom just as the bell rang. Mrs. Jorgenson, their homeroom teacher, scowled at them. “Just in time, I see. Next time, get here sooner and be in your seats before the bell rings.”
“Yes, ma'am,” Mimi mumbled and headed for an empty seat in the back. To her complete surprise, Soren and Rowan trailed her and took desks on either side of her. It felt awkward being between them and she turned to the one on her right. “Do you want to trade seats so you can sit by your brother?” she whispered.
The twin gave her a stunning smile. “You are so thoughtful,” he murmured. “Let's wait until after the homeroom period.”
Mimi nodded and settled down to pay attention. She had had Mrs. Jorgenson for homeroom before and the woman insisted on strict attention during the homeroom session before the start of first period. The teacher glared around at the students until she had cowed them into complete silence before picking up the morning announcements to read them. As she droned through them, Mimi couldn't help risking small glances to either side. The twins were simply beautiful. It was hard to keep her eyes off of them. And being between them had an unexpected benefit. The brothers looked at each other constantly, exchanging little smiles and other slight changes of expression that apparently carried worlds of meaning between them, and Mimi got the full benefit of seeing their gorgeous faces even though they were looking past her.
When she finished reading the announcements, Mrs. Jorgenson gave them free time to finish their homework and the brother on Mimi's right leaned toward her. “Do you still want to change desks?” he purred.
Mimi wondered if he realized she had been looking at them the whole time. She could feel her cheeks coloring. “Sure. You guys look like you'd like to be next to each other.”
“That's nice,” he said, his voice still a silky purr. “Most people are always trying to get between us.” He slid out of his desk and Mimi moved so he could take her place. “For some reason, it bothers people that we like being together.”
The other brother leaned toward her as she sat down at the other desk and placed a hand on his brother's arm. “But we're twins, aren't we? So doesn't it make sense that we want to be together?”
“I guess,” Mimi said uncertainly. “I don't have any siblings, so I wouldn't know.”
The brothers shuddered. “No siblings!” the nearer brother exclaimed in faint horror. He put his hand on top of his brother's where it rested on his arm. “I couldn't exist without Soren!” he exclaimed.
“Nor I without Rowan,” the other answered.
They looked into each other's eyes. Mimi could only see Soren's face, but she felt color rising in her cheeks again. Soren's eyes had gone soft and a look of such seductive intimacy appeared on his face that she thought they were going to kiss. She sat spellbound until Soren's gaze returned to her face and Rowan turned to look at her.
“We like you,” they said together. “Let's be friends.”
Mimi gaped. “Ah… Ok… That'd be great.”
The bell rang to signal the start of first period and Mrs. Jorgenson rapped on her desk to get everyone's attention. “This might be the first day of school,” she began, “but I see no reason not to jump right in. You three in the back,” she pointed at Mimi and the twins. “You're closest. Pass out the textbooks so we can get started. They're on the bookshelf behind you.”
Mimi got up and snagged a stack of textbooks off the shelf. She walked up the row handing them out until her arms were empty and went back for more. As she walked back, she saw that every girl in the classroom was gawking at the twins. As she walked up another row handing out books, a hand snagged her arm.
“You were talking to them!” Jeanne demanded in a harsh whisper. “What about?”
Mimi made a shushing noise and pulled her arm free. Mrs. Jorgenson was staring at them with lifted eyebrows and Mimi continued quickly up the row. When she returned to her desk, Soren and Rowan were already sitting down. Rowan handed her a book when she sat down, since she had handed out all the ones she was holding. He favored her with an intimate grin that made her heart race.
“All right, class, open your textbooks to Chapter One,” Mrs. Jorgenson began and she turned to write on the whiteboard.
Rowan immediately leaned toward Mimi. “I think your friend is jealous,” he murmured. His eyes flicked toward Jeanne, who was staring back at them with furrowed brows. “Do you suppose she thinks we're cute?” He lowered his head slightly and looked at Mimi through his eyelashes. “I think Soren is adorable.”
Mimi swallowed. “Do you always talk about your brother like that?”
“Always.” Rowan smiled. “I say much more intimate things when we're alone.”
Mimi's heart stopped.
“But you should hear what he says to me in bed at night. He's positively naughty.”
Mimi gripped her textbook to stop her hands from shaking. Rowan's suggestive whispers were creating images in her mind that were just not appropriate for English class. Thankfully, Mrs. Jorgenson began her lecture and Mimi was able to drag her mind clear of the intimate homosexual images that had been threatening to swamp her. By the end of class, she had almost managed to forget Rowan's remarks.
And then she made the mistake of looking at him. Rowan's smile, matched by Soren's, brought back every erotic image that she had managed to clear from her head.
Rowan leaned toward her. “Why don't you come to our house after school?”
“Our parents won't be home,” Soren added.
“We can study together.”
“Or do other stuff.”
Mimi's heart was pounding. Such a blatant proposition would normally have drawn a stinging retort from her, but coming from these seductively beautiful twins, a large part of her mind was urging her to say yes. Mimi struggled to get her mouth to work.
“W… We only… just met,” she managed to choke out.
“We like to make friends quickly,” the boys said together. “Think about it. We'll ask you again at lunch.” They favored her with another stunning smile and gathered up their books.
Their movement broke the spell Mimi was under and she reached for her backpack. These boys are hypnotic! And dangerous! She forced herself to keep her eyes down as she trailed them out of the room and therefore promptly ran into Jeanne as soon as she stepped outside.
Jeanne was staring open-mouthed at the departing brothers. She grabbed Mimi's arm. “Who are they?” she demanded. “You were talking to them!”
“They're new,” Mimi said. Then, realizing she had stated the obvious, she uttered something even more obvious. “They're twins.”
“I can see that they're twins!” Jeanne exclaimed. “They're gorgeous. I must have one of them as my boyfriend immediately.”
Mimi thought about the boys' clear preference for each other and shook her head. “Forget it. I don't think it'd work.”
“That's what you think,” Jeanne said with a sniff. “I've always been able to get whatever guy I want.” She ran her fingers through her long brown hair, lifting it away from her shoulder.
Mimi had to admit that Jeanne was right on that count. She had always been able to capture boys at will and then she would dump them when she was tired of them. “Whatever,” Mimi muttered. She shoved past Jeanne to hurry to her next class. For some reason, the idea of Jeanne forcing her way between the twins to capture one for herself bothered her immensely. She frowned darkly. She would have to warn them.
She looked for the twins at lunch time and was not surprised to find them surrounded by a crowd of adoring females, all gushing about some nonsense or other. The twins kept them expertly off-balance with stunning smiles and salacious comments that set the girls blushing and tittering. Mimi stopped where they could see her and made eye contact. Rowan immediately slipped his arm around Soren's waist and murmured polite excuses. The boys made their way clear of the crowd and started toward her. When some of the girls began to follow, Soren gave them a faint frown.
“Please excuse us,” he said firmly. “We need to talk to our friend Mimi privately.”
This statement elicited shocked exclamations and Mimi became the recipient of several jealous stares. But by the time the twins reached her, they were alone.
“So,” Rowan said, his smile bordering on incandescent, “you'll come to our house this afternoon, won't you?”
Mimi swallowed. It was really hard to remember what she wanted to talk to them about faced with that smile. Then Soren smiled too and all the thoughts escaped from her head. She stared back at them dreamily. “You guys are really handsome,” she said without thinking. “You must be really popular with girls.”
“You might think that,” Soren said.
“But we usually don't date the same girls more than once.”
Mimi blinked in surprise. “Why not?”
“Because they always only want to date one of us,” Soren complained.
“It's really not fair,” Rowan sulked. “Even our parents do it. They keep arranging double dates for us, but then the girls want to do different things and go separate places.”
Soren put his arm around his brother's waist. “But we don't like being apart. It's… uncomfortable.”
“So we never go out with anybody more than once,” Rowan continued. “But then our parents lecture us about the importance of maintaining separate identities.”
“But we are separate,” Soren grumbled with a frown. Then he looked at his brother and his face softened. “If we weren't, how could we make each other feel so good?”
Mimi flushed. The frequent references to their intimacy were decidedly arousing.
“They even sent us to a shrink for a while when we were younger. Supposedly, he was going to help us `learn to live separate lives'.” Rowan cupped Soren's face in his free hand and looked deep into his eyes. “But we started acting out and the shrink told our parents it was too soon to try to separate us.”
“Acting out?” Mimi questioned.
Rowan and Soren grinned. “Like this,” they said together and slowly closed the space between them until their lips touched. Mimi watched them kiss with a pounding heart. Around them, a dead silence fell as everyone stared at the entrancing sight of those two beautiful brothers embracing. When they parted, they continued to stare into each other's eyes.
“Personally,” Soren said, “I think our parents are just upset because they can't tell us apart. They used to dress us differently when we were little so they'd know which of us was which, but when we got older, we started dressing the same.” He looked at Mimi. “It's not like we try to hide which of us is which or deliberately confuse people. If people ask, we say who we are.”
Mimi blinked at them in confusion. “How can they not tell you apart?” She reached out and touched her fingers to Soren's chest. “When I look at you, I see Soren looking back at me.” She touched Rowan with her other hand. “And Rowan looks back at me from this face. How can they not see that?”
Soren and Rowan stared at her. “You see us!” they whispered in unison. Suddenly, they flung their arms around her, their heads on either side of hers. “No one has ever really seen us before!” They kissed her on either cheek. “We don't think our parents really look at us.”
Mimi slipped her arms around their waists and hugged back. “That's too bad.”
“But it's ok now,” Soren said.
“Because you see us,” Rowan finished.
They favored her with another pair of stunning smiles and Mimi felt warmed to her toes. She was really starting to like these boys. Then something nagged at her. She had looked for the twins to tell them something. She bit her lip but the bell rang before it came back to her.
It was only after sitting through two more classes that Mimi remembered about Jeanne. She also remembered about the twins' invitation to visit them after school. She wondered if she would see them again before the day was over.
As it turned out, the twins were also in her sixth period class, only she didn't get to sit near them. The teacher seated them alphabetically and Mimi's last name of Taylor put her on the opposite side of the room from the twins, whose last name turned out to be Bell. The boys did not look happy seated one behind the other. Soren frequently rested his hand on Rowan's back during class. When class ended, Rowan turned around and leaned close to whisper something in Soren's ear. Then they both looked at her with faint smiles.
Mimi suddenly felt breathless again as she shouldered her backpack and circled around the desks to their row. “Can I talk to you guys for a minute?”
Rowan stood up and put his arms around her neck. “You can talk to us all afternoon if you want. Come home with us.”
Soren stood up and put one arm around her waist and the other around his brother's waist. “Yes, come home with us,” he echoed.
Held captive more by their luminous gray eyes than their embrace, Mimi momentarily lost the capacity for speech.
Soren put his lips next to her ear and murmured, “Say yes.”
The word “Yes” dropped from Mimi's lips as if she had no conscious control over her own mouth.
The twins smiled and Mimi was too stunned by the beauty of it to resist when they looped their arms through hers and led her from the room.
“I need… to go to… my locker…” Mimi stammered weakly.
“Where is it?” Rowan murmured, his voice whispering into her ear.
“That way.” She nodded down the hall.
“Lead the way,” Soren whispered silkily in her other ear. “We'll follow.”
And they did. They matched their pace to hers and let her steps guide them. When they reached her locker, they freed her arms long enough to let her swap books in and out of her backpack. But when she was finished and had shouldered her backpack again, they clasped her arms once more.
“Now we'll go home,” Rowan murmured. He looked past Mimi's face and a naughty grin lifted the corners of his mouth. “I really do believe your friend is jealous.”
Mimi turned to look and found Jeanne glaring at her with stark fury coloring her face.
“She looks angry,” Soren noted softly. “Why do you suppose that is?”
“Oh!” Mimi exclaimed. “That's what I wanted to talk to you about. That's Jeanne Garcia-Benson. She told me she was going to make one of you her boyfriend. She's fickle, though.” Mimi frowned. “It's the hunt she likes. She doesn't really care about the boys that much.”
Rowan and Soren both frowned, somehow managing to make the expression look sexy. “She thinks she can come between us?” they whispered together.
“She'll try,” Mimi said.
“It won't work. We can see her type coming from way off.” The boys dismissed Jeanne without another thought and returned their gazes to Mimi's face. “You're still coming home with us, yes?”
Mimi smiled. “Yes.” And she let the boys lead her away.
Rowan and Soren lived in a house so big that it qualified as a mansion in Mimi's book. She stared at it in open-mouthed wonder. “You live here?”
“Do you like it?” Soren asked. The boys each had one arm around her waist, but the fingers of their free hands were twined together in front of her.
“It's huge. Are your parents rich?”
“Something like that.” Rowan smiled. “Come inside.” They took her into the house and immediately went upstairs.
“This is our room,” they said.
“Oh geez!” Mimi breathed. “I think my whole house would fit in this room.”
“You're exaggerating!” the boys chuckled. They released her and dashed across the room to leap onto the king size bed. “This is where we sleep.” They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed deeply. Mimi flushed with embarrassment but she could not look away. Watching them kiss was unbelievably hot. They stopped and looked at her. “Come join us,” they purred throatily.
That seductive invitation was irresistible. Mimi let her backpack slide to the floor and crossed to the bed. She crawled onto it on her hands and knees and the boys pulled her down between them. “Our Mimi,” they murmured and began to kiss her. They kissed her and each other with equal enthusiasm. Mimi kissed back, wondering just how far she was going to let them go. She had never been so turned on by anything in her life.
She discovered the answer to her question not too long after when she realized she had let the boys strip her almost naked. Only her underwear remained to protect what was left of her virtue. Her skirt, blouse and bra had disappeared, as had the boys' shirts and pants. The bagginess of their boxers did not hide the erections both were sporting.
Soren cupped her left breast in his hand. “You have pretty breasts,” he said. He teased her nipple with his fingertips.
Mimi drew in a ragged breath.
“I like how your skin tastes,” Rowan said. He licked the side of her neck with a long, slow stroke, using just the tip of his tongue.
“You're older,” Soren said to Rowan. “You should go first.”
Rowan caressed Soren's cheek. “Only by a scant minute,” he replied. “But you always could hold out longer than I can.”
“Only when I'm on top.” Soren leaned toward Rowan and they kissed, their lips meeting directly above Mimi's eyes. She watched their tongues stroke against each other, too spellbound to notice they were pulling down her underwear. When Rowan moved to finish taking them off, Soren kissed her deeply.
She felt Rowan spreading her legs and gasped. “Wait! What about safety?”
“We never do this with anyone but each other,” Soren assured her.
“Yes, but, I'm a girl! I can get pregnant!”
“Good point,” Soren conceded. He looked at his brother. “Can I put it on you?”
Rowan's eyelids drooped. “Absolutely.”
Soren dug in the drawer of the nightstand on the right hand side of the bed and pulled out a box of condoms. He took one out, unwrapped it and turned to his brother with a smile. “Show it to me,” he murmured.
Rowan slowly removed his boxers, revealing his shapely bottom and very erect penis. He settled onto his knees and leaned back on his hands, thrusting his hips toward his twin. Mimi stared. She had never actually seen a naked boy in person before. Soren slowly unrolled the condom onto Rowan's penis, his eyes fixed on his brother's face. Rowan returned his stare with his lips slightly parted. When he finished, Soren leaned forward and kissed Rowan deeply, his tongue delving into his brother's mouth. Then he sat back on his heels and smiled at Mimi.
“Don't use him up,” he said as he started to remove his own boxers. “I want turns with both of you next.”
Rowan moved between her legs again and Mimi watched with considerable apprehension as he guided himself into her. The pressure of his penis against her vagina sent a shiver of panic through her. “I've never done this before!” she exclaimed abruptly.
“I'll be gentle,” Rowan said. He leaned over her and began to push slowly with his hips. “Relax.”
Soren lay down next to her and Rowan lifted his arm over him so Soren could embrace her. “Rowan won't hurt you. I loved it the first time he did this to me.” He began to kiss her neck and shoulder and face. Mimi closed her eyes with a moan of pleasure. Those kisses felt so wonderful and they distracted her from the discomfort of penetration. Then she felt something give inside her and Rowan's penis slid all the way in. She gasped aloud.
“A maiden no longer,” Soren whispered in her ear. He kept kissing and caressing her while Rowan moved inside her. Pleasure spread rapidly from between her legs in response to Rowan's steady thrusts.
“She's flushed,” Soren murmured. “Keep going. How does she feel?”
“Good!” Rowan gasped. “I'm close.”
“Not yet. She's not finished.”
“Put a condom on,” Rowan said breathlessly. “You can finish her.”
Soren slipped out from under his brother's arm and unrolled a condom onto his penis. Rowan cried out and his back arched. He pushed his hips hard against her bottom, groaning as he came. Then he quickly pulled out and moved aside so Soren could take his place. Soren stretched out between Mimi's legs and put his arms around her. He kissed her on the mouth as he moved his hips to put himself inside her. Her vagina, opened wide by Rowan's penis, swallowed Soren's hungrily. He thrust into her deeply, rubbing against her clitoris as he moved his hips. Mimi clutched his shoulders and cried out with joy. Orgasm rocked her and tears sprang into her eyes. “Yes! Oh yes!” Soren gasped in her ear, his hips shaking as he came. When he finished, he pulled out and rolled onto his back beside her, breathing hard.
Rowan moved close to him and lifted Soren's heels onto his shoulders. Mimi shifted over a little and turned onto her side to watch them. “Don't you need lubricant?”
Rowan winked at her. “I put it in while he was fucking you. That's why he came so fast. I was fingering him the whole time.” He shifted forward and put his erection into Soren's anus. Soren groaned deeply.
Mimi watched them fuck getting hopelessly aroused. Watching two guys do it had to be the most erotic thing she had ever seen. She finally couldn't hold back from joining them. She rolled onto her stomach, stripped the used condom off Soren's penis and put his erection in her mouth. Soren gasped with pleasure as she began giving him head with the deepest throat she could manage. She wasn't sure if her somewhat inexperienced blow job brought Soren to climax any sooner, but he bucked up against her mouth, screaming with pleasure when he shot his load. Both twins were stroking her hair when she let Soren's penis slide from her mouth.
“That was great, Mimi,” Soren gasped breathlessly. “Thank you.”
“You're welcome.” Mimi cushioned her head on his stomach and smiled at him. “This has got to be the kinkiest afternoon of my entire life.”
Rowan lay down on Soren's other side and put his head on Soren's shoulder. “We can get kinkier, if you want.”
Mimi chuckled. “Maybe next time. I've never had a boyfriend before. Acquiring two at once is a bit mind-blowing.”
Soren grinned. “So you're our girlfriend now?”
“Looks that way.” Mimi caressed his cheek with one hand and then touched Rowan's lips. “I really like you guys.”
“We like you too.”
“But I should get home. I didn't tell my parents I would be going anywhere after school today. If they get home before me, I'll be in trouble.”
“But you'll come over again?”
At school the next day, Jeanne was livid. “How dare you try to shortcut me with the Bell twins!” she snarled angrily. “I told you I was going to go after them.”
Mimi shrugged. She was still feeling rather languid after the sex from the day before. “I didn't go after them. They made friends with me.”
“I don't believe you!” Jeanne snapped. “Why would any guy want to be friends with a plain girl like you when someone like me is around?”
Mimi frowned at her. They had been friends since elementary school and Mimi suddenly found herself wondering when Jeanne had become such a self-centered prick and why she had never noticed.
“Well, I guess it doesn't matter too much.” Jeanne continued with a toss of her head, making her long hair swing. “Just tell me which one you want and I'll go after the other one. We can double-date.”
“That's ok,” Mimi said. “I don't think the twins are interested in double-dating.”
“That's right, we're not,” Rowan and Soren said in unison. Jeanne started at the sudden appearance of the subject of their conversation, but Mimi just smiled.
“Hi guys. Are we on for this afternoon? I told my parents I would be studying at a friend's house today.”
“Yes!” The boys flowed around her, their arms encircling her waist. They regarded Jeanne with faint smiles. “What does she want?”
“She wants to date one of you.” Mimi leaned into their embrace. “She asked me which of you I liked better. I was just about to tell her neither.”
“That's stupid,” Jeanne exclaimed.  “You have to like one of them better!”
Mimi grinned at her.  “Why? The question doesn't make any sense.”
Jeanne stared at the three of them holding each other and her face flushed. Then her eyes went round and a look of triumph appeared on her face. “You can't tell them apart!” she crowed.
“Yes I can,” Mimi said.  She patted Soren's arm.  “This is Soren.”  Her fingers slid over to stroke his twin's arm.  “And this is Rowan.”
Jeanne crossed her arms and lifted her chin.  “Wrong! You have it backwards!”
The twins grinned wickedly. “No she's not. You're wrong.”
Jeanne's flush deepened.
“And the question still doesn't make sense,” Mimi continued. “It's like asking if I like my right eye or my left eye better. I see the same when I look through either one, but I see better when I use both. I like Soren and I like Rowan, but I like them better together.”
“And that's why we like Mimi more than you,” the twins said.
Jeanne's face flushed to a deep red.  “That's… that's… ridiculous!” she shouted.
“Our Mimi,” Soren murmured. As one, the twins kissed her on either cheek.
Jeanne's mouth gaped open.
Mimi couldn't stop herself. “My twins,” she murmured back and kissed first Soren and then Rowan on the lips.
Then all three of them stared at Jeanne with lifted eyebrows.
“You're sick!  All of you!” Jeanne screamed and she flounced away, her fists clenched at her sides.
The twins began to laugh. “She doesn't understand us does she?” they chorused.
“No she doesn't,” Mimi agreed.  “We better get to home room. The bell's about to ring.”

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