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Akane entered the living room, finding Alucard on the couch with his legs spread leisurely, one of them resting on top of Amy's limp body like a foot stool. His eyes narrowed in a little smug smirk to himself at her choice of outfits. Scanning her mind she was tightly closed off to him. No images. No pictures. No movies. Interesting.
She looked at Koga, who limply hung his head. Here he was again, bound and chained and probably thinking he going to get another fucking like he had while he was in captivity. When he raised his eyes to her and a look of total fear emerged, she knew it was going to be a bad, bad two hours.
Looking at the wall clock, she then looked to Alucard who nodded in acknowledgment. Two hours. Exactly two hours. Not a minute more...not a minute less.
She slowly approached him, bringing her mouth to his ear so that no one could listen to what she had to say. “Koga,” she began. “Listen carefully and take this to heart. I am here to break you throughly and completely, but you do have some things on your side. You can endure this gracefully or fight me all the way, proving to me that you are stronger than I am...or you can take the lesser traveled path and let me break you down so that I can build you back up again. Hate me or trust me, but always remember that I did this to keep you alive. You will get to seek your revenge.”
Koga inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. Her words rang of deep sorrow and truth. She truly did not want to do this, or so he believed. He heard her foot steps walk away from him and opened his eyes. She was sitting on the lap of the vampire, straddling his hips and pinching his nipples under his shirt. From where he was at, she looked just enough like Kagome to make his head hurt more than it already did. Her ass cheeks peeked out from under the little skirt as the man rubbed underneath the cloth.
That was when the pictures came alive for Alucard, her mind a total orchestra of sights and sounds. This time...Green Day...Blood, Sex and Booze. How predictable! She showed him images of a little girl dressed up much the same as herself and a young man with white hair and red costume. The boy had triangular ears and Sesshoumaru's golden eyes. When the scene changed so that Koga appeared, he was ruggedly handsome in pelts and armor. He realized then he was seeing her past and she was being honest enough to show it to him. The little girl yelled some Japanese gibberish and the dog-man in red fell to the ground. By the tone in his voice, he was cussing at her, then at Koga. Koga seemed to be snottily cussing back.
It was a love triangle to be sure and Akane had cleverly chose to imitate the object of his affections as a way to torture him further. Alucard admired her cruelty. It was almost as severe as his own, but with a more comical twist. He would never do costume play.
What was he talking about. He was wearing Victorian dress.
She showed him pictures of Koga's pack being decimated and how he ran around alone except for two white haired punks. White seemed to be a pretty popular color, he thought to himself. Pictures flashed of how Koga disregarded them often, being a smug thing and rather proud of himself.
And that was the rub. Those who act very proud are usually not at all. The opposite is often true.
The little school girl stopped locking lips with him and stood up to return to her little prize. She began by undressing him slowly, telling him what a good little boy he was. She preened and pampered him, and confused thoughts dripped from the wolf's mind.
When she had him completely naked, Akane pulled another pair of women's panties out of the back pack and rubbed them in her heat. Neatly she shoved them in the wolf's mouth and he got even more confused. What she was doing to him, he liked and he knew she was there to tear his mind apart. It just didn't make since...yet.
“Oh Koga, you are so strong, and so fast,” she said as she walked around and around him, letting a finger laze over his chest and to his ribs and back. Swarthy skin packaged up well used muscles. He obviously still ran every day. “Can you carry me like InuYasha does?”
“Mmumfhha” was all she got for a reply...and his stiff throbbing erection.
“ can, can't you?” Grabbing his ass and pulling him backwards so that he had to adjust where his feet were, she leaned him over as much as he could go and climbed over the shelf of his back and ass. She pulled her skirts so that her damp crotch rested on his bare skin and put her arms around his neck. “Isn't this fun Koga?” she squealed, kicking at him to make him bounce up and down for her. “Take me for a ride!”
Koga squatted up and down with his knees, an unhappy look on his face that was opposite to what emotion Alucard was picking up from his mind. Koga really liked this treatment. He wanted to be the white haired man in Akane's visions. He wanted Kagome to ride him and ride him hard.
“If you're good, I won't sit you.” she said into his ear. “If you're a good dog, I will unchain you from the ceiling.”
Koga nodded rapidly up and down. He didn't want to stand there forever, feeling the hot, damp sticky of her crotch trickle on his back. Nice as it was, the angle of his spine was starting to hurt as he continued to bounce up and down.
She slid down off his rump and got the keys from the vampire. She kept the sutras on his wrists, but removed the chains. “Now let me ride you some more, Inuyasha,” she said, getting back on him. He curled his hands underneath her thighs and walked around the room as she nearly choked him around the neck with her arms, giggling and sighing and saying all kinds of silly girl things. His face continued to lie, but his penis told the truth.
“Inuyasha,” she said. “Put me down.” and he did so. “Sit!” she yelled, and Koga fell onto the floor ass first. “That wasn't good enough,” she said, tapping her foot. “Kiss my foot.” Koga did so, his ass high in the air. “Now. Let's try that again.”
Koga stood back up and gave her a very ugly look. With that she went to the dining room and returned with one of Walter's old newspapers. She rolled it up and whacked him on the nose. “You will not look at me like that. I'm your miko, and you will obey me joyfully.”
The wolf started to fume, and she swatted him again....and again...and again...until his face had many black smudges on it from the ink. “Now....Sit!” Koga let his body drop to the floor, his ass hitting first, then laying his back and head on the floor. Akane put her foot on his chest and pushed a little. “Nope. Not good enough. I want to see your back and head into it. It should hurt.”
The fifth time, he still hadn't gotten it but by the seventh she was more satisfied. “Good dog,” she preened, rubbing his head like he had Inuyasha's ears. “Now you will get a treat. Go stand over there.” She pointed to the corner of the room and he went there. No knowing what to do with his hands, he crossed them over his chest.
That would not do. The miko grabbed up the newspaper again and swatted him across the nose. “Bad dog. You will not take that posture with your miko. You will hold your hands on your dick, and if I see you rub it, you will get know what. Starts with S and ends with T.”
Sesshoumaru was rubbing the bridge of his nose with his pinched fingers. She was have way...way too much fun with this. Alucard was laughing to himself. He hadn't had this much comedy in some time. He certainly wasn't going to get this show in the bowels of Hellsing's basements.
Akane stood in the middle of the room and turned her back on the wolf. She undid the handkerchief and dropped it on the floor, then bent...waaaayyyy over to untie the laces of her little shoes, showing off the pink panties to Koga's willing eyes. He saw they were really wet, the crotch of them nearly transparent. He couldn't help but sniff the air, taking in the perfume of shampoo, soap and flowery girls perfume mixed with dog demon. He hated to admit it, but inuyoukai smelled better than humans, even his little Kagome.
Knowing she wasn't looking, he stroked himself once, then twice, then looked over to the vampire sitting in the corner. Would he tell on him? He had no idea. He stroked his dick again, and the vampire said nothing. The school girl looked at him between her legs and watched him do it. She waited for him to turn back to her, and when he did....SIT!
Koga stood there like a dummy for a moment then sat rapidly. Too rapidly. He hit his head on the wall behind him He had totally forgotten it was there. The wolf saw stars and Akane ran up to him and put her foot on his chest again, bending over to look him in the face. “You're a naughty dog! Sit, Sit, Sit, Sit Sit!”
When Koga didn't do anything, she took up the newspapers and smacked him a bunch more. “Oh Inuyasha. You don't love me. You just love that undead Kikiyo.”
“Wench!” he yelled after spitting out the damp panties. He put his hands up around his head, trying to keep the newspapers out of his face.
Akane smiled big and dropped the newspaper. She grabbed his arm and hauled him up, making him stand once more with his hands on his dick. She took up the panties and put them on his head and she returned back to the center of the room. Now he not only smelled them, but looked dumb too. Turning her back to him again, she started unbuttoning her shirt.
“Tell me Sango,” she said. “Do you think Miroku will ever stop feeling up your ass?” She undid the next button. “I don't know Kagome. He's a hentai pervert,” she replied to herself. “Do you think Inuyasha will ever tell you he loves you? No, I doubt it. He's a dumb ass. All he ever does is drool over Kikiyo.” She undid the button after that. “Isn't it so lucky that we found this hot spring? Why yes Sango, it is SOOO lucky. It's just like we came here on purpose so we could strip in front of those men and catch them spanking off in the bushes.” She peeled down the shirt so that it was just her bra covering her chest. “I know...aren't they just animals? All they ever do is spank off in the bushes. Don't you wish they would come into the water and join us?”
She turned around and faced Koga, but kept her eyes towards some other direction. She unbuttoned the skirt and let it slowly drop. “I don't know Sango. I really like being here in the water with you. Your hands are so soft, and your body is soooo warm.” She started rubbing her nipples through the bra and playing with herself.
Koga didn't know wither to shit or go blind. There he was, watching a good looking woman touch herself while he sat in the corner with his dick in his hands and a pair of panties on his head, not allowed to stroke. He decided to go blind and shut his eyes.
Akane ran over with the newspaper and swatted him a bunch. “You will watch your miko take a bath just like Inuyasha does!” she yelled in his ear, then turned back to what she was doing. Koga sighed and stood there, wishing that his eyes would suddenly pop out and disappear.
She was wearing nothing but the bra, panties and socks and got down on her knees. “Oh Sango,” she said as she laid down on her back, her crotch facing Koga. “I like it when you lick me there.” Akane stroked herself over the panties and dipped her fingers inside a bra cup, letting the nipple peak over the top. She watched him watching her. Koga was as that stage were anime characters get nosebleeds, but this being a fanfic and not a manga...there was no nosebleed.
Sesshoumaru now wished he had decided to watch. Alucard was trying hard not to crack a big smile.
“And there..” she said, dipping her fingers into her wet pussy beneath the satin. “Oh Sango, yes...” she moaned, exposing her neck to Koga and arching her back seductively. He took the opportunity to stroke his member once while she wasn't looking at him. Then he looked to the vampire, then back to the writhing woman on the floor. He strained to look between her legs. The panties and shadows covered everything too much.
“Kagome! Did you hear that?” Akane sat up quickly. “SIT!” she cried, and Koga beamed himself again on the wall and floor. She jumped him, straddling the hard six pack above his crotch and started slapping him hard in the face. “You pervert. How dare you watch me bathe!” Koga tried to put his hands up, but she kept landing blows. “I hate you Inuyasha. You're no better than that frisky Koga!”
The faux Kagome stormed off back to the middle of the room and pretended to cry.
Koga didn't know what to do, so he stood back up and held his dick, patiently waiting for the next command.
“He should come and grovel at my feet for forgiveness,” she said clearly so he would get the hint. Koga dropped to his knees and crawled for her shoes. He loving kissed one, then the other. It was then that Akane realized he was liking this way too much. “Stand up Koga.” she said cooly and he did so. “Put your hands on your head.” He obeyed.
“You like this, don't you.....mutt face?” She asked him and he blushed really red. “Yes....yes... I see,” she whispered. “You liked it when Kagome would order Inuyasha around because you dreamed of being him. And not only that. You liked it when he called you names, you filthy stinking bastard.” Koga started turning all shades of red. “You don't deserve these,” she swiped the panties off his head and he looked rather dejected, but his hard on only raged more.
“Sit!” she commanded. Next it was “Roll over,” and “Hands on your head.” Taking the ruler from her backpack, she swatted his ass until it was nice and rosy, then took her socked feet and stepped on his balls as they peeked between his legs. Koga flinched and his head rose high, though he never removed his hands. “Now...what does a lousy son of a bitch like you hate most in the world?” she growled as she ground the skin of his sack between her stockinged feet and the hardwood floor. “You love being talked down to. You love being abused. You love it when someone pulls your collar tight and chokes you. I can't stand being pretty.”

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