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Title: All in the Family
Genre: Hentai, PWP
Rating: X/Explicit+
Pairing: Kagome/InuYasha/Miroku/ Sesshomaru
Warnings: NWS, Explicit Foursome Sex in multiple combinations including Yaoi (F/M/M/M)
Summary: After InuYasha and Kagome spend a night bonding with Miroku, someone unexpected shows up, wanting to be included.
Additional Note: Follows “That's What Friends Are For” (Chapter 8)
All in the Family
Kagome woke to the feeling of something warm and wet stroking between her thighs. Sighing in contentment at the wonderful feeling, she lazily spread her legs a little further apart to give her lover better access. She still had not opened her eyes though her body was beginning to feel warm and flush all over. The young miko almost couldn't believe the events of the previous night when, with her husband's permission, she welcomed Miroku into their pack. The three of them had fucked and sucked each other well into the night until they fell into a heap of contented sated flesh. She had felt so loved and wanton as she brought both men to climax time after time, and they did the same for her. And from the feelings coursing through her body, she was ready for another round. She hoped they were up to it.
She finally cracked her eyes enough to look down and see the white mane of hair between her legs before she laid back and closed them again. “Mmmmmm, that feels so good. What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning. I should have known you didn't get enough last night, and gods, you've made me hot. Just fuck me already.”
Kagome felt clawed fingers gently grasp her at the hip and help her turn over. The miko pushed her rump into the air, knowing that was what he wanted. She couldn't help but to gasp at the sensations running through her as she felt the hard hot flesh slide into her and then a warm mouth with human teeth latch on to a nipple. She eagerly accepted the cock that appeared in front of her and sucked the head into her mouth. Then she felt the pad of a finger find her clitoris and that wonderful pearl it helped conceal. She had never felt so overwhelmed by her own body, overloading on the pleasurable feelings coursing throughout it.
She was no longer sure any more who was where. She was tingling all over from the feeling of tongues and hands sweeping over her and being rocked into from behind as she pleasured the erection in her mouth. The miko would have screamed from the massive orgasm that overtook her had her mouth not been full. They erupted together in a mass of writhing bodies. She could feel the massive cock inside of her throbbing as he continued to empty into her while she drank from the one that spilled into her mouth. Finally, her arms and legs quivering and no longer able to hold her own weight, she collapsed on the man underneath her.
“Oh. My. Gods. That was fantastic. Thank you,” Kagome whispered as she rolled off of Miroku.
“You are welcome,” a voice replied.
“What?” Kagome, InuYasha, and Miroku exclaimed together.
“Sesshomaru! When did you come in? And did you fuck my wife?” InuYasha asked him.
“Well, she did order me to,” the Daiyoukai responded.
Kagome sucked in her breath and started to sit up. “I thought you were InuYasha. I was more asleep than awake.”
“I thought it was InuYasha, too, and we were just continuing from last night,” Miroku said.
“I was disappointed to learn you had a pack bonding ritual and did not invite me,” Sesshomaru stated. “As your brother, it would have been proper to include me.”
“We didn't plan it - it just sort of happened. We were bringing Miroku into the pack because of the loss of his wife and child,” the hanyou answered softly. “And honestly, I never would have believed that you would be interested. Bonding within the pack means admitting that we're family. Besides that, I never thought you would…”
“That he would what, InuYasha?” Kagome asked.
InuYasha pulled her into his lap. “You're human. I never thought he would want to… he considered human women to be a weakness of our father.”
“So what did we do, exactly?” she questioned.
“Well, since you invited him to join us, he's one of the pack now, just like Miroku,” the hanyou responded. “And it means that he accepts all of us as well.”
Kagome shifted on InuYasha's lap and couldn't help but to giggle.
“What's so funny?” he asked, trying to sound irate.
“You're not done yet,” she answered, turning in his lap and lowering herself onto his erection.
“What about me? I didn't get any at all that time,” Miroku whined.
InuYasha lifted his wife up a little. “I know what you want, Monk. Slide in.”
Miroku grinned and moved directly behind Kagome. He used his fingers to spread some of the juices dripping from where she was joined with her husband to prepare her before he entered her. Once he was seated inside of her he pulled her back against his bare chest to support her. He reached around and cupped a breast with one hand and then down with the other to find her pearl, but discovered something silky was in his way.
“You do not intend to completely leave me out, do you?” Sesshomaru asked as he inserted himself into the group. He had leaned between the miko and her husband and begin to suckle her nipple before he started to trail down to her navel and then to her clit. He sucked on it loudly as his brother started to thrust his hips and move against her. Kagome had leaned back against Miroku, forcing him to almost lie down, to make more room for Sesshomaru between her and InuYasha. She reached out and followed the Inu youkai's torso downwards until she reached his cock, which was already hard again. However, at the angle she was at she had difficulty keeping her hand wrapped around him to stroke him and ended up firmly grasping and tugging him towards her. She would have sworn she heard him chuckle as he moved his head from where the hanyou was sliding in and out of her and stood. She pulled his erection into her mouth and began to suck while her body bounced up and down on the two cocks stuffed inside of her. InuYasha's strong hands kept her moving while Miroku had reached down without interference this time to finally rub her nub with one hand and a breast with the other.
Miroku was the first to cry out as he reached orgasm. When he came he wrapped both arms around the miko and clutched her tightly to him. The others stilled long enough for him to finish.
“It's not fair that you have youkai stamina. I have to rest a minute,” he stated as he pulled out and then backed away. “Feel free to continue without me for a few minutes.”
“Don't worry, we will,” InuYasha answered as he lay Kagome back fully on the futon. He threw her legs over his shoulders before he starting thrusting into her again.
“Sesshomaru?” Kagome said in a questioning voice. “Where're you going?”
The Daiyoukai had moved away from her and behind InuYasha.
“The pack bonding ritual is for all members of the pack, not just the female,” he stated.
InuYasha had closed his eyes though he had stopped hammering into his wife. “He's right.”
Kagome's eyes opened wide as she realized that Sesshomaru was preparing InuYasha. The hanyou got to his knees to present his butt a little higher in the air as his brother ran his tongue around his hole, raising her hips so that she was arching back toward the futon. The next thing she knew, Sesshomaru was thrusting into InuYasha as he pounded into her. Not wanting to be left out in spite of his declaration of needing rest, Miroku kneeled down next to her and pulled a nipple into his mouth.
The miko could do little more than gasp and cry out in pleasure. InuYasha was pushing into her hard as a result of the extra force ramming into him from behind, but his arms held her in position so that she was helpless to do anything but accept his cock and the sensations it gave her.
Miroku switched from one breast to the other while his fingers had brushed over her curls and then pressed down between her folds to find her nub again. Fascinated at the sight of the hanyou's cock plunging in and out of her slick heat, he used his fingers to spread her further apart and then began to do as Sesshomaru had done before him, moving down to suck at her clitoris and InuYasha's dick in the process.
Kagome felt that wonderful feeling tightening in her belly and wrapped her hands in Miroku's hair, holding him where he was. She felt her bottom rise completely off of the futon as InuYasha cupped her buttocks and pulled her up as she violently started to buck with her orgasm. The hanyou cried out as he came into her though he was still moving against her as Sesshomaru continued fucking him. The monk greedily slurped up all of the juices that began to ooze out of where Kagome was joined with InuYasha, licking her clit and his cock. When the hanyou started to slide out of Kagome, Miroku pulled him into his mouth to work him back up after the miko moved out of the way. When he had him ready, the monk turned on his hands and knees and presented his backside towards InuYasha. The hanyou didn't think twice about plunging into him.
Kagome's jaw dropped to the floor as she watched Sesshomaru fuck InuYasha who was now fucking Miroku. Not only that, the hanyou had reached around and grabbed the monk's cock which was rapidly hardening again. Feeling left out, she lay back and scooted towards Miroku, though his face landed between her legs and he started digging in with his tongue before she moved down as far as she had intended to. She let him lick at her but it wasn't long before that simply wasn't enough. Gently grasping his face between her hands she pulled his head up. When the Miroku's eyes met hers, he smiled when he realized what she really wanted and allowed her to scoot further down so that she was underneath him. InuYasha had him so hard with his tight grip that he knew he wouldn't last very long once he entered her hot wet heat. He felt her small hand meet the large one wrapped around him to guide him into her. Then she spread her legs wide and just held on for the ride.
There was no description for the feelings of the strength and weight of three men lined up and hammering into her. Miroku came again, spilling into her. When he became limp and started to slide out of her, the others stopped long enough for him to move out of the way and for InuYasha to slip into Kagome. As good as it felt to fuck Miroku, it didn't compare to the body of the woman he was now drilling, ever aware of his brother doing the same to him.
Miroku was not to be left out for long. His cock still coated in the juices from Kagome, he moved behind Sesshomaru. Working his own dick with his hand it didn't take long before he was hard again. “This is a pack bonding ritual, after all,” he said out loud to himself before he bravely eyed the moving target in front of him. He would have sworn that the Daiyoukai actually almost stopped long enough for him to enter him in one quick thrust before picking up speed again.
The monk was on his knees behind Sesshomaru who finally came into InuYasha. As he emptied into him, he allowed his body to flow with the motion of the hanyou in front of him and the human behind him. He felt the man behind him shudder as he stopped when he erupted and then pulled back. His own cock having finally gone limp, he too pulled away leaving just InuYasha fucking Kagome.
The two men watched the hanyou and miko for only a few minutes before they turned to each other. Miroku tentatively reached out with this hand to wrap it around the Daiyoukai's cock and was surprised when Sesshomaru returned the gesture. They turned their heads to watch InuYasha bring Kagome to another orgasm as they worked each other up. Clear that InuYasha wasn't done yet, Miroku turned loose of Sesshomaru in order to get behind InuYasha. He quickly found his mark and slid in, and then felt the Daiyoukai's large erection work its way up into him. Miroku had to admit he'd never felt anything like bouncing in-between the two men as they worked in sync to bring each other to climax once again.
InuYasha finally exploded into Kagome. He remained intimately joined with her and leaned down to capture her lips while Miroku pounded into him from behind. He rested his weight on his forearms to keep from squashing the woman below him. It wasn't long before he felt the monk come to a stop as he erupted once again. Miroku had been holding him at the hip, but wrapped his arms around his torso to collapse against his back. Finally, he felt something warm fill him and the motion against his back stopped as well. There was a collective sigh in contentment as the three men collapsed into a heap around Kagome.
The miko rubbed her hands lovingly over the hanyou lying over her. She opened her eyes and rolled her head to her right to see Miroku lying flat on his back, apparently worn out. When she looked to her left, she was surprised at what she saw. “You haven't had enough yet, Brother-in-law? You're still hard?”
InuYasha turned his head enough to see that she was right. “It's just as well. He still needs to complete the ritual with you in the human position. He took you as an Inu would before. He needs to do it where he can see your face.” The hanyou scooted backwards and started running his tongue up her sopping slit.
“I can do that, Little Brother,” Sesshomaru said as he moved alongside him.
InuYasha nodded and relinquished his place between her legs. Kagome was reminded of how she woke up that morning as she looked down to see the white hair bobbing up and down as he ate her out.
The hanyou moved up and pulled a breast into her mouth, and she felt a warm wet tongue on her other as Miroku joined them. She raised her feet to place them on the Daiyoukai's shoulders as his tongue continued to slide up between her hot folds before diving inside of her. She felt his tongue thrust up deeply into her and then his mouth cover her. She didn't know how he managed to do it, but he was stroking her inner walls with his tongue while he sucked at her pearl. Her body started to jerk against him as she came, though he kept his grip around her thighs and held her to his face, continuing his wonderful torture. When she thought she was going to die from the pleasure she was experiencing, he released her and then moved up her body, forcing InuYasha and Miroku to move out of his way.
Miroku, exhausted from his efforts, realized he was only human and really did need a break. He fell over on his back and sighed happily, though his hand did manage to find its way back to Kagome's breast. He played with it, rolling it under his fingers as Sesshomaru started to pound into her.
The Inuyoukai was astonished at how easily fucking her in this position came to him. While all of his instincts wanted her on her hands and knees, there was some satisfaction in seeing the expressions run across her face as he hit deep within her. He wasn't surprised when he felt his brother behind him, preparing to slide in. He didn't even have to slow his motion as the hanyou hit the target and seated himself inside of him. Together, they pounded hard and fast to achieve at least one more climax.
Sesshomaru was surprised when he gave in and released his seed into the miko before his brother was finished. He continued to move against her in rhythm with the hanyou, content to remain inside of her as she played with his hair and ears and waited for InuYasha to release. Once InuYasha realized his brother had come, he started to move even faster and harder until he threw his head back and with a silent howl exploded into his brother. He then buckled on top of Sesshomaru, pushing the unsuspecting youkai down against Kagome.
Kagome just grinned looking at the sated heap of males lying on her and by her. When InuYasha pulled out of Sesshomaru and allowed him to do the same out of the miko, she couldn't help but to quip, “So, who's going to help clean up this mess?”
Miroku was snoring softly, his hand having fallen limp and away from the miko's breast.
“I'd say the monk's done in, so he's going to be no help,” InuYasha stated with a grin as he moved back between her legs.
“I am willing to assist,” the Daiyoukai offered. “Make room.”
Kagome spread her legs further apart and was soon rewarded with the feeling of two tongues running over her. She gasped when she felt them both dig into her at the same time and then one force its way further in while the other pulled out and went after her nub.
“Oh, gods, don't stop,” she cried softly as they continued to work together to pleasure her. It wasn't long before her body started to thrum in response and her juices poured into their waiting mouths. Exhausted but completely sated, she relaxed and went limp.
InuYasha worked his way up alongside her. “Are you okay, Kagome?”
“More than okay. I'm just trying to figure out if there's anything we missed.” She couldn't help but to reach down and lovingly squeeze InuYasha's cock.
“There is at least one more we haven't covered yet,” Sesshomaru stated.
“Yeah, I wondered when you'd get to that,” the hanyou responded. “So, Kagome, how would you feel about all three of us at once?”
Kagome looked confused. “Didn't we do that?”
“Not exactly,” InuYasha said. “If we're going to do it, now is probably the time while you're so loosened up.”
“You mean… You'll be careful and not tear anything, won't you?” she asked with hesitation.
The hanyou reached over and gently shook Miroku. “Wake up, we need you one more time, monk.”
Miroku yawned and stretched. “What's up?”
“You're about to be, again,” InuYasha chuckled. “It's time to join us for the bonding in trust ritual.”
Now Miroku looked perplexed. “But I do trust you, and I thought that you trusted me.”
“I do, which is why we're doing this. Come here, next to me,” the hanyou told him.
The monk did as asked and moved by InuYasha, who was now standing. Kagome joined them and wrapped her small hands around them and begin to pull, making them hard again.
“Sesshomaru, for the first one, I think it'll work best if Miroku and I go in together, and then you from behind up her ass. Besides, you haven't taken her that way yet so you can kill two birds with one stone,” the hanyou suggested.
“You mean we are going to…” Miroku's voice trailed away in amazement.
InuYasha responded, “We're all three going to fuck her together, and we have to be careful because she is only human. She's really opened up right now, though, so it's a good time to complete this part of the ritual. Sesshomaru, will you help us get started?”
The Inuyoukai nodded and stood. Kagome turned loose of the erections she had worked up as her feet left the floor. Miroku and InuYasha were facing each other with their cocks together. Miroku and InuYasha were each supporting a leg with one hand and her back with the other as they carefully lowered her until they were both fully inside of her hot wet slit that had been fully opened. Her worry went away and she closed her eyes and marveled at how it felt to have two velvety heads sliding against her channel as they worked their way in together. She then felt Sesshomaru carefully pressing into her from behind. Kagome realized that they each had to trust the other to not get carried away or try to get ahead. If they didn't work together, they could really injure her, and the two that were pressed against each other inside of her body could hurt each other. She gasped out loud as Sesshomaru completely seated his cock. The miko couldn't believe how fully stuffed she felt at that moment. She had to admit that it felt really, really, good.
InuYasha broke the silence once they were in position. “My suggestion is don't hold back. Shoot your loads as quickly as you can so we have less chance of accidentally hurting her in the process. Agreed?”
“I don't think I'm going to last long, anyway,” Miroku stated. “I'm having a hard time not losing it already being lodged between her hot body and your hard dick.”
“Agreed.” Sesshomaru grasped her at her sides and begin to help her move up and down.
The three males established a rhythm together, moving in and out at the same time. Kagome could do little more than close her eyes and revel in the sensation of being fucked by three men at once - three who were all working together to pleasure her. As her juices flowed freely they picked up speed, still moving together until they made her orgasm again. Further stimulated by her inner muscles contracting, one after the other they released inside of her.
Kagome fell back against the strong hard chest of Sesshomaru while she waited for them to go flaccid. One by one they pulled out of her and then helped to lower her gently back to the futon.
“Are you okay, Kagome?” InuYasha asked. “We didn't hurt you did we?”
“I was careful, but I swear I have never felt anything like that,” Miroku said, falling back again. “I have to admit the feeling of releasing our loads together was incredible. I could actually feel InuYasha's cock throbbing next to mine. I hope it was as good for you, Kagome, though I have to admit I'm very tired at the moment.”
Kagome smiled and lay back again. “I'm just worn out. Like Miroku, you have to remember I'm only human,” she answered. “I need to rest before we do that again.”
“Again?” Miroku asked.
“If I'm guessing right, twice more,” Kagome said.
“You are correct,” Sesshomaru replied as he kneeled between her legs and began to clean her up.
The miko moaned at the sweep of his tongue over her swollen clit. “Keep that up and we may not have to wait too much longer.”
InuYasha leaned over to capture her mouth and thoroughly kissed her. When he broke away to allow her to breathe, she whispered, “Do you have any idea how much I love you?”
He kissed her again. “I love you, too. You have a big heart, Kagome. It's why I knew you could handle this, though I admit my brother showing up was a surprise.”
“I am glad I thought it was you the first time, though. I don't know how I would have reacted otherwise. I can't believe I told Sesshomaru to fuck me without realizing it wasn't you. There's no one else I'll be expected to bond with, is there?” she asked hesitantly.
InuYasha shook his head as he watched his brother continue what he was doing.
They were interrupted as Miroku mused, “Oh, I get it - twice more because there are three of us. We use all three combinations for the trust bonding, correct?”
“Correct,” Sesshomaru answered, looking up from between the miko's legs.
“Sesshomaru,” InuYasha sounded serious, getting his attention. “You know you can't let the humans know about this. They wouldn't understand a youkai ritual. Just as I explained to the monk last night, it's our secret.”
“I'm glad our hut is so far from the village, or it probably wouldn't be,” Kagome said with a moan. “Sesshomaru, are you enjoying yourself down there?”
The Daiyoukai had gone back to digging into her with his tongue.
InuYasha snorted. “I think he's practicing. He had no idea how responsive humans can be or how good they can taste, though he does have an idea of how loyal human females can be.”
The miko began to writhe again. “Is that why you're letting him continue,” she gasped.
The hanyou smirked as she bucked off of the bedding again. “I'm pretty certain he has plans for Rin when she's a little older, but he had to see for himself if he could successfully pleasure and fuck a human. I'd say he's succeeded.”
Overwhelmed with feelings of lust and not thinking about what that might mean for the “pack” later on, Kagome answered, “He's doing a good job. It's time to fuck me again.”
She found her body rising into the air as she was once again lowered onto the three waiting rock hard erections. This time, InuYasha and Sesshomaru went in together with Miroku from behind. Later, they would repeat the process at least once more with the finishing combination of Miroku and Sesshomaru in front and InuYasha in the rear. Finally, all of them exhausted from their efforts and unable to perform any more, they piled together on the futon and fell asleep. The three males surrounded Kagome, though it was InuYasha's side that she was safely tucked into.
Over the next three days they sealed their bonds, growing closer with every coupling. On the morning of the fourth, Sesshomaru was gone and Miroku had returned to his hut as well. Kagome woke to the smell of meat roasting over the fire. She cracked open her eyes to see her hanyou stoking the fire. His chest was bare, but he had pulled on his hakama which were slung low over his hips.
“Are we alone at last?” she asked as she appraisingly looked over her husband.
Setting down the rod he was using as a poker, he came and kneeled down beside her, giving her a kiss. “Sesshomaru left sometime during the night and Miroku decided he was ready to start living again and returned to his hut this morning.”
“You should have wakened me,” Kagome said softly.
The hanyou shook his head. “You've been incredible the last few days, and you must be exhausted. You didn't have to do all of that for me.”
She smiled. “It wasn't just for you. Miroku was willing himself to die and we couldn't allow that to happen. Your brother was just an unexpected bonus.” She lay back and closed her eyes again. “I still can't believe I did all of that with the three of you. Does this mean we're completely bonded as a pack and trust each other now?”
“In ways you can never imagine,” InuYasha answered.
“So does this mean if Kouga ever shows back up-”
The hanyou cut her off and bellowed, “Oh, HELL no!”

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