InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ It's my Life ❯ Here we go. ( Chapter 22 )

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Sesshomaru sighed to himself, this was already not going well. He had hoped to introduce Inuyasha to the members of their party that the hanyou did not know. However Inuyasha had closed himself off tightly, and was harshly rebuffing any attempts to speak to him. Not even Daigon, nor Atrius or even Retsu had gotten anything but venom from Inuyasha.

Sesshomaru could tell that Inuyasha’s behavior was throwing everyone off, he had not even looked at the people behind him. It wasn’t just rude…these were people responsible for their safety, men who had sworn an oath to give their lives to protect them if need be.

You just didn’t ignore something like that.

Hopefully when the stopped for a meal, or to bed down for the night he would be able to drag some civilized behavior out of his little brother. Not to mention he did have things he needed to explain to Inuyasha and he also wanted to form a bit of a plan with the boy.

Inuyasha didn’t know a thing about the situation they would be in, and Sesshomaru knew that that bastard Enyon, Lord of the East, would jump all over that in a heartbeat. Thus Sesshomaru wanted to help avoid such a thing. After all Inuyasha’s temper and mouth would be two of the biggest problems that they could face, one ill placed nasty comment, or all out rant and everything would be lost. Sesshomaru knew Inuyasha could control himself, but the hanyou only seemed to do it when HE wanted to, and he only seemed to do that when he both understood and accepted the seriousness of the situation.

And considering Inuyasha’s rather stark “Fuck you all” attitude at the moment….well the issue didn’t even need to be stated.

Sesshomaru had been thinking on it ever since they had left, perhaps a series of subtle signals would be adequate, give him a way to warn, advice and most importantly, silence the hanyou. But none of that would work if Inuyasha didn’t agree to and have knowledge of what those signs were.

Looking over to Inuyasha Sesshomaru wasn’t surprised to see him with his arms still crossed and a sour look still on his face. How long could this last?

“This is driving me nuts! Do something! Touch his mark! Just say you were scratching your neck or something!” Sess-youkai complained.

Oh yes…because that would elicit such a delightful response from Inuyasha. He was already upset with Sesshomaru, add on a reminder that they were slightly joined and Sesshomaru’s head faintly throbbed from the possible grief Inuyasha would heap upon him.

Surprisingly it was Inuyasha who broke his self imposed silence, unfortunately it was in classic pissy Inuyasha style.

“So how fucking long is it going to take to get to this god damn place?”

Sesshomaru heard something of a collective scoff behind him, two or three perhaps.

“A two day walk normally.” Sesshomaru answered,. He was going to have to address this soon, the problem was that he had no idea what to say or do that would calm Inuyasha, or at the very least not make it worse.

“Great….why the hell is it that far away?” Inuyasha grumbled.

“It is at the edge of all four lands, it is built so that each wing sits on the respective Lord’s lands. It is built that way so that it is truly totally neutral. It was not always like this..” Sesshomaru answered, and he could only pray that Inuyasha found that bit of information interesting, that he would ask questions. Because he had found that an inquisitive Inuyasha had a hard time being nasty.

“So…how was it before? You obviously want me to ask.” Inuyasha sneered. Sesshomaru nearly winced, he had not thought he had been to overt, so either Inuyasha was getting better at reading him, which was not exactly a bad thing, or he was indeed slipping.

“At one time each nation had its own….meeting place, shall we say, which made it difficult to meet at all. For the most part the least -injured- land was supposed to host, the idea being that they would be neutral, or at the very least much less hostile. Or in case of a situation like this, the Lords were supposed to vote on where to go. Which never worked of course, four Lords, each of how did not want to leave their lands, each with one vote apiece. Not hard to see that nearly every single time the vote was deadlocked.” Sesshomaru replied.

“That…doesn’t tell me anything about this new place Sesshomaru.” Inuyasha snapped. Sesshomaru resisted the urge to snap back but really…was being polite doing anything for him?

“It does, but your being impatient and refusing to analyze the information your being given.” Sesshomaru fired back, though he kept his tone even. Inuyasha tossed his head back and snorted, and Sesshomaru couldn’t help but mentally give himself a point, he had been right after all. Seems Inuyasha didn’t like being called on his -shit- either.

“Now, as I was saying.” Sesshomaru continued. “After generation after generation of this problem it was proposed to appoint a fifth vote. A so called unbiased person who would step up in the event of a tie. On paper it sounded like a very good idea. One that would be fair and effective. However things rarely work the way they do in theory.”

Inuyasha made a curious noise, which gave Sesshomaru hope and asked.

“So what was the problem? Sounds like it would work to me.”

“I thought as much myself actually.” Sesshomaru admitted, granted he had been very young. “But the problem came when trying to finds someone incorruptible who actually has no loyalty to any land whatsoever. After all…they must have been born in one of the four. Not to mention that everyone, especially those who have nothing, have a price. How do you keep this persons loyalty form being purchased? And even if they are not, how do you keep one of the Lords from accusing a bias against them if the vote does not go their way?” Sesshomaru asked.

Inuyasha scoffed.

“Not everyone can be bought.”

Sesshomaru gave Inuyasha a flat look.

“Oh yes little brother, they can. Call it what you will but….you could, and were.” Inuyasha glared at him angrily, but before he could open his mouth Sesshomaru forged ahead. “Your human wench bought your obedience. Pain and humiliation where her tools, from that came your price. In a sense it was the lack of something that she would give, she gave it and you obeyed. It’s a broad use of the term yes, but you’ll find it not completely incorrect.”

Inuyasha looked a bit confused and….stricken.

“I didn’t….” Inuyasha muttered.
Testing the waters a little bit Sesshomaru reached out and gently rubbed at the back of Inuyasha’s neck. It was only allowed for a few brief seconds before Inuyasha swatted it away. Still…Sesshomaru counted it as progress, baby steps after all…and he did still have his hand.

‘It is not my intention to mock you Inuyasha, merely explain. It might be a cold comfort but I doubt there are many who would not have done what you did in the same situation.” Sesshomaru whispered gently. Not totally true, he would have just killed the bitch himself, but…he could understand Inuyasha’s choices, even if he didn’t agree.

Inuyasha closed his eyes for a moment and seemed to shrug it off.

“So why would these Lords do such a thing? I mean aren’t they supposed to be honorable or something?”

Sesshomaru chuckled then, earning a confused look from Inuyasha.

“Oh little brother…heh….now your are just being naïve.” Sesshomaru stated good naturedly.

“What do you mean?”

“Its simple really. This person’s say could cost you so much. Wealth for your nation, land you were attempting to acquire, or under the right circumstances….your very life. Of course you would want this person’s loyalty, their vote to swing your way. Doing anything else would make you a poor ruler, for there are times when one must be rather….practical.” Sesshomaru explained.

“That just sounds dirty…” Inuyasha replied.

“Politics often are, but that is just how the game is played.” Sesshomaru said, not even bothering to hide his disgust, oh how he loathed the -game-.

“I take it there where problems with this idea then?” Inuyasha muttered.

“Almost immediately.” Sesshomaru answered. “Even simple things became massive ordeals. Like housing.”

“Housing? What is so hard about that? Your telling me the four mighty nations can’t even build a friggin house?” Inuyasha scoffed.

Sesshomaru smiled inwardly, indeed it did sound simple didn’t it? But more then that he was pleased Inuyasha wasn’t snapping his head off. Annoyed at something else was better then annoyed at him.

“Construction is easy, but where do you put it?” Sesshomaru posed.

“What do you mean?” Inuyasha wondered.

“Well you can not simply put it in any of the lands themselves, living there could lead to a biased opinion after all.” Sesshomaru answered. The men behind them had grown silent, Sesshomaru himself wondered just how much they knew about all of this. Perhaps he was educating more then just Inuyasha.

“So put it on the border.” Inuyasha said. “Like this stupid place we are headed to.”

“Of course…but as you will see, that is not the a very hospitable area. Food and drinkable water are scarce, and rain is unreliable. It is a natural border just as much as a line drawn on a map.”

“So just send them what they need…you can do that.” Inuyasha growled, sounding a bit exasperated.

“Sounds simple but what land is responsible for them? After all they are basically an island unto themselves.” Sesshomaru countered. “After all lets say….the West is responsible for their survival, then why in the world would they ever vote against the West? Once again a bias is created.”

Inuyasha grumbled under his breath and Sesshomaru could practically hear the wheels turning. That pleased him, he was also curious as to the level of Inuyasha’s problem solving abilities, how would he look at a problem, how would he approach it, and what options could his mind come up with. Of course Sesshomaru knew that violence was Inuyasha’s top response…however in the world he was hoping to bring the hanyou into….that wasn’t always an option.

“So….just….have everyone give him something he needs.” Inuyasha forced out. Sesshomaru nodded.

“Sounds good. Would help to prevent a bias if everyone helped out equally. The problem with that comes when one land denies him what they are supposed to send. They would too, to teach a lesson.”

“What do you mean this time?” Inuyasha huffed.

“Perhaps he sided against you, so you show him who truly has power. Displease me? Perhaps you should ration your water then. It is a extremely sensitive situation, you have to realize Inuyasha….these are four people, each the most powerful person in one of the four nation’s that make up the land. Now your putting a new person in the middle, with newly created powers….and they are in a sense telling these Lords or Ladys what to do.”

“Can they even do that? I mean but even if they did then someone else can just send it right?” Inuyasha suggested.

“Technically no, they can not. Realistically yes they can, and did. And no you can not just send it, doing so would earn you an accusation of attempting to curry favor.” Sesshomaru explained.

“But they aren’t sending it!” Inuyasha protested and Sesshomaru had a feeling the boy was running out of ideas. No bad really….this is about where everyone else got stuck. Plus…for some reason Sesshomaru was enjoying this.

“Yes but don’t think for one moment that they are going to admit the true reason they are not sending it. Excuse will come, and be hard to argue. Supply line troubles, bandit attacks, storages are low. You can’t really argue with them, and all the records come from them, not to mention the indignation you will face. Your telling THEM what is happening in THEIR lands? Needless to say….two mediators starved to death in the winter from such things.” Sesshomaru continued.

“Then…why not just….like make a group, a temple, or something. Raise and train people just for the job. Human’s do things like that all the time.” Inuyasha suggested.

“Again…put it where? And who trains them?”

“Alright then god damn it….what the hell do you do?” Inuyasha grumbled.
Sesshomaru shrugged.

“I have no idea, I was younger then you when this all started. I can tell you what was done however.”

Inuyasha’s hands had dropped down to his side, a good sign perhaps?

“I’m not stopping you…” The hanyou muttered.

“Well then it was decided that the mediator should cycle through the lands, live in one for a balanced amount of time and then move to the next.”


“Did not work. Mortality rate actually rose.”

“They got killed?” Inuyasha exclaimed, sounding a bit surprised.

“Accident’s happened.” Sesshomaru replied, adding extra emphasizes on the word accidents.

“There were…accidents in the West too as this one recalls.” Daigon chimed in.

“Indeed.” Sesshomaru admitted.

A look of disbelief crossed Inuyasha’s face, and in a way that pleased Sesshomaru, that Inuyasha held their lands, and in a sense their father, in a positive light.

“Oh calm yourself Inuyasha. I can assure you that father never gave an order for the two mediators that did die within our lands to be killed.”

“Then what happened?” The hanyou asked.

“One was crushed underfoot in during a rather nasty riot and the other was found drown in a river. Yes foul play was almost certainly involved. But the mediators did hold a lofty position, one that could anger the public.” Sesshomaru answered.

Inuyasha went silent then, and remained so for several minutes before speaking once more.

“Must have been hard to find people for this job.”

“Actually no, it had one of the highest turnouts of any position in any of the lands. Save maybe if the Lord was actively searching for a mate…that kind of announcement draws out people from everywhere.” Sesshomaru replied.

“What? That makes no sense….I mean you make it sound like they were being killed left and right.” Sesshomaru cracked his knuckles lightly and spoke.

‘First I should state that only thirty to thirty five percent actually met their ends, and not all died from anything related to their position. The rest simply resigned.”

“That’s still a lot of dead people Sesshomaru.”

“Indeed, but to answer you question. The position was sought after by so many due to the belief that they would in a sense, be just as powerful, if not more, then any of the Four Lords. As such many saw it as a wonderful opportunity to gain things that they wanted.” Sesshomaru explained. “It was practically an announcement of, who would like power?”

“How so?”

“Do not think these men needed to be bought, more then you might think were rather adamant about selling themselves, they would flat out name their price. A mountain of gold and my vote is yours forever, they would say. Give me the three most beautiful women in the land, perhaps a plot of land and a castle of my own, with servants of course and I could see things your way. And so on and so forth.” Sesshomaru answered.

“Sounds like something people would do.” Inuyasha muttered.

“Mmmhmmm and it is what led to the third mediator death, and the only one Father had a hand in.” Sesshomaru continued.

“Oh…and what did he ask for?”

“Me.” Sesshomaru replied. Inuyasha shot him a confused look.

“What do you mean -you-?”

“I mean what I said. He asked for a year with me in his bed.” Sesshomaru stated.

“Wait, wait….you mean he asked to….you know….screw you?” Sesshomaru nodded.

“Basically. For one full year. Father was right in the middle with a massive struggle with the Eastern Lord, I guess it emboldened the man. I did not find out about it till much later, I was barely your age at the time.”

“That’s just…ugh….so what did the old man do?” Inuyasha asked.

“Punched him so hard he tore his head off…” Sesshomaru replied.


Sesshomaru smiled slightly, it was working! Now all he had to do was keep Inuyasha interested.

“The rest of the one’s who applied were people who generally wished to be of aid, and were the ones who also usually resigned.”

“So how the hell did castle long ass away come into play?” Inuyasha grunted.

“Father suggested it. He had grown weary of all the fuss with the mediator, the one who wished to sully me was really what finally pushed him over. The Northern Lord backed him and it really didn’t take much to convince the other two, not when it would get the outsider out of their business.” Sesshomaru said.

“Wait….so no more middle guy?” Sesshomaru nodded. “But what about all the other problems? This only solves a few.” Inuyasha raved.

“Welcome to politics.” Sesshomaru responded dryly. Inuyasha huffed, crossing his arms once more.

“That was a long ass way to answer a question by the way.” Inuyasha complained.

“I know, but I wanted to give you a taste of what you will be stepping into.” Sesshomaru countered. “It is frustrating to say the least.”

“I don’t like it.”

“Neither do I little brother…neither do I.”

Inuyasha went silent again, all that could be heard were their footsteps, the clinking of Retsu’s cart and the hushed whispers of their men talking amongst themselves. Inuyasha sighed and then un-expectantly spoke.

“Everyone has a prince eh? So what about you big brother?”

Sesshomaru wasn’t sure he liked Inuyasha’s tone, but he answered anyway.

“What is being requested?” That seemed to throw Inuyasha a bit as he grunted.


“What is the person attempting to gain from me? Who are they? What is the situation?”

He wasn’t trying to avoid Inuyasha’s question, he merely wanted to continue to explore Inuyasha’s thinking process, he could learn much about his little brother, and he also wanted to show Inuyasha that many things were factored into a decision.

After several minutes Inuyasha answered.

“Someone fleeing one of the other lands, they want protection.”

“I see…and what are the offering?” Sesshomaru asked, though he had to withhold a chuckle as Inuyasha grumbled under his breath some more before answering.

“Lets say…a….normal sized group of….specially trained soldiers or something.”

“Interesting…is there any evidence that this person is a spy or some other threat to my lands?”


“Does this group being offered take the oath of loyalty without question? And do they seem to view their new station as a positive change?”

“Yes…and yes.” Inuyasha sputtered, and Sesshomaru rubbed at his lips to hide a grin he was unable to hold back.

“Getting a little off balance Inuyasha?” He thought.

Inuyasha seemed to grow impatient and choose to prompt Sesshomaru.

“Well? What do you say?”

Glancing sideways at Inuyasha to gauge his reaction Sesshomaru answered.

“Welcome to the West.”

Inuyasha jumped slightly.

“Your kidding me.”
Sesshomaru shook his head.


“You’d just….sell out to him like that?” The hanyou snapped.

“And what have I done to earn such a reaction Inuyasha? How have I -sold out-? According to you this person means me and mine no harm, is fleeing from someone who means him harm and the gift his genuine. Its simple business, and I might add rather charitable on my part.” Sesshomaru countered. “But you seem a little confused on your terms so lets go a little deeper shall we? The common definition of selling out is compromising one’s principles or beliefs for selfish gain, monetary or otherwise.”

Inuyasha had that look on his face, the one that Sesshomaru was beginning to believe signified that the boy was confused and curious, but wouldn’t admit it outright. Sesshomaru had no problem continuing, even Inuyasha had admitted to his woefully inadequate education, not to mention Sesshomaru had a feeling that to Inuyasha, the idea of selling out was very broad. Or he just didn’t know the term properly.

Though Sesshomaru was more inclined to believe that, to Inuyasha, giving something to anyone was a difficult thing.

“Uh huh.” Inuyasha muttered, clearly not knowing what to say, yet to proud to admit it. “I’m not stupid Sesshomaru.”

“Never said you were. But your life has been a rather simple, basic one. Survival has been your one, and perhaps only, priority. A harsh life yes, but in some ways…an easier one.” Sesshomaru continued, praying to the gods that that didn’t piss Inuyasha off. “Now then, to elaborate further, let us say that rather then protection, this person you have brought to my attention wishes not for protection but for me to sell a number of my people to him to be inducted into slavery. Now if I agree then yes, I had sold out, as you say. I have compromised myself and my position.”

He did have to admit, part of this was a test, he was deliberately using larger words and drawing things out to see how Inuyasha would respond. It was something the hanyou would have to deal with very soon, might as well expose him to it now, find out what needed to be worked on so to speak.

“Whatever you say Sesshomaru.” Inuyasha mumbled, it sounded like he wanted the matter to drop, but Sesshomaru wasn’t about to oblige him, not if it meant Inuyasha going back into sulk mode.

“Very well then, another example. What are one of your principles little brother? Or a belief if you’d rather. You needn’t name them all, if you have many, one will do.” Sesshomaru said.

Inuyasha sighed again, sounding annoyed, but he seemed to think on it for a moment.

“Protect the people I care about I guess.”

Ah…that would do nicely.

“Then lets say…I’ll use your monk, you two seem to be friends. Lets say that one day you receive a letter from him, detailing that the village he is residing in his under siege. The enemy is well armed, well stocked, and quite aggressive. They are safe at the moment, but he fears it will not last and is sure that all their lives will be taken if their defenses fall. In closing he pleads for your strength and your aid.” Sesshomaru orated. “Now at the same time you receive another letter from someone stating that they have discovered a ample vein of cold in a cave near their home and say that if you help them mine and transport it before anyone else can then they shall give you a generous thirty percent. Follow me so far little brother?”

Inuyasha uncrossed his arms, silently working the kinks out of his fingers before answering.

“I’m a little disturbed by how fast you thought up that shit but…yeah.”

Sesshomaru rain his fingers through the fur of his tail, if he had his way Inuyasha’s mind would be brought up to the speed of his own, or as close as they could, once this was all over.

“Very good. Now if you were to accept the gold request instead of the monk’s then yes, you have compromised yourself, sold out, as you would say. You have knowingly abandoned your monk to almost certain death for personal gain.”

Inuyasha snorted.

“I wouldn’t do something like that.” Sesshomaru chuckled at his brother’s stern words.

“Never said you would. But let us continue. Now lets say you receive a different letter from the monk instead of the one I just detailed. In it the monk requests you come to his village, it seems they have a very large crop yield this year and require extra manpower. No danger, just mundane troubles. Now as you finishing reading a messenger bursts into your chambers, his is worn and weary, from the look of him it has been a great struggle just to get to you. He quickly informs you that a flood has decimated his village, many are dead or missing. The elders of the village are willing to give you a trunk of precious stones if you lend them your strength and senses to help locate their missing people. Now….if you chose the messenger’s request over your monks have you compromised yourself?” Sesshomaru asked.

Inuyasha was silent, either unable or unwilling to answer, and Sesshomaru was betting it was unwilling.

“There answer is no, how could you have betrayed him?” Sesshomaru asked. “Yes you may be receiving payment, should you chose it, but you are performing a service, one that might just save lives.”

“You know…I don’t need all of this explained to me, I do know things Sesshomaru.” Inuyasha grumped.

“Really? Then why did you suggest that your earlier scenario would be an example of me, and I’m quoting, though growing weary of the term, selling out.” Sesshomaru teased.

Again Inuyasha was silent. Though on a side note Sesshomaru was rather pleased with the discipline of the rest of the group. Granted that was what was expected of them, but after most of the recent events he had been starting to wonder. Not that he still did not a major crackdown once he had returned to the castle…if he was not entrapped in a war that was.

“So what if he was a threat?” Inuyasha suddenly asked.

“You will have to be a bit clearer Inuyasha.” Sesshomaru replied.

“The guy, what if he was a threat? What do you do then?” Inuyasha shot back.

“Well…how much of a threat? High? Medium? Low? A threat to me personally? To the West? I need more information if I am to make a decision.” Sesshomaru countered.

Inuyasha’s black and white thinking was becoming more apparent to Sesshomaru now, he needed to get the hanyou to see the shades of gray in-between.

“I don’t know…lets say low.” Inuyasha said.

“Well then…clearly an interrogation is in order, and perhaps a renegotiation of price.” Sesshomaru answered.

“What does that mean?” Inuyasha asked.

“It means maybe I will let it pass with an even greater gift, depends on what he is threatening, or perhaps it means a cell. He can remain in the West for the agreed upon time, but under lock and key.” Sesshomaru explained. “Now…are the men he gave to me also a threat?”

“I don’t know…” Inuyasha sighed, rubbing at the bridge of his nose. It looked like he had worn the hanyou out…and it had not taken long either. Or perhaps the boy was only taking a breather, collecting his thoughts before continuing.

Inuyasha rubbed his eyes, something he had done several times since they had started out. His eyes were reddish and he blinked several times, probably to focus them. Come to think of it Inuyasha did look tired, not in the body, Inuyasha was plodding forward like always, but the eyes and his breathing gave it away. The boy was taking deep breaths constantly, and Sesshomaru had the feeling his little brother was fighting to keep from yawning.
He doubted Inuyasha would say so if he was tired, but honestly Sesshomaru was more then willing to allow Inuyasha a nap. Maybe then the hanyou wouldn’t be so…cranky.

Sesshomaru chuckled lightly, imagining the rant he would receive if actually told Inuyasha to take a nap. Instead he asked.

“How much sleep did you get last night?” Sesshomaru inquired.

“I didn’t.” Inuyasha replied tersely.

“You didn’t?” Sesshomaru puzzled. Surely Inuyasha did not mean that he had not slept at all….why wouldn’t he rest?

“Muscle cramps and I didn’t feel like it. Its not like it’s the first time I’ve been up all night, and it won’t be the last.”
Cramps? Again? Sesshomaru hoped it had not been like the night in the lake, he didn’t want Inuyasha to suffer though that alone, with no relief at all.

“You are still havin-” Sesshomaru started.

“-Will you please sure the hell up? Gods on high…since when do you talk so fucking much? Just. Be. Quiet.” Inuyasha snapped viciously.
Well that pretty much answered that question.

“Gods he’s rude….” Came the barely hearable whisper from behind them, far to faint to tell who it had come from.

Ill-tempered and ill-mannered, that did sum up the youngest son of Inu-Taisho well but Sesshomaru couldn’t bring himself to be to upset with the boy. He just knew to much of how much Inuyasha was hurting to hold it against him.

Sesshomaru glanced back at Daigon, who shook his head. Damn…if the healer had more information on his condition then t hanyou might settle down a little. It couldn’t just be a growth milestone any longer, it had gone on for to long now. So…what was it?

Sesshomaru was perplexed, and a tad worried. Was Inuyasha’s body truly breaking down? He knew that was what the hanyou suspected, and Sesshomaru could only pray that he was wrong.

Out of the corner of his eye the elder demon caught sight of Inuyasha stumbling slightly. It could have been nothing more then a simple misstep but he felt compelled to…investigate.

Further study showed that Inuyasha’s stride was unusually stiff, the boy wasn’t bending his knee’s much. His back was straight, shoulders back, which Sesshomaru would have thought that Inuyasha was simply holding himself up with dignity, he was of royal blood after all, so why slouch?

But Inuyasha was still wearing that delicious outfit, and in addition to showing that Inuyasha possessed a rather tight, rounded ass, not that Sesshomaru was paying attention to that sort of thing, but it also showed the muscles in his back were also hardly moving.

The most telling thing was Inuyasha’s hands however, they kept curling up into the familiar claw from the night in the lake, and Inuyasha kept slowly forcing them open again. But the speed wasn’t normal, it just showed how much effort it took for Inuyasha to perform the action.

His scent did smell pained, but Sesshomaru had thought it was from everything that had happened before they had set out hours ago. But now he was beginning to suspect that Inuyasha’s body was cramping up on him again and the stubborn brat was trying to hide it. A casual glace at Inuyasha’s face revealed a tightly set jaw and a determined forward stare. Inuyasha was attempting to power through the problem, and that made Sesshomaru angry. The hanyou needed rest and very possibly a set of helping hands, but still would not say anything.

Indeed Sesshomaru had been correct…Inuyasha could be such a child.

Hmm…how could he schedule a break and not have the hanyou catch on as to why, now that was the question.

Sesshomaru was learning and apparently rule number one with Inuyasha was, don’t suggest that he needed anything. Sesshomaru couldn’t help but think that his baby brother would deny the need to breathe if it was presented right. He could see it now, Inuyasha breathe he would say. I don’t need to breathe! Inuyasha would protest loudly, I’ve never breathed a day in my life!
And as ridiculous as that sounded he could actually picture Inuyasha saying it.

Just as they came to a large tree Sesshomaru stopped walking, holding up his hand to halt the men behind him. Inuyasha himself only took a few more steps before he too stopped and turned to stare at Sesshomaru.

“What’s the problem?” Inuyasha grumbled.

“No problem, I just wished to stop, this looked like a good spot.” Sesshomaru replied.

“We just got started!” Inuyasha snapped.

“Maybe so.” Sesshomaru said. “But I am in no hurry, and I think it is time for lunch.”

At the mention of food there were several pleased sounds from their guard and Retsu was already moving, going over a list he probably had written up as he loaded his cart. It was always amusing to see Retsu decide what to prepare. Each and every time the furry eared demon acted like it was the most important decision he would ever make.

“First Kagome and now…this….why do I always get stuck with slow ass lazy people.” Inuyasha muttered under his breath. Sesshomaru rolled his eyes but didn’t say anything, let the hanyou think his stamina was superior to Sesshomaru’s own, he had nothing to prove and an ego boost might put the boy in a better mood…even if it was not true.

Inuyasha re-crossed his arms, an act Sesshomaru could see was not easy, and tapped his foot as he glared at Sesshomaru.

“You might as well get comfortable little brother, this could take a while.” Sesshomaru said.

Honestly…why was Inuyasha so stubborn and self-abusive? He had to know that Sesshomaru knew at least something of what was happening….so why fight what he needed? Or was…that the whole problem…that Sesshomaru knew and was doing something about it?

Flashing back to their earlier conversation Sesshomaru had a sick feeling that maybe one of Inuyasha’s rules was to never submit or accept anything from Sesshomaru regardless the reason.

Switching tactics Sesshomaru decided to ignore Inuyasha for the time being, perhaps if left to his own devices Inuyasha would actually take care of himself, perhaps the boy would temporally let go of this strange need to -prove- things.

As their guard began to settle down in their watch positions Sesshomaru nodded in acknowledgement when he received a good natured salute from Atrius and beckoned for Daigon to follow him as he made his way towards Retsu.

“The Lord Inuyasha looks like he is having trouble with his muscles again.” Daigon whispered. It was times like this that Sesshomaru loved Daigon, not only had he seen the problem, he had already figured out that it would draw the hanyou’s ire if he overheard them discussing it.

“I suspect as much. Recommendations?”

“A through massage.” The healer responded. Sesshomaru shook his head sadly.

“He will never accept it. I was hoping you might have something he could take, something…hidden in his food.” Sesshomaru replied. Dam it…Inuyasha was going to get proper care even if he had to resort to cloak and dagger tactics to see to it.

“You know this one does not-”

“I know.” Sesshomaru butted in firmly, cutting Daigon off. “But Inuyasha is not an adult my friend. No matter how much he looks, acts and thinks he is. He is a child, one that requires sensitive care.”

Daigon hummed, clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth.

“A temper prone child who wont take his medicine then? It does seem to fit….very well, this one will look to see what he has.”

Sesshomaru nodded, and had a moment of pity for Inuyasha. Because despite his firm beliefs Daigon could be, anytime he wanted to be, the sneakiest person in the world. Especially when given permission.

Glancing back at Inuyasha as he stopped in front of Retsu, Sesshomaru saw that the brat was still standing in the same spot defiantly. But he was also glancing at the shady area under the three, so…Sesshomaru had been correct…how…irritating.

“What will it be this afternoon my chef?” Sesshomaru asked. If this was going to work then Retsu and Daigon would have to work together, plus he enjoyed it when Retsu would decide on a dish. It was….different to allow someone else to chose what he ate, he would have never done it with his former chief cook but…..Retsu was different.

Still chewing lightly on his bottom lip Retsu looked up from his list at Sesshomaru.

“Well…if you want it now I have live rabbits. If you wish now and cooked I have rice with strips of deer and bread. However if you are willing to wait an hour or so I have a brand new pot and a urge to prepare stew.” The demon chef said.

“I’m not sitting here all day!” Inuyasha shouted.

Sesshomaru smiled politely at Retsu.

“Stew sounds delightful.”


Fucking Sesshomaru….of course he would pick the shit that took the longest to make. Asshole had done it on purpose.

“And probably just to piss me off.” Inuyasha thought.

Not that it really mattered, he wasn’t eating it anyway, no matter how good it smelled…or made his mouth water.
Fucking stomach…

Why did he have to get hungry now?

The worst part was that he had finally given up and sat down. His body had just been hurting so badly, his muscles turning to stone on him. It hadn’t been so bad when he had been moving, at least then he could work some of them loose, even though that hurt like fuck, but now that he had sat down….

He had hoped it would help, relax a little, but just like the other night his body had locked up completely. He couldn’t even more, much less sit up and hunt. So it looked like he was gong hungry, nothing new really.

He didn’t care, he had promised himself that he wouldn’t, and he wasn’t going to give in.

If only it didn’t smell so fucking…good.

A shadow fell over Inuyasha, his nose told him that it was Sesshomaru, but he couldn’t lift his head. Shit….this was bad…he was so screwed if something happened.

“What do you want Sesshomaru?” Inuyasha groaned.

“I would like to introduce you to the members of our party. However…your scent is pained little brother, is there anything you require?” Sesshomaru asked softly.

“A new body.” Inuyasha thought, before answering out loud. “No…I’m fine.”

It took monumental effort but Inuyasha managed to raise his head up a bit, the muscles in his neck were so stiff….

“We both know you are lying Inuyasha, and being stubborn.” Sesshomaru said as he kneeled in front of Inuyasha. “But might I ask why? What do you hope to accomplish?”

Sesshomaru’s voice was so soft and so warm that it made Inuyasha’ insides flutter. How could the voice that had uttered so many insults, so much belittling, so many -Die Inuyasha!- now sound so sweet and gentle?

“Come on…lets just tell him, maybe he’ll work the kinks out eh? We can’t even stand up for crying out loud.” Inu-youkai said.

“Your making a big deal out of nothing…I’m fine.” Inuyasha stated. Sesshomaru said and looked as if he were about to say more, but instead the older Inu simply stood and said.

“Very well then…I shall start the introductions.”

And with that Sesshomaru walked away.

Shhhhhiiiiitt. That was the last thing Inuyasha wanted, people coming up and pestering him.

What transpired next was practically an all out assault on his sanity, men coming up and introducing themselves, telling him their stations, and then telling him a little bit about themselves. Fortunately they didn’t seem to require him to say much. Unfortunately they also didn’t seem to know that there was not yet a device invent that could measure just how much he DID NOT give a shit about ANYTHING they were saying.

…Such is life….

There were two swordsmen twins, Ko and Po, both ice blonds and so damn pretty and twin like, finishing each other’s sentences, that Inuyasha wanted to claw his eyes out. He was especially disgruntled at his youkai’s slightly disappointment when both stated they were mated and that their wives had recently given birth.

Oh and even more puke worthy was that their wives were ALSO identical twins. Seriously…WHY? What the hell would drive you to do something like that?

Then there was Preve, an archer, senior guardsman and apparently a Falcon demon, who just thrilled Inuyasha with a story of how he had crafted a bran new style of boy and could nail targets at incredible ranges. Blah….

Then Atrius who Inuyasha already knew but just wanted to say hello.

Then came another kitsune, who Inuyasha noted had given Atrius a dirty look, who was both arrogant and sugary sweet in a way that made Inuyasha instantly realize that he was full of shit.

Others came, so boring and annoying that Inuyasha nearly passed out from the strain of it. But he almost made it through, until the last two. Another pair of brothers, though thankfully not twins. Alir and Tren. Apparently each specializing in a different, unconventional weapon. One a ungodly bright blond and the other a fiery red head.

It was about halfway into the introduction that Inuyasha realized that he knew them, and despite his body loosening up a tiny bit, just enough for him to move a little, he was still in pain and beyond annoyed at this point. So he didn’t bother to keep his mouth shut.

“Oh god….not the perverts.”

Sesshomaru thought things were going decently, the proper introductions had been going smoothly and although Inuyasha wasn’t saying much, he was not being overly nasty or standoffish either. Sesshomaru had already semi-explained the situation to each man or pair, stating that Inuyasha had been going through a painful period of change and was not sleeping well.

Sesshomaru had hoped this would ease any tension caused over any snide remarks from the hanyou, or the fact that he was starting to doze off.

Unexpected…but welcome nonetheless.

However out of ALL the cranky Inuyasha remarks that Sesshomaru was prepared for, Inuyasha’s bemoaning Alir and Tren as being perverts totally caught him off guard.

Excuse me? Alir, the blond, exclaimed.

“I…I’m sorry milord? There must be some mistake.” Tren, the elder red head, protested.

Inuyasha stood up, and Sesshomaru could hear his muscles popping and straining, and growled.

“Oh I think not. I haven’t forgotten about you two.”

“Alright…I don’t care what they are, but how does MY intended know about this? What’s this about remembering? What did they do to my Inuyasha?!” Sess-youkai grumbled dangerously.
Good question…did they preposition Inuyasha? That would anger the boy, and be something perverted in his eyes. While technically there was nothing wrong with that, the two were mated and demon couples did sometimes invite singles for a night of spicy fun, the idea of someone else trying to seduce Inuyasha…angered him.

Plus he was a Lord, and soldiers should not be trying to get into their Lord’s pants.

Then again….the two might not have known that at the time.

“Just what is the meaning of this? Explain.” Sesshomaru half growled.

“I don’t know sire.” Tren insisted.

“I’ve never even seen him before today!” Alir replied. Inuyasha crossed his arms.

“No but I saw you. I was minding my own business, just looking for a quiet place to be left alone for a while.”

“And?” Sesshomaru asked.

“They were fucking!” Inuyasha snapped.

The three simply started at Inuyasha. Perhaps trying to defuse the situation Tren chuckled slightly.

‘Ah…humor, very good milord.” The elder demon playfully elbowed his blond brother/mate, who grumbled.

“….Not funny.”

Now in a fair and just world that did not hate Sesshomaru, Inuyasha would have taken the out that he had just been given.

“Its not humor! Its disgusting! Your men! Brothers!” Inuyasha ranted.

Because the world was cruel, heavily stacked and hated Sesshomaru down to his individual cells.

“Inuyasha….” Sesshomaru sighed. This was not happening, not now, not with their honor guard. Interestingly enough Sesshomaru realized that he had been wishing that quite a few things were not happening recently.

“How dare you insult my mating!” Alir shot back.

Great….two temperamental little brothers clashing….joy.

“How dare I? You’re the one committing the perversion of nature!”

Okay…that one did display impressive vocabulary for Inuyasha…but this needed to stop.

“Inuyasha.” Sesshomaru repeated firmly. Tren was similarly trying to rein in Alir.

“Excuse me?!” Alir snapped.

“You heard me! Men can’t mate! The whole point of making and sex is to have pups! And men CAN’T do that!”

Sesshomaru knew good and damn well that most, if not all, of Inuyasha’s resistance about the idea, and his vocalization against it, had to do with what had happened between them on the cliffs. Inuyasha didn’t want to accept that he was slightly joined with Sesshomaru, nor that he had been inside of his elder brother.

Admittedly it was a tender subject with Sesshomaru as well, his ass had been rather sore….

“Mating is about love! And enjoying that love! What would a pup like you know? And I’m not a baby factory for women!” Alir snarled.

“Its still gross! How can you do something like that? Are you defective or something? And out in the open like that! Man keep your twisted acts to yourself!” Inuyasha fired back.

It was kind of sad that this was the most active Inuyasha had been in hours, fighting or arguing…was that the only things Inuyasha would come alive for?

His mate now partially restraining him Alir roared.

“Lord or no you can’t talk to us like that!!”
Truthfully he was correct, honor guard were not the same as normal guard. They volunteered, and took a different oath then the rest, signed with their very blood. One that promised a horrid death should betrayal occur.

Before Inuyasha could speak again Sesshomaru cut him off.

“Enough! Both of you.”

Gods…he just hoped both parties were at fault somehow, otherwise the full brunt was going to land squarely on Inuyasha’s shoulders, something that would not sit well with the hanyou.

“Now…where and when did this occur?” Sesshomaru asked. He could only pray that it occurred somewhere in the castle and while the two mates were on duty, then he could just reprimand everyone involved and be done with it.

“In the forest.”


Sesshomaru looked at Tren, who had literally clamped his hand over a fuming Alir’s mouth. Sesshomaru was grateful to the man, he had tried to defuse the situation, Sesshomaru had to credit him that.

“We were off-duty my Lord and rather deep in the forest…I’m a bit shocked and…embarrassed that he watched us.” Tren said.

“I saw the start…I didn’t stick around. I’mnot a pervert.” Inuyasha snapped.
Alir growled behind Tren’s hand.

“Were you? You swear? Lie to me and I will be most upset. If you admit to it now I will not punish you for that.” Sesshomaru said. Please…he did not want Inuyasha any more upset with him then he already was, please don’t let all of his choices be taken.

But Tren shook his head.

“It is the truth sire. I swear it, not only on my honor, but on my bone with my brother and the oath I swore.”


Those were powerful words, if it was a lie then that would be counted as a betrayal of their oath. And this was such a silly thing to risk your life for.

But god damn it…this was not fair! He wanted pleasant times with his brother, he wanted to hold him and speak to him. He did NOT want to scold him and be hated for it.

Tren removed his hand from Alir’s mouth, who promptly chose to use it.

“I will not have my mate, myself, and our bond insulted like this! I demand a proper apology!”
Sesshomaru sighed and turned to look at Inuyasha straight in the eyes. What were the odds of that happening?

“What? Why are you looking at me like that? You don’t say your sorry for calling a thief a thief do you? So why should I?” Inuyasha growled.

Yes…that was about what he was expecting.

“What is wrong with you?!” Alir responded.

Sesshomaru rubbed at the bridge of his nose and then pointed at al hill a ways away from them.

“Inuyasha…go and wait for me at the top. I need to speak with you in private.”

“Don’t tell-” Inuyasha began before Sesshomaru cut him off sternly.

“Either walk up there under your own power or be carried or dragged by mine.”

Inuyasha glared at him for a moment before he spun around so fast that his long hair smacked Sesshomaru in the chest and stomped away, grumbling curses under his breath the whole way.

Once Inuyasha was out of earshot, for softer voices anyway, Sesshomaru turned to the mated siblings.

“Inuyasha does not know much of demon mating habits, and he has human-centric morals. I also much inform you that much of his anger is not for you, you are simple a target, an outlet.” Sesshomaru said, hoping, praying, that he could absolve this.

“That much is clear.” Tren said. “But my mate is right, it is not right for him to treat us in such a manner.”

Alir was silent, but his eyes were hot and angry. Sesshomaru also had the suspicion that Tren had not put his arms around his little brother, but rather Alir had pulled them where they currently rested. Perhaps this was an old wound that Inuyasha had opened up.
Sesshomaru nodded, not it was not right for Inuyasha to do such a thing, but at least he had done it in ignorance. Plus….well Inuyasha tended to be that way with just about everyone if he was in a mood.

The problem was that Sesshomaru was not sure if he could convince Inuyasha to give a proper apology, and if they boy refused then Sesshomaru would have no choice but to punish him.

Normally if an apology was refused or not accepted the wounded party was allowed a close fist strike, full power, to a spot designated by the one who inflicted the insult. If that too was refused the victim was allowed an open handed strike anywhere they wished. More often then not it resulted in a brutal slap to the face.

But due to Inuyasha’s blood and standing that could never be allowed. Not to mention such a thing would result in a deadly retaliation from the hanyou. No…instead it would fall to Sesshomaru, his Elder and Lord, to deliver the punishment. Something Sesshomaru devoutly wished not to have to do.

Steeling himself Sesshomaru prepared to make one last ditch effort, something he would normally never doe, and it was depressing to think that whether it worked or not, Inuyasha would not appreciate it.

Leaning in Sesshomaru spoke very softly.

“Regardless I will speak to him about this, I will do my best to pound it into his stubborn head but….is there anything I can do to sooth this?” Sesshomaru loathed that he was practically trying to bribe them into letting Inuyasha’s insult pass, but his brother was so volatile already and Sesshomaru was desperate to keep it from becoming worse.

Alir’s eyes actually softened.

“I am sorry milord, I truly am. But how can we do our job if he can not even show us simple respect?” The blond demon asked.

Sesshomaru nodded and turned, making his way towards Inuyasha, looking far more confident and steady then he felt. Sesshomaru hated it, but…Alir was right. An honor guard swore that they would do anything to ensure the safety of their charges, if they had to die to keep the ones they were responsible for then so be it. It was not an easy vow to make, but Sesshomaru had traveled with most of this group before, with the exception of the two kits an, and he knew they deserved every ounce of respect that could be given.

His own respect for a person who would devote themselves to such a position had been cemented when he was only seventy five. Someone had hurled a tai-tai spider sac at him, it was a ball of poison that was perhaps as deadly as what now rested behind his claws, it would have struck him for sure had not one of his honor guard, a man named Tentai, dove in front of him.

Tentai had managed to get his arms up, but the sac burst, splashing its lethal contents all over his neck and face. It had been a horrible way to die, it had eating through his face, his eyes, his skull, before finally killing him when it reached his brain. It had not been quick either, Sesshomaru could still hear the low whimpering of the once proud guard as he twitched upon the ground.

He had not had to do that, Tentai had known full well what its was, it had been he who had shouted the warning. But he had stepped in anyway, knowing that it was almost certain death. But the long time solider, mated to a lovely woman for centuries, father of four, had given his life for Sesshomaru.

Because he had promised to do so if it came to that.

It had stunned Sesshomaru, that someone would do such a thing. Taking an oath was one thing, knowingly giving your life up for another was a different animal entirely.

The man who had thrown the deadly ball had been caught, and a tearful Sesshomaru had requested one thing from hi father. The most painful death that could be devised. Inu-Taisho had agreed, though Sesshomaru never did learn what his Father thought of his request, it just seemed fitting. He also had never learned what the method of death would be, which was probably for the best.

Still…Sesshomaru had never forgotten that moment, and he had taken it upon himself to see to it that Tenti’s family was well taken care of. Yet…Inuyasha had never experienced such a thing, he did not have a sliver of the respect Sesshomaru had, how could he impress upon the hanyou just how much these men deserved?

“About time.” Inuyasha growled as Sesshomaru made his way up to the top of the hill. “Ordering me up there…then taking your sweet time in following. So what the fuck do you want?”

The old anger rose up within Sesshomaru and he found it difficult to resist smashing Inuyasha to the ground. Was the idea of respect so utterly lost on the hanyou?

Swallowing thickly Sesshomaru opted for a more civil approach.

“You owe Alir and his mate an apology. Not only that but you cannot speak to our guard like that. Men mate Inuyasha, whether you like or accept that, it is common and yes siblings also mate, the fact that each of us bear a genuine mark should prove that.”

“Its disgusting.” Inuyasha snorted. Sesshomaru’s youkai cringed, which tore into his gut.

“Its not disgusting” Sess-youkai sobbed. “God….we could please him so much….I don’t understand.”

Sesshomaru closed his eyes for a moment, normally he would lecture Inuyasha, point out how pigheaded and rude he was being. But he had decided that Inuyasha was more child then adult, so perhaps now it was time to test that theory.

“Some would say the same of hanyou” Sesshomaru said. Inuyasha’s eyes widened and he started to growl. “But you know better now don’t you little brother?” Inuyasha’s head jerked back slightly, as if he had been struck, confusion pushing back his anger.

“Well…yeah.” Inuyasha replied.

“Well in this case you do not know better, but I am informing you that you are incorrect.” Sesshomaru said. Inuyasha started to open his mouth but Sesshomaru continued. “But despite that you are better then those men and women who treated you so poorly. Your not going to be like them are you? Spewing insults and vulgarity to people you do not know, who are in situations that you do not understand. That is not you is it?” Sesshomaru kept his tone soft and reasonable as he spoke.

“Of course its not.” Inuyasha stated. Sesshomaru nodded in agreement.

“So then….why not apologize? It is the right thing for a proper person like yourself to do.” Sesshomaru said gently.

“I don’t want to.” Inuyasha said. And if THAT was not a child talking then Sesshomaru didn’t know what was. “It is wrong, you don’t apologize for pointing out wrong things now do you?”

Sesshomaru felt a spike of annoyance, why was Inuyasha always so damn stubborn? Why did he refuse to accept things? You would think that someone who had been rejected as much as Inuyasha had would not be so quick to reject things himself.

“Among human’s it may be taboo, but this is not the case with demons. I know this, the men down there know this, it is fact. Regardless of how much you try to deny it.”

Inuyasha just shook his head.

“Please just apologize little brother, it will cost you nothing.” Sesshomaru informed softly.

“What’s it to you? Why do you care?” Inuyasha snapped.

“I say again, it is the right thing to do, I would insist the same if someone insulted you.”

Inuyasha crossed his arms, steadying his stare. Perhaps Inuyasha was attempting to look confident and determined, but to Sesshomaru he just looked like a stubborn brat digging in his heels, refusing just for the sake of refusing.

“You realize Inuyasha, because you are intelligent, that if you do not apologize then I will have no choice but to punish you.” Sesshomaru said softly, trying his best to make it sound like a gentle brotherly warning, which it was, rather then a threat. He would have rather not mentioned it at all, but he needed Inuyasha to know.

Inuyasha’s eyes narrowed, and he curled his lip, showing a bit of fang.

“If you fucking touch me, then you lose that arm too.”
Sesshomaru chuckled slightly, he didn’t mean to, but lately it just seemed like Inuyasha only have three settings. Confused. Pissed. Threatening.

“Well since you are being such a child about this, perhaps I should simply…tan your bottom.” Sesshomaru mused.

Inuyasha choked, looking visibly surprised and apprehensive.

Opps…he had not meant to actually say that out loud, but now that he had…it did not sound bad. If it was one thing a child hated it was to be labeled as such, and most would go to great lengths to prove they were not.

“Are you…are you threatening to…to…spank me??” Inuyasha exclaimed, sounding like he couldn’t’ believe he was even saying it.

Sesshomaru shrugged.

“Why not? Seems a fitting punishment to me, and you can not accuse me of abuse either, for other then some temporary soreness you will be unharmed.” Sesshomaru stated.

It was true, plus…it would not be unpleasant for him to deliver. Inuyasha’s pert bottom under his hand. Oh the agony.

Sesshomaru resisted the urge to grin wolfishly, which was damn hard.

“And then we can offer to rub it better!” Sess-youkai suggested.
This was also true, though it was not helping him keep a straight face.

“Fuck you! Don’t even think about it! Nothappening!” Inuyasha declared, and actually covered his butt with both hands for a moment.
Sobering slightly Sesshomaru fixed his gaze directly into Inuyasha’s own.

“Then tell me little brother, what would be acceptable to you?”

Inuyasha blinked.


“Name your punishment. What do you find acceptable.”

That would work, Inuyasha could not complain if he helped come up with the idea. Not to mention it was rather reasonable on Sesshomaru’s part.

Inuyasha scowled.

“How about you leave me alone! And don’t touch me!”

“Hardly a punishment Inuyasha.”

“Go fuck yourself!”

Sesshomaru sighed.

“Allow me to explain Inuyasha, I do not want to seem as if I am threatening you. If you do not apologize and receive no punishment for your actions then both Alir and Tren are well within their rights to demand a relief of duty.”


“Meaning they would leave our party and return to the castle.” Sesshomaru explained.

“So what? How is that a bad thing?” Inuyasha countered.

“Well…for starters we would have to escort them home. And then replace them.”

“What?! Why?!” Inuyasha squawked.

“It is the law. And not my law either, this had stood for centuries. We will lose all of the progress we have made today. It is nearly noon now brother, by the time we travel back, regain two party members and attempt to set out again it will be night and we might as well remain in the castle. We will lose a day and it will not be my fault.” Sesshomaru explained.

“That’s bullshit! I’m NOT walking back.” Inuyasha growled.

“Whether you join use or not we will have to do it. I cannot break the law just to appease you.” Not…totally true, but Inuyasha didn’t need to know that.

Inuyasha grumbled under his breath and tossed his head back, flipping his hair before spinning around, giving Sesshomaru his back.

“All he needs to do now is stomp his feet to complete the temper tantrum image.” Sesshomaru thought before continuing out loud. “But all of that can be avoided little brother.”

“Oh yeah?” Inuyasha asked, barely even turning his head.

“Apologize.” Sesshomaru answered. Inuyasha only growled.

Bullheaded brat…

“You hold the power here, you decided what happens. You can chose to apologize, accept punishment, or have us start all over. It is all up to you.” Sesshomaru explained. Hopefully that would appeal to Inuyasha, the idea that he had control. Though again it was not entirely true.

Inuyasha sighed, shaking his head slightly.


Sesshomaru nodded, trying not to look eager as he held his hand out.

“Then after you, if you are ready, or do you have anything that you would like to discuss?” Sesshomaru asked carefully.

Inuyasha shook his head and Sesshomaru felt a surge of relief. Which was good because he wasn’t sure how much stress he could handle without some sort of outlet.

Plus it was good to see that Inuyasha could be reasonable…even if you had to lead him down the logic to get him to do it.


Inuyasha grumbled to himself as he made his way back down the hill. This was so stupid, why did everything have to be such a hassle? They never should have stopped in the first place! And had he asked Sesshomaru to bring this people up to him? No he most certainly had not. Why couldn’t people leave him alone? Couldn’t they tell he was hurting and didn’t feel well and was freaked out and having weird mental breakdowns.

Did he mention he was fucking hurting? And the heart tug was driving him absolutely fucking ballistic.

He just wanted some peace, he felt like he had been wound so tight that he could blow out any second.

And it scared him.

Before he knew it he was back in front of the two perverted brothers again. The blond one, Alir, looked at him somewhat expectantly, which kinda pissed him off. It wasn’t like it was his fault they did what they did.

“How many times are you going to get like this? What’s wrong with it? We lost our virginity to our brother after all.” Inu-youkai pointed out.

“Your doing. NOT mine.” Inuyasha thought.

For several moments Inuyasha just started back at Alir, trying to think of how he wanted to handle this when he suddenly felt Sesshomaru’s hand on the small of his back. That really made him angry. What…was the bastard prodding him now?! Why did Sesshomaru have to be so pushy?

“Why do you get so upset every time he touches us?” Inu-youkai asked.

Inuyasha wasn’t even listening, he had already thrown the gears into reverse.

Why was he even doing this? He wasn’t sorry, he didn’t want to apologize. Hell he didn’t have anything to apologize for! So why was he doing it?

Because Sesshomaru was making him.

Sure Sesshomaru had prettied it up, but it boiled down to him doing something Sesshomaru wanted him to do. All that talk about morals and principles and rules reminded Inuyasha of another one of his own.

Sesshomaru is an asshole, never obey him.

It was a rule fairly close to the top of his list.

“No! your going to get us punished! I don’t want to be punished! And I damn sure don’t want my ass swatted!” Inu-youkai protested.

“I’d like to see him try.” Inuyasha thought.

But that sealed it, his decision of what to do, a part of him suggesting he obey Sesshomaru.


“Alir is it?” Inuyasha asked slowly. The blond nodded. “I do have something to say…” he trailed off, he wanted to work this just right. Inuyasha took a deep breath. “I am very sorry….that you two are perverts.”

Sesshomaru let out a funny groan behind him, but best of all was the look on Alir’s face.


“What is wrong with you?!?” The blond demon roared.

Hadn’t he already asked Inuyasha that?

“What?” Inuyasha grunted, throwing his arms up. “I am sorry! I wish you weren’t sick like that. I would have totally stopped them if I had been there when it all started.”

“Now you are just mocking us…” Tren said. “And I do not know why, we have done nothing to you.”

Inuyasha would have said something, like how they had almost broke his friggin brain, but the two suddenly backed up, glancing at Sesshomaru as they did, had the older Inu given them a signal or something?

Inuyasha turned as Sesshomaru said his name.

“I told you. I would punish you if you did not apologize little brother.” Sesshomaru stated. Inuyasha locked eyes with Sesshomaru, he didn’t have to say anything, and he wasn’t backing down.

“Oh shit…he looks really serious…now look what you’ve done!” Inu-youkai whined.

“Didn’t you get pissed last time he did this?” Inuyasha thought. Damn thing was crazy….

“I didn’t know what was going on then!”

Inuyasha was so distracted by his by his youkai that he never noticed Sesshomaru’s tail curling around his legs and before he could do anything about it his hands were restrained behind his back as well.

“Hey!” Inuyasha roared. “I swear….Sesshomaru if you even think-”

“-I think many things little brother.” Sesshomaru interrupted. “Many of those thoughts center on you. Not that I think you care what I think.”

“Well at least you know that.” Inuyasha snarled.

Crap…what was Sesshomaru going to do? He wouldn’t really…spank him would he?

Sesshomaru tilted his head to the side as if thinking, then jerked back up suddenly.

“Ah yes…hmmm….please correct me if I am wrong. You think ill of these two men because they touch each other in sexually rather then just brotherly.”

“Yeah.” Inuyasha growled.

“So you find it to be a perversion that they become aroused and enjoy this touch from one another. I suppose you believe that they should be unaffected or disgusted by such a touch.”

“Yes…” Inuyasha was getting nervous, where was Sesshomaru going with this?

“So…by your own reasoning if you were to be aroused and gain pleasure from the touch of your sibling then that would make you the same as them.”

“Sesshomaru…” Inuyasha growled warningly.

Suddenly Sesshomaru entire demeanor changed, his eyes turned warm, liquid, a little eager grin appeared on hi face. Even his walk was different as he approached, his shoulders rolled back, there was a slight bounce in his step, hell even his hips were popping back and forth.

Sesshomaru moved in closer, and Inuyasha didn’t like it, especially not when he felt Sesshomaru’s hot breath on his neck. Inuyasha squirmed but he could not get away.

“Nonono!” Inuyasha protested, panicking slightly.

Sesshomaru paid zero attention to his efforts, choosing instead to lay a hot, wet kissing on Inuyasha’s flesh. It sent a warm tingle though him and he tightened his jaw.
Inuyasha fought to keep his breathing even as Sesshomaru continued to press his lips into the side of Inuyasha’s neck.

Then the tongue came into play. The evil…evil tongue.

Snaking across his sensitive flesh, making it slick and shiny.

Inuyasha’s chest began to heave.

“Sesshomaru…s-stop.” He gasped.

“Noooooo…don’t’ stop…please don’t stop.” Inu-youkai countered, thankfully only in Inuyasha’s head.

Inuyasha’s body began to quiver, disobeying him, as Sesshomaru combined his lips with his evil tongue, laying open mouth kisses on Inuyasha’s now wet neck. The younger Inu could feel heat pooling up in his groin, and he tried to will it away, but then Sesshomaru’s hand found his nipple, the older demon’s thumb brushing across it.

It was then the clothing that Inuyasha had actually begun to enjoy, it was just so easy to move, became his worst enemy. It was soft and it clung to him, giving Sesshomaru’s thumb a silky smooth feeling as it teased him.

Inuyasha’s jaw began to ache from biting down so hard, but an unwelcome reprieve was given when Sesshomaru firmly pinched his poor nipple, forcing a gasp past his lips and a hot shiver up his spine.

“Damn it Sesshomaru! Stop!” Inuyasha demanded.

“No don’t stop! More! We need so much more!” Inu-youkai chimed in.

Inuyasha tried to wiggle away, not each when he was also trying to hide the fact that his cock was rapidly become hard and thick.

Then the fucking bastard bit him. Not a hard bite, no no no…a sex bite.

The moment Sesshomaru’s teeth sunk gently into his flesh part of Inuyasha’s control gave way.

“Ah…yes….NO! No! Bad Sesshomaru! Get off of me! Let go!”

But Sesshomaru did none o those things, instead he thoroughly attacked Inuyasha’s neck and even his shoulder area. Each time those teeth pressed into him, Inuyasha found himself enjoying it more and more. Every time Sesshomaru’s teeth would press in, Inuyasha’s hips would press out, thrusting into the demon Lord’s stomach.

Finally Sesshomaru broke away, and Inuyasha had a whole two seconds of relief before he realized Sesshomaru was moving to the other side!

Inuyasha planted his cheek firmly against his shoulder as he tilted his head to the side, trying to block Sesshomaru.

“No! No! Stop it!” Inuyasha demanded, though his voice did not have near the force he wanted it to.

Undeterred Sesshomaru brought his hand up, his fingers sliding through Inuyasha’s hair. With one firm tug that tore a pleasant gasp from Inuyasha, one that felt WAY to fucking good, his neck was exposed.

And Sesshomaru attacked. Not just licking and biting, but sucking on Inuyasha’s flesh as well. Teasing it, bruising it, hurting it, before loving it once more.

“Stop it! Your going to leave a maaaaaark.” Inuyasha moaned as the heel of Sesshomaru’s hand pressed into his arousal, which was now so hard and aching. “Ahhh…fuck….” Inuyasha whispered once Sesshomaru began to rock his palm up and down Inuyasha’s shaft. “Yeees…ah no!”

Sesshomaru left Inuyasha’s neck and the next thing the poor hanyou knew that evil tongue was lapping at the cloth that covered his right nipple. Cloth or no cloth Inuyasha could still feel the heat and moisture. The very tip of Sesshomaru’s tongue traced around it and when he bit down upon it drew out a loud moan from Inuyasha in addition to bowing his back.

“Mmmm…little brother likes that.” Sesshomaru purred before pressing in harder against Inuyasha’s cock. “Oooh…it makes you so hard to have big brother touch you like this.”

“Sessho…maru…..god…..yes̷ 0;ahh…..” Inuyasha panted.

And then he was free, Sesshomaru turning and walking away.

It was so sudden Inuyasha’s knee’s gave out and he plopped down on his ass. Hard.

“Hey! HEY! What the hell!? Where is he going?! He can’t just leave!! GOD DAMN IT!!!” Inu-youkai ranted.

For some reason Inuyasha turned his head to the side. The first thing he saw was an amused looking Tren, and a smug looking Alir with a huge grin on his face.

“Well…I guess if we are in the company of such an esteemed bloodline, its not so bad.” Alir chuckled.

It was then it hit Inuyasha….

Everyone had been watching!!

Leaping up onto this feet embarrassment filled Inuyasha.

“God damn it Sesshomaru! What the fuck was that?!” He roared. As Sesshomaru approached Daigon, and without even turning around, answered.

“Your punishment.”

That was….it didn’t….the hell?!

“Wow…if they are all like that we might have to change, hung like a horse, to hung like an Inu.” Ko giggled as he whistled.

“Impressive indeed.” Po chuckled.

“Close your mouth Atrius, your starting to drool.” Preve said.

“What?!?! I…I wasn’t…” Atrius fumbled.

It took a moment for Inuyasha to figure it out but he realized they were both looking at, and talking about, his dick!

Inuyasha cupped both hands over himself protectively, fucking tight clothes!

“What the hell is wrong with you people?! Don’t look!” Inuyasha ordered. Perverts! All of them!

“Aww but its so yummy looking.” A voice Inuyasha couldn’t put a name or face to croon sweetly.

“Yo-you shouldn’t talk to Lord Inuyasha like that.” Atrius protested. Ah…he knew he liked the kit for some reason.

“Oooh someone sounds a little jealous.” Tren teased.

“I…I am not!” Atrius shot back. “Its just proper behavior!”

“I dunno…you looked pretty hungry there. Is that what our little fledgling fox swordsman wants? That big, thick Inu boy cock filling him up?” Alir added.


“Oh look how red he’s getting!”

“Shut up!”

Inuyasha felt sorry for the kit though he was happy the attention was not on him. Tough luck kitsune….

“Hellloooo? Cock still hard! Do something!” Inu-youkai demanded.


Okay guys, here is the deal, this is only half of what I wanted chapter 22 to be….well actually more like a third. The reason I haven’t updated in a while is I was working on gift fic’s for friends. I was going to wait till I finished it all, but as a few people have started to think I’ve disappeared or abandoned the story, I decided to post this part now, and then have the rest be chapter 23 or something.

On the plus side I’ve got a good chunk done already, so the next one after this shouldn’t take long.

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Chapter 23
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