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Simple Pleasures, Hot and Cold Answers
By: Roaring Flames
Disclaimer: if I owned SDK, I would have made a special ending that gave the fans just what they were dying to see, Kyo in the nude.
Sleep does not normally come easily to young girls in Japan. They have to put up with the bandits constantly raiding the villages, the warlords abusing their powers and the shogun ignoring everything that was going on around his kingdom. Children were kidnapped at night and widows cried over the corpses of their lovers. The air was almost as tainted as the soil below for the scent of death was everywhere.
This would be a living nightmare to any girl who grew up in the villages of the tiny island. Society deemed women as house wives and care takers of the family. They had no rights to themselves, making them easy prey for any pervert rabid with lust. But, to women who had the ability to use that passion for monetary gain, this was all in a days work. Mainly for a blond haired woman named, Shiina Yuya.
She was a gutsy type for women at her time and was a proud tomboy that still held her feminine charms close to her. Closer, that is, to bring in her bounty. Her emerald eyes seemed to lure men with a soft-spoken lullaby. Her clothes draped over her young flesh to reveal a small sample of her goods that she had to “offer”. Men were so easily lured in by the prospects that she could be easily taken, but it was the downfall they would regret for the rest of their lives.
Yes, if you have not yet figured it out yet, Shiina Yuya, or “Dog-face”, as I like to refer to this creature, is a bounty hunter. A really poor one, if you ask me. In fact, I'll push it as far as to say that everything about her is “poor”. Poor fashion taste, choice in weapons, career, looks and of course, her breast size.
The girl was a work in progress; her slow development into a woman was one that held her back from the prospective bounties. But, at this point in time, I don't think she needs to worry about finding a high bounty to prey on. Simply because the bounty of the century was living in her house, as her husband.
The bounty in question is a warrior who knows no limits, who stronger then the mightiest armies and can make even the most stubborn woman swoon his way. He's handsome, well built, carries a long sword and killed over one thousand people. Did I forget to mention that he's incredibly sexy?
“Kyo! You lazy, good-for-nothing, Jerk! Where are you?!”
Kyo's eye opened slowly in a lazy manner at the disruption that echoed throughout the garden. The slamming of shoji doors in the distance made the birds in the trees take off in flight, for fear of the raging beast was approaching. He heard the stomping of his women on the wooden floors as she spotted him sitting under a tree, completely full of himself. He smirked at her as she grabbed his black kimono and proceeded to shake him up a bit.
“I cannot believe you drunk all that sake just now! I was saving it for Sakuya and Kyoshiro's wedding present! How selfish can you possibly be?!”
He tilted his head to the side slightly to get a better view of her cleavage during her nagging fest. In her blind rage on discovering that all the sake was consumed, she forgot to re-adjust her kimono properly and her breast were threaten to come out of their silk confines. Kyo watched intently as sweat dripped over her exposed flesh, a quirk to this situation, as she did not take notice of her condition.
Okay, for someone he called “ugly” on a daily basis, he found her incredibly irresistible to touch, especially if she was completely unaware of her appearance. He sometimes wondered if she was doing these little “performances” on purpose. As if she liked it when he gave her his undivided sexual advances. Kyo wasn't really quite sure though, seeing as she always either yelled at him, calling him a “hentai” or shot him in retaliation. All he knew, in his mind, was that it was completely not his fault he was touching her, she was basically asking for it.
“Kyo, are you listening to me?! That extra-large order of sake was to supply the after party for two hundred people. TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE! You just drank away that serving in less than 3 days!”
“The only thing I notice that is lacking is the presence of a decent women to stare at.”
Yuya fumed at his statement and started to pound on his head rapidly. Kyo found it funny how she was hitting him, maybe as a gesture that he knew that he was always right, in his own mind. Then again if Yuya's little kiddy hits could hurt him, he would never know how he was able to stand up to the Aka-no-ou and the rest of the Mibu clan.
The nice and quick version of the length battles would be that he beat the stupid Crimson King and his minions to receive back his body. About time, no way he was going to let Kyoshiro have a taste of Yuya's lips or anthing else for that matter. It was nice to be out of that idiot's body and have the freedom to do whatever the hell he wanted again. Meaning doing naughty things to his wife.
Kyo found it even more amusing to see her reaction when his original body was being touchy-feely to her, in contrast of having Kyoshiro's body doing the evil deed. She seemed much more responsive to his touch and would even moan a bit when he teased her physically. He normally liked to stop when she was hot and heavy in order to let the passion simmer, but it was getting harder to do that now. She would lean against him during his abrasion and gasp his name every time his touch fell upon her sensitive areas. But, speaking of “teasing”, Kyo smirked as he eyed Yuya's breast swinging up and down in abandonment as she attempted to exert her frustrations unto Kyo.
“You pervert!” She screamed as she covered her chest when she relieased what he was staring at the whole time. Yuya should've known better, Kyo was the comeback master and he took much delight in picking on her.
“'Pervert'? Ever try looking in the mirror for once, Dogface? I know what you do when I'm not around to touch you.”
Kyo's eyes grazed into her own and she jumped back in shock from his crazy statement, regardless of the fact that it was true. She quickly realized she was falling right into her husband's clutches and retaliated back.
“Yeah right! You're the one always who cops a feel on me around the house! You don't see me doing that to you, huh?!”
“Shut up. You know you like it.”
Yuya gasped as Kyo pulled her head down to his face and watched as a blush swiped across her face. His red eyes gazed at her with passion as he continued to observe her reactions.
“Kyo, w-what are you doing?”
Her eyes looked away for a moment, unsure of what her husband was up to. He was normally routine about his teasing and would grope her at random times of the day. But he was never really the type to get romantic. Yuya always thought of Kyo being a stupid, horny bastard who loved to take his time on wooing her one-minute then drop her on her butt the next minute. So much for love, she thought.
His hand cupped her cheek gently as he pulled her body into his lap. Yuya began to stiffen at the anticipation of being pulled in by the jerk. She was used to him groping her sexually, but him being tender was like her finding gold inside a radish, never happening ever as long as anyone lives. Kyo pulled her head against his chest and pressed his chin into her shoulder. The sensation of his rough skin on her delicate flesh made her shiver slightly as his arms wrapped themselves around her waist, hauling her closer to his body.
Yuya's back was pressed back against his chest, it felt sturdy from the years of fighting and felt great enough for her to lean back into it. She felt very safe in his arms; looking back, she knew that if she ever were in danger he would always be there to rescue her. If she ever was injured that he would give Hell to whoever caused it and comfort her, in his own strange way. His promise to her was not shown through words alone, but with strong actions that proved him to be truthful and reliable. She knew that when he said that he loved her, he meant it, even if he only said it to her once.
Kyo gently buried his face into her golden locks and took pleasure in smelling her hair. He always knew she smelled good. After all, Yuya was his' and he could never get enough of her presence around him. She always stood strong beside him and never lost faith in him. Kyo always thought of her being either incredibly brave or stupid, no normal human could possibly put up with having his/her life put at risk all the time. She almost died when Shinrei put his water dragons inside her and another when the crimson king bound her heart to his when that bastard believed her to be a prophet. But what ate him up the most was that he almost killed her when he turned into the demon god. He came so close to piercing her with the very sword he swore to protect her with, it gave him a feeling of unease sometimes, that he may lose it that time completely and ended up killing her. But even then, under all the crap she had to put up with, Yuya's heart never wavered.
“Your such a stupid girl.” He whispered softly.
Kyo hand cupped Yuya's chin and pull her face over so he could see her eyes. The emeralds seemed to sparkle in the fading sunset, making her look more beautiful then the rarest of gems. They seemed to shimmer more brightly when they were looking at him, as if he made her more complete. Yuya gazed at her husband questionably, waiting for his response to her unspoken questions. Kyo pressed his lips gently against Yuya's and ran his free hand through her hair. The silk felt good as he stroked it with his rough fingers, they seemed to get a strange sensation from her locks that kept him wanting to play with it more.
His hand then pulled off the ribbon holding back her hair and he rolled it between his thumb and index fingers. The other hand played with the length of hair he released as he pressed his lips against Yuya's forehead. A blush flew across her face as Kyo trailed the silk ribbon over the exposed skin on her shoulder. She gasped lightly as the tempting fabric traced her shoulders down to her chest. The light fabric was a torture device to Yuya, she was used to the rough grips of Kyo's palms that a light touch from her ribbon was making her moan in abandon.
“K-Kyo stop it! I don't like it!”
“Ticklish are we, Woman?”
His hand departed from playing with her locks and lightly stroked her collarbone. To add to the little game he was playing, Kyo applied a kiss to her neck and continued with his torture. Yuya flushed in frustration and tried to tear away from his body. She had enough of his teasing and needed to get away before Kyo made another crack at her weakened state. Her wrist was caught by a strong grip as she pulled away from her husband's lap and but struggled against him. She clawed at his hand and caused him to release her. Yuya ran as quickly as her legs could carry her into the house and locked herself up in the bathhouse.
The steam from the hot bath was still hanging in the air and Yuya pressed her back against the door to catch her breath. She knew that she wasn't safe from her husband; his twisted sense of humor made her out to become the prey in these situations and he simply enjoyed stalking her. She glanced at the water in the tub and got an idea on how to slow him down, when he found her. She smirked evilly to herself. After all, payback is a bitch and she wanted to make Kyo the dog for once.
Kyo got up from his sitting position after five minutes, allowing his tempting wife to hide herself from him. He smirked when he thought about making further use of the little ribbon in his hand. It was annoying when the prey could run, so maybe disabling her wasn't such a bad idea at all, he thought to himself. He tucked the little cloth away in his kimono and began to walk towards the house.
Kyo loved hiding games with Yuya, it makes it all the more fun when he caught his wife in a weird place in the house and then made love to her on the spot for her defiance. His mind seemed to trail back to the time he found her in the closet, under the mats. The small space confining them made the sex amazing, just the very reminder of the closet scene made him hard in anticipation. Oh the things his little wife could do to him, he definitely needed to “repay” her for her little show in the garden and he would enjoy ever minute of it.
Yuya filled several of the buckets in the bath with hot and cold water, then scattered them throughout the room. She placed piles of towels in the corner of the room and began to rub the towels against her body. Kyo found her once when she had her perfume on in the kitchen and she was going to mess with his senses this time around. He was crafty but she could be just as cleaver back. She then went over to the towel closet and poured a bucket of her scented soap into a hot pail of water and hid it in the back. The heat of the room should be able to mask her ki from him, but just in case she made the water hotter in the tub, to throw him off as to where she was going to hide.
Kyo approached the bathhouse after searching for her in the past ten minutes. She was well hidden, knew how he played the game and most importantly, in his books, she was naked. He couldn't be more persuaded to find her in this game of cat and mouse, with all this bait scattered about. He found her outer kimono in the kitchen, her shoes in the bedroom and her obi lying on the bed. Now, it was her white inner kimono in front of the bathhouse with the door cracked open slightly and hot stream coming from the room. He slide the door open with a bang, hoping for a spike in her ki from the sudden noise.
Kyo's ruby colored eyes scanned the room for any obvious clues as to where she was hiding. The steam in the room made his black kimono damp and he growled as more weight was added to his body. His eyes picked up the blinding amount of steam coming from the bath and the sinks that were running cool water into it at the same time. He took a step foreword and knocked over a bucket of cold water on the floor.
Kyo raised an eyebrow as to why there were bucket all over the floor and decided to follow a trail of bucket that led to the closet. His senses were filled with the scent of lavender, the specialty fragrance that gave him a hard-on every time he smelt it on his wife. He smirked and slid open the door to find a bucket of hot water emanating the smell from the bucket. His eyes glared in annoyance, he had a hard-on, he was wet, his wife was using her brain cells for once to out smart him and she's naked! Oh she was definitely going to get it from him, no more mister nice guy, he was going to take what was his, no questions asked.
Yuya's heart began to race as she heard the shoji door slam open; he found the room she was in after she distracted him with her “offerings”. She then smiled happily to herself that she still had her bounty hunting wiles in her, much more that she was pleased that it was working wonders on her husband. Yuya was subconsciously seducing her husband, knowing that her hints were obvious of her intent but he had no idea how to find her. But, since she wanted some too, Yuya set up an obvious system of cold and hot. She had cut off her husband's hunting nose and senses that he was using for years to fight enemies, now he only had to rely on her “hints” to find the prize.
She heard a bucket topple over near the door and her heart sank a bit. Her body began to quiver as she struggled to keep her laughter at bay. Kyo really was easy to play mind games with, a nice little discovery for her to add to her books for future reference. The humor went away after she heard the shoji door to the closet slide open and an angry growl slam the door shut with rage. Yuya knew that Kyo was catching on that he was being toyed with and it wouldn't be her having the last laugh for long.
Crimson eyes surveyed the area with a determination that Kyo gave only his toughest opponents and of course he wouldn't admit that his lovely little wife had tricked him numerous times this evening. It was starting to make him hunger for her like never before, she would be punished for her teasing and he would love every minute of it. He followed the trail of hot water pails that led him to a pile of towels in the corner of the room. He kneeled down and picked one up with his hand. Kyo then inhaled the scent that was radiating off the towel; it was his wife scent, not the soap scent. He threw the towel of the ground harshly and walked over to the bath.
Yuya heard him pick up the bait in the corner of the room and chuck it hard against the wooden floor after a few seconds. Her heart began to pound harder in her chest and she could feel the aura that came off him. She realized that he was intentionally throwing his aura around the room in order to get a stronger reaction from her. Her eyes widened as he approached the steam heavy tub. Yuya's heart began to pound stronger as the footsteps calmly came towards her in a slow, agonizing pace.
The footsteps stopped after he came close to the tubs edge, the steam was heavily cloaking her seemed to make her more worried then secured. She could feel her husbands crimson eyes staring down her naked body; her arms then quickly covered her chest instinctively. She was exposed and his aura was making her quiver.
She felt something grab her underarms from behind her and lift her out of the tub. Yuya screamed in surprise from the assault and struggled to free herself from the strong grip. She fell hard on her back to the wooden floor as her assailant stood proudly above her.
“Well, well, Dog-face, looks like I win this round. Time for me to “collect” my prize.”
Yuya's emerald eyes blinked as he pulled out her white silk ribbon and her black obi. He pinned her hands down above her head and tied her wrists tightly together with the ribbon, Yuya shifted uncomfortable under his weight as he tied her ankles together with the obi. He smirked evilly down to his prey and got up so he could see the fruits of his labor. His eyes scanned over her helplessly bound body and imprinted his view forever in his head. Kyo then glanced over to the buckets of water and towels; his feral grin grew bigger as he came up with some raunchy ideas on how to torture his wife.
“Kyo, untie me, this isn't fair!” He ignored her pleas.
“Come on, please! I don't like this, it hurts!”
She then glanced at the partially open shoji door to the outside and began to move like a worm to get to it. Yuya kept glancing back and forth to make sure her husband was still occupied with whatever he had planned in the corner, if she could make it to the kitchen, she could cut herself free. She reached the door and glanced outside to make sure no one was really around for freedom was upon her. That was until she felt a tight tug on her obi that whip lashed her back a few feet from the door, Yuya then felt a strong grip on her ass and pressure against her thighs.
Kyo was grinding against her bottom and he smirked at her attempt to get away from his clutches.
“That little caterpillar act was amusing, but I won't have anymore of the little escape attempts anymore from you.”
Yuya's moaned as he shifted his hips against her ass, it felt good to feel him back there, she pressed back into him. Kyo smirked with a hint of satisfaction and rewarded her action by rubbing her thighs sensually in little circles. He quickly then remember his plan and pulled her up on his shoulders, carrying her like a bag of rice. She thrashed in his grip and begged to be put down; Kyo complied with that order and dropped her on a pile of towels in the corner. Yuya groaned in pain as she had the wind knocked out of her from the impact. Kyo then went to work by placing hot and cold buckets of water around her body. Her eyes slammed opened as her husband dumped cold water on her face.
“Kyo! What the hell?!”
She wiggled around in her bindings and struggled to free herself from his torment. Kyo's hand then stroked her belly, causing her to shake from his touch. He then placed a hand towel into a hot pail and began to rub her body with it. Yuya's body shifted towards the wet towel as it ran over her stomach, the sensation of hot over her cold body was foreplay in itself. He adjusted the amount of pressure with every stroke of the towel and kept her on the edge with pleasure. Kyo then pulled the towel away, satisfied with his wife's reactions, from her stomach and licked the sensitive areas of her belly with strong strokes. The sensations of his rough tongue over her sensitive skin sent shockwaves to her lower abdomen and cause her to moan his name.
“Kyo, ah! S-stop!”
Kyo's crimson eyes glanced up at her own and he smirked evilly as he trailed his tongue around her receptive belly button. It darted in and around the center in lazy, long strokes. Yuya stomach pulsed in agony over his manipulations and pushed up to get a harder stroke from her husband. Kyo pulled his tongue away the moment she pushed up and poured cold water on her face again.
Yuya was snapped out of her sensual trance and growled in frustration at him, she was getting into it and now he was slapping her in the face with cold water. She made an attempt to roll over and wipe her face off with the towel when Kyo grabbed her binding and pinned her arms above her head. His tongue then chased after the water droplets rolling down her face and licked them off with ease. Her mouth opened as an open invitation but he refused the offer and sucked gently on her neck. Yuya gasped at the pulls of his teeth on her sensitive skin and began to pant lightly under his teasing.
“Kyo, please, stop teasing me!”
His crimson eyes never opened as he nibbled on her shoulder, his response to her demand was obvious. His hands played with her wet hair as he kissed up her neck and licked her red lips. He traced them agonizingly slow and dodged every attempt her tongue made in order to get some contact from him. Yuya's knees then rubbed up against his inner thigh causing him to break his concentration and shudder from the contact. She then took this moment of his weakness to push him over and use her arms as a lasso to bind his arms against his sides. The obi then loosed from the strain and she kicked it off her ankles.
Kyo was pinned down by his wife and the use of her own body to bind him was completely sexy to him. His manhood was already hard but the pressure against his wife's naked body was making his head spin. She smiled innocently at her husband and she began nibble on his sensitive ear. Kyo grunted lightly, not wanting to give his wife the pleasure of him voicing his helplessness. His arms flexed unconsciously against the woman-made binding which caused Yuya to gasped in pain, the space between her arms and his was already small enough and the strong binding of the silk ribbon wasn't helping her at all. Kyo noticed the pain on his wife's face and glared at her firmly.
“Get off me, Woman. That's an order.”
Yuya's head shook in defiance and she rubbed her thighs against his erection to show how much she loved being on top. Kyo's eyes shut in ecstasy and his teeth rubbed against each other to hold his voice. Her eyes gazed at him lovingly during his struggle to stay sane and she took to nibbling on his lower lips.
“I wanted a kiss, Kyo. I needed your lips against my own, your tongue thrusting in and out of my moist wetness. I need you to fill the void in me, so I may become complete with you. Just one kiss, will do.”
Kyo shifted against her legs to get a firm grip on the ground. He then pulled himself lower so that her arms were now around his neck and flipped her over on her back, regaining his control. His hand then gripped her breast tightly on the sides and slid his fingers around the pink disk of her nipples. Yuya moaned in abandonment from his touch and thrashed her head around the pile of towels that lay scattered around them. She begged for his intimate touch and pushed against his hands as they moved slowly towards the center of her breasts. Kyo then lifted his fingers over her nipples and moved his head close to her ears.
“Dog-face, I will show you my frustration for your little mind games. I will not give you anything that I do not wish to give.”
His head tilted foreword and he rubbed his knee against her center, she lifted against the pressure, begging for more.
“Because I, too, like to play games and you know what kind of a poor sport I am when I lose.”
Yuya whimpered as he continued his ministrations to her breasts without giving it the proper attention she craved. He would slide his index finger around the pink circle and then proceed to stroke her stomach sensually. She rolled against the towels hoping that her husband may slip up and touch her aching bud. But he was focused and would occasionally nibble on her neck in order to throw her off, a perfect way to prevent her from thinking anything at all. Kyo knew that things would get complicated for his sanity when his smart little wife got ideas during sex, though it may be kinky ideas that she came up, he didn't feel like sharing today.
“Please Kyo, please! I can't take this anymore!”
His control slipped a bit when he heard her plea and pressed his mouth into hers for a passionate kiss. His tongue felt around against her velvet walls and began to duel his wife's tongue in a hot battle. Wanting more contact, Kyo then untied her wrists and allowed her hands to explore his long raven hair. Her hands pulled down his head to hers, driving him farther into her mouth. Her husband then sat against the wall and pulled her into his lap. He moaned softly as her bottom slid over his manhood and his wife took that as a signal for a little playtime.
Yuya straddled his hips and pressed her hand against the wall, pinning him in place. She eyed down her husband's exposed chest sensually and then locked his gaze with her own. His crimson eyes seemed to have softened over the years, they no longer burned with the passion for the fight, but every now and then his eyes would change during sex. Yuya sighed internally from his simple nature, if it was not a life-threatening duel that gets his jollies on, then it was definitely when they were making love. Yuya didn't know if that was a compliment or an insult to her.
“What's wrong, Dog-face? Is old age slowing you down already?”
Yuya then glared at her husband's remark about her age and felt fit to punish him for his behavior later. She pushed a side his kimono to expose his muscular upper body. Yuya then wrapped her arms around his body and held him close, showing him more affection then sexual promises. His arms then returned the embrace she was giving him and she smiled sincerely at him. His eyes gazed at her beautiful smile, the one that had tied their lives together from the beginning.
She would never lose her edge for making him feel like he belonged, she never knew truly how much he loved her. It was always a hard thing for him to do, he was always tied down by his past and old habits were hard to kill. He knew that he could find himself through her, that the chains of his past were undone by each smile she gave him, by every whisper of love that radiated off her lovely figure.
He would never admit it, he owed her more then she could ever realize, he originally wanted her to find happiness as the tower fell around him. When he found her three years after the fight against the crimson king, he could never express his happiness in being able to look at her again. Kyo was always worried about her and if the others were doing their best to protect her, he would never want anything bad to happen to her. The next day after their reunion, he proposed to Yuya and made a promise to be with her always, no matter what came their way.
He pressed his lips against hers, expressing to her how much he loved her, when the words failed to come out at all. She smiled against his kiss as a tear fell down her cheek. Yuya knew what he was thinking from the expression in his eyes and the aura that seemed to cradle her protectively. She felt secure with him, he was the only one who could do it all for her, without fail.
“Come on, Kyo. Can you cut the mister tough-guy act for one day and just tell me what's on your mind?”
“I shouldn't even have to say it, Yuya. Is taking hints too much for your small brain to handle?”
Yuya felt his hands secure around her breast and her rubbed the tips gently, she pushed into his touch and moaned softly in his ear. He began to rub her buds in harder, longer strokes as he rocked his hips back and forth against her. Yuya gasped as he pinched her left breast between his fingers and then moved his right hand to trail from her back over her ass. He cupped it gently and made her press harder into his lap against his growing erection. She gasped as she felt his manhood grow hard against her soft bud, his kimono could no longer hide the want he needed from her and he now sought out to get it.
Chapter one end
A/N: Hey guys, this is my first lemon I ever wrote in my life and I plan on making it a continuing series, just for you Kyo X Yuya fans. There's just way too much yaoi on these fan fiction sites and the fans are forgetting where the true sexual tension lies in the manga. Lol
But, anyways, I need your help on telling me on what you liked about the chapter and how I can improve for later chapters. This is the first time I also tried to space out the paragraphs more frequently, so I hope that helped you out when you were reading. I also tried to use stuff from lemons and limes that I really liked so if you have any more suggestions, please tell me. Thanks and look forward to the next chapter!
Parody next chapter preview:
“Kyo, harder HARDER!”
“Damn it, woman! You want me to rip your vagina in half?!”
“Hell yeah!”
“W-where are you going, Kyo?”
“Man, that slutty spy wasn't even this kinky…”

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