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[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Title: Tensa Zangetsu
Summary: Are you going to answer my call? Will you come to me, to free me, to feel my heartbeat against yours…
Pairing: Kurama/Hiei

Kurama watched the sky with a detached sort of interest, his head lolled back against the trunk of the tree. Everyone, including the spirit detective today, had been with Genkai. Training began early and so everyone was now exhausted and sat lazily about. Kurama, however, was on edge. The sky was becoming darker. That meant that there was a storm coming.
He wasn't normally one to grow edgy from such a thing, but this looked to be a particularly big storm, and those were the ones he was worried about. The last time one had happened… well he didn't quite remember it, but he knew that he was not himself. Hiei sat above him, watching the strange facial expressions the fox kept releasing.
Yusuke himself had noticed an eerie change in the redhead, so he had decided to pull everyone he could away from the man to let him have his peace. He entertained them with some random stupidity that they believed to be a norm for him. Oh, how they misjudged him. But the silent Hiei had refused to move, and Yusuke could not make a big deal of it.
So he left the two to sit by each other. Whatever happened from there… well… he couldn't do anything. Genkai herself was busy with the ice lady Yukina, speaking to her kindly enough. They sat in companionable silence for a moment before starting a kind conversation. It seemed that Yukina was the only one able to hold a civil, normal conversation with the hardened teacher.
Though there were no secret feelings for each other, both valued the other's companionship. It had been like that for a while. Kuwabara lay quietly under another tree, dozing ligtly as Yusuke made a fool of himself for the two girls. Botan laughed at his antics, while the brunette next to her merely smiled kindly.
Kurama looked upward from the scene to watch the darkening sky with a little more trepidation. He was steadily growing more nervous. He had no idea what was going to happen this time, and he was slightly afraid that h would hurt someone. Or cause some irreparable damage. But though he worried, he knew that if there was something seriously wrong, his friends would help him.
Yusuke was smarter than he let on, and the fox knew it. Hiei would also help, though how much of that was willing, he did not know. Said fire koorime also looked at the sky. He had once heard from Kurama that the fox had done some strange things during bad weather. He knew there was going to be a severe storm, and wondered to himself if perhaps he should station himself outside of the red-head's window tonight. Though the fox probably wouldn't like it.
Just as he finished his musings, Kurama stood from his place under the tree and looked up momentarily. There was a strange darkness in the other's eyes that had Hiei immediately on edge. Kurama hardly ever looked like that. Yusuke stopped what he was doing to watch the red-head walk off in the direction of his apartment.
Botan turned as well.
“Are you leaving already, Kurama? Are you ok?”
Kurama turned to face the girl with a soft smile and nodded.
“Oh, I'm a little drained. I have quite a bit of homework, you see…”
Botan nodded and the girl next to her stood, dusting off her jeans.
“I do too, now that I think about it! Thank you, Kurama for reminding me.”
The former thief nodded and continued on his way, noticing Yusuke's strange look. Yes, if there was something wrong he knew that Yusuke would become immediately alert to it and would show up to help. His fear quelled fractionally, Kurama continued walking, unaware of the person following him.
Hiei had decided that the best way to prevent something was to be there exactly when it started. But when Kurama veered away from the direction of his house towards the direction on the woods, his eyebrow quirked. Soft patters distracted him momentarily from the brooding red-head and he looked up. Apparently, he was right.
The clouds above were already an almost black color, radiating a sickening green. He would be slightly surprised if there wasn't a tornado from this. Rain drops pattered in a light drizzle as Kurama walked a small path through the dense wooded area. He knew it… he knew it was going to get bad. He could already feel strange… urges… welling up inside of him.
The front of his pants had suddenly become a little too tight and his vision was blurring slightly. His body temperature was also rising… and he had yet to notice the red-eyed demon following him. Hiei wasn't aware of the former thief's state of arousal, but he did sense the rising in body temperature.
It was rapid and quickly becoming dangerous. Deciding on a quick course of action when the rain began to downpour, he leapt to the ground in front of the fox. What he saw there made his eyes widen considerably. It was not Kurama's eyes he was looking into. It was the Youko's.
Small silver streaks lined the soft red hair, and on one hand Kurama's nails had extended by an inch. Hiei took a step forward and gabbed the man'sshoulders, shaking him lightly.
“Fox! What is wrong with you?”
“Hiei…” the low sensual purr bubbled forth from soft pink lips, startling the fire koorime.
Had Kurama said that? In… that voice? A small chill drifted up the shorter man's back and he couldn't suppress the shiver that ran through his body. Dark golden eyes sparkled in the darkened light. `He… is that lust?' Hiei took a swift step backwards. He understood now. Heavy storms brought out the Youko in a sexual frenzy.
While he decided what to do, Kurama stumbled past him, clutching his head lightly. Hiei caught his arm just as the man almost toppled over. A mumble `Run' came from his lips before he turned on the fire demon and gripped the back of his neck. Hiei was momentarily startled. What exactly could he do in this situation? He could satisfy the Youko's craving so that Kurama would not take it out on some unsuspecting human. He could also just restrain the fox until the storm was over.
He mulled it over in his head before coming to a quick conclusion. The fox would not and could not be restrained in his current condition, and h couldn't leave him alone to attack a defenceless human. Kurama would never forgive himself, and a brooding fox was an annoying sparring partner. With an annoyed sigh, he relinquished control for this brief period where the Youko could not control himself.
AS the rain grew heavier and their clothes clung to their heated bodies, Kurama pulled the fire demon close, crushing their lips together in a brutal kiss. Hiei resisted the urge to take over, fighting himself for want to dominating. Kurama needed dominance, and the Youko would stand for nothing less. He didn't exactly think he could fight against the heated animal in the state that it was. Kurama was currently very dangerous.
Yusuke kept quiet as he watched the scene unfold. His curiosity of Kurama's strange behaviour being quelled. Hiei was taking care of him, so all was well. He scratched the bridge of his nose in thought as he left the two to their own devices. He wasn't sure exactly if Kurama would remember any of this, but if it would be damaging to their relationship then he just hoped the fox would forget everything.
He couldn't fix damaged friendship. Hiei watched th golden eyes grow darker as a slightly clawed hand pawed at his cloak, trying to get it off. He pushed the fox away with a grunt and removed his own wet clothing quickly so his partner wouldn't destroy it.
`Damnit Kurama, you make everything difficult.' He thought to himself. Once fully naked, Hiei noticed that Kurama had stripped quickly as well. The man was trembling slightly, though whether it was from the rain or the excitement he didn't know. He noticed that the fox was rather large, and that he was a natural silver-haired creature. Hiei had a fleeting question of why the top of his hair was red before Kurama's heated body slammed his into the soaked ground.
He was bottoming? Just he very thought had the demon inside of him rebelling and he almost succeeded in flipping the two over, before Kurama slammed him back down with so much force that he saw little black spots dance just in of his line of vision. A protest was smothered by burning lips as the fox smashed their mouths together in a heated frenzy.
His tongue lapped at Hiei's soft mouth, making the koorime gasp slightly. It allowed him enough time to slip his tongue into the fiery heat and lap at the other's taste. A rough smooth shaft alerted Hiei to Kurama's eagerness, and he clenched his eyes shut before forcing his legs open to accommodate the Youko.
Kurama was quick to move forward, and Hiei bite the Youko's tongue hard enough to draw blood when the former their thrust harshly into his body with only the rain as preparation. It burned so bad…Hiei grunted back tears of pain. He had never bottomed for anyone.
`The fox had better be grateful…' he thought absently. He felt and almost thought he heard the muscles in his rectum stretch and rip slightly as he adjusted to the intrusion. But being a demon, the pain didn't last very long and he soon found himself panting under the other's heavy thrusts.
Kurama's body picked up speed, slamming into him heavily and at irregular intervals. There were no loving words or soft happy caresses from the fox, just dangerously powerful thrusts that threatened to send him flying into a nearby tree trunk. He gripped the ground as tightly as he could, making sure he wouldn't be shoved away by the pounding.
Sweat broke out all over Kurama's body, only to be washed away by the now rough rain. The thunder had grown so loud that their harsh panting and guttural sounds were lost in the boom. Icy water assaulted Hiei's face and he closed his eyes tightly against the sensation. He didn't feel like having his eyes poked out by falling water.
Another crash from above and Kurama howled out his release into Hiei's ear. The koorime groaned loudly as he felt himself being filled with the re-head's seed, the hot sticky substance already leaking out of him to be washed away by the rain.
Widened ruby eyes turned to see soft emerald green. Kurama had regained enough of his consciousness to realize that he had just had sex with his partner… his friend.
“I…” his throat clenched painfully.
Hiei rolled his eyes dramatically, making sure the fox saw it.
“Do you think you overpowered me, fox? Like you could ever best me.”
It was Hiei's way of saying that he allowed it, and a wave of relief washed over him before he felt another familiar tingle run through his body. Hiei felt Kurama's cock twitch inside of him and he internally snorted. `Here it comes.' He thought. As he expected, Kurama's alluring green eyes faded back into the molten gold color, and a feral grin plastered itself on his face.
2You up for another?” was the husky question raised by the fox.
The smaller demon quirked an eyebrow for the second time that day. Taunting him? Was the Youko really taunting him?
“I expect a bit more of a response from you this time.” It growled seductively.
Kurama bent down to lap lightly at the outer shell of Hiei's ear. He shivered against the hot tongue, and the Youko's grin widened. Strong lithe hands worked their way down the small hard chest of the fire demon, toying lightly with dusky nipples before moving down to dip playfully in his navel.
Hiei's body lurched forward of its own accord into the warm hands of the demon. He groaned quietly into Kurama's shoulder. The hand that played with his stomach droppedto his hip, jerking him upward. Kurama's already hardened member driving deeper into the other's tight heat. Hiei hissed as a dull pain made itself known.
“I'm sorry, does that hurt?”
He watched as the Youko, in a flash of movement, wrapped a wet hot hand against his eract member. Hiei cried out in pleasure this time. `There…' was the Youko's amused thought. The smaller body arched up into the other, almost uplifting the red-head. Youko quickly slammed him back down into the wet grass with a warning growl. The little demon growled back.
Red-hair whipped about quickly as Kurama decided he wanted Hiei. Now. His thrusts were fast and hard, now stroking Hiei's length in time with his harsh slamming. The smaller man couldn't help the tortured cries of pleasure that escaped his lips.
No one had ever touched him like this… it was always so primal… his eyes shot open when Kurama's thumb ran over the head of his cock, smearing pre-cum over the heated member. A quick unexpected jerk had his eyes closed tightly again, a soft cry escaping his bruised lips. The Youko crushed his mouth to Hiei's as he neared his release for the second time.
“Gggnnn… fuck!” Kurama growled gutterally against Hiei's lips.
The fire demon clenched around Kurama tightly as his own crashed into him unexpectedly, his cock spilling his seed all over the pale skin of his partner's stomach. Clawed hands came up to wipe the liquid from their owner's stomach, only to bring it to a grinning mouth.
Kurama hungrily lapped at the substance, as Hiei watched, transfixed at the sight.
Overhead, the thunder crashed its loudest yet, making the trees shake under its power.

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