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[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]
Disclaimer: I don't own any characters. But sadly, I don't own this story either (but it's still MY story)

Okay, I would like to start off that this story is not my work. One of my male friends on wrote this for me years ago when I was 16 (I'm 23, now). This story is posted on one unpopular fanfiction website (which I'd doubt many people even heard of). I pretty much kept this story all to myself over the years and only shared it with my friends. So now I want to share this story publicly so everybody can read it. I hope it's okay with the author, but it's been years since I've last talked to him and he probably don't give a shit about this story now.

Anyway, I apologize again for the lack of a title and summary. It was hard coming up with a title for this thing. The title we end of using for it on the other site is called "The Days of Our Lives" and I thought it sounds pretty lame. If you guys have a better idea for a title/summary then please let me know, lol.

Oh, and I must warn you that this story don't really have a plot to it. Just Sonic and Amy having tons of sex. o_o;;

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it.

While walking down the sidewalk of Station Square, Sonic looked around at the surrounding city, taking in it's beauty, and relaxing while he still could. He had come here on vacation to get away from everyone and everything that he knew back home. Then suddenly, appearing out of nowhere, Amy Rose, the pink hedgehog with a massive crush on our blue hero comes running up behind him.

"Sonic! Wait up, I wanna talk to you!"

"Wha?" Sonic says, turning around in the direction of the voice. "Amy? What are you doing here?"

"I live here, silly!" Oh great, Sonic thinks to himself, she's gonna tail me the whole time I'm here!

"Well, uh, Amy, I have to go!" Sonic stutters.

"Wait Sonic, can't we do something together?"

"Uhhhh…" Sonic ponders, I guess it wouldn't hurt. "Sure, I guess we could."

"Great! I know this great burger shop on the other side of town I'd love to show you!" She says.

"Alright, let's go then!" And with that, Sonic takes off in a burst of speed, leaving a trail of flames behind him. Amy tries to keep up but it's no use, Sonic is quickly out of sight. When she catches up to him, he is waiting outside the burger place tapping his foot impatiently.

"It's about time! I don't have all day, you know! He says rudely.

"Excuse me if I don't have super speed!" She retorts. And they go in together and order up some food. While eating, they talk about what they've been doing in each other's lives and Sonic tells her why he's in town. Then Amy says,

"Wow, guess what, I saw Knuckles and Tails earlier today too!"

Sonic wasn't too happy that he wouldn't be getting much time alone these next few days obviously and grumbled to himself as they finished their meal.

"Sonic?" Amy asked, "Would you like to come see my apartment?"

"Gee, I don't know Amy, I was gonna head on over to the casino tonight."

"Oh, well that's alright, there's always next time!" Amy says, hiding her disappointment. They each get a bill for their food and take out the appropriate amount of money to pay for it. Sonic plops his onto the counter when he hears a coin hit the ground. When he looks over at her, his eyes widen. She had bent down to pick up her astray quarter and Sonic saw that she wasn't wearing anything beneath her red skirt! When she sat back up, he said,

"You know Amy, maybe I would like to see your place after all!" with a smile.

"Great! Let's go!" And so the two hedgehogs took off.


When they reached Amy's apartment, she unlocked the door and pushed it open, telling Sonic to go ahead of her. She switched on the lights and Sonic looked around as she shut the door behind them.

"Wow. You have this place decorated really nice."

"Thanks Sonic, that means a lot coming from you!" Amy says with a smile. "So, uh, what do you want to do? Watch TV, play a game, or what?"

"How about we play a game." Sonic says, approaching Amy, placing his hands on her hips. "Would you like that?" Amy's eyes widen as she thinks about what Sonic could be talking about.

"Ummmm, I guess it depends what you have in mind." She says to him in reply.

"Oh, I think you have a pretty good idea of what I mean, don't you?" Amy wasn't sure what to do. What if she was getting her signals crossed? It was only when Sonic removed his hands from her hips, taking her hand and placing it on his furry testicles that she was certain on what he wanted.

"B-b-but Sonic! Don't you think that is rushing it a little?" Amy asks, hesitating.

"I thought that was what you wanted Amy, but if not, then that's okay."

"NO! I do want it! And I want it now!!!" She says, throwing herself onto the nearby couch on her back. "I'm all yours, blue boy!" A grin crept across Sonic's face as he felt himself getting hard.

"Don't you want to take your clothes off first, Amy?" Asks Sonic, concerned about messing her expensive attire.

"Nah, I've got nothing on beneath my skirt anyways, besides, I think doing it this way is MUCH sexier!"

"Okay, you asked for it!" Sonic says, jumping on top of her. She gasped when she caught sight of Sonic's fully erect cock, dipping in anticipation of what was to come.

"Wow, you're even bigger than I thought!" Amy says softly.

"I'll go slow so I don't hurt you, okay?" Sonic asks, trying to reassure her that it would be okay, because now that he was hard, he needed to do this, badly. She nods in reply, spreading her legs wider, signaling for him to begin. Sonic then lowers himself over her and positions himself, causing Amy to jump a little when the head of his cock met it's point of entry. Sonic then bent down and kissed her on the lips. She was not expecting this at all, but happily accepted it. It was then that Sonic made his move and pushed his way into her slowly. She pulled away from his embrace and groaned loudly as she was taken for the first time. Sonic continued forcing himself into her until finally she had taken his entire length. When the pain had subsided, Amy opened her eyes and said,

"Well, what are you waiting for, big boy?" She smiled and kissed Sonic on the nose as he began to push himself in and out of her.

"Amy, you're so warm and moist! It feels incredible!" Sonic says, overwhelmed with excitement. He thrusted harder and faster, causing Amy to moan loudly. Sonic then decided to get adventurous and pulled her shirt up, revealing herself. He began hissing and sucking lightly on her delicate breasts, and as he did so, she suddenly cried out, and grabbed him, pulling him tight against her, as her body began to tremble. Sonic suddenly felt he tighten as she experienced her first orgasm around Sonic's invading penis. Sonic felt the waves of pleasure washing over him and began to thrust into her as fast and hard as he could. And just as her own orgasm subsided, his began.

Sonic threw his head back as he let out a loud moan and forced himself deep within her one final time. She too moaned as she felt him swell within her and shoot jet after jet of his juices into her. He came so hard that it began to backwash out of her, coating his sack and legs in his own seed. When it was finally all over, he collapsed on top of her and she wrapped her arm around him, both of them panting heavily.

"Sonic, that was… unbelievable!" Amy exclaimed. Sonic grinned, but didn't say a word as he was too exhausted. "But what if I become pregnant, Sonic?"

"Don't worry Amy, if you do, everything will be alright, I will take care of you. And besides our kids would look great… they have me for a father!" he says cockily.

"Oh you!" is all she says. And together they fall asleep just like that, embracing each other tightly, both with a smile on their faces.


When the two lovers awakened from their mid-afternoon nap, Sonic was still inside of Amy, even though he was no longer hard. He got up, taking a minute to fix Amy's scrunched up clothing.

"You think we should clean up?" he asked.

"Maybe you should, but so long as I didn't stain my skirt, I'll be alright, I can a bath tonight, we don't want to be late meeting the guys!"

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot!!" he shouts, running to the bathroom, slamming the door behind him. While Sonic is cleaning himself off, Amy checks out her skirt for stains, and try's to get out some of the wrinkles. When Sonic came out of the bathroom, he was all cleaned up, his hair was fixed in his usual manner, and he wore his spotless gloves and shoes. "So, are ya ready to go?" he asked.

"Sure, lets go!" And the two of them headed out for some fun around town.


"Hey kid, I thought you said they'd be here at 5?" Knuckles asks.

"Yeah Knuckles, that's what Sonic said!" Tails replied.

"Well they're late, and I'm in the mood for some serious gambling in the casino!"

"Geez Knux, someone'd think you loved to gamble!" Tails remarks, chuckling. "Hey, there they are!" he shouts as Sonic and Amy come walking along the sidewalk.

"Well, it's about time." Knuckles says, crossing his arms impatiently.

"Sorry we're late guys, we were, uh, tied up together and lost track of time." Sonic says, excusing their lateness. "So, who wants to have a little fun tonight!?"

"I do!" Amy and Tails shout out in unison and run into the casino together.

"So, Knuckles, how have you been?" Sonic asks, walking towards Knuckles.

"Not too bad, and what about you? He replies also walking towards Sonic. They stop, facing each other. "I missed you, ya know." Knux says, hugging Sonic tightly.

"I missed you too pal." Sonic replies, also hugging Knuckles, but slowly moving his hands lower and lower along his back. Knuckles pulls away from Sonic, saying,

"I guess we'd better go catch up with them, huh?"

"Yeah, let's go." And the two of them speed into the casino. Everyone heads off to do their own thing, Sonic heads to the pinball slots, Tails to the cards, and Amy and Knuckles went to watch the pirate show. Hours later, the four of them met up once again. They all had been pretty lucky, all but Sonic, who had been dumped into the sewer numerous times, and was beginning to have a foul smell emit from him.

"Shit Sonic! You smell like crap!" Knuckles shouts, holding his nose and turning away from Sonic.

"Wow, you know he's right Sonic!" Tails adds. Heading off with Knuckles.

"So are you gonna run off too?" Sonic asks Amy, looking down at the ground, ashamed.

"No way! Maybe I can bring you some good luck!"

"Well then, let's give it a shot, eh?" Sonic says, pointing to the pinball slots again. He was really determined to have something good happen to him, and even if he lost yet again, he was pretty sure he would still be rewarded. It wasn't long after they entered, that they were quickly dumped into the sewer once again.

"Don't worry Amy, I know this place like the back of my glove now!"

"Yeah, you've been down here enough today." Amy says, taunting Sonic. He leads them through the maze of corridors, coming to a ladder which would lead them back into the casino.

"After you!" Sonic says, allowing Amy to climb the ladder ahead of him. Once the two of them are out of the sewers, they find themselves in the shower room of the casino.

"Well, this couldn't be more convenient!" Amy says, happily. "How `bout we clean ourselves up?"

"Good idea!" Sonic answers, walking to a stall beside Amy's, removing his gloves, socks, and shoes then stepping into the shower, turning the water on. Amy does the same, removing all her clothing as well then stepping into her own hot shower. Sonic waits a minute until he's sure she's distracted, cleaning herself off, then he snuck around the corner into her stall. He grabbed her hips and rubbed his crotch against her rear.

"Oh Sonic, I was hoping you'd join me!" She says, slowly turning around.

"So, should we take this opportunity and… you know?" Sonic asks.

"I think you know the answer to that my big, sexy, blue hedgehog!" Sonic then proceeds to kiss her passionately, their arms roaming freely across each other's body. Sonic could feel himself getting erect as they squeezed their hot bodies together. "You ready?" she then asked.

"Does it look like I'm ready?" Sonic replied, gesturing down to his fully erect member. Amy smiled, and turned herself back around, placing her palms against the wall. Sonic gripped her hips as she spread her legs wider.

"Yesssssss." Amy hissed as she felt the tip of Sonic's hot, throbbing cock make it's presence known against her sex. Sonic pushed inwards slowly as she moaned in delight. When Sonic was completely inside of her, he began pumping briskly, as he had to make this quick. After all, they were in a public place! He slowly moved his hands up along her slim body until he had reached her firm breasts, kissing her neck as he did so. She, in turn, gripped his ass firmly and pulled him deeper into her. He groaned as he felt his penis swell within her, signaling that it wouldn't be long until he came.

"Oh Amy… I'm… gonna cum!" Sonic said to her between thrusts. He let out some short grunts with each of his final plunges until finally he gripped her tightly and released himself deep within her. She moaned as she felt him fill her insides with his warm, sweet seed. He kept shooting into her, so much that it began to overflow from within her and dribble down their legs.

When they had finished, they both relaxed their muscles and stood there, breathing heavily. Sonic quickly pulled out of her with a loud plopping noise followed by a gush of fluids.

"Well, I suppose we'd better hurry and get ourselves cleaned up!" Sonic says, kissing her on the cheek. Amy then turns around and kisses him on the lips.

"Yeah, but I think it's best if you go back to your own stall and clean yourself up!" she says. "We don't want those two getting suspicious!" Sonic nods and heads back to his own hot shower. The two of them both clean themselves up, dry off, and put their clothes back on.

"Shall we go see what the others are up to now?" Amy asks Sonic.

"Yeah, let's go see if we can drag Knux away from the craps tables!" Sonic says, snickering.

"I don't know about you, Sonic!" Amy says, kissing him on the cheek and the two of them walk out of the shower room together, hand in hand. It didn't take long for them to find Tails and Knuckles, who, as Sonic had guessed, were together at the craps tables. Knuckles was really getting into it, cursing up a storm when he lost, but when he won, he actually lifted Tails off of the ground and threw him straight up into the air as if he weighed no more than feather, catching him on the way back down.

"Wow, Knuckles is really strong, isn't he?" Amy says in astoundment at what he had just done.

"Yeah…" Sonic says, his mind drifting off, thinking about what she had just said. When he had caught himself, he snapped back to reality saying, "Well…. Tails isn't all that heavy in the first place!" Amy didn't seen to notice what he had said however, and kept on walking over to where they were. Sonic caught up to her and they stood behind Tails, watching Knuckles closely. After his next roll of the dice (which he had one on, by the way), he threw his arms straight up into the air and turned to Tails, noticing Sonic and Amy standing there, smiling at him as well.

"Can you believe it, you guys!?! Today must be my lucky day!" He said, hugging Amy and Tails. Then he turned to Sonic and said, "I'm so glad we came here today, Sonic! Thanks for talking me into coming!" And out of nowhere he hugged Sonic tightly against his body, letting one hand slide down to rest on Sonic's ass, which he then used to squeeze their midsections together even tighter. Sonic's face showed a look of surprise as he felt the echidna's furry sheath rub up against his own. And when he finally let go of Sonic, Knuckles grinned his trademark grin and winked quickly at Sonic, then turned to the others and said. "So what should we do now, guys?"

"I want to show Tails the pirate ships on the top floor here!" Amy says.

"Yeah! That looks so cool!" Tails shouts out.

"Okay, then how about Rad Red and I go deposit his winnings in the vault? We'll meet you back outside in an hour." Sonic says to Amy.

"Great! Come on Tails, let's go!" And with that, the two of them were airborne, Tails airlifting Amy high above the rivals' heads. When they were out of sight, lost in the bright lights that were high above them, Sonic turned to Knuckles.

"So Knux, how much did you win anyways?"

"Well, I think it was somewhere between ten and fifteen thousand dollars." Knuckles says, shrugging his shoulders. Sonic's jaw dropped.

"D-d-did you just say ten or fifteen THOUSAND dollars?!?!"

"Yeah, why?" Knuckles asked, smiling.

"Oh, n-nothing… let's go take it to the vault so it's safe!" Sonic suggests. And the two of them start off together towards the massive room.

"Sonic, you know what I meant when I said today was my lucky day, right?" He said, looking over at Sonic, straight in the eyes.

"W-w-what do you mean, Red?" Sonic jumped as Knuckles placed his arm around his shoulders, pulling him closer.

"I meant, I knew I was going to get lucky today!" Knuckles said, as the large, gold-plated doors slid shut behind them, his arm still around Sonic's shoulders.


An hour after the quartet of friends had split into pairs, Amy and Tails exited the front door of the casino into the street.

"They said one hour, right?" Amy asked Tails.

"Yeah, I'm sure they'll be here any minute! It's not like those two like spending too much time together." Tails said in reply, with a little chuckle. No sooner had he said that than the sliding doors opened once more with a loud swoosh, and out stepped the Guardian and supersonic hedgehog. Amy ran up to Sonic and threw her arms around him, giving him a big hug. When she did this, she noticed his fur was not as clean smelling as it was, that he smelled like he had just had a workout. She knew the scent well, as he had the sweet scent he usually does after sweating quite profusely. She was perplexed. Why would he have been sweating? She shook it off and hugged him tighter, as he hugged her back.

"Hiya Amy!" Sonic said.

"I missed you Sonic!" she said back to him. Knuckles walked over to Tails, who in turn, noticed that Knuckles also smelled as if he were just recently sweating profusely. He gave Knuckles a suspicious look and Knuckles smiled and winked at him. Tails just shook his head and rolled his eyes.

"So, you guys wanna come back to my place for a bit?" Amy asked everyone.

"Sure, Amy! I'd love to see where you live!" Knuckles said, turning to look back at her. Sonic then pulls Amy closer and whispers in her ear,

"But Amy, what about…. You know?" He says, trying to be discreet.

"Oh, Sonic, don't worry about that! They won't be around long!" She says, whispering back to him. And with that the four of them headed back to Amy's apartment. When they arrived, she opened the door and let them all enter, with Knuckles and Tails sitting next to each other on the couch, and Sonic plopping himself in an armchair juxtaposing them. Amy, being the ever-gracious hostess, brings over a tray with four glasses of lemonade and sets it down on the coffee table in front of everyone.

"Thank you Amy!" Knuckles says.

"Yeah, Thanks Amy!" Sonic and Tails say in unison. And all of them take a glass and spend the next three hours chatting amongst themselves, until Amy finally says,

"Sonic, would you come with me to the bedroom for a few minutes? I need to talk to you."

"Uhh, yeah, sure Amy, I guess so." He says, almost cut off as she grabs his hand, pulling him out of his seat, stumbling over to the bedroom. Once inside, Amy shuts the door behind them, leaving Knuckles and Tails alone, looking at each other quizzically.

"What's up, Amy?" Sonic asks her, not knowing what she was up to.

"I can't wait any longer Sonic!" she says, pushing him back onto the bed, "I need to have you, NOW!" And she begins massaging her hands all over his chest, kissing him passionately on the lips. When she pulls away, she bumps into Sonic's partially exposed cock, causing him to jump slightly. She chuckles, when she sees this and stands up, removing her clothing.

"We can't be too loud Amy, if we don't want them to hear us!" Sonic says.

"I don't care!" Amy says, grabbing his furry balls in one hand and his sheath and cock in the other.

"Ohhhhhh……" Sonic moans. Now that Sonic is fully erect, Amy uses both hands and begins stroking the length of his maleness vigorously. She then gets herself in sixty-nine position over Sonic and begins sucking on Sonic's member, moaning as she feels Sonic's tongue feeling around her moist opening. She doesn't want to push Sonic over the edge just yet, so when she feels him begin to buck his hips and moan loudly, she knew he was close. But yet she kept going, partially pushed by the incredible pleasure he was giving her with his tongue now deep inside her opening. When she suddenly felt him flare up within her mouth, she quickly backed he mouth off of his throbbing cock. When he felt this sudden loss of pleasure, he too stopped working on her.

"Amy, why'd you stop there? I was sooooo close!!!"

"Because I want you to spill yourself inside of me again!" she said in reply. And before she knew it, she was on her back, with Sonic's emerald green eyes above her, gazing deep into her soul.

"Get ready Amy…" Sonic said, then forced his burning erection deep within her moist cavity. They both moaned at the feeling of his great length sliding into her. And when he was in to the hilt, he looked down at her and kissed her on the lips. Then he slowly began pumping his hips in and out of her. He felt her hands roaming his body, along his back, stopping occasionally to squeeze his ass gently. He, in turn nuzzled his face between her full breasts, already panting heavily, sensing it wouldn't be long before he let loose inside of her. So he sped up with each thrust, slamming his fleshy rod into her harder and harder. He suddenly felt her entire body shudder as she screamed out,

"Ssoooonnniiic!!!!" as she reached her climax, sending waves of pleasure washing over his swollen member. It was too much for him to bear, and with one final thrust into her, he felt himself flare up and shoot an immense load of his potent hedgehog seed deep inside of her. As the two climaxed together, they let out a long, continuous moan until it was finally over, and Sonic collapsed on top of her, both of them panting heavily.

"Well Amy…. I hope you're…. satisfied!" Sonic said between breaths.

"You bet big boy! Now, I guess we'd better check on our other guests!" She says, and Sonic rolls off of her, still too weak to stand up. Amy gets off of the bed and puts her clothes back on. Finally Sonic stands up and walks over to the attached bathroom and cleans himself up a bit.

"Wow! We weren't nearly as messy as we have been in the past!" He says, chuckling. She laughs with him. And when they are both presentable once more, they open the door and head out to the living room, but halfway there they stop dead in their tracks.

"Amy. Did you just hear what I think I did?"

"You mean that loud grunting noise?" She asks, cautiously. They both hear it again, and again and again, with increasing frequency.

"Yeah…. That noise." And then they see the top of a furry red head rise above the top of the back of the couch accompanied by a pair of loud moans. Then there is a dull thud as it falls out of sight with only the sound of heavy breathing. Moments later they see Knuckles rise from the couch, and take a sitting position on it, shortly followed by Tails. Then, even more to their surprise, Knuckles pulls Tails close and kisses him on the lips.

"Hey guys! Sorry we were gone so long!" Sonic says, startling the two as they jump apart, and act as if nothing happened. "Well, it's getting late, how about we get going?" He asks.

"Uh… yeah! I don't want to overstay my welcome!" Knuckles says as he jumps up from the couch. "Come on, kid, let's go." He says to Tails, who also gets up and follows him to the door.

"Thanks Amy!" Tails says, his face still a bright red from what happened a moment ago.

"Yes, thank you, Amy. I had a great time tonight!" Knuckles says, ever the gentleman.

"See ya Amy!" Sonic then says, kissing her on the cheek. "I'll call you!" And with that, the Triple Threat exited her apartment, walking down the hall. Sonic and Knuckles, side by side, with Tails ahead, waiting at the elevator. Just as Amy turned to go back inside, she looked up and saw Knuckles' hand resting on Sonic's ass.

"What the hell's that all about?" She said quietly to herself. She once more shrugged it off and walked back into her apartment, closing the door slowly behind her.


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